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Aranuth & Friends Speak Through the Veil | Ravenshoe 30th July ‘2010

Hello to beautiful souls one and all wherever you may be,

It seems like ages since I last channelled a message and distributed it to you however it has only been one calendar month since the last message went out. It seems a lot longer though.
The guides come a’calling whenever they have something to reveal, inform, or advise and over the years they / we have developed a system whereby they leave me to my own devices…sigh… unless they require me to assist them in a task that they deem to be of importance to you as an individual and to the awakening human race as a whole.

We won’t speak about the energies or their effects upon us today; that is pretty much ‘old hat’, and ‘so what else is new’. What has noticeably gained volume and impetus is the number of people coming for a ‘one-on-one’ session and stating, sometimes tearfully, that they ‘want to go home’. They want to go back to where they truly belong; back to their spiritual home in the realms. I know how they feel. For many years now…