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Aranuth | Ravenshoe August 27th 2010

What a month!The first few days of August saw a gradual increase in the power of the cosmic energy inflow which caused a corresponding power surge in the magnetic field. By August the 6th almost everything started going awry. The new moon of August the 7th arrived with all the subtlety of a raging bull stampeding over one’s equanimity and tranquillity, trampling the composure and goring the emotions. Like everybody else I was feeling pretty shakey and a little touchy….tolerance and peaceful disposition wasn’t my best suit for the day. Energy surges such as this compel souls to recognise, resolve, and release a plethora of emotional baggage; old deeply-embedded hurts, resentments, and betrayals, along with other unresolved and unforgiven issues. At times such as this there is no magic poultice to apply to the situation: it is a matter of every individual dealing with it in their own way;…..And oh yes, there is no sense in beating yourself up over your perceived inability to handle the …