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We received another donation

It becomes more and more obvious that time has started to change for the better ...

We received another donation!
Thank you, Johan D. from United Kingdom, for your generosity and courtesy.

It is great to realise that people do not expect and wait for help only any more, people learn that sticking together and supporting each other produces much more positive results. The more this process will advance the faster and the more positive results will show up all over the planet.

What is this appearance that we all have to experience at this time?
It is the shift ... the late fight between "good" and "bad", between "greed" and "generosity", between "yin" and "yang".

Just have a quick look into the real world. An example: Banks crash, simply because they are driven by greed. Bank managers only care about filling their personal pockets as much as possible by ripping off each customer. And so on ...

The more each country's population wi…

Aranuth - Ravenshoe Jan. 29th, 2010

The New Year has certainly commenced with an astounding and tragic display of Mother Earth re-aligning her tectonic plates in Haiti. The absolute profoundness and immensity of this natural disaster is almost beyond comprehension; it certainly tore at the hearts of people all across the planet regardless of their creed, colour, nationality, or political persuasion. This explosive cataclysm immolated a major block of accumulated negative energy in quite a grandiose exhibition. The humanitarian response by individuals, corporations, groups, and governments has been huge and heart-warming; the outpouring of positive compassionate energy rushed into the void created by the quake and anchored in spectacular fashion an enormous amount of love and light.

If I remember correctly Aranuth did say (was that in open session or in a private middle-of-the-night visit?) that the first few months of the year 2010 would be turbulent and that the entire year would produce many unforseen earth changes. Fo…