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Through-the-Veil with Malcolm

Hello everyone,

Well if the last few weeks haven’t been a five-body energy typhoon that shakes you to your foundations then I’m a monkey’s uncle! Okay, hand me the bananas!
Really! I feel as though I have fought ten rounds with an out-of-control industrial washing machine. Throw in a support attack by the tumble dryer for good measure!
The more advanced, sensitive, and aware that you are the more that you feel the nips, tucks, (and sometimes whacks) of vibratory change. It’s like a progressive barn dance …change vibrations again!
The channelling workshop held at Cominos House in Cairns last Saturday afternoon was wonderful; a full-on, high energy affair. The workshop went for four hours as planned and at various stages of the proceedings I noticed several attendees slipping in and out of altered states. Great stuff! My guides were also taking advantage of the opportunity to slip in and out of me and speak directly to the audience without them being fully aware of whom it was that was spea…