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Ginger Willingham's - Sacred Space Invocation

This Invocation provides protection to the many levels of Your Being. Please watch, read and say this prayer daily and whenever you feel the need for sealing yourself from unwelcome influences. Your are a beautiful spark of light so remember to shield yourself and then Shine Freely - gifting the world with your loving presence ...

Source/Submitted by: Ginger Willigham

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Aranuth & Friends Speak - Ravenshoe 25th June 2010

With the diversity of discarnate entities coming to deliver their message through me I thought that it would be more appropriate to head each message Aranuth & Friends” from now on. The following message bearer was a little surprising insomuch as Aranuth stepped into my space, laughed (as usual) and then almost immediately stood aside to allow the ‘Master Ti-gi (Te-Ge? Tee-Gee?) to speak. Don’t ask me who he is or where he came from; as you read the transcript you will realise that the guides consider their personal history and other details practically irrelevant preferring instead to focus on the message that they bring.
My dear friend (and faster-than-me typist) Betty and I had a bit of fun maintaining a level of understanding, continuity, and punctuation coherence while transcribing the following message. The communicator was using a fluctuating flow of words and half sentences that made it fun to parse and punctuate in some form of reasonably correct English.


Allow the love to flow

Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown5 May 2010 at Johannesburg, South Africa"Allow the love to flow"Greetings dear ones, for I am Kryon of magnetic service.There is much love in the air, there is always love in the air these days and much change. Many, many things are changing. You will all be concerned about the banking sector, but don’t worry. Just let it come and let it go. Just let it happen, for many things are changing in government, in governmental sectors and in banking circles.Things are changing, they are coming to an end of a cycle now as 2012 begins to draw near, and this is the end of an old cycle, a cycle where humanity was actually going nowhere. Perhaps technologically things got easier on the planet, especially in the last 200 years, but many things got worse, many things don't happen in the way they used to happen, mainly around relationships. Too much was sacrificed for the material world. Love was the biggest sacri…

Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe Friday May 28th 2010

It seems like many weeks have passed instead of the usual four since I sent out a channelled message. For those of you who feel that time as we know it is speeding up – you’re right; it is speeding up. Events, happenings, and experiences are all happening willy-nilly, one on top of the other, and almost over-running the preceding happening.  If that did eventuate the resultant pile-up would present us with a considerable degree of rear-ended mental confusion.
The following message is once again very different; it may also give rise to speculation. It is all in each individual’s perception.
Minutes prior to channelling the message I found that I had to walk outside and stand quietly in the sun for a few minutes to absorb and accommodate the powerful energy and ready myself to deliver the message. 
Unusual; I have never had to do that before… but then again change is a constant.


Aaahh..ha..ha..haa, Good evening everyone , Good evening. Ha-ha-hah.
Well, what are you waiting for? Wha…