Aranuth Speaks: Cairns 18th December ‘09

The end of ’09 is almost upon us and we pause and wonder where the year went and what we have personally achieved during the past 12 months.  It certainly was “the year that was” in terms of global unrest and upheavals. So much water under the bridge….so much has occurred in that time it almost makes your head spin to attempt to recall it. No doubt in usual fashion the media will ensure that we recall and relive every moment as they review the past year and attempt to predict the events of the coming year.
Many people have noticed a change occurring within themselves over the last 12 months. That has been reinforced by similar comments voiced by friends and acquaintances. I have noticed a change within myself too.
Personally I am looking forward to the coming year; not because I am hoping for a materialistic abundant future but because with every day that passes the planet as we know it is evolving into something much more beautiful and peaceful. However, before we arrive at that place of peace and beauty we will surely encounter a few more twists, turns, smooth and rocky sections on both our, and the planet’s, evolutionary pathway.
It was so nice to meet and greet with the people of Cairns again. So many lovely people all gathered together in the one place at the one time. The channelling session was a high-powered one: actually the ethers were almost crackling with energy. I felt the heightened energy approaching and enveloping me earlier in the night and portending things to come. The energy in the room was incredibly high all night and Aranuth came booming through with considerable impact. A woman later remarked that at times he was in such voice that he was almost shouting.
The message was befitting the audience as several people approached me afterwards and voiced the opinion that they were certain that Aranuth had directed his comments directly to them. Aranuth certainly does not single out individuals for attention; he directs his comments to all in attendance. For several people to feel that the message was directed to them indicates that there are more than a few people at the same level of development and undergoing similar lessons on their ever-unfolding spiritual pathway.


Ahhh, haa, haa….Good evening everybody. How wonderful it is to be back here once more …..and it’s a lovely evening isn’t it? I am so very pleased to see you all here. Everyone that I expected to be here is here; all of those people that you cannot see and did not expect to be here are here also. For those of you who have the eyes to see, if you were to look over your shoulder on either side, you would see that you are ringed with not one or two but multiple layers of beings who are shall we say from other realms, other existences: unfortunately through your physical eyes you do not have the vision to see them; some of you may see their colour or outline while others may see nothing however they are here. Ahh…mmm, they are shall we say tiered, multi-tiered, so that they come in a circular pattern, open to the heavens with an aperture for the energy to flow down and all of these discarnate beings from other realities are there using their energy, their ability, to channel the energy down here (Aranuth indicates the centre of the group) to you not just for me to use because I am powered-up but it is for you to use. It is to, shall we say, it is for you to absorb; like a blotter on water you will absorb this energy: this energy will enlighten you; it will in-lighten you, it will lift you up, it will open you up, and it will take away this feeling of gross heaviness. You will feel en-lightened.

Now then, the energy as you can always already see is quite powerful. Whenever I come here my own shall we say, my own little quartet (Andradaad, Aranis, Andronicus, Asnar – Aranuth’s sub-group of the Crystal Light Brotherhood) also brings power which they use to empower me to ensure that I am …ahmmnn….on top of the game. It is not a game. It is serious however it does not have to be all so serious but we do have to pay due…errr…shall we say …..discernment. You listen, you observe, and you take it in, and you decide for yourself, each self, what you will take out of it tonight.

Now the message that I am about to impart tonight, the information, the address; each and every one of you will actually take out different portions, different particles, different concepts; and those of you who take out the same thing will not see it as the same thing because you will all process it a little differently. It does not matter what you take out or how you process it; what is important here tonight is that you take it in. Now I ask nothing further: I ask nothing beyond that; I ask you to honour me by taking it in. Just absorb it, accept it; it is entirely up to you what you do with the information; entirely up to you simply because on this planet of you incarnates, it is all about free will choice and for any body else to…. shall we say transcend that or interfere with that…. well they do you a disservice; they are not doing you a service, they are doing you a disservice because it is all about your free will choice. 
We do not control each other: we do not interfere with each other; as a matter of fact the best thing that we can do is send love and honour that person. Now then, the address, or shall we say the information, that I wish to impart to you tonight is very much ….ah..hmm …down to earth; very practical, very pragmatic, simply because what this is all about is your advancement.  That is what spiritual advancement is all about.  It is not about airy-fairies; it’s down to earth, down to your earth, down to your planet earth. 
It’s all about common sense: its all about you being open to receive everything, everything. Filter it all, absorb it all, and do with what you like with that information but use it in a very positive manner to enhance your advancement.  Because after all what are you here for? Why are you incarnate? You are incarnate to learn.

Before you came here you said you wanted to come, you wanted to be here, you wanted the experience, you wanted the lesson, and you wanted to learn …. so let’s do it.  Let’s do it! And while we are doing it let’s cast off the bells, the whistles, and the frills, and the airy-fairy nonsense.  The world is changing; your planet and the environment and the energy, everything all around, it is changing…. I don’t need to tell you that again.  The energy of your planet, the energy of you, of everything, is constantly in motion and the motion has changed.  If it does not change it becomes stunted: if it becomes stunted it runs the risk of dying off. You are not here to die off….. you are here to grow.  You are here as incarnates to grow: you are here to become a soul enriched not a soul enmeshed in all of this illusion, this third world materialism and gross heaviness; so throw it off, cast it off, get rid of it!  You are not here to become mired in the third world muck; you are here to prove to yourself that you can rise above it. You are to here to prove to yourself that you are not just this flesh and blood and physical solidity. You are an extremely advanced being: very advanced, very enlightened, very capable. If you weren’t do you think that we would allow you to come here? Do you think that we would allow you to come here and get caught up in the rubbish so much like a garbage in a compactor; rolled up, balled up, spat out?.... you are not here for that.  You are here to demonstrate that no matter what vibratory realm you inhabit you will still have the ability to call upon your in-built power to overcome all obstacles, all hurdles, all barriers; you jump the pot holes, climb over the rocks, in the course of the pursuit of finding and re-establishing your powers.
It is not going to be one smooth, flat, pathway. Too easy; too easy!  If you want to walk a smooth, flat pathway, don’t come here, stay back home in your realm.
If you did not have a challenge: if you were not confronted with all of these things that you consider to be negatives or barriers or obstacles or hurdles on your pathway; if you never had them you would have no reason to dig deep to re-discover your powers and use them to overcome the hurdles, barriers, and obstacles; that is what you are doing here. 
Do not worry, do not fear, do not become enmeshed in the conspiracies and the conspiracy theories: do not give power to negatives; get out of that mud hole. You are bigger than that: you are better than that; you are brighter than that! 
You don’t know how beautiful you are: you don’t know how powerful you are. You look at me and you come to me to listen for advice; and yes many of you look at me as I take command of this incarnate (my physical self) and you wonder will you ever get to my level. Well let me tell you that you are already on my level; that is why I am here talking to you people on my own level which is your level.  The only difference is where I am disembodied, just an energy form, an intelligent energy form, I am able to see most of the big picture, where as you have chosen to become incarnate, draw the curtain across, and deliberately not be able to see the big picture.
In that manner you will be presented with opportunities to display courage and trust knowing that you are a powerful being and all of the dark shadows that confront you on your path are simply that – shadows, powerless, entirely powerless. You are the one, you have the power to step through the shadows, step through the smoke screen, step through it; this is only a walk, your incarnation is only a walk. 

You can change that, you will change that. For goodness sake you change it regularly! You think that you change your mind: I think that not only do you change your mind, I know that you change your perception as your life enfolds, tick, tick, tick.  You become more aware, your inner self which is your higher self is whispering to you. Sometimes you get it in the form of an intuition, sometimes it appears to be a hunch, a great many times it will appear to you as a feeling of “oh my goodness what is happening to me”….. “what is happening to me” is that you are changing, your vibration is changing, your energy is changing, your knowingness, your intuition, your sensitivity, it’s all changing. So what happens to old Mister Physical? (Aranuth points to my physical body) ……Ah,ha,ha,ha,ha…  He doesn’t know what to do. And old Mister Physical here is saying “oh what’s happening here”?...... Am I alright?.....Maybe I should have gone to see the doctor; he may have given me some tablets for this”.…. Ah ha ha ha ha. 
Oh no. It’s you, the brilliant, intelligent you that you are: the you that only lives in this physical; so we are not going to let this (points to physical body) tell the beautiful intelligent form that you are how to run the show. This (pointing to my physical) is the vehicle that gets you from A to B.  A being birth, B being the end of the line, the end of this earth walk. 
So what we have to do now ….hmmm…. let me alter that one; not “have to do”: What I would recommend that you do is re-assess everything in your life. Re-assess everything: re-assess your thoughts; re-assess your feelings, re-assess your sensitivity, above all re-assess what you have accepted as truth or “what is” because, believe me, “what is”, “is not”. “What is” when it’s examined by your inferior mental and your inferior mental Mister Monkey Mind, he’s going to tell you “I know what is going on here and I’ll lay it all out before you”.  Mr. Mental doesn’t have a clue: he’s battling for survival; he knows he is losing control of the physical.  The last thing Mr Mental wants is for the intelligent energy being that lives in this body to take the controls, take the steering wheel, and become the driver of you in this life.  Because as soon as the higher self, as soon as the beautiful self, you, who and what you really are stands up, exhibits courage, positivity, honesty, care, compassion and all of those things; as soon as that aspect or shall we say group of aspects stands up and says “I am taking control”, “I’m taking control of this life, this is my life in this vehicle, in Mr. Physical, but I am in control and I’m taking control and I’m going to do all of the things I want to do and I am not going to take all that rubbish from ‘out there’ and I don’t want to hear all the rubbish from other people’s Mr. Mentals”.  “I don’t want to hear the rubbish under the guise of good advice when it turns out to be a control mechanism”……. And a lot of your control mechanisms come through your radios, and your TV’s, and your media…. and let me tell you, distrust your media; distrust it.  What is the truth and what they tell you rarely bear any resemblance to each other because you have to be controlled.  If all those people out there, all of those organisations, all those institutions, if they all start losing control of you they have nothing; and they should have nothing! For far too long there has been groups, organisations, governments, institutions, and oh yes, the churches, religions and cults, there is always a group somewhere trying to get control of you.  Reject it! You are bigger than them; you are much bigger than that! 

At this present moment there are a great number of things happening all over your planet. The descriptive term that you would use for it would sound …ahhh…judgemental. Well, I will endeavour to put it into these terms, not as judgemental, but as fact.  So what we are going to look at here is potentials, possibilities, probabilities, fact, media distortion of truth and fact, and the media are there to do the bidding of others who wish to control you.  They share the power and they share the greed, they share the money, the spoils; the last thing they want to do is let go of you. 
It doesn’t have to be a war and it doesn’t have to be a battle, all it has to be is you being assertive, believing in you, believing in yourself, having faith and trust in yourself, having faith and trust in what you call “the universe” to supply.
Now maybe I should qualify that. When you were saying “the universe” will provide for me”, what you are really meaning is, the energy, the creator energy, the supreme intelligent, creator energy aka ‘the universe’ will supply.  The supreme intelligence hears every thought, hears every word, and it registers every action. … And it does not judge! 
The supreme intelligence knows not the word judgement; the supreme intelligence which you would do well to emulate, shows only loving acceptance, loving acceptance because you are everything, you are part of the All, and the All is a work in progress.  How can you judge a partly finished canvas? You are a partly finished canvas and yet the dichotomy of it is you are the finished canvas;….ahh..ha ha ha…. but you are only the finished canvas in this second, in this now; and by the time I finish speaking this sentence you will have altered and changed, so there you are, an unfinished canvas. You are a work in progress: you are development in motion; All is one, one is All …it is All. It is changing, altering, expanding: there are no perimeters, no parameters; there is nothing to stop it; there is just this one supreme intelligent energy which keeps generating, generating, generating and expanding: it is eternal, it is without end, infinite, infinite!  And what you know of your solar system and all of the rest of the planets and the stars in your universe; and what you and your scientists suspect might be out there, is only a spot on the whole big canvas because as fast as you expand your frontiers, the frontiers expand commensurately. So it’s like running on a tread mill, you are going nowhere and the treadmill will just keep going; however, while you are running on the treadmill you are expanding yourself, you are discovering yourself, you are looking inward.
So going back several incarnations ago, you were all so thick, slow, and sluggish huh? And now look at you! You are faster, you are quicker, you are evolving, you are changing, and as you alter and change and become aware of the energy that you are, and the sheer potency of that energy that you are, so too do you start to expand. You grow, you become in-lightened, en-lightened, you expand as an individual entity being; you expand and you continue to expand, and what stops your expansion?  Anchors, hooks, and the chains that you place upon yourself. Hooks, chains, and anchors that your friends, your family, and society place upon you; that organisations, institutions, and governments place upon you; everyone wants a piece of you and everyone wants to hold that piece down with a hook or an anchor! Break free!
You are here incarnate to prove to yourself firstly that that can never happen to you. You can never be contained because you are so powerful. 

I know, I understand how very difficult and how ‘seemingly’ difficult life can be.  I see where souls like you have become incarnate; and before you come to earth you choose your parents, you choose your environment, you choose your socio-economic grouping, you choose the experiences along your pathway, and for good measure you chuck in a few aches and pains and illnesses and goodness knows what not; so you put it all out there and you say this is the series of obstacles and hurdles that I must surmount and I must deal with each obstacle clearly, positively, powerfully…..and that’s what it is all about.  Your growth, your continued expansion; it’s all about you becoming your own power, experiencing your own power, using your own power, expanding your own power.
If something is happening in your life and you don’t like it…. get rid of it! What are you hanging on to it for? Are you going to continue to whip yourself over it? Get rid of it! 
Do you think this is the only life? It’s a construct: it’s an illusion; and it’s a grand group illusion so that you can all be here all together. Oh, you are all doing this: it’s called life on earth.  I have some more news for you: the planet doesn’t care. The only time the planet cares is when you start to wound it and pollute it and destroy it. The planet here is a living thing and it is here for you, it’s your host.  The planet will host you while you go through the learning process that you call incarnations of which you have had numerous: you have had successive ones; sometimes you have had a short break in between incarnations, sometimes you have had a long break in between.
Some of you come home to us so wounded and you say “Aaaggghhh! I’m never going back”. “Never again”. “Never”! 
Well there is no such time as “never”; there is no such time where you originally come from (the realms).  But you will reach a point where you will say “it is time for me to go back”; “It’s time for me to go back again”.Because you want to go back; because you want to continue to expand, want to grow, you want to learn, you want to become extremely powerful; ……you already are! It’s just that you are not using that power. 

We are now coming to the end of your calendar year and you will approach another calendar year, and in the realms the ‘calendar’ means nothing.  It’s only a method by which you incarnates calculate days and the passage of time: In the realms it does not exist, it never did, it never will.  What is of account is your rate of progress, your rate of learning, your progression rate. 
So what are you doing in your life? How are you using the powers that you have to overcome all these obstacles and hurdles?  It’s not smoke or mirrors: it’s not magic tricks; it’s not even miracles. It is simply you being you. It is you making the decision to take control of your own evolutionary progress, your own evolutionary advancement, your spiritual ….I dislike that word….. your spiritual advancement and enlightenment: it comes back to being in control. 
The being that you are, a higher self; now did you know that you have your higher self and the other aspects of yourself which as a group comprises the highest, highest self? Did you know that you are all in touch with each other?  Did you know that you all help each other just like you do on this earth, on this planet. In this reality you extend a helping hand to others.  You do the same in the realms because the higher self is always listening. Now please don’t see the higher self as Mr.. errr…. ‘long grey hair and beard’ sitting up there; and you with hands held up in supplication saying “please, please”.
It’s not that way at all.  Your higher self is within you: you want to talk to your higher self? Talk to yourself.  Talk to yourself!  Because while you are talking to yourself you are talking to your higher self. .. Huh.
What is it that you want? What is that you want in your life that causes you to go down on bended knees in this manner and look at Mr Imaginary Old man in the sky and say “please help me”.  You don’t have to do any of that. You just do like you are doing right now: you are sitting still, you are sitting quiet, you are listening… me and within.
Why not do that more often. 
If you want to change something in your life, if you want to bring something into your life, you don’t have to yell “stop the world I want to get off”. You simply say “I am going to sit quiet and go within”.  “I am going to that quiet place within where my higher self, my higher aspect, resides…. and I am not going cap in hand begging”. “I’m going in there as an equal, as an equal part of me”. “I am part of it so we are equal parts, I do not have to go cap in hand as a beggar”. ……Go in, go within, and decide what it is that you want to do, what you want to change, what you want to create, what you want to manifest. 
So get that fixed into your mind…. got it? Got it?....... Now you say, “this is what I am bringing into my life, I have chosen this.  I have selected this”.  “This is my intent, this is what I wish to create, what I wish to manifest, what I wish to have in my life”.  And then continue to tell yourself that now that you have recognised it and decided what you are going to do about it, you do it.  Do it!
Don’t think ….ahhhhh… maybe it will happen, or maybe it won’t; doubt is the destroyer. If you decide what you want to bring into your life and then you doubt that it will come in, you have just wasted your time.  You have just shot it down in flames.  Decide what you want, create it, open yourself to receive, no doubts, no criticism, no wishy-washy, …you can do it!  But there is a price: the price is called courage; have the courage of your convictions, have the courage to stand up for your truth, have the courage to stand up for what you as an individual entity wants.  Have the courage to stand up and push organisations, institutions, and groups… the ones that wish to control you… have the courage to stand up and push them away.  Have the courage not to fear consequences because as soon as you fear consequences, you just shot it all down again.  There is nothing to fear! 
What is your worst fear?  Death: so you die; what happens then? clap, clap, clap, (Aranuth claps for attention) you are home my friend ….and I am there waiting for you. Now is that so terrible?... Ah ha ha ha… You died and came home …hmmm….. wonderful. 
While you are here doing this lesson, do it well, apply yourself to it.  Get rid of the frills, the nonsense, the rubbish, the airy-fairy. Do not listen to others that talk that nonsense.  There is nothing incorrect about discussing with others ways and means on how to develop oneself but there is a limit, there is a fence, there is a barrier, there is a line that you cross over where it gets into fantasy. 

You will observe, ….ha ha ha ha ….that I am the old Aranuth: the Aranuth of old; and the Aranuth who originally came to you a long time ago….. because I am very pragmatic, positive, ….ahh..hmm…. assertive… hmmm…. that is who and what I am the same as you are who and what you are. 
I come in many guises. For your understanding I am a composite: I am a combination of the energy that you see inhabiting this incarnate (myself) I am a combination of many energies: and as I spoke with you before about being aspects of your higher self I am but a single aspect of my higher self.  So when there is a message or an address to be delivered, what you call Aranuth is a combination, a composite of all these aspects and which ever aspect is best suited to deliver the address, will deliver the message; then that aspect steps forward, takes over this incarnate here (myself) and while that singular aspect which is I, Aranuth. Aranuth, the whole real being, is a combination;
And while this singular aspect is talking to you here right now every other aspect which is part of the higher self or part of the composite that is Aranuth is here behind me, ….ha ha ha ha ha… and feeds me all the information.  So I am not such a wise old fellow after all ….ha ha ha ha…. I am speaking their words. It’s almost like plagiarism isn’t it? ah ha ha ha…. it’s alright, it’s alright. 
We are all aspects of the one composite, combination. 

Now why did I tell you that? Why? clap, clap, clap …(Aranuth claps to hold attention)….. because you are the same!  What you are here and now is one aspect of the entire structure that is your higher self.  So that is the best way that I could put it to you so that you will understand that you are an aspect of your higher self which is a construct of all the individual aspects that makes up the higher self huh!.... Ha ha ha ha ….. I believe that I have not told you before that if you really wanted to envision, envision what the higher self of a person and the higher self of that higher self, and the higher self of that higher self and so on and so forth; if you wanted me to give you a vision of that, I am going to give you a practical one.
You have all seen totem poles.  Maybe pictures or paintings of totem poles.  Now observe, the totem pole has one image here, one image there, one image here, one image there, (Aranuth uses my hands to show step by step, one above the other the placing of images on a totem pole) and so on and so forth. What is it?  It is the primitive, indigenous people’s method of having a visual display, something that they could relate to of what the higher self, of the higher self, of the higher self is.  The indigenes, the native people, could look at the images on the totem pole and say “this is me”, “and my higher self”, “and my highest higher self”, etc.
Did you know that that is what the totem poles represent? And of course being primitive natives, being primitive indigenes, they put a face on them because the higher self higher power, “Gods”, doesn’t have a face.  How can you observe something that is not there? How can you look upon a countenance that is not there?  You can’t just have a pole because people would just believe that it is a pole; so they carve images on it.  They give it a likeness so that it is something they can relate to, something they can touch, something they can look at. 
It’s the same with religions and cults: other people always want to put a face on God,  the Creator, the higher self; all of those religious groups want to put a face on it so that you can relate to it.  Because if they show you a blank page you would say “what is this”?  “It’s a blank sheet”!  So they put a photo there, put a print there, or maybe a drawing or a painting.  “What image do we give it”? “What does God look like”? hmm “well, we just can’t paint energy”!…. “okay so let’s paint something pretty, something that people can relate to”. “What is the one face that everyone thinks is handsome”?
“Okay, a male just like us”.  “Will we put a beard on him”? “Will he have long hair or will we give him a hair cut”?  “Will we give her long hair, short hair, or blond hair”?  “What about if we depict her as a black person”?  “Ohh, that will stir things up”! 

This is what happens. Do you see how people down through the ages have led you down the garden path with their make believe?  You don’t need that: this is the age of awakening; right now is the age of awakening.

There is a little knowledge out there now available to you and also a lot of rubbish out there available for you…. be discerning.  Think about it.  You do not have to have a high intelligence quotient.  So all you have to do is have a feeling. 
How do you feel? How do you feel about people? You fall in love with someone, it’s a feeling. It is not because they are tall, thin, short, fat,… it’s a feeling, it’s a sense, it’s an emotion, ….its energy.  So when you are confronted with things in your life how do you feel about it?  How do you feel about that person? How do you feel about that job? How do you feel about anything? That’s using yourself, your higher self.  That is using your true self, your inner self.  That is allowing the true, beautiful, intelligent being that you are to take control of your life and I use the word ‘control’ very softly there because your higher self, your true self, …and you are both higher self and true self…. does not seek to control you.
What does it seek? It seeks to be you: it seeks to be one with you: it seeks to have you recognise that this is you. It’s saying “hi look at me, we are one”. 

It has been an immensely powerful evening hasn’t it? hmm…. and I the assertive aspect of Aranuth have enjoyed being allowed to come into your midst and address you in this manner.  It is I who is honoured.  It is I who is the invited guest.  And it is I who thanks you for allowing me to be a part of your energy.  I love you. You are so beautiful; each and every one of you. I will be returning to speak with you again. I shall be with you when you least expect it. I shall be with you in your dreams, and I shall be the powerful being, the strong arm, that reaches out to grab you if you look like you will stumble and fall.  I withdraw now, I withdraw with love now. 
Good evening children.


*** Looking back over the past year I have fond memories of the myriad wonderful people who I have met or who have come into or passed through my life. Thank you to all those people who have made my life so much richer for my having met them or been of service to them.
I also ponder the ever-unfolding partnership of Aranuth and myself; not forgetting the numerous other entities from through-the-veil who have called upon me to perform mediumship services for them.

This is the last channelling for this year 2009 and what a message it was.
The first channelling session next year will be at Ravenshoe at the end of January 2010.

Possibly, depending upon positively expressed interest, I may re-commence the Atherton channelling sessions. Several suitable local venues are on offer.
I will soon be drawing up a calendar of places, days, and times of channelling for the local (North Qld.) people and hope to have that available for distribution by mid-January 2010.
Any other interested group who would like me to bring Aranuth to their area / town can contact me by e-mail at through-the-veil

I would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, and healthy festive season and look forward to being of service to you all in the coming year of 2010.

Peace and Happiness;
Health and Harmony;
Rainbows and Roses;

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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