Aranuth & Friends Speak - Ravenshoe 25th June 2010

With the diversity of discarnate entities coming to deliver their message through me I thought that it would be more appropriate to head each message Aranuth & Friends” from now on. The following message bearer was a little surprising insomuch as Aranuth stepped into my space, laughed (as usual) and then almost immediately stood aside to allow the ‘Master Ti-gi (Te-Ge? Tee-Gee?) to speak. Don’t ask me who he is or where he came from; as you read the transcript you will realise that the guides consider their personal history and other details practically irrelevant preferring instead to focus on the message that they bring.
My dear friend (and faster-than-me typist) Betty and I had a bit of fun maintaining a level of understanding, continuity, and punctuation coherence while transcribing the following message. The communicator was using a fluctuating flow of words and half sentences that made it fun to parse and punctuate in some form of reasonably correct English.

Ahh,ha,ha,ha,haaa ….. Ahhh, we’re back. Let’s get comfortable shall we? (My body was shifting, moving, and squirming in the chair – he was getting physically comfortable) We’re back and we are so glad to be back. We are so pleased to see that you are all back here together once more.
Ahh, It’s lovely, beautiful, and different; different insomuch as we are going off on a different tack today. The message that we bring, the content shall we say, of our subject for discussion will be somewhat different to that which we normally bring to you. The messages that we bring are always precisely suited to the ‘now’ point on your pathway in what you call your ‘time frame’.

Pathway, pathways, or multiples of pathways? One and the same; One-and-the-same.  What we bring to you this evening is something that will give you meat to chew upon… aahhmm ha,ha… because ‘chew upon it’ you will; ponder it, mull it over, and chew it over.  You, presently incarnate, are most pre-occupied with what you perceive to be your current pathway. Your current incarnation of course has encapsulated within it your experiences and lessons designed to fit into this pathway, into this incarnation.  Now what I thought we might discuss is the past, the present, and the future. So, what do we, and I, who place myself in your company; what do we perceive to be past lives?  Mmmmhhh…. In all truth past lives can be best described as lives, incarnations, experiences, and lessons, that are being performed concurrently with what you perceive to be your present incarnation.
Now if you will I would ask you to set aside your perceptions of what past, present, and future, represents in what you call a time frame. 
In reality time does not exist so you cannot ‘frame’ time because you cannot frame something that does not exist.  Because there is no such thing as a time which delineates past, present, and future, then so it follows that past, present, and future, must be happening at the same time, existing concurrently; and if you wish to have a measure of delineation you could say that these are pathways, these are lives, incarnations, individually lived and experienced at different times.  There is no delineation.  If you put 6, 10, or 12 ingredients into a cake they do not delineate they are all part of the cake; they are all sovereign, individual pieces, and they are not delineated, they are mixed and matched in the cake. So too are all of the lives that you consider to be ‘past’.  So if you wish to file that information away in the back of the receptacle that you call the memory, the memory bank, the memory file, you shall draw that forward at a later time to reconsider it; to sort of ‘chew it over’. 
So now we will not look at events and happenings of past lives because they are events and happenings that appear, in your present state, to be past but in fact they are present. So you are visiting experiences in that ‘past’ life that is unfolding, and you are visiting that particular life looking forwards to see what follows on from this experience and that experience and, so that you may gain level of… hmmm …of some assortment of linarity, you consider it to be happening now or into the future…. into the future, and it isn’t.  Hmmnn.
Now I know that can be quite difficult to comprehend because you see in your physical incarnation, in your physical body, it is difficult because you are handicapped by not having full access to all of your knowledge and your power… so you are perhaps unable to conceive any idea of the past being now, and the future being now, and the present being now, and the future being past ha,ha,ha,… is all there in the mix …it is all happening… it’s all for you… it’s all for your learning experience…. it is all for your growth. 

Now, if we were to look to what you perceive to be the future - where we already have said that the future does not exist - it is so that you can square it away, compartmentalise it away in your own mind in the only way that you can sit comfortable with it. If you view the future as a series of happenings, experiences, lessons, that have not yet happened, may ….oh ahhahah… oh dear… may or may not happen, well then consider. If you were to look into what you consider to be your future, and you dwell upon what may happen, and you picture this in your mind, and it does not come to pass, how on earth was it ever your future? If it didn’t happen: if it didn’t come to pass; if it did not come to fruition; it most certainly wasn’t your future was it? 
Shall we say you walked up a blind alley there! 
Do you now begin to see the folly of looking at and dwelling upon what you perceive to be past; dwelling upon what may or may not happen into your future, as opposed to looking at your present, as opposed to looking at your past and your perceptions of the future actually being your present? Hmmnnn?  It all happens in the present.
Now I don’t say that this happens in the present on every vibratory level or scale because you see when you are physically incarnate you actually record what has happened to you, what has come to pass in this physical incarnation. You are able to record what is happening to you in this physical incarnation, and you are able to look towards what may or may not take place in this physical incarnation; so yes, past, present, and future only exists in this realm of solid matter. That is all only on this level, only in this realm, because you see if you were not in this realm, if you were in a higher realm and you switched tracks and you moved into an even higher level of beingness where this realm did not exist, you wouldn’t have a past, present, or future, because in the higher realm you would look at this as a pathway, as an incarnation that was happening concurrent with the higher one that you are in; concurrent with the ones that you have had on other realms ….and the key word is ‘had’ because you look at it as ‘had’ not as ‘presently having’.

Influence; area of influence. You are capable of… no I did not say you ‘have’… you are capable of exerting considerable influence over all lives. You are capable of that: capable of it when you reach the stage of advancement, the stage of development, where you are able to open yourself up to recognise and reclaim and utilise all of your powers.  Now when I say open up and utilise all of your powers it won’t happen

“snap” (snaps his fingers)

…. It unfolds gradually; and when you do get to the point where you perceive it to be into your future, where you feel that you are now a master of your powers and abilities, there is a little surprise waiting for you there because at that point in time you will come to the realisation that it is only another step on the pathway. You will come to the realisation that there are many more levels to be achieved; many more realms to work your way through, and many more powers, and expansion, and levels of greatness of those powers. 
Everything is in a state of flux: nothing remains stagnant; there is no such thing as achieving this apex, this pinnacle, because it is like a mountain range. You climb one mountain and when you get to the top, when you get to the peak, you cry out “I’m there”, “I have achieved”. And then you look up and there is another mountain that is even higher…. and when you scale that mountain, and you arrive at the apex, and you call out ‘I am there’, ‘I have achieved’, and then you look around and there is another mountain…. and it is even higher. That is shall we say, ‘a physical analogy of spiritual advancement and development’; so if you can discard the view of yourself as being a human being contained within a physical embodiment…. Ooohh, any shape, any size, any colour, whatever you like …. if you can go beyond that… if you can go beyond looking at yourself in the physical body, and after going beyond view yourself as formless, shapeless, potent energy; an energy that invisibly expands, and expands, and expands,…. and I say invisibly because I say in your current incarnation on this level you would be unable to see your energy… so to you it would appear to you as invisible. 
In the realms you are able to see and identify energy; and you will perceive it, feel it, and experience it in a myriad of ways, shapes, and forms. So if you go to the energy beings that you truly are… the shapeless, formless, energy that is continually expanding and expanding and growing …..then you will start to have some idea, small though it may be, some idea of who and what you really are….and where you actually exist. 

Now you will recall there has been many times where I have come to you in various forms and guises using different names…. I am spirit, I am energy, I am formless, shapeless, and nameless. For your understanding I try to give you some indication of a form, of a personality, of a name, of a being.  Your true state of beingness is an energy form continually expanding, continually growing, continually learning…. so what are you doing here?  What you are doing here is creating a pathway… you are creating a pathway with experiences… you are creating a pathway with experiences, with lessons imbedded in them….. and then once you have written the script, and the cameras are set to roll, you step into the dream, that dream; you step into that dream, you step into that illusion, and the illusion becomes real, everything in the dream, everything in the illusion takes on solidity…. it then it seems so solid, so real… and it has to because you wouldn’t want it to be wishy-washy… or here today, gone tomorrow. When you are trying to walk a pathway of lessons and experiences and gain knowledge wisdom and soul growth from it you certainly don’t want this illusion, this dream to be like a will-o-the-wisp, or a puff of smoke…. no it must be solid and it must be constant so that you may gain maximum, maximum benefit from these experiences…. but don’t forget these experiences, these illusions, these dreams, are like your own home grown movie…. and when you talk about parallel lives, and past lives, and future lives, you are visiting your home library selecting which illusions and which dreams that contain all sorts of lessons… and you play it again in full or in part thereof. That is okay; that is more than okay because like a good student, a good student reviews the lessons, they review their achievements, and they see if there is any further knowledge or information to be garnered, to be gained, from reviewing that lesson plan even though it is only one of many, a great many. And so when we bring that back down to what you consider to be your ‘present reality’…. the reality that has the greatest impact upon you is the one that you are constantly in ….it is the one that you are in now… constantly, continually, until this one has run its course and you step outside of it.
Now even when you step outside of it …even when you pass over… before you go to your allocated level, your allocated position in the higher levels of the spiritual realms, you will still not be able to see all of those lives clearly. You will not be able to see them for what they are, what they were, or what they will be….. because it’s all one… it takes some time. So this particular incarnation, this is the one you are dealing with now, this is the lesson you are doing; you don’t remember too much of the others because it would interfere with this one… and I really mean interfere ….and it would mess this one up something terrible… and so each life, each incarnation, for the good of your development and advancement it must appear… must appear to be your first one.. your only one…. this one is the most important one simply because this is the one that you are learning lessons from now.  When you slip sideways through the invisible veil and into another vibratory level, from there, another level of existence, this life will become like a dream… like a faint memory ….and you then will have a whole new experience, a whole new incarnation…. and in that whole new incarnation you will retain either very little or no memory of this incarnation.  If you retained and were able to access memories of every incarnation that you are currently living…. note that I said currently living… I did not say that you ‘have had’ or ‘will have’…. if you were to retain, to totally recall all of those parallel lives and experiences that are happening currently, concurrently, oh boy would you be messed up in the head. You would not be able to function; you would become totally immobilised…. so we cannot allow that…. we cannot allow that to mess up your whole education plan… mess up all your advancement your growth.
Yes, there are those of you, those among you, who are able to recall instances, sometimes clear, sometimes quite vague, similar to a half remembered or partially remembered dream, a hazy remembrance of another dream, because some of those other pathways that you are currently walking, those other experiences attached to them, they will have impact upon you…..and so you will carry them with you as a vague remembrance… you’re not even sure you remembered it…. you wonder if you are dreaming ….so there is no past, there is no future…..the past, present, and future as I have said are concurrently running incarnations.

Do you know what your future is? Potentials and possibilities… that is your future.  Into what we are terming the ‘future’ there are potentials, or there is potential, to weave experiences and lessons into any one of those pathways that you currently walk. There is the possibility that you will take some of those potentials and bring them into a form, a form of reality in one of those concurrent incarnations or pathways. 
We realise that this can be somewhat confusing to you in your present state. Now your present state is obviously ‘a spirit being encased in human embodiment’. Depending upon your level of advancement and development is whether or not your physicality maintains dominance over your energy beingness.  What you are doing in this incarnation, and in all other concurrently running incarnations, is helping your energy beingness to overcome, overwhelm, and become the dominant aspect of all of your incarnations and earth walks so that you will reach a stage where your energy beingness and the accumulated knowledge and experience, wisdom, power, and ability will carry you to higher levels of beingness so that you may discard this level of solid matter, this level of solidity, and you may exist in another realm on another level higher up the vibratory scale which will appear to you as real and as solid as this incarnation. And that higher level will become your conscious reality: it will be the reality that you are conscious of; and where you are here right now at this point in time will become the vaguely remembered dream; it will be vaguely remembered, so there we have what we consider past, present, future.

The information and knowledge that I have given you here this evening has a very, very specific, very well thought out purpose… obviously. Obviously the primary purpose is to familiarise you energy entities with the fact that you are energy beings first and foremost ….and I have tried to show you how your perception of reality fits in and serves you…. serves you as an energy being… it serves you as part of your learning, your expansion, your advancement.  The end result that we would wish for is that now that you have this information and this knowledge you might now place lesser importance on your physicality. So dwell less and less on what you term your past, you will look at the folly of trying to design your future, and you will come to the realisation that right now is what you may consider to be “Zero” point. 
Why do I use the terminology ‘zero point’; well, having given you that knowledge and information; if you choose to use that information to alter course, to change or alter your perception, your way of life, your beingness, and everything associated with your progress, your education…. if you choose to use it then is this not a starting point for shall we say, new directions?.... is this not ‘zero poin’t?... the start / finish line of an altered pathway?....that is why I say Zero point… because you now have that knowledge, you now have that information, you now have an opportunity, you have a golden opportunity, to change course, to go in a new direction, to go straight ahead in your development, rather than taking the detour, rather than taking all of the round-a-bouts.
There are no shortcuts. A shortcut as I perceive it, a shortcut is the straightest line between where you are now and your goal…. what you wish to achieve. If you were to draw a line from this point, zero point, new beginning, dot…. draw a line from dot to where you want to be, to the point of expansion that you desire…. which is in all reality continual development and expansion … draw that line, and that is the shortest distance between those two points…. so I would consider that to be the shortcut. It is all up to you. If you wish to perceive this life, and other life experiences and lessons, as ‘the past’; if you want to go back down the road, go back into that, then that is your prerogative…. not a very good one I might add. There is nothing to be gained from going back there unless it were of the nature of reviewing a lesson plan, or a portion of that lesson plan; it is not in your best interest to go back there, to dive into the muck and the mire, and become enmeshed in it all, and relive all of the physical and mental and emotional hurts and pains.  It serves no purpose for you to consider what the future will be, what the future will bring, because as I have said before if it does not come to pass it wasn’t your future ….and let me tell you a great number of perceived futures does not come to pass. You can most definitely, you can, and I would urge you, to dream the future that you want for yourself, or your family, for your advancement, for everything you wish. I would urge you to dream it, focus upon it, dream it, live it, bring it into this reality…. because that is what you do when you are discarnate; you create the dream, you step into the dream, you experience the dream, you step out of the dream, and go back to reality.
Now what would you like, a good dream or a horror story? It’s your choice; it’s your choice. So, what are you going to do now? Hopefully, hopefully you are going to…. Hahhha… chew it over, think about it; not just with your mind, and your brain, but with your heart, your heart of hearts, the true beingness that you are within that heart of hearts.  If you go into that, dwell upon it, squeeze every last drop of this golden nectar, this information, this knowledge, squeeze every drop of the nectar from that and use it to fuel yourself to take the arrow course… straight as an arrow course…. from this point, zero point, dot point, commencement point, and go forward into a new reality that you have created, a new dream, a positive dream, a dream that you have created full of life and beauty….  and less horror stories….. beautiful life, beautiful love, beautiful dream! What do I say to you – create it, create it, step into it and become it. 

Hmmmm  Well, it has been a beautiful evening hasn’t it. It’s almost like a fireside chat without the fire …ahhaaa 
What aspect do I come to you in this afternoon, this evening? The aspect that I project on this evening is that of the Master Tigi 
Good evening, thank you.

4. A foundation, order, service, struggle against limits, steady growth.

Notes / Comments

Tentative arrangements are being made to hold a special channelling session in Cairns (Far North Queensland, Aus) at 10 a.m on the 10th day of the10th month of the year 2010.
(10-10-10-10.= 40 = 4 = Foundation – struggle against limits – order –steady growth….. various numerologists have varying interpretations. I live in the now – one day at a time)
The 10th of the 10th is a Sunday so most people will be free to attend if they so choose.
Of course the message will be transcribed and will be sent out to everyone on the direct mail-out list as well as being posted on Audio CD’s of each channelling are also available.

Feel free to share these messages with your friends or apply for direct mail-out listing to

Peace and Harmony,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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