Do we live in a slave-system that disregards values?

If you want a NEW EARTH you have to accept first of all, that you are the creator!

Only if the people start to pay attention to values AND structures,
a healthy synergetic Biosystem3000-Eden Project can arise.
Structures are formed by VALUES
and the social acceptance of VALUES.
A society of exploitation of one and another disregards Values.
It takes away the peoples personal responsibility.
The Basic of a healthy society is recognizing RESPONSIBILITY
instead of practicing energy-games.
PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY decides everybody himself.
In the OLD ZIVILISATION it isn’t like that.
Because of that it destroys itself in an accelerated tempo.

The regarding of the energy-laws is for the recognizing
of the personal responsibility is absolutely necessary.
The realization of what I want to create and
what I don’t want to have in my environment
is an existential decision!
That’s the basic of the cybernetics.
The basic of a working cybernetics.
By forming structures a energy –flow, that rules the development, always occurs.
How you handle that within a group, decide again the RITUALS AND FORMS
that are cultivated in the group day after day.
The regarding of “rituals and forms” are not taught in school.
You learn that in a gracious living home –or not.
If you didn’t learn that in your life you have huge sociological handicap.
You will destroy with your acquired stupidness the structures around you.
That’s the result of everywhere practiced egoistic ruthlessness
that comes out of missing personal responsibility.

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Source/Submitted by: Mino737

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