The Great Shift of the Mankind!?

Permanent Horror-news keeps the world busy.
Is that the Great Shift?
Why is does the world become tighter and tighter instead of progressive and free?

Isn’t it strange! Do you also recognize it?
Everywhere polarity and the political artificial organized deficit on earth is growing.
Banks still get billions of $ , because the artificial organized crisis is reputed not to be stopped.
EVERYBODY fights, meditates, demonstrates, prays, politicizes for a GOOD CAUSE!
Everywhere enlightened people run around , who battle with esoterically wisdoms, but WITHOUT showing any results.
Seminars and more seminars are hold but no concrete ACTIVITIES!?
Tons of internet pages spread out horror-news about interfering aliens and light beings.
Wake up! Since more than 100 years everybody ONLY talks and discusses positive.
The scholarship AND the esoterically groups replace more and more the OLD CHURCH-Communities.
Substantial NOTHING changes for you.

You are taken in by a Marduk program:
Dividere et impera!- Divide and rule!
Slaves can be ruled so easily.
It’s demonstrated right now.
You have the reins inside of you.
It’s old conditioning and energy-deficit.
The essence of the misleading messages is again and again super clear:
The Rise comes itself!
Don’t do anything!
Integrate yourself!
Soon…, soon…after the next election! Wait!
Dispread yourself, abdicate, politicize, …meditate!
Work hard, it will be changed soon.
Sweat it out, shut up, and give energy!
You just have to pray away or ignore energy-deficit,
money-deficit, food-deficit !

Do you also recognize how the OLD SYSTEM has captured you?

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Source/Submitted by: Licita

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