Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe Friday May 28th 2010

It seems like many weeks have passed instead of the usual four since I sent out a channelled message. For those of you who feel that time as we know it is speeding up – you’re right; it is speeding up. Events, happenings, and experiences are all happening willy-nilly, one on top of the other, and almost over-running the preceding happening.  If that did eventuate the resultant pile-up would present us with a considerable degree of rear-ended mental confusion.
The following message is once again very different; it may also give rise to speculation. It is all in each individual’s perception.
Minutes prior to channelling the message I found that I had to walk outside and stand quietly in the sun for a few minutes to absorb and accommodate the powerful energy and ready myself to deliver the message. 
Unusual; I have never had to do that before… but then again change is a constant.


Aaahh..ha..ha..haa, Good evening everyone , Good evening. Ha-ha-hah.
Well, what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for hmm? How many experiences and how many incarnations have you had hmm? Any idea, hmm? Not really? Some remembered, some vaguely recalled, some situations you call… hmm ….dejavu? Not to worry. What are past experiences and lessons other than a zip in time. Because in the totality of all of your lives, and of all of your experiences in those lives, one, two, or several experiences are only zip.  You had the experience at the time and now it is over with; it is done with; it is gone. You do not do it again although you may do aspects of it again in a reworked form that is….perhaps.  So what are we waiting for hmm?  Ha-ha-ha-haa. What are we waiting for? clap, clap, clap. (claps his hands to hold attention) Listen to me dear children; What are you doing here? Why did you come?
You came to learn; you came to learn through experience; you came to grow from that learning experience; so which lesson and experience in each incarnation will we discuss? Well we will just talk about this present one for the time being hmmnn?

Each of those lessons, each of those experiences of that learning, and each measure of growth that you absorbed from that is now over and done with. It had application at the time but has little application at present except as a wisdom and accumulated, absorbed, wisdom through that lesson and that experience. Now then; do you play the same music over and over again? Do you go to your film houses and watch the same film over and over again? Do you pick up your books and written magazines and read them over and over again? No not really. Once you have absorbed the contents of that music, that film, that magazine, once you have absorbed that there is nothing left to do there is there hmm? You’ve read it, you’ve seen it, you’ve experienced it, you’ve absorbed it, and you move on.  So what are you waiting for?
You in your daily lives continue to go over and over and over and over; you keep playing that same record…. you keep reading the same page from the book day after day after day…. Why?  Why? It’s past.
It does not matter whether the lesson or the experience was five minutes ago, five days ago, five years ago, or five incarnations ago. It is that way (pointing behind me over his shoulder) it’s gone! Why do you cling to it? Why? What are you waiting for? You want to cling to that experience; you want to replay it over and over again; and all the time you are standing still.  You are not only standing still but most of the time the experiences that you continue to replay and revisit are painful ones, hurtful ones. It is the human way to remember lightly all of the wonderful things in life but to remember deeply all of the experiences that have cut you in life.
Why do you hang onto them? How does it benefit you? It doesn’t does it?.... And you well know that . You…well… know… that! 

Look at my brothers all around me (pointing to invisible beings behind us) They stand behind me, watching, listening, observing your response; all are in total agreement, total agreement with me. But the only way that you can go forward is to let go of the past; let it go. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the tide has gone out, there is a new tide coming in. It’s not bringing all the old flotsam and jetsam back; the tide is gone and has taken it. Taken what you have, and hold, and cling to…that which no longer serves you. Let it go out with the tide; consign it to your refuse, your refuse tip. We are all aware… we are aware of all souls… some souls more would you say, more potently than others; and we are very aware of you souls because it is you souls that we are working with. There are many other souls that we work with but not to the extent that we are working with you. 

Now, over the years of this particular incarnation we have tried our very best to help, to assist, to prompt, to guide, to shelter, to protect, and  when you fall we lift you up.  When you think you are falling we change your mind and tell you that you are not.  We keep telling you ‘all is well’, ‘all is in divine order’. You are not undergoing or experiencing anything that you had not previously planned for this incarnation because you co-wrote the script; you co-wrote everything that you wanted to experience in this lifetime and that script provides for experiences that will lead you to growth; and it is growth that you are looking for. And you call for ascendance, you call for ascendance, you ask for your energy to be raised, to be lifted. You as a physical being are asking for the totality of your beingness to be raised, ascended in vibration. How fine and very noble of you.
Why have you thrown the anchor out? You wish to ascend the scale and you throw out the anchor to keep you firmly attached to all of the old memories, all of the old movies, all of the old books and scripts, why? Why?
 I know that it is a human condition but may I say this to you; if you wish to ascend, if you truly wish to ascend, well then you cannot ascend as that old heavy human being. You wish to have your vibration raised, you wish to become enlightened; how can you travel up the enlightenment scale while you’re anchored to the heavy old third dimension with all of its aches and pains and the hurts of these memories that you cling to, that you have thrown your anchor into?  I know it is not that easy; we all understand that it is not that simple; but then again it is that simple. What it requires is a turn here, a turn here, (he points to his forehead) You can go from this side of the coin (points to the left) to that side of the coin (points to the right) If you make up your mind to do that, if you determine within yourself that you have had enough of all this old heaviness, this gross dross that clings to you, if you make up your mind that you have had enough of it then flick the switch (he points to the forehead again) Release it! Do not entertain it! And that is where it all starts.
We know what it is like. All of our brothers and sisters have had many incarnations; we have what you call ‘suffered greatly’ and I mean greatly. So we understand that it hurts here in the heart; but also understand that we wish to make plain to you before it hurts in the heart that it hurts up here (points to the head again) Because if you keep thinking about it; if you keep going back to it, if you keep playing those old tapes and reading those old books, if you keep reading that same page, then what are you doing? You put the knife back into here (points to heart) and each time you start the page you wriggle the knife, then you add a little salt, then you wriggle the knife again. What For?  You are on your way to becoming enlightened beings; you are on your way to moving up the vibratory scale …and I don’t mean one step at a time… I mean striding several steps at a time up the scale; we want you to do that….stride out. We will play the music while you do it!
How can we do it if you anchor yourself back there (points over his shoulder again) You are blessed, and let me say that again ….You Are Blessed! Blessed by having amnesia regarding previous lives and the experiences you have had in those previous lives. Oh yes, you are blessed by having that amnesia. Think about it! The experiences of this life that you cling to, the negative aspects of those experiences, and you use it to hold you back! It makes you miserable hmm? How do you think you would be if you were allowed to remember all of the experiences from all of the previous lives? So, take the negative memories and experiences of this life, multiply it by two hundred or four hundred. How would you handle that? You wouldn’t! And that’s why we drew the curtain across. That’s why you have amnesia. Past lives are past lives!  The only life that counts, the only incarnation that counts, is this one! And just as you throw off and consign the past life memories to the outgoing tide you now must do that with present life memories. Out with the tide! That is why I say ‘what is it you are waiting for’? Everyone is waiting for ascension. Everyone is waiting for the altered wave of energy which is actually upon you now… and has been for some time  The altered wave of energy works at its own speed, no faster, no slower, and it will not speed up or slow down for you.  If you want to get onto this lift, this upliftment, well you cannot be uplifted while you are carrying all of this weight, all of this baggage. 
Negativity has no place in the new energy. It is the new energy based on and driven by positivity creative energy; it is positive energy. Energy upliftment is a positive energy upliftment; it is all based on positivity. Love has a rough time surviving when it is constantly bombarded with negativity. The light has a difficult time penetrating layer upon layer of negativity. So how do the children of this planet go forward? How do they go forward in love, in peace, in joy?  The starting point is to remove all negativity.
Of course it’s difficult. Children! Before you came here no one told you it was going to be fun…not all of the time. You know, we know, this planet is your schoolyard; you came to experience, you came to learn, and you came to grow from that learning experience; that is what you are here for. You knew that before you came. You may not be aware or fully aware of it at this point in your physical life but you knew well and truly in advance the lessons, shall we say the curriculum, of what you are going to attempt to achieve in this particular incarnation.
There is no pass; there is no fail; there is no judgement. If there were a pass or a fail that would be a judgement.  There is no judgement! The only judgement is the judgement that you put upon yourself and that you put upon each other.
In the realms where my brothers and myself reside there is no judgement; there is no competition; there is only Souls genuinely desiring enrichment. Enrichment which comes through growth. Growth which comes through learning experiences. Learning experiences which come from lessons; and it all starts, it all commences, with what you chose to do in this incarnation, what you scripted. Let me say this to you again… perhaps couched in more gentle terms…. “what are you waiting for”? 
Let me tell you, you are waiting for a bus that will never arrive; it will never arrive as long as you continue to anchor yourself in gross dross heaviness. Release it! 
A good way to release it; a very good way to release it – are you ready for this – start by forgiving yourself!!!
Forgive yourself!  What do you want to beat yourself up for? It is only a learning experience! Stop judging it as good, bad, or indifferent!  It was only a learning experience.  You transited the experience, you dived in this end and you came out that end…. and after the experience was over, and instead of moving on, you separated the light times from the dark times and then you put all the dark times in this little box and you tucked it away in the back of your mind, and in the back of your heart, and then instead of walking in the light you open up the box of darkness and negativity and you dive in and swim around and you roll yourself in it.  What For?  What does it beget you?  What gain is there?  What benefit is there? None what so-ever.

The way forward is positivity and with positivity comes a large manner, a large measure, of absolute trust.  Absolute Trust! You are watched over, you are cared for.
There are many compassionate discarnate souls reaching out to touch you, to help you, but you make it so difficult because you immerse yourself in this whirlpool of negativity which only the bravest of advanced souls would attempt to reach into and through and pluck you out.  We do that. My brothers do that. Your guides do that.  If you only knew how many times you wandered into harms way and your guide had to dive into the muck and rescue you. It is so very much easier for beings of light to come to your aid, to give you courage, to give you strength, to give you wisdom, if you stand in the light. Let go of the dark, let go of that negativity, let go of all that judgement, it’s rubbish!  Let go of it; step into the light… and while you are in the light exuding a positive attitude, looking to what you call your future positively, and with absolute trust, your guides, great beings of light, and the masters, are able to get right up close to you and carry you through the rough spots… what you perceive to be rough spots. 

My little talk this evening has had a rather assertive and firm cast to it hasn’t it? But it was needed because someone, someone who loves you, someone who cares for you, had to volunteer to step in and call “Wake UP”.  Someone had to come to you and say “What are you waiting for?” 
Now, it has been hmm…. it has been so wonderful coming to visit you, talking to you, assisting you in this manner as well as working with your individual guides. It will continue however, there will be what we could say a brief intermission.  The brotherhood finds it necessary to take your medium away for a very short period of time. Not far away; because there is what we consider to be an important task to be carried out and your medium is admirably suited to that task. So, in what you would call your ‘very near future’ we will find it necessary to take your medium as part of our team to complete a task that he has already agreed to.  When the time is upon us you will be told the time of his absence; it will be a brief absence.  And so I would like to say to you all on behalf of the brotherhood, I would like to say to you all, it has been wonderful conversing with you; it has been wonderful being with you, and of course we will still continue to be with you. However, you will understand that the sharpest focus will be on the task that we have ahead.  Once that task is completed we will return to place our total emphasis on your progress.
The doomsday clock has not struck 12  yet ha-ha-ha-haaa. Oh we love that one. The “doomsday clock”. It does not exist! You have plenty of time but I would ask you to remember our words – “Let go of those past negative experiences and only move in the light”. I would like you all to remember that we in the realm love you more than you are aware of. We will always be there to assist and help you and to guide you home safely. Have faith; Have trust, that we will bring you home safely, that we will guide you home safely; but we are asking you to increase your efforts to move into the light, to move into positivity. And so dear souls, good evening, thank you, and we shall return, we shall, good evening.


Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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