Aranuth Speaks at Ravenshoe, December 17th 2010


Changes are all around us; constantly and continually affecting our lives whether we are aware of it or not. And the more sensitive that we are the more we will notice change happening both macro and micro cosmically. The most recent examples, some humourous, some frustrating, are electrical and technological appliances breaking down or operating erratically; ….or refusing to operate at all. On a human physical scale people have been reporting occurrences such as restlessness, mental confusion, nausea, diarrhoea, teeth and jaw problems, feelings of being disoriented, …and the ever-present disturbed sleep patterns. These symptoms generally last for between twelve to twenty-four hours (some up to a week) and disappear as suddenly as they appear.
The prophesied cosmic, planetary, and resultant earth changes in the year 2012 will have a considerable effect upon the earth and our environment however, contrary to what the doomsayers are saying, the planets including our own mother earth will remain in planetary alignment albeit with an altered vibration and magnetic field. What is not widely known is that mother earth and every life-form that she supports (including us of course) will enter a period of grace to cocoon us from the more difficult phases of the change of the ages.

There are changes about to become manifest in my life as well. Changes which will positively enhance and further develop my partnership with Aranuth.
Commencing early next year (2011) I will be taking Aranuth to a wider audience in quite a number of towns and cities; both intra-state and interstate. (Aranuth did say a couple of months back that he was “taking me away” for a short time.) It is Aranuth’s expressed wish that more people in more locations have access to his knowledge and information.

Also: Commencing mid-February 2011 I have planned a series of channelling sessions and powered-up workshops which will be held in Ravenshoe, Cairns and other Tableland locations. With a new era of upwardly accelerated energy vibration being birthed not only across our earth, but other planets, universes, and the entire cosmos, souls presently incarnate and wanting to transition to higher levels of expression will benefit greatly from Aranuths teachings, advice, and guidance.

With this being the last channelled message for 2010 I would like to wish everyone a happy, harmonious, healthy, and personally fulfilling Christmas and a bright and beautiful New Year.


Hmmm….. Ah,ha,ha,ha,ha, …..  Good evening dear souls. hmmmmmm…..  mmmm ….mmmm; it is exciting times, times of excitement. Whoo….ahaa … can you not feel it in your energy? Can you not feel the excitement crossing through your energy channels? Ahhh,ha, haaaaa.  You should live on it, you should thrive on it,…. hmmnn.. marvellous, marvellous! Such exciting times!… hmmm.
Now you heard my medium talk to you before about the exciting times about to become manifest in his life… which is my life…. because I am he…. Ah, hmmm, ha….I am he! Ahh…ha,ha,ha,ha,…. (Aranuth’s in a jovial mood today) 
Do not feel left out; you are not left out of the excitement and exciting times, the changes to come. There are marvellous, wondrous, magical, times which are about to unfold; and you dear souls are blessed to have these times of excitement unfold before your very eyes in this your present incarnation. Your human embodiment, on this planet, at this time, is providing you with a haven so that you as an energy being are within the embodiment and you are experiencing not just the changes, the energy changes, you are experiencing the result of the energy changes to that which you call solid matter, solidity. And of course that affects those elements that are not so solid such as your air, and your water, and various other things that you use in your life time and you somewhat take for granted.  Hmmm, well, do not take all these things for granted for how can you be sure that they are actually going to continue to exist in your reality? Hhmm …. Ah,aha,ha, ha, ha.
Your reality is changing moment by moment: some of you dear souls are aware of the changes; very few, if any, are aware of the magnitude of those changes and what those changes will herald for this planet of solid matter - which you call mother earth - how lovely… and of course your mother earth is a lovely planet. It is a lovely realm: it is a magnificent vibratory level; and mother earth welcomes with open arms the changes which are currently affecting her, and will continue to affect her, and will have an incredible dramatic effect upon her.
Now these effects will not all happen simultaneously; they will happen in a planned sequence, in a cadence designed by the Creator. So, everything is in Divine Order; most specifically so. And so I watch you as you go about your daily life…. and I see how you worry and concern, and even stress, over various conditions, happenings, possible experiences, and probable lessons that may be contained and experienced within. Hmmmn.
I have come to you in many guises; masquerading behind various names; because it is you who wish for a name to identify the energy being that I am ….and so I oblige by giving you a name so that you can identify with various lessons, various tutorials you may say, that I have brought to you to assist you along your pathway. In all Divine Truth, there is nothing to be concerned about. Your physical life on this planet will unfold! Most differently, the changes that are presently affecting your planet, and more specifically your geographical location, will obviously have some type of effect upon your pre-planned pathway, your pre-planned lessons on this current pathway.  Now dear ones before you even dreamed of becoming incarnate once more, these planned changes were ordered by the Divine Creator; and word went out that the effects of those changes, of the unfoldment of those changes, were to be taken into consideration and used in conjunction with the experience and lesson plan that you, in company with your higher self and other great over souls, were scribing at that particular point in your development.
So, long before you chose to come here; long before you chose your lesson plan for this incarnation, the effects of what you call the “Change of the Ages”, the greatest changes of all were already known and tabulated; yes, tabulated; tabulated in so much as for your understanding. It comprised, you may say, a program, a timed program of events and happenings so that when you, in company with your higher self and your teacher, teacher guides, as you scripted a possible, a possible pathway, you could refer to the shall we say, “time table of changes” and you could make adjustments on your pathway to accommodate various happenings, the various effects caused by the energy changes. 

Now dear ones, the energy changes: they are not confined to your planet; they are not confined to any group of planets; they are not confined to every planet; simply put, they are not and will not ever be confined! The changes will affect “All-that-is”. “All-that-is” will be affected; so it may hearten you to know that you have not been singled out for any specific treatment.  Now if we take out the judgement of these changes it will make your present life on earth much more pleasant, much more pleasant because you will understand that these changes are for the better; they are all for good; all for the better; all according to Divine Plan. The Divine Architect does not make mistakes and the Divine Architect does not plan or draw up any changes or any effects that would have a negative effect upon you or your environment or your planet.
Think about this dear ones, have you ever stopped to think that the Divine Creator could not and would not create or cause to be created any thing of a negative nature; simple!  The Divine Creator is a being of love: if you are comprised of total love how could you not be that then? How could you allow negativity to infringe upon that love? No, it just does not happen.
And so you see dear ones, from a human, a very human, point of view the soul-embodied aspect’s opinion of various happenings around the world are viewed as tragedies. Well, there is no tragedy, It was planned that way: It was planned in a loving way; what you call tragedy or “tragic circumstances” are simply the effects of the Change of the Ages unfolding; which because they are derived from the pure love vibration must be beneficial.

No soul is taken before its time.  Now that is quite a statement: because there will be those among you who hear my words and read my scribed words who will beg to differ, or even wish to argue. I will say again, the Creator knows only love! Everything expressed and created by the Divine Architect can only consist of the love vibration. And so what can sometimes appear, appear I say, appear to be negative or tragic it is in fact just part of the loving changes that is part of the total, the overall benefit, of and for the entirety of creation. 
Now I understand from the human standpoint: I understand your dilemma shall we say, of viewing things in a judgemental manner such as good or bad, positive or negative, love or hate. Yes, those opposites do exist. Those opposites not only exist, they exist to provide balance.  Balance in your life, balance in all life, balance in all of creation.  Did you know that balance will not always be required? The Creators plan, birthed in love, implemented in love, is that every thing, every thing! will swing like a pendulum to become only love. Love will be the only vibration. Love will be the only power source of vibration and creation. If it is not of love, then it is not, it is not going to last; it is not going to be of helpful assistance; it is not going to be of any benefit. And so I would say to you, turn your conscious mind and your un-conscious, sub-conscious mind, three hundred and sixty degrees, take in what exists and what exists in every one of those three hundred and sixty degrees. By the time you have reached the three hundred and sixty degrees signpost you will have a totally different view and a totally different opinion; you will have a totally different belief to what you have now; and as you continue on that circuit, that rotation, when you come back to zero point you will come back to zero point knowing that zero point is, and has all along been love. 
Now I understand that it is difficult for souls incarnate to immerse themselves in the love vibration and stay within that love vibration. And the reason being is that there are so many other souls incarnate who at this particular point on their soul advancement journey are not of the love vibration: they spend their time in the vibration of negativity. They are yet to know, to come to the realisation, that promoting negativity and all of the other things that accompany it like aggression, hatred, violence, etc is actually confining them, cork-screwing them, deeper into the negative vibration and not allowing them to rise and realise that it is the love vibration that is the totality of all. 

Do you wish to go to Heaven? Heaven is understanding and accepting the totality of the love vibration, that’s the only vibration there is, that is the only true vibration that is, the authentic vibration, if it is not a love vibration it is false, it is figment of imagination, it is figment of mass imagination, it is the illusion of the masses, illusion! Illusion! not real.  Negativity = illusion, Love = reality,
Dear ones it does not matter, it does not matter one bit what vibratory level you are currently expressing upon because the love vibration exists on all levels. Regardless of what level you are expressing on you still have access to the love vibration because if you recall I said the Creator can only create love because He is love: His creations are love; so if the Divine Creator actually created you, you as a soul entity I am saying, if the Divine Creator breathed the spark of life, the original spark of light and life, into you that spark of light and life can only be “Love”. 
So what are you? Love! Ha,ha,ha ha ha,ha….  oh boy, ahh…hmmm,

Do you really feel that I have brought to you quite a lesson today? Hmmm?  Well I have had fun bringing you this lesson; and of course I have my little laugh ah, ha, ha, ha.
I know you will excuse that and take that into consideration. Just think, just think how wonderful your life could be. What your life incarnate on this planet at this time could be if you expressed love, light and laughter, ha, ha, ha, hah ….  oh dear ones, lighten up! Look forward to the coming changes with joy: welcome them; they are all positive and they are all love, ha,ha, hah…. Good Evening!!!


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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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