Through-the-Veil with Malcolm

Hello everyone,

Well if the last few weeks haven’t been a five-body energy typhoon that shakes you to your foundations then I’m a monkey’s uncle! Okay, hand me the bananas!
Really! I feel as though I have fought ten rounds with an out-of-control industrial washing machine. Throw in a support attack by the tumble dryer for good measure!
The more advanced, sensitive, and aware that you are the more that you feel the nips, tucks, (and sometimes whacks) of vibratory change. It’s like a progressive barn dance …change vibrations again!
The channelling workshop held at Cominos House in Cairns last Saturday afternoon was wonderful; a full-on, high energy affair. The workshop went for four hours as planned and at various stages of the proceedings I noticed several attendees slipping in and out of altered states. Great stuff! My guides were also taking advantage of the opportunity to slip in and out of me and speak directly to the audience without them being fully aware of whom it was that was speaking to them. There were more than a few times during the afternoon where I was “spaced”, in a “warp”, and even today I cannot fully recall everything that transpired. It doesn’t matter, all is in Divine Order. One thing that I do know is that I met so many really nice people….I am blessed, I am blessed, I am thrice blessed.
The attendance numbers were capped at twenty-five and it was pleasing to see that twenty-four people attended. With a manageable number such as that I felt that I could devote sufficient time to everyone who wanted to engage me in conversation, ask a question, or voice an opinion. At the close of the workshop a suggestion was put forward that a future workshop be of a full day’s duration and participants bring a plate of food for a shared lunch. It would also allow more time for people to talk between themselves, exchange ideas or opinions or maybe have a one-on-one discussion with me.
The full-day workshop proposal sounds like an excellent idea to me so I will commence planning (with the guides help of course) a full-on, full-day program to be held possibly sometime in July. I’ll keep everyone informed on that.
# Note: I am also planning to devote a day in Cairns very shortly to individually meet with those people who wanted to have a one-on-one discussion or personal session with me. I will be contacting each one this coming week; If I have unintentionally missed you please contact me at the phone number / e-mail address listed at the end of this newsletter.

Message: Ravenshoe April 30th.

“Good afternoon each and every light here on this beautiful evening. I have been invited to address you on this evening of your earth time. The group normally associated with your medium has given me this permission and has agreed that the subject of my address to you this evening will be of benefit not just to those of you, you light entities who are present in the physical on this evening, but also those other entities of light who may per chance also hear my address or read my written words. What I wish to discuss with you this evening is your position. Your position; not only in your community, not only in your state or your nation, but also on your planet, and the position of your planet in the galaxy and the importance of it to all of you. And all, as I have just spoken, being in position to take advantage of the energy alteration of what you describe as ‘the change of the ages’ position commences with you. Your position on your pathway: it is your position on your pathway that is of the greatest importance; each individual whether they are aware of it or not should be perfectly positioned on their individual pathway.
Now were I to wave a magic wand so that everything became still and remained stationery, and by waving that magic wand it enabled you to step outside of your energy-self and observe your position on your pathway, and should you step back and take the time to carefully observe you would notice that even though your position is merely a pinpoint in the panorama that is the entirety of the All; if that pinpoint, if one singular individual pinpoint was missing or out of position the whole big picture, the panorama of the All would be incomplete.  So now you should be somewhat aware that you as an individual, as an individual energy, are just as important as any other energy or entity whom you may consider to be of greater importance or possibly even further advanced than what you are. It is incorrect for you to consider or compare yourself, your pathway, your position on that pathway with the position of that of any other energy entity or pathway. Every position is vital, every position is important, because every position, every entity, even though it may be identified as a simple and singular pin prick is an important part of the Oneness, of the Allness.
Now if you have been following me you will now start to understand that it is absolute folly, absolute folly for you to not only compare pathways or compare relative positions on pathways, it is folly again to stand in judgement of any other entity, their pathway, or the position that they hold on that pathway. How can you detour be it only momentarily, be it mentally or emotionally, to look at another, to judge, and then compare when each and every one - and I am talking about incarnate and discarnates - you cannot within any stretch of the imagination or boundaries of possibilities possibly compare. It is for each singular individual energy light entity, call it what you may, each plays an important part, holds and maintains an important position in the Oness, in the Allness, of what you cannot see which is an infinite; an infinite Creator energy field. Now if we step back from being incarnates or discarnates inhabiting any realm, any level of beingness, if we step back from that; when other masters have come to you and spoken of ‘the whole big picture’ they gave it to you in that terminology simply because that was the level of your understanding at that time.
Today it is my pleasure to take you a little further and even though we may from time to time refer to the ‘big picture’, I would like to give you not a clear definement but an overall view of the Creators energy; so instead of singing what has previously been referred to as ‘the whole big picture’, I would like you to go past that description, past that terminology, and start to come to a point, maybe have for yourself an epiphany, a striking, stunning, realisation, that what is termed as ‘the whole big picture’ is in fact the endless, timeless, infinite, sea of energy - the Creator’s energy. So now shall we take another look at the individual light energy entity vibration that you are? So if we come back to the macro scale where all energy forms are either incarnate or discarnate it is irrelevant. It is irrelevant because regardless of whether you are in your created energy form or whether you are that form embodied you still occupy a level, a level without perimeters or parameters. That is a human habit, they have a habit of drawing the line, compartmentalising, pigeon-holing…. none of it exists. There is only a sea of energy that has great variations in vibratory intensity…. Hmmm.  And so again, regardless of whether energy forms are embodied or disembodied each and every individual one being part of the Allness and the Oneness is developing, expanding, growing….. hmm.   And yet as you all grow, as you expand, as you accumulate knowledge and power and you advance, you still may be tempted to create a perimeter a parameter, a cut-off point in advancement, a point that does not exist.  I look around this group and I see that probably the greater proportion of the group are beginning to understand what I am alluding to. There are no lines of difference, there are no lines or levels, there are no compartments, there are no boxes, it only exists in your mental box up here (points to the head) where you attempt to rationalise how all of these levels, how all of these vibrations, how all of the variations, co-exist without entwining and yet intermingling…. Hmm. Now I fear that I have confused you. 

There are no perimeters, parameters, barriers; there are no clear or even foggy, vague, lines of delineation. How can there be if All is One and One is All? How can you have little levels and compartments and boxes? It is an ever-expanding floating sea of the Creator’s energy which you occupy as an energy within that sea of energy. And yet if you were to focus upon it you would come to the realisation that you are like a cup of sea water in the ocean. Where is the delineation now? If I were to take a vessel and fill it with water from the ocean, then return it to the ocean, where is the level? Where is the perimeter? Where is the delineation that clearly indicates the position of that cup or that vessel of sea water in the whole grand ocean? It’s impossible isn’t it?
So too is it impossible for you to not only define your individuality, which in truth does not exist, how can you define your own individuality? How can you clearly define and identify another’s position in that ocean? And if that is an impossibility how can you stand in judgement of that portion of sea water when you have come to the realisation that it is all ocean?.... hmm.
 So now what we are looking at here is a rather simple explanation of what comprises Allness, Oneness….. hmm. You have to understand what Allness and Oneness is so that you might understand the position of everything in the Oneness and the Allness.  Now here is something you may have or not have considered. If you were not in that Allness how would the Allness be affected? Simple; if you do not exist you cannot be part of the Allness.  If you do exist you are the Allness….. How can you not be? 

Now, each and every energy light vibration is like a movement of the sea even though they are individual lights, individual energies, who are attempting to expand and grow and become in-lightened and en-lightened. You have been, are, and always will be Allness, One-ness. As you grow and expand so too does the Oneness and the Allness because you are that! How does the Creator energy continue to expand, to grow? It is because you are the Allness, you are the Creator’s energy; you, even though you are a portion of the energy you are the totality of the energy.  Everything expands commensurately with your efforts to expand, with the combination of all of the individual - which does not exist - all of the individual energies that are growing in brilliance, in illumination, in strength, in power, in everything; this is the way the Allness, the Oneness expands…. Hmm.
So now let us return to your position.  How does the Creator energy, now known as the Allness and the Oneness, become more powerful, more expansive, more colourful, more en-lightened; how does that ever-moving sea of energy achieve all of those things? How does it become that? It becomes that as a direct result of the position you hold on your pathway, of the experiences that you have had and continue to have, the lessons that you learn and continue to learn.  So every light, every energy, every indefineable what appears to be individual energy form, experiences and contributes to the overall power, colour, strength, impetus; it all contributes to the continuing expansion of the Allness.  How does the Allness expand? What controls the rate of expansion of the energy that you radiate, what you can call your individual contribution? So if you were incarnate or discarnate devoting your energies… now I will change that word devoting to expanding… expanding your energies by radiating an energy frequency that is caring, compassionate, understanding, healing; if you are exuding, if you are radiating, if you are generating, an extremely high frequency energy that is responsible for the speedy and very impressive expansion of the All of the Oneness; and from your position on your pathway and the manner in which you go about maintaining that position, and your walking of shall we say that pathway, results in that portion of energy which is you radiating a much higher, finer, more intense, more beautiful energy which is expanding the Allness, the Oneness, assisting it to continually expand to infinity, altering not only the frequency but the colours emitted by those frequencies the colour temperature of the lights of that frequency, of that energy, is what causes the beauty, the absolute awesome, breath-taking beauty of the power of the Creator, the sea of energy which is the Allness, the Oneness ….hmm. 
Being what appears to be’ individual energy intelligences’ it is you on the position on your pathway that is ultimately responsible for the energy which prompts, which is the catalyst, for the ‘change of the ages’ because the change of the ages is the whole combination of your energy which prompts, which brings about this change; and the change resounds not only inwards but outwards to continue expanding the Allness and it is you, it is you who will be responsible for the resultant energy generated.
The Allness will continue to expand as you give to the Oneness, to the Allness; it will reciprocate in kind. The more of the beauty of the beautiful energy of the intensity that you give to the Allness, the sea of energy, the Allness, the Oneness will respond in kind and return that energy to you.
And so you see my dears everything, every thing that happens to you, around you, to your plane, to your universe, your galaxy, it was created by you!
Now, before I leave I will leave you with one question. Having heard all that I have spoken of this evening ask yourself this question “Who is the Creator?” 
Good evening; I return to my group.
Who am I? Anonymous!
It is not I, it is not my group, it is the message that I bring that deserves consideration and should undeniably take centre stage in your mind, in your heart, in your beingness. 
Thank You.
That will be all for this evening.

*** Wow! Doesn’t that take some reading and re-reading to fully understand.

Diary Notes:

* The next Ravenshoe session will be Friday May 28th, 1-30 p.m. at the old Butter factory
  as usual.

*The next planned channelling session for Cairns will be on Friday evening June the 4th.
 As usual it will be held at Cominos House commencing at 7 p.m. promptly.

These messages from through-the-veil are to be shared with everyone who wishes to receive them but please do not alter or edit them without my permission.
Those persons wanting to contact me may do so by phone or e-mail.

Phone: Mob. 0427636842
Home: 0740917298

Peace and Joy

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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