Aranuth Speaks: 24th September 2010

Hello truth seekers across the planet,

It is the end of the month once more and another message has been received from through the veil. As usual it is one of helpful advice, information, and most importantly it is “use now” and applies directly to souls everywhere.
The last few weeks have seen a continuation of the instability and unpredictability not only of national and world affairs but weather patterns and world events. The confusion and indecisiveness of the masses is clearly evident in the number of closely contested elections and “hung” parliaments resulting in the most unlikeliest of bedfellows forming a volatile coalition to govern the country.
Those of us who see through the egos, greed, lust for power, secretive and dubious agendas of governments, military leaders, corporations, and individuals, steadfastly step away from the machinations of an illusional third dimensional world and maintain our focus on the search for truth, knowledge, peace, harmony, and most importantly the keys to opening the doors to higher levels of existence. This lower dimensional world of solid matter surely is a kaleidoscope, a turbulent and complex pattern of ever-changing energies and entities that will never heal completely or know peace and harmony…… that is the learning-experience nature of this vibratory level. Should peace, love, and harmony reign on this planet then it would cease to be a level of lessons, experience, and growth.

Many people continue to report an acceleration in altered sleep patterns, unexpected and confusing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and personal energy or circumstances changes taking place in their daily lives. Their comments as usual range from riding an energy rollercoaster to being trapped in an out-of-control industrial washing machine. More than a few have wondered and suffered for their sanity. What a ride we signed on for when we chose to be here on earth at this time to experience the “Change of the Ages”.
The message as transcribed below was delivered with considerable impetus. When Aranuth is in a forthright and assertive mood we all feel the impact of the energy in the content of his statement.
His messages are always simple, positive, easy-to-understand, with no airy-fairy trimmings. It is tempting to describe him as a ‘down-to-earth’ being from a higher non-physical realm.


Ahhh, haa, ha, haa. Ohh, …..we come quickly now. Now….ah, ha, ha, ha, ahaa, haa. (Aranuth laughs…he is obviously enjoying himself)
Ohh, I have been here observing you and all the time you thought that you were being un-observed… aah, ha, ha, haa ohh. Hmmnn….It’s nice….it’s nice. I greeted each and every one personally. I welcomed you here. But I gave you no indication of what we are going to talk about did I? I simply said welcome here. I simply said ‘welcome here to this house of light’. For me, it is always a highlight to be in this group light. To bring my light to contribute to your light…. individually and as an aggregate. Hmmnn… one is all and all is one. …we are oneness.
I mentioned the word observed: and un-observed; and I though that if we take the last few letters of that word ….it comes down to ‘served’. And I thought do you ever ponder the word ‘serve’, to serve, being served, service? Service to whom? ….Service to what?
….Service to self? …Service to family?....Service to fellow man?...Serve a master?
Ohh ha, ha, ha, ha. (that laugh again) You are all masters!

To serve….hmmnnn…Eons ago, according to the way that I measure your earth time, many souls incarnate were called upon to serve: a master; a king; an employer; ..if that terminology could be applied…you were ‘in service’, you served your country; have you ever wondered why you served? The reason why you served is because you volunteered to serve: you offered to serve; you were the one who put yourself forward with the word serve, to serve, servant. Of course there were those people, organisations, groups, who took advantage of you. You offered to serve so they exploited you….exploited your service. They wanted you to serve them. Not because it enhanced or advanced yourself but simply because it suited them to have others serve them, to wait upon them, to provide a service for which most times they did not pay or if they did it was very little.

Time, as you call it, has changed. The energy has changed: the paradigm has changed; you have changed. Souls incarnate, wave after wave after wave have changed until you have arrived at this ‘now’ point on your pathway.
To serve……to give service…whom do you think that you should serve? Do you owe service?....No!...No you most definitely do not! Let me tell you something that appears to have been an age-old secret…but in reality…it is not. You should have known it all along. You should have remembered it. In your sojourns between incarnations we spoke about that often. You spoke about that with you ‘higher selves’. You spoke about that with your teachers in what you call the spiritual realms. Serve only yourself!....that’s what you are here to do! You are not obligated to serve any other being, any other master. Your obligation, your service obligation, is service to your soul self. And in being of service to your soul self - which you may look at in isolation or as an individual – let us not be forgetting that one is all and all is one and if you are fulfilling a service obligation to yourself, your soul self, you are fulfilling a service obligation to all, to the one-ness.
So, there is your service obligation….it’s to yourself!

Now; what service are you going to perform?...What service will you give to self?
Naturally, as a soul incarnate, as a soul occupying a physical body, you do have an obligation to ensure your physical body, your vehicle, is kept in good shape so that you can traverse every experience, climb every mountain, go over, up, or around every obstacle to complete your chosen pathway. You are not going to complete your chosen pathway if you neglect the vehicle. So you could say that there is an element of service in that.
Now I’m not saying that you are ‘in service’ to your physical embodiment; I’m saying that you oversee your physical embodiment because your embodiment is ‘in service’ to you! Your physical embodiment serves you! You oversee the body and ensure to the best of your ability that your physicality, your embodiment, is capable of carrying you so that you may perform all of those tasks that you have chosen to complete in this earth-walk, this incarnation. So again, your service obligation is not to anything outside of your self. There are many things outside of yourself ….. Which are all there to serve you.

Might I add at this time; I would like you to consider whether or not you are serving things outside of yourself, being a slave to things outside of yourself, being controlled in various measures by things outside of your self. Stop it right now!  All of those things are there to serve you.
What is your service obligation? Well let me put it this way…let me ask another question; What are you doing here? Why are you incarnate at this time, in this place, having these experiences and lessons; hmnn ….why? It’s called advancement and soul enrichment. So if you are here for the purpose of experience, learning experiences, lessons, advancement, expansion, soul enrichment; If you are here for that reason, if that is the reason then you are only here to serve yourself and your chosen task   So serve; give service to self and only self … only self. 
You have heard the expression “self serving”? Consider if that is a vastly misused and misunderstood word.  Self serving in its purest form is precisely what you are here to do; it’s exactly what you should be doing.  So we if we go back to your basic, you are a physical body inhabited by an energy being and that energy being is a spark, it is a part, it is a portion, of the creator energy. And it is that energy ensouled, ensouled, that builds upon itself, that expands itself, that gives growth to itself, and it does it by the gathering in and harvesting the wisdom and the knowledge gained from the experiences and lessons. 
So you are serving yourself, you are serving your soul self, and with your soul self being a portion of your higher self you are also serving your higher self and other aspects of that higher self. And if you are serving those aspects of your higher self then you are also serving the oneness, the all-ness.  One is All, All is One, and so service starts with you: it starts within you; and service is to you. Now consider how your life on earth, how your physical expression on this vibratory level, would be changed, can be changed, and if you so choose will be changed, by putting the focus of service upon your own beingness; serve your own beingness and everything else will take care of itself. 

Now there is a dividing line, a very definitive line, between serving others around you and carrying out an obligation and a responsibility. Because the human tends to be a herd animal you have a responsibility to ensure the nurturing and the survival of other beings around you. Because you herd together in communities these communities are their own safety net and they assist each other in their day-to-day sustenance and maintenance and growth. But you are not here to serve them; you are here to serve yourself.
How strange it is; how very strange it is when I see so many souls who have been here so many times and still they are unaware of to whom or to what they owe service. 
The human race as a whole is changing dramatically and speedily. Various races are integrating; various individual races and nations are disintegrating. 

This is a very complex level of expression. It was constructed entirely for you; it was constructed entirely for you souls as a playground, as a workshop, as a school.  It was brought into being, it was manifested, it was created all for you.  Everything was placed here for you to learn, to grow, but mostly for your expansion; expansion of the energy force that you are; and in that expansion is the opportunity for you to learn how to control your expansion, how to accelerate and empower your expansion.  All of these things on this planet were placed here for you. They are your tools, they are your learning aids…. if you so choose to recognise them as such and choose to use them as they were designed.  For growth, think about it; what are you doing here? How many times have I come to this plane through this embodiment, (indicating my body) my expression, my physical expression, (tapping my chest) to ask that same question? I pose it as a question knowing that I will not receive an answer because as a question it requires an answer but when I put it forth as a question it’s focus is a prompt, a prompt for you to go within, to talk to yourself, to talk to your beingness, to talk to your essence, your soul essence…. and if you cannot get the answer there go to your higher self.

What are you doing here? Ask yourself, ask yourself, ask your higher self, ask the over-souls that accompany you, watch over you, protect you, guide you, point you in the right direction. You have to come to the point where you have an epiphany, a personal revelation within yourself. What am I doing here? WHAT am I doing here? What am I feeling about being here? What do I feel? What is my higher self, the other aspects of the higher self, the great over-souls, and great beings of light; what are they telling me? Once you get it, the answer, here deep within, (pointing to the heart) once you get the answer you have moved to ‘Start’ on the board game that you call Snakes and Ladders. You move to start, and like that board game you have to be careful of where you step and how you step. You have to be careful, you have to pay attention to what steps you take in what direction or ‘whoosh’…. (long sliding whistle), down the ladder you go and start all over again. Hahahaha…(chuckling happily) …oh dear. So many of you have been doing that for so many incarnations.  Whooosh ….straight back down the ladder again. 

It all starts here; it all starts within. Keep asking yourself ‘what am I doing here’ and even though I keep telling you what you are doing here you know that you are here for the experience, the lesson, the growth, the expansion, the soul enrichment. You are here as disguised masters - you brought your own form of amnesia with you - searching for the way out. You have powers: you have untold, untapped powers; so tap them, use them. Why do you look outside of yourself? Why do you serve outside of yourself instead of serving yourself?  Why do you continually go outside of yourself? 
Is it not better to practice going within yourself? Is it not better to keep asking the question, asking to be shown the way, asking for your deeply hidden powers to be gradually revealed so that you may renew your association with them; so that you may re-familiarise yourself with how to use them positively?  You have the power; you have the knowledge, you have the ability…. but you must seek it. No one is going to hand it to you on a platter; no one is going to hand it to you on an earthen ware, or wooden platter let alone a silver or golden one.  It’s like the precious metals in mother earth… you have to search to find them. They do not reveal themselves and come to you. And that is what you chose to do: that’s the method you chose before you came here; before you came here the first time; and the hundred and first time. And would you believe that some of you have been here for the four-hundred-and-first time.
Its time! And the time is fast approaching for you to stop playing the game: stop hiding from yourself; stop giving service to others other than yourself; stop going outside of yourself. Go back. Back into your laboratory, into your school room in here, (points to the heart) and start searching; investigate, look for answers, evaluate the answers you get because not every answer you get is going to be the correct one is it? It will not be precise: it will need a little fine tuning as you would say to reveal the truth.
Because of the great changes taking place within the cosmos; because of the great changes taking place on many levels, multiplicity of levels, you cannot be allowed to stagnate and continue this never-ending cycle of earth-birth,  death, earth-birth, death…. boring isn’t it? 
Learning something? Hmmm …not really. Not nearly fast enough: you need help. You chose to come here as an expression of free-will choice: you made that rule not us! We come here to give you as much assistance as we can without transgressing your free-will choice; without interfering.
So, you are the one that has to make the choice: you are the one that holds your hand out and says ‘please I need help’, ‘we need to go ahead’. 
This planet of learning cannot be allowed to carry on the way it is. You have to do something for yourself now. You came here to learn and learn you will.  Free-will choice: you have to step up and desire to learn and advance; decide to learn and to advance; decide to take bold strides forward; and like some of your brilliant scientists go where others fear to tread knowing that there is nothing to fear. What are you going to fear huh? Fear that you will go back to the realms and reincarnate all over again? Haven’t you had enough of that? 
We in the realms do provide a service to you in the same manner in which the teachers from your educational institutions provide a service to you as a student. If the student does not attend the institution the teacher cannot pass on any knowledge and wisdom.
 If you do not ask us, your guides, your higher self, other great beings; if you do not ask, then how are you going to learn, to progress?... and the way to ask is to go within. 
Ask yourself…. because your self is part of the oneness and part of the all-ness: the same oneness and all-ness where all of your ascended masters, guides, and great over-souls are. You are all part of the oneness. Ask yourself and you ask the entirety of the oneness.  Ponder that! 
What is the speediest way for advancement? Well we have just been talking about it. Go within, ask the questions, ask a million questions, keep asking the questions; you will be shown, you will receive an answer.  It may not be in the form of a letter or a telegram but you will receive an answer; watch for it.  Be aware, be awake, and watch for the answer, because it will sometimes be disguised in many forms.  Give service to yourself instead of others outside of yourself. Stop looking outside of yourself for answers. 
The messages that I bring to you are designed to give you the answers to the questions you never asked. Had you had asked you would have received; you would have known everything that I have ever spoken about in any of my messages.  It equates with me repeating something that you already know. 
I am honoured to be here in your light, in your group light. I am honoured to be here to assist you in the form of a teacher, a way-shower who points the way for you. I will continue to come for as long as you desire me to come. This is not the only group light that I visit; there are many.  
After you leave this house of light this evening I would like you to go to your places of quietness where ever they may be, I would ask you to go into the quietness, go into the peace, ask to be shown, to be guided, ask that you may be given the answers to everything that you wish to know ….and you will receive those answers! 
I thank you for being in attendance. I thank you for having me stand here before you and deliver this message.  I feel I have given you more than sufficient to question and ponder. 
I shall leave you now for you to wend your way along your pathway.
I love you one and all. You are loved by many great beings: you are watched over; you are cared for; you are protected in the oneness and the all-ness.
 I bid you goodbye for now. I shall now withdraw.
Thank you dear ones.

*Please share these messages with anyone who wishes to receive them but please do not alter or edit them. These channelled messages are also available on the net: See: and / or SomethingToThinkAbout.

Peace and Blessings,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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