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Aranuth Speaks: 24th September 2010

Hello truth seekers across the planet,

It is the end of the month once more and another message has been received from through the veil. As usual it is one of helpful advice, information, and most importantly it is “use now” and applies directly to souls everywhere.
The last few weeks have seen a continuation of the instability and unpredictability not only of national and world affairs but weather patterns and world events. The confusion and indecisiveness of the masses is clearly evident in the number of closely contested elections and “hung” parliaments resulting in the most unlikeliest of bedfellows forming a volatile coalition to govern the country.
Those of us who see through the egos, greed, lust for power, secretive and dubious agendas of governments, military leaders, corporations, and individuals, steadfastly step away from the machinations of an illusional third dimensional world and maintain our focus on the search for truth, knowledge, peace, harmony, and most importantly t…