Result of our Urgent Call for Donation, Dec. 15th, 2009

First, we want to wish you all A Happy New Year; may all your wishes come true!

A big, big THANK YOU to all donators, who followed our urgent call for donation. Without them we would not have had a happy new year ...

We received a total of € 350,00 (approx. U.S.$ 500,00), donated by Vyonne, Angela, and Harald. This amount at least covered 50 % of our December rent, which calmed down our landlord. Therefore we also like to show our gratitude to Maria-Isabel, our landlord, who gave us additional time to cover all rent still owed.

Sadly some of our readers had issues with the widget, inserted for our donation call; luckily we still have also this permanent donation link, located in the left, vertical navigation bar, which was used by some of the donators too.

Also this year we are committed to help each and everyone, who is desperate for help.

Keep your head above waterline, 2010 will become better than it was for most of us in 2009!

How do you like SomethingToThinkAbout? Would you like to submit a posting? Please email us.
Please support our efforts to keep this blog attractive for you. Any donation will help. Please, finde the donation link on the left vertical panel. Thank you in advance for your courtesy.


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