Aranuth & Friends Speak Through the Veil | Ravenshoe 30th July ‘2010

Hello to beautiful souls one and all wherever you may be,

It seems like ages since I last channelled a message and distributed it to you however it has only been one calendar month since the last message went out. It seems a lot longer though.
The guides come a’calling whenever they have something to reveal, inform, or advise and over the years they / we have developed a system whereby they leave me to my own devices…sigh… unless they require me to assist them in a task that they deem to be of importance to you as an individual and to the awakening human race as a whole.

We won’t speak about the energies or their effects upon us today; that is pretty much ‘old hat’, and ‘so what else is new’. What has noticeably gained volume and impetus is the number of people coming for a ‘one-on-one’ session and stating, sometimes tearfully, that they ‘want to go home’. They want to go back to where they truly belong; back to their spiritual home in the realms. I know how they feel. For many years now I have been counting down the clock, eagerly anticipating the time when my task is finished, the Change-of-the-Ages has been successfully implemented so that I can return to my dreamscape realm of creation and manifestation.

On another note; my guides continue to advise that we should not ‘hook into’ the earth changes that we perceive to be negative happenings and events and instead see it as the outworking of the Divine Grand Plan. Nothing happens at random: nothing happens that was not part of The Plan; all really is in Divine Order. Have faith and trust that you will be watched over, protected, cared for, and that your current-incarnation life-plan is working out divinely regardless of what appears to be happening in your life.

Transcribing this message both my friend Betty and myself had to strain our ears to hear and understand the message as the batteries in my tape recorder, unbeknown to me, were low and the message had recorded quite audibly distorted. Alls well that ends well!

Message from Jerona:

Hmm, hmm, Greetings and blessings to you in your period of grace…. and it is a period of grace.  One which you might call simply ‘time out’: time out as such is a misnomer; there really is no such a thing as time out.  Then again if you were to examine it even more closely you would find that there is no such thing as’ time’ so how can it be ‘out’?  Today, it is my pleasure to address you: I am Jerona; and not often do I come in this guise (channelling through a medium) to speak with incarnates however the time is propitious is it not for us to discuss simplified issues that are rarely at the fore front of your mental body.  Today I thought that we may talk about health and harmony, and how health relates to harmony, and of course harmony relates to health. 
Usually souls incarnate have this propensity to associate health and harmony with the physical vehicle, your embodiment. Well, that really is simplistic and is simplistically thought and put.  Have you ever considered that you are not just one body, the physical body? You are in fact, in this current incarnation on this level of solid matter, you are nominally physical.  You are also emotional, you are mental, you are spiritual, and then of course you are the over-soul, the higher self, you are your own ‘I Am’ presence. Having five bodies does it not also follow that if you were to seek health and harmony it would be for all bodies and not just one in isolation? 
Now I am sure that you will agree with me that that does make sense. 

With you incarnates being physically embodied we shall use the physical embodiment as the starting point for health and harmony because if you can attain and maintain a level of good health and harmonious vibrations of the physical then that radiates out and saturates your emotional body, and then of course following that once more out through your mental body; radiates out to what you consider to be your spiritual body, and further radiates outwards to the body which you describe as the ‘higher self’.  The totality of those bodies comprises your “I Am” presence, the soul self.
So now we should start with your physical embodiment. Most of you will agree and express the theory that if your body, your physical embodiment, is in an excellent state of health then so to will your emotional and your mental body be in an excellent state of health. And of course the bodies that we do not see such as what you consider to be the ‘spiritual body’, which is really an energy body, and of course the “I Am “ presence. 
So now if you were to stand all these bodies up vertically aligned you would see the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual- “I Am”, and you would not see those bodies as vertically aligned because all is circular, cyclical, so those bodies expand out from the centre like the rings of your onion vegetable. They go out, goes out, goes out, goes out, and goes out, with each of those bodies being a reflection of the preceding body; and it is shall we say a hologram; a  holographic reflection of these bodies. A hologram of the first body, the second body etc….. and so it expands in all directions. 

Now being here embodied on this physical plane, this plane of solid matter, you are here for a very clear purpose. Now your purpose is to learn and to grow and to become enriched from that experience; that is what you are here for.  If you are to achieve any level of success you must start with a healthy and harmonious physical embodiment because if your physical embodiment does not carry and support you throughout all of your lessons and experiences… well then naturally the lessons are not supported by good health or will support you through your life experiences simply because your body was not capable of carrying and supporting your energy, the energy being that you are. 
In your learning endeavours if your body is diseased or sickened you will not be able to perform any of those tasks that have lessons and experiences built within them so firstly we will start with the physical body.
Now the physical body generates a physical strength. Physical strength and agility is what drives you and allows you to transit all of those experiences and is built within the physical body.  You souls physically incarnate have a cellular structure…. I will not go into the detail of DNA and the part that it plays with each soul; not at this point in time….  so, if you could envision millions of cells in your body like minute fireflies, pin points of light, and in those point points of light are pin points of energy so your physical embodiment is filled and saturated with all of these cells which have an important task to perform. Now the physical embodiment: if you care for it, if you nurture it and maintain it to a high standard, so too will that reflect the cellular structure of your body and that cellular mass, cellular structure, that blue print will preform at the highest level; shall we say a level equal to the level that the body has achieved in terms of radiance and health. 

Now consider this children; it doesn’t stop there. Now moving on away from the physical and into the emotional body. Now the emotional body as I have previously stated reflects the physical: would you believe the emotional body is also made up of billions of cells similar in nature and structure to the physical? The exception being that in the emotional body the cells are energy. An energy which as yet has not been measured; an energy that your scientists are unable to measure or record.  Your scientists had the knowledge many aeons ago but they were corrupted and lost the knowledge; the knowledge was lost. So, with your emotional body, with its billions of cells it is an exact replica of the physical body. Now outside of that we come to the mental body; and of course the mental body plays an important part in the way in which you transit life on the planet earth. Your mental body is a vital cog in the wheel so your mental body will of course reflect what has been reflected to it from the physical and emotional bodies.
The mental body has an energy cellular structure again similar to, but differing from, the emotional body and none-the-less that cellular structure is a thought-form structure of the mental and will reflect that which is radiated from the physical and the emotional to it and then on to the next one which is your spiritual body.
Now that term ‘spiritual body’ is rather unusual and is unusual insomuch as it does not adequately or accurately describe what that body really is. Well, the body that you refer to as a ‘spiritual body’ is in fact an energy body which is a repository for all of the advancement and all of the enrichment as a soul.  All of the enrichment that you as a soul have; all of the enrichment, all of the advances, the heights that you have attained shall we say, it is the entirety of all of your lesson plans up to this point in time because of your awareness of your knowledge and ability to access the truth, access cosmic energy, and energy from the source which you would call the ‘God Head’…. and again that spiritual body has a hologram of a cellular structure and the cellular structure of what we term your spiritual body is the most difficult; so difficult  only the very advanced soul or over-soul, a very wise and knowledgeable over-soul, would be able to quantify. So now we have reflections carrying on from your spiritual beingness, your spiritual body, and you relate to that as the “I Am” presence.  What is the “I Am” presence? It is the oneness of all and the all-ness of one so, your higher self, your soul self, your “I AM’ presence, is the totality of the oneness and completeness; no separation; there is only perceived separation. Incorrect: incorrect it is to perceive the existence of separation; there is no separation. And so if you are looking to attain wholeness, if you are looking to attain oneness, if you are looking to attain togetherness, all-ness, totality, then you must have total health and harmony of every single one of the billion of the cells, the cellular blue print structure of every one of those bodies; and so you see when we come back to physical embodiment level that is where it all starts. You need to focus upon good health and the balance of health and harmony right from the physical up to the higher self: all MUST work in harmony, all MUST work together in perfect harmony; that is the way that you can lift yourself up and take great strides ahead, great strides of advancement; and it simply starts with your physical embodiment.  And so you will now be aware that firstly you should attend to your own embodiment and you should attend to the health and harmony of that embodiment so that what is happening in your body is reflected outwards all the way through to your “I Am” presence.

Now of course you don’t want to take imperfections, diseases, or any of those illnesses onwards; you do not want to multiply them, reflect them out through those bodies because that is not harmony. So it all starts here with the physical.
Now there are those souls who incarnate with an embodiment that some may consider to be ‘imperfect’; you refer to them as ‘handicapped’ in one manner or another. Those bodies have been carefully selected to cohesively exist within the framework of that souls lesson plan and experiences. But it does not necessarily mean that it is an imperfection that will be reflected out through all of the bodies; No. A person can incarnate, a soul can incarnate, and can have what you call a ‘handicap’: it may also have distorted or missing limbs or body parts that would cause some to consider the physical embodiment as incomplete.
That is incorrect. The body is complete; it is the body suited to the lesson plan that the soul is doing that is different to a physical embodiment that has its full range of motion and movement.  Not from being neglected or abused to the extent that the embodiment becomes diseased and it becomes afflicted with physical ..err.. with physical imperfections. 
The physical imperfections that are the result of misuse or abuse would be reflected into other bodies: they may reflect and manifest in the emotional body where you have those whom you label ‘emotionally unstable’; it may manifest in the mental body where minds are torn apart with confusion; it could manifest in any of those bodies depending upon the scope, the depth, and the seriousness of illness. Those who are familiar with healing, the actual process of healing, would understand that many illnesses that have manifested in the emotional, mental, and physical state, would all relate back to something that you may call ‘entirely different’ from the real source of that illness; emotional impairment, mental confusion, the source of that dis-easement within various organs of the body. So you see all is interconnected: nothing is in isolation; nothing is in separation; there is all-ness, there is oneness, and your main task on this planet is to blend, blend all of those bodies so that you have harmony all the way through.
Now that harmony  is like a spinning top, a vortex if you will, that  radiates out and out and out and once it radiates out to the “I Am” presence and beyond it is not finished; and that is not the end because it is without end; there is only growth, enrichment, expansion: it is continuous, infinity. 

That is all that I have to tell you this evening.  I thought you might appreciate, and I am sure that many of you souls will now ponder on, that information and may experience little revelations with lightning flashes of recognition of knowledge lost and now regained. Hearing the way it is, it sounds almost devious doesn’t it. 
So thank you my friends and I shall now return to my home, thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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  1. I found this to be wonderful. A clear statement of all the 'energy' bodies and the mystery of the multiple me.


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