Aranuth Speaks at Ravenshoe: Friday Nov. 26th 2010


The planet continues to turn on its well-trodden twenty-four hour cycle with one side of the planet welcoming the morning sun while the opposite side waves the sunset goodbye. With each revolution of the globe we wake up to a new day and news of continual change; changes that give birth to a myriad of events…..some wondrous…some possibly uninteresting and mediocre…and some absolutely tragic or cataclysmic. Tragic such as the recent mine explosion disaster in New Zealand that saw twenty-nine husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and other much-loved ones pass over suddenly. The resultant outpouring of love and compassion by souls everywhere generated an enormous amount of light and greatly assisted the passage of those miners who lost their life to transition smoothly and comfortably into the waiting arms of their guides and angels of healing.
Such is the state-of-play globally. 
In these times of turmoil and massive change the combined efforts of lightworkers all across the globe are much needed and greatly appreciated.

The feedback from my recently held “Open to Receive” workshop has been all positive and indicates that many attending found it informative, uplifting, and personally satisfying. Comments included “awesome”, “breathtaking”, “life-changing”, “a revelation”. The response has been so positive that I have already received names and contact addresses of several people wanting to register now for any future workshop.
I have tentatively marked the end of February and / or mid-April 2011 for a repeat full-on, full day, workshop. Anyone wishing to attend may register their intention now.

The continuing rainy weather had a ‘stay-indoors’ effect upon several channelling session regulars in the Tablelands area. A few people were more or less flood-bound with flooded creeks and wet, slippery roads making travel a bit dicey; others were simply not inclined to come out on such a grey and wet day.
For me, the 100 klm plus round trip was driven at an unhurried pace and given the road and weather conditions the drive was quite pleasant. The attendance numbers were well below usual however the channelled message was an interesting one. Isn’t it always?


“Observation alters matter”:

Well, good evening again lovely lights. It is always wonderful to come back to this house of light to visit with you….and what wonderful visits we do have. You will notice that I called you, I addressed you, as “lovely lights”. And that is what you are because in your reality you are in what is perceived as a “physical embodiment”. Very few people get to see the light that surrounds that embodiment, the light of that particular being that inhabits that physical embodiment. From where I am I see you as mainly light. And of course your light will vary from time to time, moment to moment; your lights will vary. And it is your light that I recognise you by and it is my voice that you recognise me by.
I would like to share with you this evening a little bit about your lights. As a bit of background, you will understand that in the other realities, in the realms, in the levels, in the vibratory levels that you call the vibratory realms, in those levels you are energy. And you are identified by your light because your energy is light. In this reality (indicates the surroundings) you are flesh, blood, and bone; you are physically solid matter. In the realms you have no such embodiment…you are an energy form that emits a light colour similar to your electronic light-emitting diode. So you emit the light that you are, the being that you are, the energy that you are, and the soul level, the level of soul enrichment that you are, the level that you have attained. You emit as light.
So, in the realms everything is energy; nothing else but energy / light.

Now your scientists, your scientists made a discovery some time ago that when they observed an organism, a mineral, or an element it altered its behaviour according to the amount of observation. Now scientists in your realm have discovered that the more that they observe, the more focus that they put on that object, organism, element, mineral, whatever, they will immediately see a change in the vibration and behaviour of that object. So they have now come to a conclusion that matter, matter is influenced by the thoughts of the observer. Your scientists have been playing around with this for some time now. They have even gone so far as to place matter in a sealed case, leave the room, watch by remote viewing (closed circuit camera) and nothing happens. When they re-enter the room and place their focus on that matter the energy around the matter changes. Now to the scientists that was a startling discovery; to us in the realms it was simply something that always was and always will be. It just is.

So what I thought that I might talk to you about today is how you focus and observe the people around you and your environment. Because you are not in the knowing yet that so too as your scientists discovered when they observed matter, that matter alters its behaviour; when you too observe matter so too does it alter its behaviour.
Now how does this work as a positive for you? Simply put it defines how you relate to your universe and how the universe relates to you. If you are going to emit, radiate, a negative energy so too will your surroundings react and respond in that manner. If you are going to radiate a positive energy so too does matter respond in the same way.
Now if we go back to observation; when I first opened this evening I said that you were “lovely lights”, and you are lovely lights. Because as my energy and presence visits this cocoon of light, this house of light, so too does my focus, my observation of you, alter your response. ……… Ahhh..ha..haa….. Ahhh yes!
When you are in my energy your response will lift, it will raise, simply because of the energy and the focus that I put upon you. Which is …well ….I would say….an emission, not only of light energy…now we are talking about energy as light focus, as radiated, as constructive,…. now it can also be destructive. If you want your energy effect to be constructive on your surroundings so too should you radiate positive thoughts to your surroundings. Because as I have said if you radiate negativity to your surroundings, especially to your environment, your plants, and your trees, they will cringe. They will cringe! They will cringe away from you. If you wish your environment to be pure, clean, and loving then that is what you must radiate to it! You must radiate that to your environment, to your surroundings; you have to radiate positivity and love….express your love, express your joy at your surroundings whether they be humble or not. There is no judgement, none whatsoever, no matter where you may find yourself. If you keep yourself in a positive mind-set; emit an energy from the heart which is genuine…I am saying genuine…if you emit a genuine energy, a genuine positive and loving energy, a gentle and harmonious energy ….radiate that to one and all; radiate it to everything; not only to other human organisms, not just to your pets and your beloved animals, but to your environment as well…radiate that and in so doing whatever you are focusing on its behaviour will alter and it will take on the characteristics of the energy that you have focused upon it!
So the more positivity, the more love, the more harmony, the more peace that you can surround yourself with, that you can fill yourself with, that you can radiate from yourself, the greater will be the response from your surroundings. It will react accordingly. Its behaviour will alter in kind. It will alter in kind.
Now when we talk about observing, observing anything, whatever type of matter it is, whether it is animal, mineral, plant, whatever you focus upon will respond; it must; that’s the law of the universe, it’s the way that it is.

Now to bring it down to a level of ease of understanding; If you were to take ahh..mmmmmm…mosquito larvae and place it under a microscope you would look upon that and you would see it wriggling…(Aranuth wiggles my forefinger)…. You medical scientists take samples of your tissues, of your bones, of your blood, your body fluids, and place it on a glass screen under their microscope and if that scope has sufficient magnification your scientific medical people will observe cells matter moving.  Now when they are looking through that scope what they are looking at and what they are focusing on, the observer, by virtue of the intensity of their energy, will cause the matter to alter its behaviour to react in a different way to what it would if it were unobserved…… so your medical scientists are not aware of that yet.
So if your scientists wished to assist you to heal they can focus a very positive energy on that sample that specimen; their focus, their observation on the sample of matter its behaviour would immediately alter to match that of the observer; and because All is One and One is All that little organism, that micro, that little wriggly grub that you see is attached to your body, so as the observer is sending positive healing thoughts to that specimen that specimen is in contact with the rest of the other specimens in your body, the other particles; so there again we have matter altering its behaviour as a result of observation and the quality of that observation.
Now if we can go a little bit deeper: The specimen, the sample that they observe, to your medical scientists it appears quite minute; in reality it is huge. It is huge because your physical embodiment is, from where I stand and the brotherhood stand, your physical embodiment is only matter; it is only matter and it does not know, (no pun intended) that it does not really matter! Simply because if you never had your essence, your energy, the spiritual cosmic beingness that you are, your soul self; if your soul self did not inhabit this embodiment you would just have a lump of meat, bone, and blood which will decay and rot into the earth. So the life force of the human embodiment is the soul energy, the energy of the beingness that you truly are. So, if you wish to heal yourself or heal another you cannot just heal it at the physical embodiment level because that is only the outer shell, you have to go to the source …and the source is your energy beingness.
Now your energy beingness, before it incarnates, it selects an embodiment with a DNA genetic pattern that is suited to the energy, the energy beingness, and when you inhabit that embodiment your soul energy, that energy beingness, will be able to work harmoniously with the DNA and genetics of that physical embodiment. Because through out your entire physical life it will be the energy being within who controls the solid matter without; and when things become difficult and the physical embodiment fails, fails to cope, cannot adequately cope, your oneness, your beingness, is like a reserve generator and it immediately springs into action so that your physical body, in a manner of speaking, is on life support from your beingness, your energy beingness, your true beingness.
Now, your true beingness when it is going to perform any of the tasks associated with the smooth running of the physical embodiment it does so through its association with the DNA and the genetics and it comes back down to cellular. So energy beingness is affecting cellular structure, cellular structure where it is considered to be tiny or minute; it is not; the cellular structure goes down to an atomic level; it breaks down to sub-atomic level; it breaks down to what your scientists today called quark.
Now your scientists today are calling quark, they’re calling quark, they’re calling an energy intensity in essence that they cannot see; but they know that its there, they know that it exists and has an effect; they don’t know what the energy or the effect is so they gave it a name “quark”. That is as low as they can go at present so they are trying to recognise the structure of a “quark” so that they can further study and attempt to understand how the energy they call “quark” can go up through your chain; through sub-atomic, your atomic, your cellular structure, to go all the way up to perform feats of healing or maintenance of the human body.  That is where your scientists are today.

Now you could liken this as a simple analogy. I might add, you could liken a quark to the tiny, and I say tiny yet intensely powerful, energy transmitters which is the basic energy force of your energy beingness; so when scientists can finally recognise a quark they will see a little wriggly grub that is energy in motion, energy in motion. It will look like a minute streak of lightning. That’s what it looks like. It is an all powerful, all consuming, intense energy force that cannot and will never be measured; and the scientists on your planet, on your level, on your physical matter level, will never understand that. The only time that they will understand how energy works is when they go to a higher level on the vibratory scale they themselves have advanced sufficiently to know, to recognise, to understand. Because you see, today when they talk about your nuclear energy, let me re assure you that nuclear energy is a very, very primitive and coarse form of energy compared to your energy beingness, and that energy beingness is within each and every one of you, unrecognised…. unrecognised.

Now it is my mission and that of my brotherhood to come to you on evenings such as this to meet with you in your house of light wherever that may be, so that we may pass on knowledge and understanding to you so that you will gradually grow away from this perception that you are just this physical being. You are not just that physical being, it is simply your outer shell; it is simply your vehicle that gets you around and helps you to transit the lessons of experiences on your solid matter incarnation. That is our task. You may call it enlightenment; we switch the light on for you, we shine the light on knowledge and information which was previously withheld from you or not known to you as in “you are in the dark” about it. And so we come back to again, All is One, One is All.
Those tiny little particles of intense energy of the Creator energy; that is the driving force, that is your true essence, that is the essence of your energy beingness and your physical beingness; it always was and it always will be. So now understanding, understanding how enormously powerful that energy is, you now can easily comprehend the enormous power at your disposal. You are not some ineffective, insignificant, physical-matter embodiment…. you are an extremely, extremely powerful, extremely powerful being that is having a sojourn here on your earth planet to assist you to advance, to enhance your soul growth, your soul enrichment. The power generated behind all of that is the essence, the spark, the energy, of your total beingness which comes back to Creator energy; because that spark of energy is you, it is part of the Creator, it is the Creator’s energy expressed. If you are energy expressed by the Creator then obviously you are a portion, a particle, of the Creator energy; you are a particle of the Creator and if you are a particle of that then you are that. 
So, don’t ever think that you are not a Creator being…. you are. You are an intensely and enormously powerful creator, how can you not be? You are the Creator, you are the Creator; you are the energy beingness, the Creator’s energy beingness, you are the Creator, this is what you are. 

What are you doing here? I will tell you what you are doing here: you came here for the experience. You came here for the experience and to learn to grow. And many souls that have come here have soiled and spoiled the earth planet; it was not meant to be this way however, you are the creator. This is a free-will planet so what you see out there (Aranuth indicates outside the hall) is what was created by the masses. You can change it. You won’t change it bang! overnight but you can change it. And how do you change it? Well, it comes back to how you observe, and the energy, the focus, the energy focus of what you are observing, the quality of that energy; and if that quality is of the highest standard, if it is of the pure light, the pure love; if it is one of peace and contentment, if it is one of harmony, if it is one tolerance and acceptance of what is then the article or the matter that you are observing must by universal law respond in a manner commensurate with the energy that you focused upon it.  So, there you have the broad outline of how you can assist to effect your own healing, assist to effect the healing of another; another person, your pet, your animals, your environment… you can do it! You may only be one particle but if there are enough energy beingness who are embodied, who realise that that one particle added to many others can become an awesome, awesome and powerful source…. things will change. 
On a personal level; let me reassure you what I have just spoken to you about this evening will change your life… if you so choose to employ that method of focusing upon life. So it comes back to: alter your attitude, alter your perception, do not judge, you may observe differences, you may choose one thing over another, but you do not put harsh judgement on it such as that’s good, that’s bad. All is One, One is All;  What is bad for you could be good for someone else. Alter your attitude, alter your perception, alter the content of the focus of the energy that you use to observe and you will change your world. That starts with you. One, One is extremely powerful, I will say it again, One is All, All is One; so you are the Oneness you are the Allness.  One is All, One can affect the All and the All can affect the One. 

And so beautiful lights it has been wonderful being here and whilst I have been talking through this medium of mine I have been observing you. I have been observing the alterations in the intensity of your focus; I have watched you change; not heard you change, I watched you change. I observed you change because your light changes. I see your lights change, the lights are beautiful. 
So go about your life in a pleasant accepting manner: be careful what you focus on and how you focus upon it, and now you are aware that your focus can affect the tiniest piece of matter…. you are that powerful. 
Yes, there are many others here today who are not specifically of my brotherhood but there are many other great beings of light, ….ummm… you refer to them as angelic beings, arch-angelic beings…. there are many of them. They are great beings of love and light; they are here surrounding you now in tiers generating a love vibration as one. The entirety of them, the complete composition of these angelic beings, great beings of love, of light, they join together as one to radiate love to you.
They have asked me to inform you of that. They ask nothing in return; they wished to inform you that they use their combined light-love energy to assist you along your pathway, 
Thank you people. Thank you. And so I thank you all of you energy beings, all of you energy beings who are here in embodiment, all the energy beings who are here hearing these words by technological aids, and reading these words… which you perceive to be in the future which I perceive to be in the now …. I think that shall suffice for this evening. Once more I thank you for having me here in your house of light. I will return again; my brothers will return again; we will always be there to help you… and ..… ha,ha,ha,ha ….. we will always be there to focus our powers of observation upon you to lighten your load, to enlighten your pathway, and to assist you to walk that pathway with love and integrity ……Aaha,ha,ha, ….  thank you dear ones, good evening.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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