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Aranuth (Arcturian) Speaks: Thursday 21st January, 2010

Hello everyone,
Here I am with the very first channelled message of 2010 ... in two parts.
While the upcoming Ravenshoe session message was supposed to be the first message of the year the unexpected came up and surprised me.

I was sitting with friends the other evening discussing various metaphysical things when I felt an energy entity moving into me. It was a very familiar feeling so I just let it all happen. Surprise! The voice that came out of my mouth was not that of Aranuth; it was not that of any of the other guide or energy being that I have channelled in the past. This was an entirely new entity. I was not expecting to channel any messages that evening so I didn’t take my portable tape recorder with me to record the message so I shall attempt to write the message content from my own dim recollections and my friend’s memory of it.
The communicator was not a “spiritual” entity as such; he was an Arcturian envoy bringing a message to be distributed to all of the people. He said that…

Result of our Urgent Call for Donation, Dec. 15th, 2009

First, we want to wish you all A Happy New Year; may all your wishes come true!

A big, big THANK YOU to all donators, who followed our urgent call for donation. Without them we would not have had a happy new year ...

We received a total of € 350,00 (approx. U.S.$ 500,00), donated by Vyonne, Angela, and Harald. This amount at least covered 50 % of our December rent, which calmed down our landlord. Therefore we also like to show our gratitude to Maria-Isabel, our landlord, who gave us additional time to cover all rent still owed.

Sadly some of our readers had issues with the widget, inserted for our donation call; luckily we still have also this permanent donation link, located in the left, vertical navigation bar, which was used by some of the donators too.

Also this year we are committed to help each and everyone, who is desperate for help.

Keep your head above waterline, 2010 will become better than it was for most of us in 2009!

How do you like SomethingToThinkAbout? Would you like to sub…

Do we live in a slave-system that disregards values?

If you want a NEW EARTH you have to accept first of all, that you are the creator!

Only if the people start to pay attention to values AND structures,
a healthy synergetic Biosystem3000-Eden Project can arise.
Structures are formed by VALUES
and the social acceptance of VALUES.
A society of exploitation of one and another disregards Values.
It takes away the peoples personal responsibility.
The Basic of a healthy society is recognizing RESPONSIBILITY
instead of practicing energy-games.
PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY decides everybody himself.
In the OLD ZIVILISATION it isn’t like that.
Because of that it destroys itself in an accelerated tempo.

The regarding of the energy-laws is for the recognizing
of the personal responsibility is absolutely necessary.
The realization of what I want to create and
what I don’t want to have in my environment
is an existential decision!
That’s the basic of the cybernetics.
The basic of a working cybernetics.
By forming structures a energy –flow, that rules the development, alwa…