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Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers, Customers, Guests, and Business Partners,

Thank you very much for all your efforts
to make 2009 to a successful year for all of us.

We wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas
and a Successful New Year.

Aranuth Speaks: Cairns 18th December ‘09

The end of ’09 is almost upon us and we pause and wonder where the year went and what we have personally achieved during the past 12 months.  It certainly was “the year that was” in terms of global unrest and upheavals. So much water under the bridge….so much has occurred in that time it almost makes your head spin to attempt to recall it. No doubt in usual fashion the media will ensure that we recall and relive every moment as they review the past year and attempt to predict the events of the coming year.
Many people have noticed a change occurring within themselves over the last 12 months. That has been reinforced by similar comments voiced by friends and acquaintances. I have noticed a change within myself too.
Personally I am looking forward to the coming year; not because I am hoping for a materialistic abundant future but because with every day that passes the planet as we know it is evolving into something much more beautiful and peaceful. However, before we arrive at that place …

First Donation Received

We are happy ...

Today we received the first donation!

Thank you, Vyonne S., for donating EUR 50,00. Vyonne has visited us already in Tenerife/Canary Islands as one of our guests; therefore she is a little aware of the situation over here. This fact makes us even happier ... she was not a guest only, she did not forget her vacation and not us.

Please keep in mind, many of you have not experienced extreme situations like this one yet, but it may hit each and everyone of us. Once you have been caught in this "devil's circle" it is nearly impossible to get out of it again without any "external" help.

Thank you again, Vyonne, for your generousity! And thanks to each and everyone of you, who also will do their donation to help us to override our distress.

Urgent Call for Donation

2009 was a nightmare for the majority of citizens around the world.

Europe did not have any real economic crisis anymore since world war 2 and therefor politicians and top economists did not take any sign or warning real serious. They literally thought ... "OK, we'll get rid of it within a few days and that's it.". And if someone has not been hit by this recession, nature did its own thing - tsunamies, earth quakes, avalanches, etc.

The result: Unemployment rate gained drastically, existing wages have been reduced, and standard of living decreased. Slowly, but surely the disaster started spreading all over the world.

One of the areas that got hit worst by this economic recession are the Canary Islands, last summer inofficial unemployment rate hit the 60 % mark, but ... sadly the goverment ignores people's jeopardy. Counter actions initiated will start to become effective next year, if everything will work out well.

As we are active in the social field, of course we h…

The Great Shift of the Mankind!?

Permanent Horror-news keeps the world busy.
Is that the Great Shift?
Why is does the world become tighter and tighter instead of progressive and free?

Isn’t it strange! Do you also recognize it?
Everywhere polarity and the political artificial organized deficit on earth is growing.
Banks still get billions of $ , because the artificial organized crisis is reputed not to be stopped.
EVERYBODY fights, meditates, demonstrates, prays, politicizes for a GOOD CAUSE!
Everywhere enlightened people run around , who battle with esoterically wisdoms, but WITHOUT showing any results.
Seminars and more seminars are hold but no concrete ACTIVITIES!?
Tons of internet pages spread out horror-news about interfering aliens and light beings.
Wake up! Since more than 100 years everybody ONLY talks and discusses positive.
The scholarship AND the esoterically groups replace more and more the OLD CHURCH-Communities.
Substantial NOTHING changes for you.

You are taken in by a Marduk program:
Dividere et impera!- Divide and…

Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe Friday 27th November ‘09

Shedding, transmuting, transforming, releasing; sometimes it feels more akin to ripping and tearing at the old indoctrinations, hand-me-down belief systems, and layered negativity that has been so deeply embedded and ingrained in us over eons of time. It had to happen: it has been happening; it will continue to happen until the authentic being that we are has been stripped of everything that anchors us to this third dimension of solid matter thus allowing us to rise, to make the transition into a higher and finer vibratory level. That is what the Change of the Ages is all about.
Of course while we welcome the raising of our vibration most of us don’t feel too happy about the physical, emotional, and mental effects that the changes visit upon us. I deliberately didn’t mention the spiritual because the “Higher Self” knows absolutely what is happening and is ecstatic about it.
And while we do our best to walk our pathway peacefully and with purpose we continue to pause and wonder just what…