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Aranuth Speaks at Ravenshoe, December 17th 2010


Changes are all around us; constantly and continually affecting our lives whether we are aware of it or not. And the more sensitive that we are the more we will notice change happening both macro and micro cosmically. The most recent examples, some humourous, some frustrating, are electrical and technological appliances breaking down or operating erratically; ….or refusing to operate at all. On a human physical scale people have been reporting occurrences such as restlessness, mental confusion, nausea, diarrhoea, teeth and jaw problems, feelings of being disoriented, …and the ever-present disturbed sleep patterns. These symptoms generally last for between twelve to twenty-four hours (some up to a week) and disappear as suddenly as they appear.
The prophesied cosmic, planetary, and resultant earth changes in the year 2012 will have a considerable effect upon the earth and our environment however, contrary to what the doomsayers are saying, the planets including our own mother ea…

Merry Christmas

To all our readers, friends and aquaintances: We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPER NEW YEAR!

As you may have recognized already, we live in the "Time of Changes" and there's nobody, who may not have recognized it ...

Please find below a small video, made by Native Indians, which shall provide "Happiness and Prosperity" to you. It helped us to survive worst moments and poverty, and so ... it shall do same for you.

Aranuth Speaks at Ravenshoe: Friday Nov. 26th 2010


The planet continues to turn on its well-trodden twenty-four hour cycle with one side of the planet welcoming the morning sun while the opposite side waves the sunset goodbye. With each revolution of the globe we wake up to a new day and news of continual change; changes that give birth to a myriad of events…..some wondrous…some possibly uninteresting and mediocre…and some absolutely tragic or cataclysmic. Tragic such as the recent mine explosion disaster in New Zealand that saw twenty-nine husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and other much-loved ones pass over suddenly. The resultant outpouring of love and compassion by souls everywhere generated an enormous amount of light and greatly assisted the passage of those miners who lost their life to transition smoothly and comfortably into the waiting arms of their guides and angels of healing.
Such is the state-of-play globally. 
In these times of turmoil and massive change the combined efforts of lightworkers all across the globe …