Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe, Friday 26th 2010

Hello everyone,

The monsoon season is upon us once more bringing with it cyclones and flood rains, washing out roads and bridges, disrupting road and rail transport, not to mention flooding many homes as well as vehicles parked by unsuspecting drivers in low-lying sections of city streets. Here in North Queensland (Australia) it is a regular annual event; we are used to it and prepare for it as best we can.
The plus side of it is that our dams and water storage facilities are filling rapidly thereby guaranteeing residents a plentiful water supply for the coming year.
The graziers and farmers also welcome these rains with the assurance it brings of good pastures and crops.
By contrast we see on the international TV news the disruption and havoc caused by unexpected snowfalls across various states of the USA. The cleansing and realignment along with natural evolution of the planet continues with fires, floods, and disastrous earthquakes reported at various points across the globe as well as the distinct possibility of an “aftershock” to the global financial situation in the months yet to come.
This is all part and parcel of the “Change of the Ages”; the shedding of all that no longer serves the planet and it is peoples before making the final the transition into a higher vibration.
All is in Divine Order and working out according to the Creators Grand Plan even though it may be difficult for us in a restricted-view third-dimensional reality to comprehend how the evolution of the planet, its peoples, and our own pathway, could include such things. When enough people in enough countries demand peace and exemplify peace; when the volume of the peace pursuers reach critical mass, then peace will be.
We do co-create our reality.

The recent spate of afternoon storms knocked out my phone land-line depriving me of access to e-mail communication and the internet. (Thank goodness for my mobile phone). In this day and advanced technological age you would have to wonder why the phone company cannot re-connect the line without imposing a five day service delay ……so apologies to all for my apparent slowness in replying to e-mail messages.

The trip to Ravenshoe last Friday was a wet one with us encountering a wide band of heavy rain as well as misty, drizzly, foggy conditions through the rainforest area. It didn’t deter many people from coming to the session though as twenty people were there to hear the channelled message. The message was a very good one and was well received by those attending; the message is as below:



“Good evening everybody; good evening once more. It is wonderful to see you all here this evening in our bubble of light energy. Well… I realise that none of you here have ever seen what I am talking about and I would like you to imagine it because you are all capable of imagining; because it is imagery that guides most of your life whether you are aware of it or not. Now when I said our “bubble” of light…..hmmnn…Have you ever stopped to think that crystals are not just a many faceted element; they can be various shapes. And the bubble that I talk of this evening is circular: it is rounded; it is shaped the same as your planet, rounded like a ball. And inside that ball, that bubble of multi-coloured light energy, sit all of you. So welcome to the enclave.
Can you focus? Can you imagine that? You are sitting here in a large crystalline ball of multi-hued light energy.
Now when I say ‘light’ I’m not just talking about illumination or brilliance of illumination, I am talking about light as in ‘light as a feather’; it en-lightens, it makes you feel lighter, happier. So welcome to the ball of light energy. And it is not by coincidence or accident that we have this ball of light energy here because we specifically created it for you to help enhance your advancement into a crystalline energy being. And so we bring the spherical, crystalline ball of light energy for you to sit in as though under a dome, to enlighten you, and enhance your experience this evening as we discuss many things that will be of benefit to you on your pathway.
We are well aware of what is happening to your planet, on your planet, and around your planet; we are more than aware of the changes taking place. So this evening I, and my brothers, are not here to discuss those aspects of your planet and your life on this planet. What we have deliberately chosen to do is to join with you in your daily life in a much lighter manner. So for today we will not accommodate seriousness or any …aaahh….we will not allude to any judgemental or shall we say perceived negative aspects that are presently happening on this earth. Because when it is all told it is human nature to judge things as “good” or “bad”; or “positive” or “negative”. And when you delve deeper into that you will come to realise that you are in judgement….Hmmn.

Today we thought that it would be beneficial if we discussed ‘taking ownership’ of your life: of everything in your life; of everything that surrounds you. Now we have told you so many times, you are safe, you are cared for, you are protected, your number is known. So you have nothing to fear….. but you have a lot to learn. So in line with our stated purpose of ‘keeping it light’ this evening I thought that I might discuss with you various aspects of taking ownership of your life: recognising; identifying, and realizing the various issues, experiences, and lessons in your life as an opportunity for growth: an opportunity for you to,….aahhh ….  A …observe, B….study, C….learn from,….and D ….benefit from …….and then you shall move forward; you shall move on.
Now we realise that issues, happenings, and experiences that confront you can range anything from shocking and frightening to “I couldn’t care less”!
Now what we would like to point out to you is that individual humans; individual souls, will look at these issues and they will perceive them differently. Some of you will go into fear; some of you will just shrug the shoulders and say “so what? Let’s get on with it”!
Now all responses are valid: they are all valid because let us not be forgetting that even though you look different you are similar: you are one; you are part of the all; you all walk a different path and it does not matter how similar you are, or your pathways are, they are most decidedly different. So when you are given information and knowledge: when you are confronted with a situation or an issue, you will all process these, you will all look at these things, you will process them, you will perceive them differently, and one of the major factors of the processing and the perception is your attitude.
So what is your attitude? Hmmnn?

Now your attitude is something that you can change. You have already developed the ability to change the way that you process things: to change the way that you perceive things; to change your attitude….and listen closely to this my dear friends…to choose your response! You see it is your response that will govern whether or not that issue is resolved: whether you have worked your way through it; walked your way through it, or whether you have clung to it……not just taken it onboard…..but become deeply involved in it until it reaches an extent where you can become consumed by it which has the effect that you have come up against a brick wall on your pathway.

Now that all goes back to the way that you have processed it: The way that you have perceived it; your attitude to it, and your chosen response.
There are those amongst you who would say “but my response is automatic”. Well yes it is automatic in some instances. It does not have to be automatic; you can change it ….“snap”! (Aranuth snaps his fingers)
If you wish accept an automatic response by yourself based on previous experiences, not just in this incarnation, but in previous incarnations; or based upon hand-me-down beliefs and principles, deeply ingrained principles that you have brought with you or have had deeply implanted in you by your family or your friends or your elders; ….and your religions and your institutions I might add. But consider this… if you are going to take complete ownership of your life and your pathway would it not also follow that you would carefully observe, examine, process, and perceive all of the intricacies of the issue? And then without emotion or the accompanying mental turmoil look at the issue calmly, without bias, knowing full well that you are always watched over, cared for, protected, guided. You are subject to… you are the recipient of… all that help, all of that guidance, all of that love, all of that light…..except that we in the realms do not do the lesson for you! Because that is what you are here for: it is your incarnation; it is your lesson plan; it is your pathway: it is your choice of experiences.
So you have carefully prepared these lessons so that you may learn and grow from them. And like a good minder, or a good teacher, light beings from various levels in the realms come to you to render you the greatest amount of service that they possibly can without transgressing on your right to choose.

So now we will go back to taking ownership of everything that is in your life: everything that ever was; everything that ever will be. And if you could see it from where I am you would see it as a constant happening now. So in your daily life, even in some of the automatic activities that you do which may appear to be menial tasks, everyday activities and chores, even though you are going through them on “autopilot” the way to advance is to not allow one single opportunity to learn slip by you. When you are living your life the majority of the time on autopilot, that is precisely what you do; the learning experiences slip by you almost unnoticed. And if you perceive it as a hurtful, painful, disruptive experience then you come up with a colourful cuss word as it passes you. That achieves nothing except an outlet for your emotions.
So taking ownership is a very simple thing: it can appear complex; it is not complex. Taking ownership is to note every…. every…. happening, every instance, every issue and don’t just let it glide past you like a bird in flight. Pull it in: have a look; observe, examine, and question yourself….”is there something here for me”? “
“Is there something here in this issue that is presenting me with an opportunity to learn”?

Now having identified the import in that happening, that experience, you can then choose for yourself how you are going to process that. The way in which you perceive it, your attitude, which follows on to what you choose to take out of that experience, and then you allow it to go its way.
Now if you were to spend just one of your days being very much aware of everything that comes into your life you would be amazed, totally amazed, at what has previously been slipping by you. What has been passing you by almost unnoticed has contained opportunity. Opportunity for growth: opportunity for soul growth; opportunity for advancement, opportunity for you to bring peace and placidness into your life. And you can be placid: you can be peaceful; you can be quietly and intensely joyous. If you would only keep first and foremost in your mind the fact that you are always cared for: you are always protected; there is nothing frightening or cataclysmic that is going to shatter you or tear you to shreds. It is not going to happen! You will be watched over and helped. But you must bear in mind that all of these things that come into your life are like a treasure chest; when you open it up there is the gold; all of these tremendous opportunities for learning, for growth; and if you let that chest pass by you as just an old trunk from the attic you have lost it!

You must stop the trunk, open it up and see if there is gold in there. In this manner:…
 In this manner you can take ownership, sovereign ownership, for every thing in your life
because every little thing that floats by you is your life; its happening, its an event. Now
in times past you would revere various perceived advanced spiritual beings who sat in
isolation in meditation to commune with their higher self, or the Creator, the Source, but
that is all they did: they never took ownership of their life; they let all of these treasure
chests pass them by; they refused to acknowledge their existence let alone open the
chest and look for gold.
Now those revered spiritual beings who sat in isolated caves, in caverns, in the bushes,
that was what they chose for that incarnation. They never learnt much: they never learnt
like you are learning; they had deliberately set themselves the task to connect up, to
communicate with higher powers, their higher selves, higher realms. But that was all
they did.  We are not sitting in judgement of them because that is what they chose for
that life pathway:  They had the opportunity to choose to learn; they chose otherwise.
You have chosen to be here in this day, in this age, precisely they way you are now so
that you can learn.
You chose to be here to learn from all of the experiences that you possible could; and to
ensure that you had more than sufficient learning material at your disposal you planned
your life pathway, you co-wrote the script, like a play you wrote it all down, you planned
everything; you entered the correct day and year, time, level of advancement; you
planned it all, you wrote it all out to ensure that when you came here you didn’t just
arrive and go “hmm I’m in a vacuum, I am in nothingness”.
What you are doing here is having a learning experience. The degree of
opportunity that you choose from those learning experiences is entirely up to you; it is
your choice. So, I would say to you let’s not waste an incarnation, let us not waste an
opportunity to learn and grow, lets not waste an opportunity to examine.
You have to go into these happenings, these experiences; it’s like a book, you can hold
the book in your hand but the only way that you are going to find out what it contains in
there is to open it, to look at it, and it is the same with your life experiences. So instead
of having a book I chose to represent it to you in the form of a treasure chest. So instead
of opening the book to see what’s in there you open the chest and you have a look to
see if there is gold or jewels, things of value; and believe me you will not be disappointed
because none of those chests are empty, none are devoid of learning material, none are
devoid of opportunities to learn, to experience. So this is what I mean when I say start to
take ownership of everything in your life because all of the planned happenings you own,
you own them, you write the script, you devised them, you own it. 

Of course there are what we would say, residual or peripheral happenings that are
generated by other peoples pathways which rotate outwards and come into your orbit of
experience but they are still opportunities for you to learn  When you have an entity over
there (across the town) who is going through an intense experience, the energy that is
within them and around them is like a centrifuge; and what they are doing with that
centrifuge is they are trying to distil it down the essence of the happening to deal with
that essence.  What is flung off from the centrifuge will effect family, friends, workers and
all those others around them. 
Now nothing, no thing, is ever wasted so all of those discards from the centrifuge that
radiates outwards as they go past you open it up have a look and see if there is
something there for you; see if there is a learning experience, see if there is growth
 see if there is advancement. You will be surprised: you will be very surprised at the
opportunities that you have let bypass you. Now that is all okay however, let us not
waste any of that opportunity: let us not waste any of it; examine the entire issue and if
upon examining it you feel that there is nothing there for you well then that is okay, you
can release that back into the flow.  Someone else may select it further downstream but
life is cyclical, circular, you may rest assured that with all of these treasure chests that
are going by if there is something there for you which you have ignored or have not
realised the importance of it is not lost, it is cyclical, it will come back again and again
until you finally choose, and sometimes out of frustration,…. “Oh God here it is back
You feel that you have been forced to address the issue; and of course at that
point you find that it is considerably more difficult to handle than what it was the first time
round so you did not take ownership of that issue of that experience of that event of the
essence; you did not take ownership of that the first time around. Had you have done so
you could have applied the method I have just spoken of where you have observed, 
perceived, examined; Had you have done that first time around you would have drawn
out the essence of that lesson, of that issue, and had you chosen the correct attitude,
the correct perception, had you chosen the best method to deal with it, you would have
benefited greatly from it.
Nothing is ever wasted: around it comes again; if you ignored it the first time it will re-
present itself. Some of these issues have a habit of re-presenting themselves so often in
your life that it makes us in the realms wonder how long its going to take you to wake up
to the fact that this is a treasure chest and that there is gold in there for you; there is
great opportunity for advancement.
Now that is not being critical or judgemental; every soul here this day knows of an issue
that has kept returning to them time and time again apparently seeking resolution.
Apparently seeking resolution because the actual resolution is your involvement in the
lesson. The resolution of it is you working you way through this issue, through this
lesson and gaining from it at which point it disappears out of your life.  So we are now
starting to feel comfortable with ownership….hmmnn? Now every soul incarnate will
have to take ownership because to do otherwise is to reject all opportunities to learn, to
reject all experiences, all lessons.
So what are you doing here? Why did you come? If you don’t want to do the lessons, if
you don’t want to have the experience, if you don’t want to grow and advance, why did
you come?  Well, the truth is your soul beingness, your sovereign soul, knew wisely and
precisely what lessons, what experiences you need, that you require, that you desire. It
is only this physical body pumped up with ego, ridden hard like a jockey with a whip by
the mental and the emotional….. and that is what you have to overcome.
You are sovereign energy entities; you are not this physical body. The sovereign energy
entity knows, and knows full well, what it requires for soul enrichment, for advancement,
for power, for expansion. The sovereign energy entity knows this: the physical doesn’t;
so who’s in charge here? The physical body which is driven by ego and mentality? Or
the sovereign energy being, the eternal; eternal-ever-expanding soul energy being; the
powerful, beautiful being that you are is in charge, is in control, and so that being has
chosen to come to this planet to inhabit a physical embodiment with all of these draw
backs and handicaps so that it may learn to have the physical carry out the desires and
wishes of the soul and not the other way around 

So one of the biggest lessons each soul incarnate will be confronted with is taking
charge, taking ownership; and I say it again, the sovereign entity has to take
ownership of this body which they chose and all of the lessons in this life that they chose
because there is the pathway and the only pathway to mastership.  Mastership! Now you
all have different ideas and perceptions of mastership. In the realms we hear souls
incarnate talk about being a master and about mastership. Many of them do not
understand what mastership means. It doesn’t mean conjuring up the winning numbers
for Gold Lotto. Mastership means fully realising the enormous, powerful being that you
are and demonstrating that power by being the master of this physical embodiment and
all of the lessons and experiences and challenges that are thrown before it.  Once all of
that has been mastered then the sovereign energy being can now move into the realms
of the great masters. So now let us just have a look at point “A” and point “B”.
Point A is …don’t let even the most minute happening, experience, or issue, float by you
unnoticed and unexamined ……. Point B is mastership …….ahh, ha, ha, ha, ha. 

Now has that been a wonderful story, hmm?
It has been wonderful sitting in this crystalline ball of light. I feel wonderful. I hope you all
feel wonderful. And I will cease this little discussion now and commence looking forward
to the next time that we come together in love, in light, and understanding hmm.

I Aranuth have said many times “I will bring you home”: I am here today showing you the
pathway home; I am giving you directions on how to get home, and I will be waiting there
to welcome you home.
I love you all dearly or else I wouldn’t be here. I care for you, I guide you, and there are
times when I come forth to protect you.
I love what I do as what I do is love you. 
Thank you, good evening, and good luck with your life.

*** Footnote:
With regard to my proposed Cairns channelling workshop.
I am looking at a Saturday afternoon, middle of April time frame depending upon venue availability.
The session will be high energy, informative, and will involve audience interaction and
participation. Be prepared for high energy afternoon.
I expect that the session will be of approximately three hours duration with a refreshment
intermission whenever convenient. We’ll go with the flow!
At some point during the afternoon Aranuth will enter the arena and express himself as
only Aranuth can…. assertively, positively, and with love.
Aranuth and myself intend making this a powerful and personally fulfilling journey of self-
 Love and many Blessings,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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