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Aranuth Speaks ... Kuranda 19th Feb 2011


It was only a matter of days after Aranuth’s message about the importance of community and community support that the wisdom of his message was brought home to us in no uncertain terms.
In the early hours of Thursday the 3rd of February “Goliath” tropical cyclone “Yasi” hit the coast of North Queensland and literally smashed towns, cities, and communities.
Coastal communities from Cairns to Townsville were badly affected with the smaller communities of Tully and Cardwell being totally devastated by the 300 klms
per hour winds, high tides, and 3 metre tidal surges. By daylight Thursday morning the aforementioned areas resembled a war zone.
Because of forward planning by authorities and preparations by Nth Qld residents the damage was able to be contained to a certain degree however no one can adequately protect themselves or their property from a cyclonic storm of this dimension. Damage to homes, businesses, industries, and crops is heartbreaking. It is so very hard to watch the …