Urgent Call for Donation

2009 was a nightmare for the majority of citizens around the world.

Europe did not have any real economic crisis anymore since world war 2 and therefor politicians and top economists did not take any sign or warning real serious. They literally thought ... "OK, we'll get rid of it within a few days and that's it.". And if someone has not been hit by this recession, nature did its own thing - tsunamies, earth quakes, avalanches, etc.

The result: Unemployment rate gained drastically, existing wages have been reduced, and standard of living decreased. Slowly, but surely the disaster started spreading all over the world.

One of the areas that got hit worst by this economic recession are the Canary Islands, last summer inofficial unemployment rate hit the 60 % mark, but ... sadly the goverment ignores people's jeopardy. Counter actions initiated will start to become effective next year, if everything will work out well.

As we are active in the social field, of course we have been busy helping people in distress.
We gave people shelter in our house, when they lost their homes, we fed when they could not afford to buy food anymore, and we even rescued an entire village's gastronomy by creating a simple marketing plan, which did more than double up typical weekend vacationers of this area.

BUT ... recession did not forget about us either.
Loss created throughout this year
cannot be neutralized by the approaching tourist high season.

Christmas Season will start within a few days, New Year a few days thereafter. And we ourselves urgently look for any solution on how to balance our overdue bills. As far we realized we won't have any chance to succeed without your help.

Therefore we go public and ask each and everyone of our readers
to actively help us to reach our highly important goal.

Helping us to pay our overdue bills
will help us to continue to help other people in distress.
Thank you in advance for your generousity.

Please donate a few dollars to help us to cover some of our monthly rent. This will help us not to loose our home, and will help others in the future to find shelter when needed.

We and every person rescued by us in the past as well as persons, who will find our helping hands in the future are grateful in advance for any donation done by you.

Please hit the "ChipIn" button on the widget to the right, it will guide you safely to an online terminal, provided by PayPal.

If you have troubles using the "ChipIn" widget, please feel free to use alternatively our donation button located in the left vertical navigation bar.


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