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Channelling Workshop Ravenshoe November 2010

It’s mid-November already and the days / weeks / months are flying by: not unnoticed mind you, but seemingly tumbling forward in overdrive. Every tumble another experience, another happening, another unexplained or inexplicable change or alteration in our lives and in our beingness. “From out of left field” does not cover it: more like “from out of every field”; “expect the unexpected” from any and every angle. My guide once said to me “sit back and enjoy the ride”.
Well…..hold your breath…….Whe-e-e-e-e-e-e…..

The full-day channelling workshop at Ravenshoe had been planned (at the guides prompting) for some weeks. It was much more intense and encompassing than the workshop previously held in Cairns some months ago which was a half-day session. Well, there is a limit to the ground that you can cover and what you can achieve in a five hour afternoon.
I had planned to limit the number of Ravenshoe attendees to twenty people; twenty-five at the most depending upon circumstances so as to al…

Aranuth & Friends Speak ... Ravenshoe Oct. 22nd 2010


It surely is all happening. How many times have I said that before? Over the preceding month I have met and spoken with so many people who tell me about the unusual, strange, weird, or downright crazy things happening in their life. Distorted sleep patterns, forgetfulness, feelings of being here in the ‘now’ and then in some weird time/space warp or other reality; procrastination over simple choices, and shilly-shallying about with elementary day-to-day things.
Now chuck into the mix the numerous validated sightings of UFO’s at various places on the planet and the number of people telepathically hearing messages or being prompted to suddenly rush outside to see an unidentified object hovering in the sky above them.
What was the Chinese saying?.....”We live in interesting times”. Hmmnn.
Well, I don’t know about you but if I told the world about some of the “interesting” things that have happened in my life I would be consigned to a mental institution by the “establishment”!

The fo…