Aranuth Speaks ... Kuranda 19th Feb 2011


It was only a matter of days after Aranuth’s message about the importance of community and community support that the wisdom of his message was brought home to us in no uncertain terms.
In the early hours of Thursday the 3rd of February “Goliath” tropical cyclone “Yasi” hit the coast of North Queensland and literally smashed towns, cities, and communities.
Coastal communities from Cairns to Townsville were badly affected with the smaller communities of Tully and Cardwell being totally devastated by the 300 klms
per hour winds, high tides, and 3 metre tidal surges. By daylight Thursday morning the aforementioned areas resembled a war zone.
Because of forward planning by authorities and preparations by Nth Qld residents the damage was able to be contained to a certain degree however no one can adequately protect themselves or their property from a cyclonic storm of this dimension. Damage to homes, businesses, industries, and crops is heartbreaking. It is so very hard to watch the shell-shocked residents of these now-devastated townships standing amongst the rubble of what was once their home.
Following the disastrous floods in South East Queensland that caused so much damage and loss of life the last thing Queenslanders needed was a monster tropical cyclone to wreak havoc upon them.
It does appear that the changes prophesied for 2011 include a “cleansing” of Queensland. Australia being a relatively young country and having accumulated very little negative past-history energy should now escape the more dramatic effects of the “Changes of the Ages”.

As I write the TV has breaking news of our nearby neighbour, New Zealand.
An earthquake of a 6.3 degree magnitude has just struck Christchurch and the damage, deaths, destruction, and devastation is horrendous. At last count around 70 people have died and over two hundred injured; many more are missing….and this is just the start!
Australia is rushing highly trained emergency personnel, as well as medical and other urgently needed aid and supplies across the Tasman ocean to assist our neighbours and allies.
The sleeping giant that is the potent energy of Mother Earth has been prodded awake by the “Change of the Ages”.

State, interstate, international……”community” coming to the aid of “community” …..this is obviously another example of what Aranuth was talking about when he spoke of the importance of “community” coming together for their own common good…their own survival.

Last year I conducted a workshop titled “Open to Receive” in Ravenshoe which was fully subscribed and very well received. Following on from that success I have decided to hold another one day workshop in Kuranda with revised, upgraded, and increased content. The workshop will be high-energy and quite intense; it will cover such things as breathing patterns, meditation techniques, manifestation, and of course communication / channelling with your Higher Self and other beings of light.

This workshop is set down for Saturday the 19th of March and will be held in the uplifting and peaceful surrounds of the Kuranda Recreation Centre Fallon Rd Kuranda.
Once again numbers for the workshop will be limited and bookings essential.
Anyone interested in attending this workshop may book early and reserve their place by contacting me at:
mob. 0427 636 842,
home 40917298, or at …
Cost is $80-00 per person.

The construction of the Aranuth website has now taken off again after being stalled for a few weeks by a difficult and unco-operative IT group. I have now moved my domain and web hosting to USA. Hopefully, it will be “all-systems go” from here.

The following message was channelled in the beautiful rainforest village of Kuranda. The venue facilities were excellent and the “clean-and-green” rainforest outlook very pleasant and comfortable. Aranuth's message was more than above average; it was very powerful…….as usual.
The Kuranda venue may become a regular fixture providing that this central location proves popular and is well supported.

Blessings, Malcolm.


Hmmnnn….ah,ha,ha,ha,haa….hmnn…ah, humn. (A subdued laugh by Aranuths’ usual standards).
Good evening once again. It is so good to be here with you one more time….many more times. I treasure the opportunity to come before you bringing knowledge, bringing you advice, bringing you assistance, and help…. if you so choose to accept it.
You are all well aware that being incarnate on this planet of solid matter is, as it is in the realms, personal free-will choice. Nobody makes decisions for you: you choose for yourself. Hopefully, and by your attendance here today and our little talks, it indicates that you are interested in hearing the message from the Brotherhood… and possibly do something about it, do something with it, use it, apply it, do something to advance yourself. Not just your spiritual self, but the complete five-body self.
There is your physical self; there is your emotional self; your mental self; your spiritual self; and then there is the entirety of what you are. Your entirety I say. Who and what you truly are.
Now what I have chosen to speak with you about this day is responsibility. We in the realms feel that responsibility is an aspect that is often sadly neglected by souls incarnate all across your planet. You have responsibility. You knew that before you came here; before you chose to become incarnate. You knew. You had all of the information at your disposal before you chose. Your responsibility is not narrowly confined. Your responsibility encompasses all of your five bodies. Your responsibility encompasses your physical; you have a responsibility to your physical vehicle. The physical is the vehicle that you chose, personally chose, you personally chose this physical vehicle for this incarnation. And this is the vehicle that takes you from commencement to finish. If you wish to walk your pathway and complete your lesson plan as you planned it in the realms, then you need… you need! pay attention to your physicality.
Now your physicality needs, requires, food, water, sustenance; it needs to be cleansed; it needs to be protected from the cold and the heat. There are many things, many things, that the physical requires….. if you wish it to stay in good condition and carry you through this incarnation; carry you along this pathway.
To accompany that, you also have your emotional body. Now none of these bodies are superior to another except…except….not putting too much emphasis on ‘spiritual’…. it would be the spiritual body or the totality of what you are that would take the greatest precedence.
Now your emotional body requires care; it needs you to care for it, to encourage it, to point it in the right direction, and to manage it…. you need to manage it…. manage your emotions… because let me tell you that if your emotions get out of control you will become out-of-balance. So, you have all of your bodies that you expect to tick over in harmony and you have one racing ahead madly out-of-balance, madly out-of-harmony, and then what happens to you? Hmmnnn…..Sick-ness! Dis-ease! That’s what happens!
It is important to pay attention to your emotional condition, your emotional state, to your emotional response to everything that happens to you and around you… and not only you but to others…to your world in general. Now should your emotions race ahead and get out-of-control you will become badly out-of-balance and you will be going nowhere fast in the upward progression stakes.

It is good to be concerned: it is wonderful to be compassionate, to be understanding, and to apply those principles moment-by-moment in your daily life. Moment by moment examine, observe, your emotional response to what is happening to you and around you. And your best response is that of your higher attributes….which are compassion, tolerance, understanding, care, but not reaching the point where your emotions become out-of-control and take dominance over your physical, your mental, or your spiritual.
So you have a responsibility to hold your emotions in check and to use the energy of your emotions to drive what it is that you wish to create; that you wish to manifest. So rather than have your emotions run riot is it not better to harness all of that power of your emotions and direct it as a love, as a healing, as a compassion, as an understanding?
 Is it not far better to use the power of the emotions to adjust the situation to something more accommodating?
We also now move on to your mental; your mental body. Mental…oh yes, monkey mental. Your mind plays a very important part in your life as a physical being. Now we are talking about the mind in the physical not the mind in the heart.  They are separate; the mind in the physical, the mental, is there to serve you and is indeed there to play a grand part in your progress along your pathway for this incarnation.  Without your physical, your emotional, your mental, your spiritual…. if you are missing one of those aspects you would not be able to function at all. And as I have previously pointed out if one aspect or more becomes out of balance, you become out of harmony. That is when all five bodies become dis–eased un-eased. So with your mental, the same as your emotional and your physical, you use it for your own advancement; you tell those bodies what it is that you require on your pathway. You do not allow any one of the five bodies to dominate you. You are the master not the slave!
There are far too many incarnate beings across your planet who are a slave to the mental. The mental has you locked in a prison… and the prison is of your own making simply because you will not stand up and tell your mental that you play a part in my life but I will decide the enormity or the mediocrity of that part. 

Your spiritual, what you call your spiritual body, also requires attention; it requires observance, it requires a lot of care and application. You have to apply yourself and you have to ensure  that your spiritual body is aligned to the highest possible spiritual principles…. which are in fact cosmic principles, universal principles, the principles of one would you believe…. One-ness. So you have a physical, an emotional, a mental and a spiritual; that is what you have at this point in time where you are on your pathway, on this planet, in this incarnation. It is the sum total of those bodies that carries you forward. You must go forward as one: you do not go forward fragmented; you do not go forward in spits and spurts, you go forward as a united front each one working in harmony with the other.
None of those bodies is entitled to dominance: none of those bodies is to be given dominance. You, the totality of who and what you are, is the dominant force. Because may I remind you that at the end of this pathway, as in every other pathway that you have walked, and you have had not just several but many earth walks, you walked this path and this planet many times before and at the end of this pathway what are you left with? What are you left with? Nothing. It all falls away. Your physical, your emotional, your mental, and what you consider to be your spiritual.
Now then spiritual. I would like to make this a little plain; spiritual is your understanding of what you should be doing according to your higher self, to your higher qualities, your higher energy, and spiritual is not always and could never be considered 100% accurate because it is fallible. It is your understanding, it’s your understanding of who and what you are, and because you have this veil across your face, this invisibility, you cannot see into the realms, you cannot see into your current and con-current time lines, life lines, pathways. Your lives that you are currently, con-currently transiting… because you are in physicality you chose not to be able to see through that amnesia veil simply because it would interfere with your chosen lesson plan on this pathway.
So spirituality…. when you are in this physical body… is what you understand to be your self, your higher self, your higher attributes, your higher energy…. and it is not until you have passed that…..ummnn, you have to go past your physical body. You are not this physical body, it will drop and fall away from you. You are not this emotional body. When the physical goes down so will the emotional. You are not this mental body because when the physical goes down the mental ceases to operate. So if you step over all of those bodies you will come to your spiritual, which is your present understanding of who and what you are… which is not accurate because you have no power to see into realms, to see who and what you truly are… and many of you are more, a great deal more than what you think you are…. hmm hmm …..Think about it!
So all of those bodies will at some stage, at the end of this earth walk, they will just collapse and fall away from you. What does that leave you with? It leaves you with your true essence, your true energy, the energy of who and what you really are; the energy of who and what you are is vastly different to what you are here incarnate.

Now, to what you think you are; to what you feel you are. You are all vastly different and you will experience that at the end of each incarnation; so, what is the largest part of the lesson for each of you souls on this pathway? Shall we put it another way; what is your responsibility? Your responsibility is to surpass physical, emotional, mental -  and your understanding of spiritual - surpass all of those aspects and move into who and what you truly are.
Which brings us to your understanding of the higher self. You are part, a portion, of an energy known as the higher self. The higher aspect that is an intelligent and powerful, omnipotent, energy form….that is what you are. You are part of an energy that is a grand creator and very, very, powerful; a potent creator force. So what is your responsibility to yourself? And when I say “yourself” I am talking about all of the bodies that I have been talking about to you. Your responsibility is to use all of those bodies to get you to a point where you realise that these bodies are only stepping stones. They are only aspects of what you are at this time, to lift you along, to transit this pathway while you gain understanding of who and what you really are. 

Now we will take that a step further: once you become very much aware that you are, you are the power, you are the higher self, you are that…. once you understand that that is only the beginning because your higher self, who and what you truly are, is only part of the All-ness, of the One-ness, so it doesn’t just stop at your higher self. However we cannot jump these steps and stairs at 2, 3, or 6 at a time; we have to go up, up, up, transition, ascend up through the vibratory levels, go up through the vibratory levels of understanding  
You don’t just fall on your knees and pray to God to lift you up. You have to understand every step of the way. You have to understand what you are doing here; why you are here, what are you learning, what will be the benefit of those lessons, of those experiences… and let me tell you it is all an illusion. It is a grand illusion constructed for you to learn, to grow, to live, to go up that step, to go up that scale. Right now, at this point of your time, your responsibility is firstly to yourself, to the true beingness of what you are: your responsibility is to understand that you must, you must! become one with your higher self. You must become your higher self, you higher aspect, your higher qualities, your higher virtues; you must become that. And when you become that, then that controls all of these other bodies. So once you are in this band, this energy band, where you are in One-ness with your higher self, all of the other bodies become of less importance; and you will understand that you really do not need these bodies any more; that they were only there for your learning process.
So you become your higher self, and the way to become your higher self is to spend time, time within, to spend time listening within, to spend time within your heart, to spend time exemplifying your highest virtues, exemplifying those higher qualities, those higher ideals, because you have to become the higher self that is made up of the totality of all those virtues and ideals; that’s what your higher self is. Your higher self is above, above this earthiness, it’s above the greed, the destruction, the violence, and the aggression; you have no part of that anymore. Move up! Move into your higher self; become your higher self, operate from your higher self,  that’s your responsibility.
You will need courage; you will need courage because you will be challenged at every turn, at every step because dare you attempt to live according to your higher self, dare you to become your higher self, there will be those entities that are not on your level who will try to pull you back; they will try to pull you down, and they will use every means at their disposal to ensure that you do not become that. (Higher Self)
How do you counteract that? You are your higher self: you are above that; they will fall away. Ignore them, have courage, keep going ahead. You do not owe, you do not owe people in this world, you do not owe them anything. You do not have to feel guilty about going ahead…. that’s what you are here for, to forge ahead. Let them forge ahead at their own pace: you don’t have to dilly dally and linger; simple; because the laggards don’t want to do anything leave the laggards back there. You are the one; you are the important being; you are the energy, you are the higher self, and the higher self is part of the One-ness, the All-ness.
So what does that make you? That makes you the one-ness.
You are the power: you are that; you just need to understand it. You just need to understand that you must go past all of those things associated with physicality… and once you move into the realm of the higher self, and you live, and you work, and you act, in the realm of the higher self you will have no further need of this …and you won’t be back (reincarnate) You won’t be back unless you choose to.
And may I tell you this, once you operate from and become part of your higher self you most certainly won’t choose to come back; you will not come back here; there is nothing here for you. You know why? For you the illusion does not exist anymore!
So where do you go from here? Onwards! The higher self is part of the All-ness the All-ness is ever expanding. There are no perimeters; there are no parameters; the All-ness continually expands. It is incumbent upon you… if you wish to progress…to expand exponentially.
So the point of my discussion today is responsibility. I would be honoured: I would be honoured if you would carefully consider your responsibility: your responsibility to your higher self. I would be honoured if you would carefully consider what your pathway has been, what your present pathway has been up to this point; and carefully consider what your pathway will be from this point onwards. And from this point it would be beneficial if you choose to work towards becoming your higher self. It is not really work you know. It is the accepting that you are your higher self, accepting those principles, those virtues, those ideals, and applying them to your present life… which means that your present physical life will fall away behind you. When you take on a new meaning you become a whole new meaning of life. Let me reassure you: you are energy; you are intelligent energy; you are powerful, intelligent energy, searching for a way, looking to discover how to apply that power to lift you up. The way to be lifted up is within, go within, listen to what your mind-in-your-heart is saying not what your mind in your head is saying.
What is your heart saying to you? What are your feelings?
Do not discount the fact that who and what you really are, your higher self, is continually whispering to you and the word you use is “intuition”. Your higher self is talking to you, whispering to you, guiding you, pointing the way: you call it intuition; sometimes you think you are experiencing an unusual form of mental telepathy; some may even think their mind is playing games with them; forget about the physical and the bodies associated with it: focus, concentrate upon who and what you truly are… and while you are doing that… while you are doing that please remember, your truth, your individual truth, may not be another’s truth. And another’s truth may not be your truth because you are individual sparks of the light of the One-ness, All-ness. You are one but you are individual …and you have chosen to learn at a different speed, at a different pace, on a different level, doing different lessons, different experiences…. this is how you chose to learn.
When you go home back to the realms your truth will start to align with everybody else’s truth and you will then discover truth as it is; as it truly is; as it really is. But here on earth you wish to be an individual. You have your own beliefs, your own truths, and the reason why is that is what you need to walk this pathway right here, right now. But just be mindful others are walking their pathway too so honour them: respect them; and allow them to get on with their life without criticism and judgement …if you please.
Now that is quite a task isn’t it? Quite a task. Yes, we have all been through it: we have all been through it; times are now changing, your world is changing.
I believe last time I came and spoke with you we were talking about community. And when you have a look at the various and tragic events that have unfolded on your planet lately you can see why the Brotherhood had chosen to speak to you about community.
I have nothing more to say on that.  

I thank you for your attendance here this evening. Those that are meant to hear this message have heard it, will hear, will read it, they will receive it: it is up to the individual entity to decide for themselves whether they will use any or all of the information. Regardless of whether they choose to use it or not, we in the realms honour, we honour that being; not the physical person, but the being that they truly are, truly are, and you truly are beautiful.  If you could stand in front of your mirror and see your own lights you would be astounded.
You will one day: not in this reality; but you will one day.
And so I will take my leave now. I will leave you with love and I shall return again. I shall look forward to returning again. I shall be honoured to come before you again.
Thank you and good evening, thank you.

***And I am also honoured to be the conduit that brings you these messages.
     Rainbows & Roses,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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