Aranuth & Friends Speak ... Ravenshoe Oct. 22nd 2010


It surely is all happening. How many times have I said that before? Over the preceding month I have met and spoken with so many people who tell me about the unusual, strange, weird, or downright crazy things happening in their life. Distorted sleep patterns, forgetfulness, feelings of being here in the ‘now’ and then in some weird time/space warp or other reality; procrastination over simple choices, and shilly-shallying about with elementary day-to-day things.
Now chuck into the mix the numerous validated sightings of UFO’s at various places on the planet and the number of people telepathically hearing messages or being prompted to suddenly rush outside to see an unidentified object hovering in the sky above them.
What was the Chinese saying?.....”We live in interesting times”. Hmmnn.
Well, I don’t know about you but if I told the world about some of the “interesting” things that have happened in my life I would be consigned to a mental institution by the “establishment”!

The following message was channelled a week earlier than usual owing to my being away at the end of this month attending a family birthday function. The next message you will receive from me – an update more than likely - will be after the one-day “Channelling Workshop” that I will be conducting in Ravenshoe mid-November.
The December channelling session may have to be brought forward to mid-December owing to the closeness of the Christmas holiday season. From January onwards the monthly channelling session will return to the normal last Friday of the month frequency.


Ah..hhmmmnn…Yes, well, good evening once again.  Once more it is so wonderful to be here in your energy, your light.  You will understand that things have been quite difficult around, surrounding, and affecting every aspect of your beingness ….which flows on to your light.  The reason being could be best described in one word as “restrictive”.  When I say restrictive I am talking about compression. As evolution follows its path, follows its own destiny, we are now experiencing a compression of various levels. There is vibratory levels, there is realms.  Leading up to a point just recent to now, there were unlimited - they still are unlimited – realms; many, many, many, are unknown; they will never be known. It is impossible for them to be known because were you to transit every vibratory realm you would find that there is no apex, there is no top of the ladder, simply because new realms, new vibratory levels, new vibrations, are coming into existence. They are being created what you would say day-by-day. What isn’t a known and measured quantity is the slower vibratory realms formally known as “the underworlds” (Lower astrals) or those realms close to your own third dimensional. And in those slower vibratory under-realms they were peopled, peopled shall we say, inhabited by energy beings who were - without judgement – slower, lower, and unenlightened. They went to these near-earth realms, which was commensurate with their level of advancement, which in many instances was almost non-existent. Many of these souls have had many incarnations similar to yourself and learnt very little from those experiences.  And so, like water, they find their own level so when they pass over, when they depart this earth, they move to a realm compatible with and what feels comfortable to them. So if they are a lower and slower vibrating entity they go to that particular vibratory realm where they will stay until such times as they have made their own free-will choice, their own decision, to desire to ascend, you may say transition into another level which may be a slighter higher and finer and faster vibration than the place where they now find themselves.
We refer to these as “under worlds”. Many souls incarnate at this very point in time will vary dramatically in vibration. There are those of a very high vibrating nature who are very much advanced and who are here as your teachers, your leaders, your scientists; there are others who are slower, lower, with little or no intention of ever climbing out of the vibratory cesspool that they inhabit. 
This is not for judgement: this is the nature of your planet; this is the nature of your realm. This vibratory realm was created specifically for souls to become incarnate, to become embodied, so that they may be able to exist and function on this particular planet, on this particular vibratory level. Being a matter of free-will choice every soul incarnate or discarnate has free-will choice: they choose for themselves whether or not they are ready for advancement, to what level, to what vibratory level they aspire, or do they aspire at all ? Or are they more highly developed souls from much higher and finer vibrating realms. They have chosen to selectively, incrementally, lower their vibration, submerge you may say, their energy field so that they may gradually sink to this level where they can carry out their chosen task, their free-will chosen task, of assisting all souls incarnate to advance, to become enlightened. Some of these souls disguise themselves as very much ordinary people who are performing extra ordinary feats. Some of these souls were born as extra-ordinary people and destined to perform extra-ordinary services to humanity. They come as an example; their task is to exemplify many of the virtues and higher ideals so that other souls incarnate may aspire to duplicate those feats, to attain those ideals, to develop those virtues; and so this is your learning, this is your area of learning, your level of learning, again free-will choice, you chose it.

It has been a slow journey for many souls: many, many souls have reincarnated numerous, far too numerous, times and yet have not achieved their potential; have not attained the level they chose to rise to. They did not complete the lesson plan that they themselves devised; and so the logos, powered by the Creator, the energy of the Creator, decided that something had to be done to move these laggardly souls along. What was chosen was an accelerated change and accelerated upliftment increase in the vibratory rate of the energy that surrounds and affects you. Simply put it was designed to give you a push along! Many, many souls, require more than a push along: many souls have to be confronted with a situation that is a catalyst to encourage them to look within, acknowledge their divinity, and to remember who they are, where they came from, what they are here to achieve, and to where they will return.
There are pools of souls, pools of them, frequenting and inhabiting the under world; and may I tell you no soul in the under world re-incarnates to this world, this planet, this vibratory level, unless they have chosen to rise in vibration themselves because the slower vibrating rate is not compatible with the rate of vibration of your planet currently.  Many of the souls trapped by their own design in these under worlds need help.
Only those guides of the highest and finest vibration are chosen, allowed, to assist those in the under worlds for fear that were they not courageous enough and strong enough and of suitable vibratory development they too could be trapped in lower vibrating under worlds.
The logos have chosen to compress the energy, to compress the levels of these under worlds to force - if I may use that word - to encourage souls to call out for enlightenment, advancement, upliftment. Like your yin and yang there are two sides to that coin. 
Those souls inhabiting the under worlds who choose not to move will be trapped in the compression of the various levels: they will return to an energy pool where perhaps at some future point they may re-emerge as a newly birthed soul; that is what they have chosen; that is free will choice 
Those souls who have chosen to do the development work and have called out for teachers, mentors, guides, to assist them, to teach them, to show them how to increase their rate of vibration and ascend the vibratory scale to a level higher than they have ever reached out for previously ….those souls will find willing helpers, teachers, very strong, courageous, principled and powerful beings of love and light will hold out their hand to them and assist them, assist I said - they do not do it for them, they have to do it themselves - however, help is always available.  Help can be accessed simply by asking for it. It is true “ask and thou shalt receive”: ask and you will not be rejected; ask and those great over-souls will not turn their back upon you; they will be there to offer you strength and encouragement. Remember it is your pathway; it is your learning experience; that’s what you are all here for!

So now we come back to discomfort, compression. Currently on the level where you now reside you are feeling the effects, some effects, of compression, compaction: this is not such a serious matter; simply put as the under worlds are compressed, closed, and cease to exist – and they will cease to exist - where as I have already spoken, those souls that are “impacting”, those souls have two choices; ascend or go back into the melting pot. 
The under worlds will disappear: the under worlds will disappear; so into the future no soul, no soul, will have the opportunity to go to an under world. They will not be allowed to regress: they will not be allowed to stand still; they will not be allowed to stagnate; all souls are here for advancement. Advancement does not encompass stagnation!
And so you dear souls here incarnate are feeling the effects of the compression simply because your level which was formally, formally, known as third dimension, third dimension of solid matter, it is being compressed: very shortly it will cease to exist because you are now moving on; you are now going up the scale even though it may be incrementally, similar to the steps or the rungs on a ladder, you are whether you know it or not, whether you are aware of it or not,  you are moving ahead, moving on, moving up: …..and let me assure you the vibration that you are today is a higher and finer vibration than you were several years ago.

Evolution: you are evolving; you are becoming; and it is never-ending. It would be folly to think that once you have reached the fourth or the fifth or sixth dimension or vibratory level that you may sit back and put your feet up: evolution is continual; there is no stagnation! And so you will continue to evolve, to rise, you will be carried forward on the wave, and should you as an individual soul entity stop for a little rest along the way, the energy wave created by the mass of souls ascending will pick you up and take you forward with it. You will not be left behind because there is no behind. Anything lower than the level you are on now has ceased to exist; if it has not already been terminated  at this point it very shortly will.  So as you move forward lower vibrations are erased: there is no going back; you won’t be going back and you won’t be sitting still. You won’t be stagnating! Continual evolution: that is the Creators decree! You will continue to evolve: continue to become; and as you move up the vibratory scale to inhabit another level so too will another level have been created above you: so you will never reach a point in time when continual evolution, advancement, enlightenment, is denied you. It will always be there for you 
So I think that is a lovely story. I feel quite humble and yet quite fulfilled at being able to bring this information to you to reassure you that even though you may, in the physical embodiment, be assailed by your mental and emotional bodies, may consider that you are stuck in a rut, you are not. You are continually moving. Feelings of being stuck in a rut is an illusion: it is not happening; so all of you souls will continue to expand, to increase in energy, in light, in power; you will continue to become. There is no end; evolution to infinity. 

Now having said that I might add that there are …..hmmm ….way stations, way stations along your developmental path. I am not talking about your current physical incarnation pathway: I am talking about your total energy expansion pathway. There are way stations that exist where you may take time out to look back from whence you came, consider the path to where you are, prepare yourself to move once more to a place, to a level, you know not.  Evolution: continual never-ending infinity. And know this…. your Creator energy continues to grow, to expand, to become. The Creator energy is in a state of continual evolution; very much similar to you very souls.
And so in conclusion I would say to you, ponder what has just been spoken about: I would say to you consider your pathway, your expansion, your current position. I would say to you continue to ask for help, for assistance; and should you come to a barrier or a hurdle that appears as a barrier on your current pathway, ask for clarification of the lesson attached to what you consider to be an obstacle because in all truth there are no obstacles or barriers, there are only learning experiences and opportunities for growth. You all do so very well: you all do very well indeed; there are parts of your planet, geographical areas, that are currently feeling the compression of the lower vibration.
Grieve not for them: it is their chosen pathway. Send love and light without emotional attachment and move on…. the same as they should move on…. It is individual, free will choice.
What you have, where you are at, is the result of all the choices that you have ever made and now when you take a bit of time to contemplate what has been spoken of this evening you may see the opportunities open to you: the opportunities for growth; opportunities for advancement, the opportunities for soul enrichment; the opportunity to become even more beautiful than what you currently are. And we from, shall I just say “other realms of expression” congratulate you: we encourage you; we are there to help. Thank you and good evening dear souls.

Please share this message with all who wish to receive it but please do not alter or edit it in any way.
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Peace and Happiness,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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