Aranuth | Ravenshoe August 27th 2010

What a month!

The first few days of August saw a gradual increase in the power of the cosmic energy inflow which caused a corresponding power surge in the magnetic field. By August the 6th almost everything started going awry. The new moon of August the 7th arrived with all the subtlety of a raging bull stampeding over one’s equanimity and tranquillity, trampling the composure and goring the emotions. Like everybody else I was feeling pretty shakey and a little touchy….tolerance and peaceful disposition wasn’t my best suit for the day.

Energy surges such as this compel souls to recognise, resolve, and release a plethora of emotional baggage; old deeply-embedded hurts, resentments, and betrayals, along with other unresolved and unforgiven issues.

At times such as this there is no magic poultice to apply to the situation: it is a matter of every individual dealing with it in their own way;…..And oh yes, there is no sense in beating yourself up over your perceived inability to handle the situation; it is more a matter of doing the best that you can and like a sailing ship in a storm secure loose ends, trim the ship, and ride it out. Several females have stated that the symptoms and effects are similar to a very difficult bout of menopause. God bless our womenfolk!

This compulsion to change, resolve and release is not restricted to emotional issues; it can and does also prompt sudden about-face changes in personal lives, lifestyle, career, residence, hobbies, sport, social, and relationship / marital situations. A good example of this is the most recent confusion, uncertainty, and instability of state and federal governments culminating in the turmoil, indecisiveness, and irresolution of the federal election.

It’s all happening!

On a personal note: A power far beyond mine has been busily rearranging the furniture in the living room of “my life on earth”. I have been long aware - I was born with the knowingness - of the changes to come and understand that the moving force that is re-furnishing my life is clearing away the old to leave room for the new “tenant” that is my true soul self.

I understand that the inner self, the soul-self within, craves to express its sovereignty and uniqueness and desires to discard the charade and insincerity of physical life-on-earth and achieve total freedom and expression as a being of love and light.

Are similar things happening in your life?

Welcome to the prophesied “Change-of-the-Ages” you beautiful souls.


Ahh, ha, ha, ha, haaa……. Well… good evening to everyone. It’s so nice to be back… is it not? Ahhm, ha, ha,…. I am going to be asking questions; do you have the answers? Hmm? Probably not: because what I plan to talk to you about this evening are things that you know little of or know not of. Hmmnn, questions for you.

Do you recall what I spoke to you about the last time that we met, the last time that we had a gathering in this house of light? You remember what I spoke of? What I asked you to contemplate, to dwell upon? Hmm. Is it unfair of me to ask that question knowing that I already know the answers? Ha,ha,ha,ha… Hmm

Last time I came to visit we discussed good health, excellent health, health and harmony…. did we not? I believe our subject was health…. which commenced with your physical embodiment, your solid flesh, bone, and blood: And we discussed, commenced if you will, commenced with health and harmony of the physical which would then radiate out to all of the other bodies; all bodies such as the emotional, and the mental, and the spiritual, and the higher self, and on and on …to infinity if need be.

Today’s talk is something that follows on from that: something that you will find delightful; de-light-full. We spoke about starting first with the outer shell, the outer embodiment: we spoke about starting with your physicality. Firstly how to promote excellent health and harmony… and then we went on from there. Now, today, we are going back the other way. What we are going to look at today - and I have some lovely surprises in store for you - today we are looking at “within”. Hmmmn. Now, I hear; I hear you say “within”?. “Within”? “I am “within”: I go “within”; I spend time “within”. I go within and talk to my guides, talk to the universe, talk to the ascended masters, and talk to all of those great beings of light. “I am doing that

But do you know what you are doing? Only that: only…that!

You see your awareness at present is that you “go within”, and sure you have been doing this for many long years but, have you ever stopped to question what happens when you go within? Have you ever delved deeply within to attempt, to try to discover what it is that you found “within”? Ha ha ha, ha. Well, I can tell you now you did not discover much at all on a regular basis. Oh there were random instances where you did, shall we say, touch upon what you were doing within, but I look around and see so many who have attempted from time to time to discover what it is that they are doing within and then when nothing came to confront them quite easily they let it go when they should have hung on.

But let me just cut it there for one moment.

You of all people are all well aware that the changes, the alterations, the power, the intensity of the vibrations, of the energies that surrounds and permeates your planet and yourselves, your everything, including the universes and the multi-verses and everything else. You are all aware of the energy that is altering and changing you just as it alters and changes everything else. Being individuals, and sovereign individuals, who have various and differing life pathways, if you could go into the Akash, the hall of records, and examine your record you would be astounded to find that your record differs greatly from the absolute billions of other souls records in the Akash. Similar but different: So the energies - we will talk of energy - will affect each and every one of you in a different manner. So now you do not have to worry about that because you cannot enhance it, you cannot stop it, you cannot expand it, and you cannot contract it. The energy happens: life goes on; energy goes on. The electrons in the energy go on: they multiply, they expand, they will never cease because there is no end. It is up to you: it is incumbent upon you to grow and expand commensurate with the volume of the flow of the electrons and the energies that you receive.

What does that bring us to? And what does that tell us? What that tells us is that you don’t have to do a thing because that tree outside in the yard that my medium was just studying is affected by the electrons and the energy flow the same as you are and the tree, even though it is aware of the energy, it knows that it does not have to do anything - and so do you. You do not have to do anything.

Now I might qualify that by saying you are the one that has to deal with the energy; and it is discomforting sometimes; it is discomforting, irritating, annoying: it is all of these things because it is forcing you to change - if I can use the word force - it is prompting you to change, it is promoting the change. So, basically you don’t have to do a thing. And what I would recommend is startlingly different from many things that you have been told previously. Don’t do a thing: don’t… don’t promote it… don’t hold it back… don’t fight it…no, be still… be still! ….It will happen. The effects of the energy upon you and upon all of your bodies will happen regardless; so what is it that you should do? Sit still, find your centre of peace of harmony; find that dot within you that we call tranquillity… find that spot.

Now we go back to where I cut the conversation before.

Within”. What is “within”?

Well, I am very much aware that you have been exposed to information from various sources; often times from scribed text, books, magazines that advise you what you should do when you go within, how you should do it, what the benefits are. Well let me tell you none of those books have adequately described what really happens: none of that information has adequately conveyed to you what happens when you go within.

If you can, have a look at this concept… if you went within an onion, the rings expand outwards from the core, the heart, on a level; layer… layer… layer…layer. What would happen if you turned the onion inside out? … Ha,ha,ha,ha…. Layer… layer… level… layer…level… layer… into the heart of it. That’s what happens when you go within the vibratory realms; whereas your concept and your perception of it is that realms go out …and out… and out. Actually it is like the onion turned inside out; they go in …and in ..and in… and in.

Lights are going on! (in the audiences realisation) I can see them going on!

Yes, going within is going back to the centre of the heart. Now, what I would recommend is; in these days of discomfort, in these days of dis-comfort, being and feeling dis-comforted, sit still as often as you can. You do not have to make a stage show production of it. Sit still, be quiet, find tranquillity… hmmn.

The process used for going within is regular - and it is recommended - you call it meditation…. regular meditation is the method: meditation is the process; meditation is the vehicle that carries you within. It is the process of that vehicle (meditation) that assists you to go within. Now, what has never been made plain to you, and I will make it very simply plain to you today, is when you get to tranquillity.. dot point; regardless of what method you use such as the popular meditation - which I would encourage you to do - if you go in, regardless of what vehicle you use to get within, you will get to this point which could be described as zero.. zero point.

There is nothing more – apparently! Apparently!

Now my friends, let me tell you; let me reassure you that zero point is a portal. It is a portal. It is not just a red mark painted on the wall or painted on your heart; it is a portal to go within.

Now, can you imagine swimming deep down in the ocean and you see this dot, and as you swim closer it is like a small cavern, a cave, but you don’t know what lays beyond so you swim down to that spot and you are on the floor of the ocean and you think that this is the floor, the bottom, as far as I go, and I am not going to point my head into that hole. Think, if you were to slither through the hole, of what you might find on the other side. What you will find on the other side of this portal / zero point is something spectacular. It is beauty, it is colour, it is sound, it is a vibratory level, a world of breathtaking beauty that will defy description by your primitive language. That’s where you need to go ……because that is where you will end up.

Have a look at your books that talk about heaven: hmmn…heaven. Well for heavens sake! ah, ha, ha, ha, …heaven is a word, a very simplistic word, that does not go anywhere near to describing what is on the other side of zero point; what is on the inside of that zero point: you have to go through it! You may be amazed to know that you, not all, but many of you, do it on a regular basis. But you do not remember: you do not remember because you chose not to remember… remember? Remember before you came here; remember before you took on this embodiment, remember before you incarnated, it was your choice to pull the veil across so that you would recall, remember, nothing of what lies beyond that zero point because you considered that it would interfere with the lessons and the experiences that you would have in this incarnation.

How very correct. Very correct.

That was a long time ago: things have changed; you have changed, we have all moved on. You are not what you were 10, 20, 50 years ago; you are not that anymore.

Right at this now-point you are rushing willy-nilly towards a better future, a higher level, a higher vibration, greater expansion, greater expression; and you are leaving the old behind. You are shedding it like a snake sheds its skin. And so you should.

And so you shouldn’t carry any of that baggage, that’s the kind word, don’t bring the baggage with you; shed it like a snake sheds a skin. It’s called progress, advancement, and yes it is spiritual advancement because what are you other than spirit? You are not that body of flesh, blood, and bone. That will decay and rot. You are spirit; first and last you are spirit.

So, what will you take with you into the spirit world? Hmmnn.

Spirit encompasses everything: every thought; every word, every deed. Everything goes to make up the energy form, the entity that you are; your spirit, your colour, your light, your sound, your vibration, your everything. Now, you as a group as well as individually are shall we say on the cusp: on the cusp of discovering the ability to go through that zero-point portal… and I very much encourage you to do that. Because it is for your own good that you come to realise and to know that there is a greater life. This isn’t life; this is a construct. You can pull it all apart, pack it up, put it away, do whatever you like, it’s a construct; constructed specifically for you to have experiences and lessons; that’s what it is. This (the world around you) will all become not even a vague memory to you as a spirit entity in time.

Now is the time for you to not just go within, not just swim down ”within” to get to zero point, that portal, but when you get to the portal, command it to open, and I say command it, because you are all masters in your own right and the sooner you realise that you are masters who by the virtue of the physical existence have restricted your powers very well. Very well indeed.

You will not always be this physical existence. This is the time to get out. Its time to go through that portal; and yes use all of the powers that you as masters have. The more time that you spend through the portal the better because you will imprint, soak in, shall we say, permeate, not just your spirit being but your physical being too.

You will bring back memories. How often do you go into the dream state and come back with memories? How often do you recite all of the happenings in your dream state?

Did you know that sometimes it is not a dream state: you went through the portal, you had a look around, you came back out, and you say to your friend “I had the most weird dream last night”… you went through the portal.

Now, because you have voluntarily pulled the veil, the curtain, this veil of self imposed amnesia across - you were the one that drew it across - you are the one that draws it back. Not I, not any ascended master, not any great over-soul or great being of love and light; you, you drew the curtain across, you draw it back. So, back to the crux, to the kernel in the nut of the energy: the message that I bring to you today is make a conscious and subconscious decision that you are going to spend considerable amounts of time, as much as you can, going within. Do not put an expectation on yourself: do not put a judgement on yourself; do not apply any rules …that is rubbish. Go within, but before you go within, declare, declare that you are going to find zero point, that you are going to go through the portal, that you are going to experience real life on the other side of that portal: and when it is time to come to back, to return through the portal, to come back to this body, back to this fake reality, that you are going to bring remembrance. Because once you have mastered the art of coming back into this reality remembering and carrying memories however fleeting of what is on the other side of that portal will serve you well. Because every moment of your daily physical life you’ll know that all this, this construct, is a game: it is one huge stage play; it’s a huge production. It’s not real, you just came back from the reality on the other side of the portal.

So what I wanted to impress upon you today is …you can do it! Some of you are already doing it and are totally unaware of doing it. Now I want you to be fully aware, fully in the now knowing that you can go ahead in great strides, leaps and bounds by going within, going to dot, zero-point, going through the portal, going within. You can declare your intention that you are going through the portal, you are going into a much higher and finer vibration, you are going to take note of everything that is happening to and around you in that higher, finer vibration, you are going to commit it to a soul memory: not just this physical one up here in the brain; you are going to commit it to your energy memory, your soul memory. You are going imprint it: you are going to stamp it firmly on your soul memory; and then you are going to come back through the portal into this reality; and once you have settled you will allow the memory to come back; you will allow recall, you will allow yourself to relive, to re-envisage it, to re-feel it: you will be able to totally recall the whole experience.

The more often that you do that the faster you will advance and the better off you will be: because when the time comes - and we are not going to dwell on this today - when the time comes for you to be done with this fake reality, this illusion, this vibratory level, you will feel calm, very comfortable, and feel delighted and most pleased because you know that you will be returning to your spirit life, the real life. You will be eager to go there: it will be something that you will look forward to; and at this time on this planet the entire population of this planet really does need something pleasant to look forward to: they need something to delight their entire beingness.

And so I would like you, if you will, to very carefully consider what has been spoken of here this evening. It is free-will choice. You can choose to consider it, you can choose to reject it, you can choose to implement it, or you can choose to do nothing and carry on the way you are - which takes you down a road to no end; you will go around in circles.

Heaven…ah, ha, ha, ha, ….that’s what is through the portal. Your concept of heaven is a rather poor and incomplete concept of what is through that portal. Hmmnn.

God bless each and every one of you. I wish you well on your journey both on this earth plane and through the portal. I wish you well. You are not the first to do it and you will not be the last to do it; you are just one of many in a very, very, long queue.

Thank you, God Bless you.

Go in Peace and Love.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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