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Aranuth Speaks - Ravenshoe January 2011

Hello everyone,

It seems like several months rather than several weeks since I last channelled Aranuth. In the intervening period most of the East Coast of Australia and especially Queensland  have been devastated by torrential rain and severe flooding which broke all existing or known records. Tragically it took lives – 22 at last count; men, women, and children - and laid waste to thousands of homes causing heartbreak and grief and leaving untold thousands of people homeless. The double barrelled action of thousands of homes destroyed leaving many thousands of people searching for now non-existent homes to rent or even take temporary shelter in makes the plight of flood-affected families even more painful.
It will now go down in history as one of the most tragic events ever to affect Australia and Australians. The heart warming follow-on of ordinary everyday people coming out from all over the towns, cities, and the nation, bringing their own tools and cleaning equipment, untiringly d…