Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe Friday 26th March 2010

Hello to all of you peace-loving and beautiful souls across the planet,

The world news media continues to report ongoing and sometimes dramatic changes in just about every nation, state, and country. This planet is very obviously undergoing massive changes, as prophesied, as the planet and everything upon it races towards a new dimension, a new way of living and being; the golden age. This is happening not only to our planet, but to every planet, every universe, every multi-verse, and the entire cosmos; the whole shebang. On planet earth you only have to turn on the radio, TV, or pick up a newspaper to have your feelings of change confirmed.
There are more than a few sceptics around the world now reviewing and revising their beliefs and scratching their heads wondering how they got it so wrong.
As well as this dimension altering and changing so too are the higher dimensions in some ways mirroring the changes and advancement of this physical one. All is one; one is all: So, whatever affects any portion of the one-ness, no matter how minute, affects the all of one-ness.
My guides continue to advise that the “old ways” are now moving towards planned obsolescence and that a raise in vibration and a drawing together of several realities is leading to a state of “one-ness”. Trying to hold onto old perceptions, old beliefs, and old ways of thinking, doing, and being will only lead to mental and emotional turmoil; it’s better to let go and allow the changes to be fully implemented.

A new guide who had made himself known to me in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago; and had asked my permission to give the “oration” at the Ravenshoe session, made a smooth entrance. No one present had any idea of his pre-planned attendance. Rather than introduce him to you or speak about the topic of his conversation I’ll just transcribe his message and let it all unfold for you.

“Well, I bid you good day and greetings; welcome to the amphitheatre. I am most pleased to welcome you into these chambers on this most propitious day. It has been some time; it has been considerable time, since I have entered the chamber at an invitation to give the daily oration. I find it quite delicious. I find it delightfully delicious. It is quite wonderful to have been invited to enter these chambers and deliver the oratory, the address, for you on this day. 
What I thought I would discuss with you today is community.  Now, when I was last incarnate; when I entered the chambers the senators were all there prepared to discuss in what manner we could best serve the community. Because you see at that time the senate was empowered, they were charged with shall we say developing new ideas on how to better serve the community. That was their primary object; improving service to the community in their present day and age on your planet earth.
Governments have lost sight of the fact that those placed in honoured positions are there not to serve their own interest but to serve the interest of the population. Over many centuries that has been altered, it has been corrupted. There has been an enormous amount of ego-prompted greed, and greed not solely for the purpose of wealth, but for the purpose of power which served to further accelerate the ego and its desire for more power.  When I ruled no senator would dare enter the chambers and espouse a policy that was more focused and directed towards the individual, or the senate group, or any other special interests group.  My senators were not elected: they were hand picked. They were chosen by myself from a list put forward not only by my own senators but by other community leaders which at various times did include merchants. However, merchants were rarely admitted into the senate chambers to speak because we did not want them to speak of anything or espouse any policy that might be tinged with power or personal greed. So my senators were charged with the task of continually improving the lot and the life of our community. 

During my reign we accomplished, achieved, many great things: we took giant strides forward in the service to our fellow man; to every member of the community. We applied ourselves to building institutions; institutions that would allow the general population to learn, to grow, to advance.  We built, under my direction, many grand edifices. I caused to have constructed great places of learning: we had great halls of debate, of public debate. We had great repositories: we had repositories of knowledge and information accessible by all who chose to seek that knowledge. I am pleased to say that in that era my subjects were amongst the most advanced and most learned on the planet.  We did everything for community: from what you would consider the lowliest servant and labourer right up to myself as emperor. 
I do not say that my reign was entirely mistake-free because all of life is a learning process. You have already discovered that: you already have that knowledge; because my friends, this is the plane of experience and learning: this is the plane where you devise your own lessons; where you manifest ever aspect of that lesson; and then like an inviting pool of water you step into that lesson and you experience every available aspect of it. 
Now my subjects were not only given free access to all of the knowledge, all of the learning: they were constantly encouraged; they were encouraged to go about their daily duties diligently; they were encouraged to apply themselves positively and persistently to their duties regardless of what that duty was so that they may perform that task, carry out that duty, to the very best of their ability  The reason why we encouraged everyone from the lowliest servant upwards is because the learning was for the entire community. Their learning contribution, their lessons, their duty, their task, what they learned whilst carrying that out they could pass on and share with other members of the community.
Now in that manner every, every one of my subjects personally contributed to community. As emperor, and with the senate there to carry out the end result of their deliberations, which was given approval or not by myself, was designed to give every possible learning tool to the community: because that is what governments are for; other than improving the life of the community what other functions are they there to perform? They were either elected or appointed to carry out a task that served the community in precisely the same manner as your lowly servant or labourer directed their efforts to the service of the community, the overall good of the community. Every child, every adult, every single one of my subjects had free and open access to knowledge and learning if they chose to follow that path; and we did encourage them considerably to unceasingly apply themselves to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in their chosen field 

The senate and their various sub-committees who reported directly back to the senate, who then reported directly back to me, were charged with that responsibility: providing wonderful opportunities to grow, to advance, to become much more learned, and of course once acquiring knowledge, information, they were able to give that back to the community; that was their contribution to the community.
At that time I was guided to instruct the senate to ensure that the survival, the very survival, and the expansion, and the guarantee of a bright and satisfying future, was through learning: through learning and contributing that further to the advancement and expansion of community.  Yes, we did have our armies; we did find it necessary at that time to have a military force that was capable of not only enforcing the few rules, the few regulations, what you call legislation, within our community. We also had the need to protect our community from others who may seek to overpower and control us.
I am not about to justify or otherwise the orders that I gave to my forces, to my military men, but I did cause shall we say pain, hardship, and harm upon others in my desire to expand my area of influence so that I may expand our community; so that others who were enslaved shall we say to other governments, to other emperors, to other war lords may benefit. It was my view that if I could bring the benefits of our community to those poor souls, I would in effect be freeing them from the tyranny of others who sought to enslave and control them. 

Now the reason that I have given you this information today in this oration is because I would like you to consider what you can contribute to your community. I would ask you to consider what you do in your daily life, your tasks, your work. Are you performing that task to the best of your ability? And in performing that task to the best of your ability do you have the welfare of others in mind? Do you carry out a task with the thought that not only you but many others in your community may benefit from that which you do? 
When you are joining your groups and your committees, other groups, other committees, were they designed, is their function to serve community or self?  Is it designed to benefit the community or is it designed to motivate their own agenda? 
When your members of your government and your parliament take their seats in their chambers, in the amphitheatre, do they take their seat with the conviction, the personal conviction, that every thought they have, every policy they espouse, every word they speak, is entirely for the benefit of the community?  When you choose to elect a representative to the government chamber do you scrutinise, do you analyse, that prospective representative in the light of what that person can contribute to the betterment and the advancement of your community? 
Those of you who hold a position of power or trust: those of you who are elected to carry out certain or various functions; do you carry this out with the thought that whatever it is that you do will be wholly designed and focused upon the betterment of the community whether it be minor, local, or as you call national?Are your elected representatives doing the job that you expect of them? Are your elected members, are they performing to your expectations? Are they delivering not just policies but affirmative action to enhance the life style of community?

I chose today to give this oration because I felt that it was long past time that the entire community of your planet ceased thinking in terms of personal ego, power, and greed, and started thinking and acting more along the lines of how you can be of service to the community whether it be local or planetary. Because you see from the realm that I inhabit - and may I tell you that I come from a very, very far vibratory level: I come from a very distant world - I and others like myself, even from the distant realms that we inhabit, have vision and knowledge; and we are motivated and interested in what is taking place on the planet earth because you see we too were like you once, we were on the planet earth; a bright light of the Creator-light inhabiting human physical embodiment for the purpose of learning, advancing, and growing. 
When I and others like myself observe what is happening on your planet it does not as you would say “tug at the heart strings” because on the level that I am on “emotions” do not exist: so we do not show emotion but we do show interest when see the state of your planet now and when we know how different it could be. I am not standing in judgement. I am simply observing from a very different and very distant realm what is happening on your planet.

When I was shall we say summoned, when I was summoned by the call, by the offer of this medium, to allow me to use his physical body to speak of my thoughts, my ideas, the way the world could be, I took the chance: I took the opportunity; and with the permission of other highly advanced beings of light who assisted me to come here, who helped me to come here, and who trained, trained me you might say, in the method of ‘vibration altering’ to match multi-level vibration of this medium so that I may speak to you on this day. All of what I have spoken of here on this day, in this chamber, it has a very definite focus.
A point I would like to make is there are so many souls incarnate on this planet who continually talk about ascension: so what is ascension? Ascension is transition: ascension is transition upwards; ascension is a transition up the scale. The only way that you are going to up-scale is if you discard all of the old and well-worn habits, beliefs, perceptions, and desires such as ego, power, and greed. If you cling to these things you cling to the dimension of solid matter; you cling to the dimension of pain of torment; emotional, mental, and physical hardship. Is this where you want to be? Do you wish to rise, to transition, to ascend the scale? Hmm?
Ascension will be achieved only, only when the greater majority of the mass of souls incarnate stop thinking about their own lower vibrations and start thinking and acting in a higher vibration. Do not shackle yourself to this lower vibration. Cast off the shackles: rise; not just one at a time, rise as a community, rise, ascend as a planet, a world community. Uplift others as you are uplifted: do for others as you would for yourself; consider others as well as yourself; go about your daily task not for your own benefit but for the benefit of all because, I can advise you knowledgeably so, personal individual ascension is a very, very difficult mountain to climb. Ascension is achieved so much easier, so much gentler, and with so much peace, fulfilment, and joy when every soul incarnate works together in perfect harmony, perfect balance, to uplift the entirement of the world community. Hmm.
And so my dear friends, my attendees; I shall end this oration. I am delighted to be given the opportunity to bring this message to you: not in hopes, but knowing that you are going to do something with that information whether it be little or large; and so I congratulate you on what you have already achieved individually and as a group, as a community; and I would encourage you to increase your efforts to strive to ensure that you serve community; and those that you have appointed to position of power or trust serve the community as they should. And so I who was once Emperor Hadrian has released all of the attachments to this dimension and now exist as a potent energy force which continually expands; and I would hope that with my expansion and my advancement I may be invited back to assume this physical embodiment and perhaps deliver another message of upliftment to you. 
Have faith, have courage, have trust. ……All is well.
Thank you for having me in your chambers. 
Thank You.”

Please share this with all who wish to receive it but do not alter or edit the message without my permission.
Peace and Joy

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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