Channelling Workshop Ravenshoe November 2010

It’s mid-November already and the days / weeks / months are flying by: not unnoticed mind you, but seemingly tumbling forward in overdrive. Every tumble another experience, another happening, another unexplained or inexplicable change or alteration in our lives and in our beingness. “From out of left field” does not cover it: more like “from out of every field”; “expect the unexpected” from any and every angle. My guide once said to me “sit back and enjoy the ride”.
Well…..hold your breath…….Whe-e-e-e-e-e-e…..

The full-day channelling workshop at Ravenshoe had been planned (at the guides prompting) for some weeks. It was much more intense and encompassing than the workshop previously held in Cairns some months ago which was a half-day session. Well, there is a limit to the ground that you can cover and what you can achieve in a five hour afternoon.
I had planned to limit the number of Ravenshoe attendees to twenty people; twenty-five at the most depending upon circumstances so as to allow sufficient time for one-on-one interaction and to fully address every question or clarify every item or concept. In total twenty-four people participated.
The full-day Ravenshoe workshop program was ‘deeper’, had more content, covered more ground, and really “got into it” just as I had planned for. The truth is that I was not fully there in the ‘now’ or in control at all times; I was “away” a bit: Actually, portions of the workshop are now either “missing” from my memory or are a blur. I was aware of a feeling of “warping” at intermittent periods. Fortunately I have saved the written programme of the methodology and process; and more importantly an audio record of Columba’s (the guide) message.
The energy at the workshop was either “very nice”, “absolutely beautiful”, or for those with heightened sensitivity “awesome, dynamic, and rapturous” depending upon each persons individual perception. I was personally pleased at the response and the positive  comments expressed during and at the close of the workshop.


“Well good evening and thank you for making me welcome in your house of light. I am honored; honored to be here and be part of your proceedings, to observe, and to contribute. I have deliberately held back, restrained myself to a certain extent, allowing my medium to take charge of the proceedings whereas I may step in wherever I thought that there was a need to correct or perhaps contribute to the discussion or the program itself.
It has been wonderful being here with you. You know not of me; I do know of you.
Many of you have been with me several times before. Not so much in this reality but in parallel realities which you are inclined to describe as ‘past lives’.
‘Past lives’ do not exist: all is in the now; it is a parallel, a parallel reality that you have transited, are still transiting, and will continue to transit. And do you know that you actually create another parallel reality that you will walk and that you will perceive it as a ‘following incarnation’. Some of your realities you will look back upon and I use the word ‘back’ very loosely; you will look back and consider the parallel reality that you are transiting right at this very moment which will appear to you, in your human mind, as being the ‘past’. Because the human organism has this tendency to want to label, to want to compartmentalize these realities as being ‘past’, ‘present’, and ‘future’. Everything is NOW!
Heal your ‘past’? …it is not your past; it is your present; it is happening NOW.  Change it: create it; create your future which is now. Create it! You are in charge: you are the one who perceives what reality represents to you. Because in your human embodiment you need realities such as this (waves hands around indicating present surroundings) to experiment with, to experience, to learn, to grow….. and like a cross-vibrational being you can and do move from one reality, from one pathway, to another. So in effect you can take what you consider to be a ‘past’ incarnation and alter the content, alter the lessons and happenings, and alter the ending! Simply because it is all happening NOW!

Now I know that it may be confusing to some of you however it is something that you will have to consider sooner or later….and the sooner the better!
Because what are you here for? Why are you attending this gathering? (workshop)
To learn and to advance, to evolve. So on your pathway to advancement, evolution, and if I can use the word loosely ascension, there are many concepts that you will have to consider, that you will have to confront: You will have to work your way through them; you will have to come to an understanding. Now we are not talking about an understanding of the mind; we are talking about an understanding of the heart. It is a heart understanding: it is a heart knowingness. It comes to you as a solid knowingness.

And there are many things that will come to you in your ‘future’.
On your pathway you will encounter many lessons. There are many bright and beautiful things for you to observe, to find enjoyment in, and then move on. And then there are some that you may consider to be obstacles, hurdles, barriers across your path; which are in all reality your learning, your learning process. It is how you negotiate that hurdle, that barrier; it is how you negotiate, how you deal with that that builds soul character. Now I have been here this afternoon observing many things. I have been observing individuals as well as the group. I have been, shall we say, keenly watching how you grasp different concepts. I watched each one of you attempt to understand, sometimes put aside for later, and other times just move on, but you will come back to this. (understanding concepts)
 Life is a circle: it is cyclical as well as circular. And when an issue confronts you, should you work your way through it and deal with it now then it is behind you. If you choose to dodge it or defer it the issue will certainly re-present itself. And you will have to address it once again…. and again…and again until you do deal with and overcome every aspect of that issue. So I would advise you not to consider some of the issues that arise on your pathway, do not consider them as an impediment, as a barrier, an obstacle or pothole on your pathway: consider them as an opportunity to learn. And learn we all do. Learn we ALL do.

Regardless of what realm you are currently expressing on you will always have a learning experience awaiting you. No matter how high you rise through the vibratory realms, through the levels, there will always be lessons for you. There will always be opportunities for growth: opportunities for expansion; opportunities to gather soul enrichment.
Now on another level this evening I observed while you were participating in your meditational process; I observed the vortex of energy that you as a group created. You as a group contributed to and created….and I understand that none here were aware of the spiraling effect of the energy of this vortex (waves a hand around in a circular motion) that hovered over you. I observed as the vortex drew your being-ness out of your physical embodiment and drew them together and up. (hand indicates an upward spiral movement) The reason that it drew you up was that you were using each others contributed vibration which formed the vortex, which lifted you individually and as a group up. It raised your consciousness to a level that some of you have never achieved before in this incarnation, this lifetime. And might I tell you how impressive that vortex was when the vortex energy itself, the dynamic energy, the movement caused the light to form a love vibration. The higher the vortex went the greater was the love vibration.

Now certainly there were some souls who only rose to a certain level: there were other souls who rose higher. There is no judgement in that; it simply indicates that those souls who only rose to the first three levels were incapable, at this point in time, of attaining an upper height: some more, shall we say, advanced souls were able to rise a little higher.
Of course, in time you will all achieve that upper height. You will all be able to rise; and as a result of the proceedings here today, and the advancement opportunity that it has opened for you, you now as individuals will be able to raise your vibration to a considerably higher level than what you were able to do prior to this evening’s program.
And I must tell you that if you were to return to this group to contribute once more your energy to the swirl you will again use each others energy as a stepping stone. You would use each others energy to rise….and to assist each other to rise until you go much higher into the light, into the love vibration; the higher you go the greater the benefit for you.

I commend you, each and every one of you, for acknowledging the promptings of your higher self, your personal guides, and some others who made it possible for you to be here this evening to expose yourself to the opportunity for advancement. You do very well; very well indeed. I am more than pleased. And so should you be well pleased with yourself, with your own effort, with your own contribution to your own advancement. And so it should be. And - so – it - should – be!

Previously there was some discussion regarding names. There was some discussion regarding the name, the identity, of the various light energies such as I who come to address you, to bring messages of love, of encouragement, to urge you along your pathway, to help you. We do not have a ‘name’: we are one; we are energy… and sometimes as is the case here today we have an energy connection such as I have with your medium here.
I did ask ‘should I give a name to identify my energy”? ….but I find it irrelevant. Your medium knows who I am; that is all that is required. Whether it is your own personal guides wish to give you a personal identification name is entirely up them, their energy self. (I’m tiring fast now) 
And so I realise that your day has been a long one. I can see the level of absorption of the knowledge, of the energy; I see what you have achieved this day. Once more I congratulate you I am honoured to be here with you. (my speech is coming painfully slow now)  I am honored to be given the opportunity to speak with you however briefly.
It was not my intention to deliver a lengthy message and so I shall now wish you well in your endeavours and advancement on your pathway. ……….I shall now withdraw with love for one and all. For All is One and One is All.
Good evening.

*** Comment:

After a short period of readjustment, recovering my faculties and senses, I chose to quietly advise everyone of the identity of the communicator.
His name is Columcille; better known as Saint Columba of Iona. I choose not to reveal the details of our connection.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the workshop and contributed their energy; the shared lunch was really great….I packed in a few extra calories.
Peace and Happiness,

*** Note: The November channelling session will take place as usual on the last Friday of the month; the 26th Nov.
Usual place = Old Butter factory Ascham St. Ravenshoe commencing at 1-30 p.m. prompt.
For those of you who attended the workshop I would be pleased to receive any comments or suggestions for additional material or subjects that you would like to see included in future workshops.
Anyone wishing to subscribe to receive the channelled messages by direct e-mail may do so by e-mailing me at


Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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  1. hi georg,

    i am confused again. for the last little bit i had thought that we could reinvent our pasts with our newfound knowledge, love and understanding and bringing into the experience white light. the idea of changing our destiny... meaning rewriting the content of our past lives and how we live them. i thought it was all our ultimate destinies to try to go back in time and smooth out our history. and our history would be a living breathing thing, lightening up everytime a soul lightens themselves onward.

    then you said this is not possible and it seemed exactly what the council was saying this morning so i was letting go of that. today i have been trying to let go of all the hurt and grief that i have caused others because unfortunately, it seemed that we could not go back and choose better.

    then after trying to accept what i could not change... i get to this upcoming week's aranuth meditation themed reading. you are saying that we cannot alter our past lives but then i find this reading confusing. can you explain what aranuth means by this writing please?

  2. Hello Raine,

    You refer to this part of Aranuth's message: "Heal your ‘past’? …it is not your past; it is your present; it is happening NOW. Change it: create it; create your future which is now. Create it! You are in charge: you are the one who perceives what reality represents to you.
    Because in your human embodiment you need realities such as this (waves hands around indicating present surroundings) to experiment with, to experience, to learn, to grow….. and like a cross-vibrational being you can and do move from one reality, from one pathway, to another. So in effect you can take what you consider to be a ‘past’ incarnation and alter the content, alter the lessons and happenings, and alter the ending!"

    It does not mention at all that you can change your destiny. If it would be possible to change your own destiny, same time of changing your own destiny you would change other persons' destiny that are connected to you. Changing persons' destiny that are connected to you would mean again that you also would change persons' destiny, who are connected to these persons, who are connected to you ... and so on.
    >>> Imagine the chaos created, if it would be possible. Our own destiny would change every second due to changes made by other persons ...

    Yes, you can change happenings, events, etc. of your past lives, all the way to a different result at the end ... but ...
    1. be aware that you also have to accept the consequences resulting in your active present life.
    2. you cannot change your entire life time starting from birth as you would influence heavily destiny of many humans, resulting in changes of destiny of every human being on earth. So what you can do is to change the path of a historical life, but not its destiny.

    This you also can do in your active, physical life. You can create an easier path to your destiny or you can re-direct it into a more difficult direction to reach your goal (=destiny).

    Destiny of your active life time was set when you were born as a result of former life times performed and destinies re-solved.

    Love & Light,

  3. Hi Raine,

    I think when the whole process of life after life is looked at from the point of body consciousness; there is past, present and future. This is linear time. What we did before, will have an effect on our present and what we do now will have effect on our future. Given this, we cannot literally change the events of the past. However, we can change our response to those events in the NOW as we look back. This will then replace the interpretation and experience of those past events with new ones based on our current understanding of the higher world. The way to change will be for instance by forgiving ourselves and others connected with the event. The white light treatment will wipe the slate clean so that the same event can be re-written from the past with different interpretation now giving us a more positive and happy result in the present. Having done this we have effectively changed the event to all intents and purpose in terms of how it affects us.

    When the life is looked at from the point of soul consciousness, everything is in the huge melting pot of NOW. Here the ‘melting pot’ is the pot of time; past, present and future; all melting into one of present. We know that the soul is indestructible. So it cannot have sensory experience of pain and pleasure. In order to have such experience, it has to make a part of itself dense enough to experience this. Body is said to be the denser part of the mind. The part that remains ‘un-densed’ is the soul. Body being a temporary creation of the soul is dispensable and that is why we have life-death-life etc. The body is used by the soul as an instrument of impressions and expressions. So all experiences, sensations of the body are automatically relayed to the soul which then in turn passes the same to its higher self or the overself; that is why the highest self is ALL KNOWING or omniscient.

    At the soul level, all is in present tense and events and experiences arising from those events can be changed as they occur. (Maybe this is why, I was thinking of out of body experience. If a soul can transcend the body consciousness for a while, it can then make the corrections in the body with appropriate energy and intention.)

    Raine this is my 2-cent contribution on the subject as I understand it.


  4. Hi Subhash,

    So I'm giving up using the word destiny. It's a little too confusing depending on how one is looking at it for my taste. Georg and I have been in further discussion.

    Now, after reading, writing, and chatting with you two, I have come to this understanding...

    Georg had misunderstood a little of when I was first writing him about changing the events of my history to affect my present life. I incorrectly used the word destiny there, which sent him down the route of explaining we could not change our destinies. BUT, he did not mean to leave me with the impression that we could not change the reality of our past lives, but in doing so we have to accept the consequences of those changes.

    It's taken a few days for my consciousness to absorb what he meant.

    For instance, I went through a lot in the last couple of years spiritually. There were highs but I also had hardship. If I went back to previous lives to redo the situation to the point of undoing the hurts I caused, I could seriously set back my soul lessons in this lifetime (and my power too). So this is where your ideas of easing things in your soul consciousness come into play. To forgive myself and let it up to the creator, and also to offer light and compassion when redoing my past lives only to the point of not interfering with the lesson plans that I needed to learn in this way.

    This has all been a good discussion for me to learn from and I thank you.
    I needed the discussion so that I didn't wipe everything, and the gains I will continue to make in this lifetime.

    Although it really doesn't matter how you intellectually grasp this, both Georg and I have witnessed in our own lives the opposite of what you wrote here:

    "Given this, we cannot literally change the events of the past"

    Georg and I discussed this last night, he never meant for me to walk away with the impression that I couldn't absolutely change my past lives experiences and history itself. He was writing only of my ideas of destiny and repercussions and how if we walk back to the past, what we do will affect others.

    However, selectively we can change our histories. Georg, had a very big example of this and witnessed changes almost immediately. I have bared witness to enough to also know this to be real... In one recent redoing of a past life, going back with my new found knowledge, knowledge from my highest self and also, my power, we (highest self and I) were able to change what was a previously traumatic situation for me into a beautiful project where we reinvented a small group I was living with to be a small more enlightened civilization with recognition of gender equality and appreciation. This was done by incorporating those which had once hurt our group... it was beautiful because everyone learned so much and to appreciate life and love more. And it affected others, because we were able to let in a lot of new members and teach them our ways too. I also developed a lot of power in that lifetime as a result.

    I hope this makes some sort of sense. The invocation that I sent you earlier (although I need to update this and put it on my website) and the Aranuth channelling/energy meditation is very powerful.


  5. Hi Raine,

    I was not teaching you per se but just ‘thinking aloud’ of what I understand from all that I have read and heard. My ideas are still in the formative stage and will remain so until they can be validated one way or another by experience and more light on the subject/s.
    I am very open to ideas since I do not know for sure. I am more trying to piece together concepts that have come in my path from various sources thus far.

    I enjoyed your company and the activities we delved in.

    Thanks N Regards


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