Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe Friday 27th November ‘09

Shedding, transmuting, transforming, releasing; sometimes it feels more akin to ripping and tearing at the old indoctrinations, hand-me-down belief systems, and layered negativity that has been so deeply embedded and ingrained in us over eons of time. It had to happen: it has been happening; it will continue to happen until the authentic being that we are has been stripped of everything that anchors us to this third dimension of solid matter thus allowing us to rise, to make the transition into a higher and finer vibratory level. That is what the Change of the Ages is all about.
Of course while we welcome the raising of our vibration most of us don’t feel too happy about the physical, emotional, and mental effects that the changes visit upon us. I deliberately didn’t mention the spiritual because the “Higher Self” knows absolutely what is happening and is ecstatic about it.
And while we do our best to walk our pathway peacefully and with purpose we continue to pause and wonder just what is happening and where it will all lead us. From my own standpoint, just like so many of you, I have to get a firm hold of my own thoughts and rein in my impatience for the final change to happen and keep telling myself to be patient; that everything is unfolding according to the Divine Grand Plan.
It’s pretty much a case of ‘keep on keeping on’ knowing that all really is in Divine Order.

Changes are also happening with the channelling sessions. Aranuth is altering his style a little by accepting questions from the audience providing that the question directly relates to the message subject matter and not the numerous vagaries encountered on life’s pathway. He also reveals a little more about himself and the ‘Crystal Light Brotherhood’ in what appears to be a carefully planned information release program.  Because of the perceived change in his speech pattern and cadence some people have been prompted to ask “was that Aranuth or another guide”? Well Aranuth did give out a hint when he clearly stated that he is a “composite”. When he is ready he will enlarge upon that.

The Ravenshoe monthly sessions continue to be well supported as does Cairns. I am looking forward to delivering the December message in Cairns which co-incidentally will be the last channelling session for the year 2009.
Atherton sessions are being held in abeyance for the time being but may be resurrected in January 2010 depending upon a couple of unresolved factors such as suitable venue, day, and time.
The Christmas holiday season is almost upon us so there will be a few weeks intermission before re-commencing the channelling sessions towards the end of January 2010. I will still be here and available for healing and one-on-one sessions if needed.


“ Ahhh, ha,ha,ha,haaa…….hmmnn…yes…Well good evening everyone; good evening once again. (even though it is the middle of the day Aranuth always refers to it as ‘evening’) It is my pleasure to be here with you. I am sure that many of you have never considered the fact that it is I who looks forward to these evenings more so than what you do. I look forward with joy and pleasure to addressing you, to being here before you, imparting what we would consider to be valuable information, knowledge, and of course as a travelling mate to that is guidance ….if you so choose to accept it as guidance and not just another story narrated by a being who has no physical embodiment but does borrow this one (pointing to myself) from time to time.

Most of you will be unaware of the very positive advances that have happened since the last time that I addressed you. There have been some very, very, positive steps forward, positive advances; not just in the quantity of the energy that pervades your system but also and more importantly the quality of that energy. You will also be unaware of the fact that the energy that emanates from the creator source is not the finished product that reaches, touches, and affects you here. If I could put it into simplistic terms I would say that the energy is to a certain extent stepped down, refined, and gently, almost imperceptibly, re-focused so that when it reaches you it reaches you in possibly the most ‘usable’ form. Now the energy is not subverted or converted; you might say that we just re-shape it a little so that it is more acceptable; not just by your physical body; not just by your entire being-ness, but also by your environment. Because you would do well to remember that the energy that affects you also affects your environment. It affects every single thing around you and within you.
You have all heard me many, many, times say that All is One, One is All. And I keep repeating that like a mantra because it is oh so important for you to understand that; you must know it absolutely. Because in your world; in your physical domain, in your solid-matter dimension there is so much perceived separation. Even though souls who consider themselves to be… ahh..ummn….well and truly on the spiritual pathway; or well and truly along the pathway of advancement and enlightenment we in the realms still hear you referring to things as ‘separate’ to yourself, your area, your environment. There is no separation; One is All, All is One; affect one and you affect all.

As well as addressing the issue of separation I feel inclined to discuss the issue of isolation because you see isolation and separation are two words whose meaning could be taken to be inter-changeable one with the other. In separation, many souls incarnate consider that what happens ‘over there’ (points in one direction) or ‘out there’ (points outside), to be an isolated incident in an isolated locality that has nothing to do with me ‘over here’ (points in a different direction).  Again, this is separation.  I am separate from that activity; I am separate from that location, I am separate from whatever is happening here, here, or here.  No one is separate and these things do not happen in isolation. 

I have been coming to you for some time now with a pre-planned and as yet unrevealed plan.  What I have not revealed to you before is that the Brotherhood considers that we should take this group; now I am talking about this group in this locality, groups in other localities, souls that are sharing these words, that are reading these words, or being informed of these words; I am addressing you all.  The plan was, in the early stages, to bring you simple concepts, simple instructions, simple knowledge; it was all simplified so that you all may ingest and digest and understand precisely what my Brotherhood and myself are here to tell you.  As we have gone along the road, as we have come to address you from time to time, we have gradually and very deliberately increased the quantity, the quality, and the content of the information and the knowledge that we wish to share with you. 
I must congratulate you all on having shall we say, stayed the course, stayed the distance, followed along, carefully examined the information placed before you, and now you have reached a point where I and others like me can put before you a lot more information, a lot more advanced information, information that does not need interminable explanation because you understand, you already have the grounding. 

Going back to the theme of the address today, separation and isolation, I wanted to make you aware of the fact that this planet here, this vibratory level, is not separate, is not isolated, it is not the only one being affected by the changing energies.  I realise as incarnate beings you are mainly concerned with your physicality, your life, your surrounds, your planet.  May I point out to you that from where we are over here, all of that is in a box.  It’s in a box.  It’s in a box of all time, all space and all realities.  You have heard the term, think outside the square.  Now I have asking you to go outside the box.  You cannot look at yourself and your planet in isolation: you cannot look at yourself and your planet in separation.  It is time for you to open your eyes, step out of that box and come to the realisation that you are one piece, one jigsaw piece of the whole big picture which is the totality of the all-ness.  Of course you must be concerned with your own health, your own freedom, with having sufficient food and water, being aware and caring for your animals and your planet.  But I would also advise you to look at it as part of the All and not the All as it presents itself to you (in 3D). 

I was with you the other night, two evenings previous to this, I was with you, and you were unaware of me in your physical conscious state.  You were very much aware in your energy state and you recognised me immediately because we have met before; and when we meet I often give you advanced information to help you at the point where you are at this specific time and you’re all at varying levels on the pathway.

Into the very near future you are going to become aware that your planet is going to experience… hmm…. a number of upheavals which will vary in power, impact, and in intensity; they will vary in effect, and they will affect some parts of your planet more than others.  It is important for you to stay centred, stay calm, stay collected, stay peaceful and allow.  Do not fall into the trap of judgement. 
Now I realise that is quite easy to do, falling into judgement: but if you cannot and I can assure you that you cannot, see the whole big picture then you have no hope of understanding and therefore you cannot judge even if judgement were permissible.  When you see things and become aware of things that are affecting this planet, affecting portions and various geographical locations of this planet, and affecting various peoples on this planet, try to remember that this planet is actually one of the favoured ones.  This planet is not being affected to the extent that many other planets are.  I am talking about planets within your immediate solar system and within various other parts of the universe.  As an example, I would like you to know that as I speak the planet Venus is burning, burning; to your naked human eye nothing or little has changed on Venus.  On an energy level let me assure you much is being incinerated….so be it! 

Your moon, one of your close planets, is at present under going great changes too.  The moon is being prepared; the moon is being prepared to take up an altered position, to perform an altered service.  Your solar system and your galaxy are changing; it’s called evolution. Sometimes you refer it to as ‘the will of the Creator’; a simplistic term to describe it.  If you choose to retain that term, that explanatory term, ‘the will of the Creator’ that is fine.  From a further stand point, a more advanced position of observation, you would see it as the power of the Source, the Creator Source; the power of the Creator Source in action.  It is an energy form that is infinite, continually growing and expanding, accelerating, empowering, knowing no boundaries or parameters; and as these energy waves radiate out everything that it comes into contact with, every star, every planet, every asteroid, everything, the All, all will be touched by that energy. All will be affected by that energy in varying degrees. 
Now the reason that I tell you that is to give you a basic understanding of the changes that are happening to the All.  Not just this planet or a few planets; the All.  The All is changing.  This planet here is quite fortunate, it actually holds a favoured position you might say.  And the favoured position is that everything is already here, the ground work is laid, the bricks and mortar, everything is here.  It’s just undergoing a renovation, a renewal, that’s a concept you’ll understand.  This planet, the beautiful blue planet, is being renovated, it’s being renewed, it is on its way to being returned to the pristine condition it was prior to inhabitation by humans and various other forms of life….. Which I will not go into at this point in time. 

What is it that you can do for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for your country for your planet?  You can do the very best that you can.  If every soul incarnate on this planet went about their life in a caring, considerate, compassionate, understanding manner; if everyone walked in peace and radiated love then this entire planet would change almost in an instant: it would rise so fast into a higher vibratory level that it would take your breath away. 
When you look at the potentials, the possibilities and the probabilities that is not going to happen.  Not in this your current timeline.  But yes, your planet is trying to lift, it is lifting, it is being anchored down by considerable negativity, greed, and aggression and it’s not being helped any by the pollution.  Mother earth is a living being.  She is attempting to rise and when she rises, she is taking you with her; she is carrying you with her.  Perhaps you can do a lot to help her rise.  Perhaps instead of being a weight, a burden upon her, you can sprout wings and help lift her up.  And you can do that, you can do that easily, you can do that effortlessly.  All you have to do is be in peace.  Exemplify all the finest virtues. Make an example of yourself; be the example to others.  Show them your virtues, your love, your compassion, your kindness and your consideration. 
Care for your people, care for your environment, care for your animals, care for your planet. 
I am suggesting to you to be an active member of the earth family with Mother Earth as the mother of this family; Mother Earth is the grand dame, the matriarch.  And if mother does not work hard at nurturing and sustaining you consider who and where you would be.  Planet earth is a young planet; it is not that young that all of the inhabitants have to be totally dependent on the mother. It is time the inhabitants reached maturity, stepped forward and assisted the mother ….and it doesn’t take much does it?  Perhaps a change in your perception: perhaps a change in your attitude; perhaps you could spend more time in quiet contemplation going within re-discovering who and what you really are; re-discovering the powers that you have and using those powers in a simple, productive, and positive manner.  I am quite proud of all of you whether you know it or not because I am very much aware of how much of this information is absorbed by you, retained by you, and in many instances put into practice.  I applaud you for that.  You all do so well.  You are all well and truly on the path.  You all have nothing to fear.  And I will qualify that by saying that you still have your experiences and lessons on your current pathway which you designed as part of this earth walk for your advancement and your own soul enrichment.  Even whilst you walk the difficult portions of your pathway you still have nothing to fear.  You are cared for, you are watched over; your every movement is known; not forgetting that you are a part of the All.  Individually you may be likened to a grain of sand on the beach of life but even that minute grain of sand is part of the All, part of the One ness and if that grain of sand were to be removed it would be recorded in the One ness.  I would like to say to you, to go forward peacefully, quietly, in love, in joy, knowing that everything that has evolved, everything that is evolving and everything that is yet to come is all in Divine Order and is all designed by the Creator Source to take you as part of the One-ness and the All-ness into absolute perfection.  I love you all dearly. I will l continue to visit you from time to time when you are in a different state as well as in this consciousness. You may not recognise me but you will sense me, you may sense my energy and some of you will even know who it is that stands beside you.  I love you all, All of the Brotherhood, the Crystalline Light Brotherhood, radiates love to you on a continual basis.  That love energy does have a very positive effect upon you.
I shall take my leave now; I thank you for having me and I will come again. 
We will speak again. 
Good Evening

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