Aranuth (Arcturian) Speaks: Thursday 21st January, 2010

Hello everyone,
Here I am with the very first channelled message of 2010 ... in two parts.
While the upcoming Ravenshoe session message was supposed to be the first message of the year the unexpected came up and surprised me.

I was sitting with friends the other evening discussing various metaphysical things when I felt an energy entity moving into me. It was a very familiar feeling so I just let it all happen. Surprise! The voice that came out of my mouth was not that of Aranuth; it was not that of any of the other guide or energy being that I have channelled in the past. This was an entirely new entity. I was not expecting to channel any messages that evening so I didn’t take my portable tape recorder with me to record the message so I shall attempt to write the message content from my own dim recollections and my friend’s memory of it.
The communicator was not a “spiritual” entity as such; he was an Arcturian envoy bringing a message to be distributed to all of the people. He said that at first he was not sure that he could find a level of compatibility with my energy and speak through me needless to say he was obviously pleased to succeed at the first attempt.
His message was simple and he was quick to point out that the same information had been given to the people of earth many times in many different formats. It was not always accepted as important or interesting enough to be acted upon.
The Arcturian reiterated that the Galactic Council, of which the Arcturians were senior members, wanted the earth people to be advised that the galactic nations had been observing earth and its evolutionary pattern and occurrences for eons of time. They were more than aware that this earth was one of free-will choice as well as being autonomous and sovereign, so they simply watched and waited and did not attempt to sway, alter, or interfere in earth’s affairs.

The Arcturian stated that the Galactics had been visiting our planet regularly for eons of time: their activities had been observed as sightings / lights in the sky by a great number of humans and their existence and visits to earth were known and well documented by various government agencies that chose to keep that information secret. To overcome the secrecy and thwart the various governments’ intentions to cover up the Galactics existence the Galactics simply increased the frequency of deliberately allowing their craft to be sighted by humans all over the planet.
The Arcturian went on to say that many of the “new” advances in technology etc. “discovered” by earth inventors, scientists, and researchers was in fact obsolete Galactic technology given to them by the Galactic nations. He went on to say that Mother Earth was evolving a fast rate as per the Divine Plan and the earth and its peoples were now facing some unprecedented and very difficult evolutionary events and changes. The Galactic nations are well aware of our situation and are watching over us and doing the best that they can to assist and protect us without interfering in our sovereign existence or the planets’ planned pathway.

The Arcturian firmly stated that they were very close to us; very, very close at times, and were well aware of our situation. He gave a firm commitment to continue watching over, protecting, and assisting us as need be and as circumstances allowed. He expressed his pleasure at the ease in which I accommodated him so that he could deliver his message and affirmed that he would “use this channel” again into the future. He then bid us goodbye and took his leave.

Part two: …

Oh how unexpected! Whilst sitting with my friends and wondering at the sudden emergence of the Arcturian and discussing the essence of his message I again unexpectedly experienced a powerful energy entity moving into my energy field.
It was the Arcturian happily re-entering (with ease) my energy orb to deliver a further treatise on what the future holds for earth people.
He noted that this was the second time he had came through me in the one evening….”It’s getting to be a habit isn’t it”…he joked. He went on to advise that into the very near future we would see a crack in the matrix that contains the illusion of separation and surrounds the earth similar in manner to a huge net.
The Galactics will rent, tear, the fabric of the matrix to create a crack in the visual panorama to allow those on earth to catch a glimpse of what lies beyond the matrix created and maintained by us earth people to insulate and isolate us and allow for and assist with our development, abetted by the “other forces” on earth who wished to remain relatively obscure and maintain their control over the masses. This cloistered matrix-enclosed situation is now coming to an end he said.

At first it will be only the advanced souls with the in-built clear-vision, psychic ability, to “see” who would become aware of the rip in the matrix mesh. As more people become aware and accepting of the increased Galactic sightings and activity the matrix will be torn wider to further reveal more of “what lies beyond”.  In this manner more and more would be revealed as more and more people developed the clear-vision ability to see and accept the “true reality” that lies beyond our illusory reality.
The Arcturian then encouraged us to reconsider what we referred to as the “ascension” process.
Rather humourously he urged us to think about our present perception of leaving this planet, bodily rising up in vibration, ascending, to a higher level of existence as opposed to developing the ability to see through the opening and outside of the confines of the matrix at the true reality that surrounds us. He said that rather than us “ascend”, “lift off”, up to another level it will be a case of the matrix being ripped asunder, falling away, and dissolving thereby allowing the light of clarity to illuminate all revealing all and leaving us in and surrounded by the true reality; this is ascension he said.

The Arcturian, who did not choose to give his name said that “they” (Arcturians) required a voice medium with experience, stamina, and commitment so that they could continue to come at regular intervals and deliver knowledge and information. They were pleased that they had now found a suitable channel.
He once again stated that we would always be protected and cared for; he hinted that everything was already taken care of and all contingencies were adequately prepared for.
There were one or two other things that the Arcturian spoke about which elude my memory at present however the “meat” of the happening has been covered sufficiently.
It looks like we have a very interesting, eventful, and busy year ahead of us.

Peace and Happiness,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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  1. Huh. Nothing about cleaning the oceans, solving the energy crisis, dealing with the massive corruption on our planet, or feeding the 6 billion mouths.

    Just a lot of new age feel good mumbo jumbo.

    Thanks for the help "cosmic beings".

  2. Poor Anonymous, you obviously even need a manual on how to do these things.
    It's a sad story. You helped to create all these bad conditions on our planet, and now you want beings from another dimension to correct what you damaged?

    Start by finding your self, this possibly will help you to find a way to help changing all these grievances.

  3. @anonynous:
    For any cosmic beings to interfer & clean up the oceans etc or any other mess we earth humans have created would be like kindergarten teachers cleaning up after us as if we were all 3 year olds! & then we would never learn & keep making the same silly mistakes.
    As well as interfering with our free will.


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