Aranuth - Ravenshoe Jan. 29th, 2010

The New Year has certainly commenced with an astounding and tragic display of Mother Earth re-aligning her tectonic plates in Haiti. The absolute profoundness and immensity of this natural disaster is almost beyond comprehension; it certainly tore at the hearts of people all across the planet regardless of their creed, colour, nationality, or political persuasion. This explosive cataclysm immolated a major block of accumulated negative energy in quite a grandiose exhibition. The humanitarian response by individuals, corporations, groups, and governments has been huge and heart-warming; the outpouring of positive compassionate energy rushed into the void created by the quake and anchored in spectacular fashion an enormous amount of love and light.

If I remember correctly Aranuth did say (was that in open session or in a private middle-of-the-night visit?) that the first few months of the year 2010 would be turbulent and that the entire year would produce many unforseen earth changes. For some reason or other I had an ominous feeling accompanied by intense internal vibrations ever since the full moon at the end of December.
There will be some more dramatic and totally unexpected changes and events taking place between now and October this year however I feel that a peaceful and positive attitude will be beneficial.

The visit by the Arcturian entity took me by surprise. Looking back over the last couple of years I note that there has been seventeen different entities channel through me at various times as well as several more who were never recorded; my guide did say some time ago that I was a broadband, broad-spectrum channel.  I find it comforting to know that there are some powerful entities from various vibratory levels coming through, keeping us advised, informed, and protected.

Thanks to all of those people who e-mailed me asking for more information regarding the Arcturian and the possibility of him becoming a regular visitor. Quite a number have also asked to join the ever-expanding list to receive the messages as they are available.

With the constancy of wind, rain, and isolated flooding, thanks to cyclone Olga, Ravenshoe attendance numbers were down a little but the session was a high energy one and produced a very powerful message. The potency of the energy that filled and permeated my physical self prompted a bout of internal shakes which saw me get very little sleep that night. Never mind; all is in Divine Order.


Good evening to all: Love and Light to all you dear ones who have gathered here today.  There is no need for me to tell you how beautiful the energy is and how strong the energy is, but I would like to remind you of your contribution, your energy contribution, that you bring to this group today. You as individuals bring your own shall we say ‘signature energy’ into this group to mingle and blend with every other individual’s energies which if you only had the eyes to see you would notice a magnificent and beautiful blend of energy which swirls not only around you, that not only surrounds you and permeates you, it fills and permeates this entire building. From over here where I am looking back at you, your energy actually takes over this particular space, this building, and this building has dissolved and disappeared into another realm leaving only the energy here and your energy orbs radiating that energy.

Today the energy is a little bit different: many times when I come the energy is circular, it is a ring of energy; today it is more of a cloud so there is no defining parameter or perimeter of this energy; it just radiates out and out in a multi-hued cloud. 
There are several things that I wish to talk to you about today.  They are diverse and they are various; however we will deal with important things first.  One of the issues that consistently confronts these groups and individuals, as well as those individual entities all over the world, is forgiveness! 
Now forgiveness is interlinked and interlocked with guilt and self esteem.  Forgiveness is a rather difficult lesson; it is rather difficult to master. Now I hear you say “I have tried so hard so many times to forgive a person, to forgive their harsh word, or their hurtful action, and I have not so far succeeded”. Now we in the realms observe your intention and your desire to forgive.  We watch that unfold, we watch the intent, we watch the desire, and we admire the way that you apply yourself to that task.  However, what perhaps eludes you is the fact that forgiveness has two opposing poles.  To forgive another you must also forgive yourself.  So, if you decide that you wish to apply yourself to forgiveness of those who have hurt or wounded you in any way, to complete the circle of forgiveness you must also forgive yourself.  You must also forgive yourself for your judgement, for your thoughts, your angry thoughts, your negative thoughts, your emotional and mental anger, anguish, and torment because that is what they have caused has it not.  Did they not carry out an act or speak a word that offended, hurt, or harmed you? And now in your intent to advance and grow as an energy being you wish, you desire, you form the intent to forgive them genuinely: but in forgiving them you must also forgive yourself. 
When you forgive yourself forgiveness of them will happen a lot more easily for you.  And do not forget that when you hurt or wound someone, it can be in a moment of rage, it could be in a moment of wishing to respond hurt for hurt, cut for cut.  This can happen in a moment.  The healing forgiveness can take many, many years. 

So a precursor to forgiveness is to be ever mindful of your thoughts, of your words, of your deeds; be ever mindful not to cause hurt or harm to another which you will at one point or another have to make amends for.  If you wish to advance as an energy being you will be required to back-track; you will be required to back-track in this life time.  There are instances where you may have to back-track to a previous incarnation, but you will have to patch that up.  You will not only have to offer that other soul genuine forgiveness; you will have to forgive yourself as part of the entire healing forgiveness circle.  So, rather than back-track to forgive someone for a hurt that has been carried for some time and has become firmly embedded in their or your psyche and because it is firmly embedded in the psyche it will take more effort to root out, to transmute and transform. As a running mate to forgiveness of both parties, the forgiveness, even though it is genuinely offered, must be accompanied by a genuine outpouring of love and light.  Do you all understand what I am saying?
……Response? …….Do you understand?  (audience responds verbally) Thank You. 

These things you are not expected to be consciously aware of at every moment of your incarnation because being in physicality has quite a number of drawbacks, some of which are enormous, however that is what you are here for dear ones.  You are here to experience and learn. Now how do you learn the best? By experiencing it! And when you experience it, it is shall we say, ….ahhh….you would better off experiencing both sides of the coin.  You all have been hurt: you all have hurt some other soul.  That’s all part of your development, of your growth, and you have this experience here on this physical plane so that you can reap the benefits of that experience and never have to be involved in that lesson again because you see, with forgiveness…… I am not saying that it is easy to master this, what I am saying is that with forgiveness, once you apply the principles of which I have just roughly outlined; when you apply the principles and you apply them diligently, and you see that you have been productive, that you have been pro-active in the forgiveness, in the healing forgiveness of both parties, you will then move to a level where you will not want to hurt meaningly or unmeaningly, intentionally or unintentionally; you will reach a stage where there will be no hurt to another soul thereby there will be no hurt to yourself; there will be no need to extend forgiveness to another thereby no need to extend forgiveness to yourself. 
Are we all in agreement?...... hmmnn?….(audience responds) …Good. 

Now, when we come to love and light, possibly it is easier for souls incarnate to send light rather than it is to send love because light you can imagine that: you can envision that; you can call that light, you can project that light; you can project the light to that person: you can encapsulate that person in the light that you very willingly focus upon them.  Now the light is extremely powerful and I would recommend to you that in your early steps of the forgiveness process that you picture that person that has been hurt, you can send them the light, permeate them with the light, surround them with the light: encapsulate that person, encapsulate them in one huge orb of absolutely brilliant light.  Now sending the light intentionally does have a marvellous effect that you may not immediately become aware of. You have to remain ever sensitive and aware to let your intuition pick up little sparkles of light where you will see the improvement in that relationship, in that forgiveness. 

Now with love: love is a very much miss-used and distorted word.  With love: humans have great difficulty in sending love, expressing love genuinely to someone who has either hurt or wounded them, or you have hurt or wounded.  There are so many humans that find it very, very difficult to say “I love you” ….and mean it.  “I love you” has been said so many times that it becomes empty …like a hollow drum.  Love does not work unless it has honest meaning with it: it must be genuine. And with love and light it is far easier to project it and genuinely send it so in the process of doing that do not judge yourself.  Do not judge whether you are superior or inferior to that person; superior or inferior in your ability to forgive or successfully send light or love.  Do not judge yourself for not being able to genuinely express or send love.  Not being judgemental will come in time as you advance and as you evolve.
If you are going to say “I forgive”, whether it be to that person’s face or whether it be in a telepathic manner, if you are going to say, “I forgive you with love” well then you had better mean it.  You can just say, “I forgive you”, that is all they need to know. “I forgive you” whether it is said to the person, telepathically, or in any other format.  When you say, “I forgive you” the intention is there… the intention is there…. that is all the other party has to know at that stage.  They know the intention is there: they receive the intention; you are the one that has to empower that intention. So when you say “I forgive you”, ensure that your intention is pure and it is not a hollow offering. 
A lot of these things have an emptiness which achieves absolutely nothing. 

Going back to light; light, does not require an outpouring of the heart; does not require an emotional aspect of…. .ahhh… sending the light; it is quite…ahhh… quite clinical if I can use that word. Quite clinical providing that you have the intention, the genuine intention, to send the light and achieve a desired result….. forgiveness; that is all you need.
With love it has to be heart empowered and whenever we do anything that is heart empowered it also takes a degree of emotional outpouring to empower the heart, the outpouring of the heart. So, if you decide that after sending the light that you wish to send the love…. now remember there is no pass or fail, it just is… if you are going to send love, your intention is to genuinely send that love as a gift of forgiveness. The way to accelerate the power of that love is to put behind it powerful heart felt feelings…. genuine heart felt feelings…. genuine emotionally powered heart felt feelings.  Now having sent that to whom you may consider to be the injured or offended party there is also the equal balance which is self…. which is yourself. You have to forgive yourself…. and you forgive yourself in the same manner as you forgive others….. you call in the light to yourself….. you fill yourself with light… you fill, surround, permeate, envelop yourself with light. Then you go into your heart: you go deep within you; go into the energy heart of yourself and you send to yourself genuine love.  Genuine love: emotionally powered love that may actually bring tears to your eyes. And that emotionally charged love spreads throughout your beingness and performs its healing work. 
This is the process of forgiveness.

All have something to forgive: all require forgiveness whether it be from others or from yourself.  Now, having got to that stage in our little talk, I would again like to touch upon judgement, and guilt. Now with judgement and guilt I would like you to carefully, very carefully consider this. And after you leave this house of light this evening I would like you to carry it with you in your heart.  Judgement: judgement is the precursor for guilt.  There can be no guilt unless you start to judge. Whether it is you that is judging or another, however if you are experiencing the hurt and the pain of guilt then it is you who is judging you. 
Guilt is an absolutely useless emotion. The only time it could be seen in a positive light is where the guilt prompts you to look at who is judging…. why are they judging?.... and prompt you to decide to let go of all judgement.  That is the only time that guilt can be seen in a positive light. It becomes part of a lesson….so why are you feeling guilt?..... hmmm?……. you have judged yourself, your thoughts, your words, your actions, your dreams, your mind scenarios, your concocted mind scenarios; so you are judging all of this and then deciding to feel guilty about it …. hmmm ….. What leads one to judgement which goes on to promote guilt?.... Hmmn?.. ..Perceptions; attitude, perceptions, and choices. We have spoken many times about choices.  Every millisecond of your life on this planet you can choose, you can make a choice, free will choice; this planet, this level of expression is one of free will choice; so you can choose, you can choose to criticise, you can choose to judge, you can choose your attitude, and you can choose to a certain extent your perception.  Why? Why do you have to adopt a specific attitude? Why do you cultivate and entertain a perception that reinforces an attitude that is going to lead you down the rocky and thorny path of criticism and judgement and ultimately guilt? 
You are stabbing yourself, you are causing yourself pain: do you see that attitude, judgement and guilt… do you see what they do to you?  It is what they call self inflicted wounds, self inflicted pain; you are inflicting upon yourself so much torment, torture, and pain. 
Now that is not a judgement coming from I or my brothers: we are talking facts; we are talking about the correctness of your attitudes and your words and your actions on your pathway. We are talking about the best way for you to learn to advance on your pathway. So, I would encourage, I would really encourage you to think about those things that I have just spoken of.
Now, every entity is an individual: you are all the same and you are all different; you are pretty much the same and you are unique; you are sovereign. Each and every one of you will take out something different of what has been spoken of this evening; that is quite okay because the level you are at indicates what you want to take out of that. For myself, I would be most pleased if you just take “something” out of that. I do not expect or ask that you take everything out of that.  But is it s my genuine wish, my genuine desire, that you take something of benefit to you out of what I have just imparted to you.  That is why I come.  That is what I am here for.  So, again, I would ask and urge you all to examine everything that I have spoken of and identify one or more elements that will be of benefit: immediate; of immediate benefit to you on your present pathway. 

There is a secondary item that I wish to make you aware of.  You are all evolving and advancing: your planet is evolving and advancing; all of the other planets are doing the same, everything, the All is being affected; The One is affected: it is an ongoing evolutionary pattern which comes directly from the Creator energy, the Creator force, the Supreme Creator. You as an energy being encased in a physical shell are also being altered and changed; almost imperceptibly in some instances and very blatantly in other instances.  Now I recall visiting a group where I did speak of the crystalisation of your beingness.  We spoke of being a crystal impregnated being empowered by a crystal light energy.  Now the crystal light energy that is flowing into and permeating your entire beingness is a potent crystalline energy. You require to be, you need to be, crystalline in composition so as to enhance your advancement.  Now this is all part of the plan to change. If you are going to rise in vibration…. and you are…. the crystalline process must take place. You must be converted to a crystalline energy form. What is not known and understood at this point in time is that within your beingness, within your physical beingness, there is an energy force, a crystal energy generator, a very necessary component; you have a crystal energy-accelerated generator that continues to receive the flow of the crystalline energy from the cosmic realms. It enhances it, empowers and accelerates it; distributes it, and radiates it into your body metered in a flow to precisely match your speed of development. 

Would like you to envision a crystal possibly the size of a walnut; a many faceted extremely potent crystal that lies at the base of your physical brain in close proximity to your pineal gland.  By now you should be aware that as the light energy enters your physicality through your crown it immediately activates your pineal which in turn sends the power of the energy, sends the impulse of which will empower, enlighten, and activate your pituitary, your hypothalamus, your hippocampus, ….. and right there near the cortex, the base of the brain, in very close proximity to the pineal, lies the many faceted, extremely important and powerful crystal which is in energy form, not in physical form, it is in energy form. So now having being made aware of that I would like you to consider this in your quiet moments, in your quiet times; if you don’t have any specific times, you can make adjustments in your life to allow yourself moments in time to be quiet, to still the mind, to go within, to go to your meditative state. Now while you are in the meditative state you will find benefit in envisioning the energy coming through the crown, enlightening and empowering the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, hippocampus, and the crystal; If you can envision that; if you can envision that crystal beating like a physical heart, beating like a heart, and as it beats like a heart, it is accelerating the crystalline energy that is radiating out, pulsing, pulsing out to those ever-important glands down through to your heart, opening up and expanding your heart and your ability to give love. And all through the physical body, every cell of your body, every atom of every cell of your body,…. ahhmm ….your DNA; the crystal at the base of your brain is empowering all of those things, it is charging them up, it is enlightening them, it is activating them, accelerating their action. 

You will reach a stage where you will become aware that your whole body is pulsing; you will even lose the feeling of having a physical body, an arm, a leg, and a foot. You will feel energy in motion; that’s what you will be experiencing, energy in motion.  You will pulse in harmony with the Creators energy and when you reach that stage, then you will have achieved great things, great things. You will then go on to master many, many things that at present have the appearance, the appearance I say, the appearance of being difficult to overcome, to master, to achieve: and so what I would like to say to you all is; you have heard these words this evening; you will have the opportunity to hear these words again on the voice machine if you so wish; you will have the opportunity to read every word I have spoken in a written form if you so choose; you will have the opportunity to browse, to ponder, to consider, and take out what you will at this point of your development and you will find yourself prompted to return to this recorded information time and time again and take more out because you know within yourself that it is of great benefit to you.  You also know within yourself without being consciously aware of it that your higher self is urging you to do that, to consider it, to think about it, to ponder it, to apply it.  Your I AM presence; your I Am presence is here with you today so close; so very close to you. So close as to be almost blending totally with you.  Your I Am presence is the one that keeps whispering in your ear: it is the one that keeps prompting you; and the more that you take notice of your higher self, I Am presence, the faster you will advance.  Because while you are here having your experiences, doing your lessons, advancing your growth, part of that is becoming one with your higher self who will guide you through and to do all of these things that we have …..mmmnn… spoken of here; not only on this day but on other days . 

My time has come: it is now time for me take my leave. I am never far from you but I must step back now and allow you to be yourself; and I must now step back and not exert any further influence upon your path forward for it is yours and yours alone.  It is your choices: choose wisely dear ones, choose wisely. 

I love you all: we are one; you are one, you are all, we are all, how could I not love you without loving myself: how could I love myself without loving you. 
I love you; good evening and may the Creator bless you eternally. 

Thank you dear ones.

# Footnote:
I have been approached to participate in a “channelling workshop” to be held in Cairns at a future weekend date possibly towards the end of March / early April. If you wish to participate please let me know and I’ll place you on the list.

These messages are to be shared by all who wish to receive them but please do not alter or edit them without permission.
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You are safe,
You are protected,
You are eternal,
May you always walk in peace and beauty

Health and Harmony;   Peace and Happiness


Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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