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Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe Friday 26th March 2010

Hello to all of you peace-loving and beautiful souls across the planet,

The world news media continues to report ongoing and sometimes dramatic changes in just about every nation, state, and country. This planet is very obviously undergoing massive changes, as prophesied, as the planet and everything upon it races towards a new dimension, a new way of living and being; the golden age. This is happening not only to our planet, but to every planet, every universe, every multi-verse, and the entire cosmos; the whole shebang. On planet earth you only have to turn on the radio, TV, or pick up a newspaper to have your feelings of change confirmed.
There are more than a few sceptics around the world now reviewing and revising their beliefs and scratching their heads wondering how they got it so wrong.
As well as this dimension altering and changing so too are the higher dimensions in some ways mirroring the changes and advancement of this physical one. All is one; one is all: So, whatever affec…