Allow the love to flow

Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown
5 May 2010 at Johannesburg, South Africa
"Allow the love to flow"

Greetings dear ones, for I am Kryon of magnetic service.

There is much love in the air, there is always love in the air these days and much change. Many, many things are changing. You will all be concerned about the banking sector, but don’t worry. Just let it come and let it go. Just let it happen, for many things are changing in government, in governmental sectors and in banking circles.

Things are changing, they are coming to an end of a cycle now as 2012 begins to draw near, and this is the end of an old cycle, a cycle where humanity was actually going nowhere. Perhaps technologically things got easier on the planet, especially in the last 200 years, but many things got worse, many things don't happen in the way they used to happen, mainly around relationships. Too much was sacrificed for the material world. Love was the biggest sacrifice, the family unit was the biggest sacrifice, in this country there was migrant labour and there are great divisions between the races. Love is here for all of us; each man whether he be black or white or Asian: there is as much love for every man or woman as they can receive.

Everything on this planet is setup from behind the veil to make things look very, very different; to make things look as though they are not the way they are; things are actually another way ? it might sound a play with words, but it is not so, things are just not as they seem. Once you realise how things seem and how they are, then you will look at the world in a completely different way. Through a completely different set of eyes and through a different way of feeling.

Love is the answer to every problem ? and you may ask yourself the question, “how can Kryon say that love is the answer to every problem?” It is quite simple; it is just the way it is. Love is the only way; violence and war is no answer or solution, they just create more pain, more sadness, and more suffering than was initially there in the first place.

Everything is on the inside of you, it's just that it is not quite developed yet, and like the plants that grow from the rain and the sun with their roots in the earth, the human being grows through love. The more love you allow to flow through your body the more it germinates those seeds inside yourself, those seeds of personal growth. Personal growth flows around the family system, it flows in the same way as the solar system ? being the example. If the father is the sun and the mother is the earth, then it is exactly the same on the inside of you, it is exactly the same. The solar system that we live in is the example of how your energies should look on the inside. It is a clear example, it is the only example.

This means that the sun has all the energy, or most of the energy in the world, and this also means that everything flows through the father. Remember this is about inner work; this is what you should look like on the inside. This is why it is so important to do inner work and to heal the wounds of the father. In this past series of channelling we’ve mentioned the Fisher-King wound, but also tonight we speak of the military, if your father or your grandparents or your great-grand parents or your ancestors were in any kind of war or conflict, that energy will flow through you until it is resolved completely. You will have that energy on the inside of you and you will feel agitated, maybe angry, maybe upset and it will be a constant in your life.

We are here this night to release these energies from your body; it will make you feel softer and more powerful, much stronger. All these energies will allow you to become much more trusting in yourself, much more trusting in the world and much more loving. The men in the West have been seriously damaged in the last century by the last two wars. Since the fifteenth century there has been much colonization on this planet that has also hurt the indigenous peoples on this earth; and not only in Africa but on every single continent on this planet. It is the one energy that has caused this hurt on this planet, one energy... and remember, only wounded men wound other men.

These men become fathers, these men are your fathers, and be you a woman or a man... you all have a father. Your father operates on the inside of you and part of the Spiritual journey is to release and heal your inner father. The more you release and heal your inner father, the bigger and the greater your connection to Father-Sky becomes. It also enables in your inner world the freedom for your mother to move into the feminine realms more fully and it gives space for your inner child to grow and expand.

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