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Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe, Friday 26th 2010

Hello everyone,

The monsoon season is upon us once more bringing with it cyclones and flood rains, washing out roads and bridges, disrupting road and rail transport, not to mention flooding many homes as well as vehicles parked by unsuspecting drivers in low-lying sections of city streets. Here in North Queensland (Australia) it is a regular annual event; we are used to it and prepare for it as best we can.
The plus side of it is that our dams and water storage facilities are filling rapidly thereby guaranteeing residents a plentiful water supply for the coming year.
The graziers and farmers also welcome these rains with the assurance it brings of good pastures and crops.
By contrast we see on the international TV news the disruption and havoc caused by unexpected snowfalls across various states of the USA. The cleansing and realignment along with natural evolution of the planet continues with fires, floods, and disastrous earthquakes reported at various points across the globe as well as…