Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe 30th October ‘09

So much water has flowed under the bridge of life in the last few weeks it is difficult to remember all of the individual events that have flowed past. The river of life is gaining in speed and impetus and it has been causing many souls some breathtaking moments as the sheer volume of the current flow brings a mixed bag of things in and removes other things from our daily life stream….. whether we are ready for it or not.
So many people have been registering an erratic flow of alternating energies that takes them from extreme lows to unexpected highs and encompasses everything in between. 
We are all being prompted to deal with and shed everything that is associated with the lower dimensions and not compatible with the light or in synchronisation with the ever-rising vibration that surrounds us at every moment.
If you have been experiencing random feelings, thoughts, and emotions of anger, aggression, frustration, isolation, negativity, insecurity, fear of you-know-not-what …and sometimes flow-on feelings of guilt…..then you are certainly in the mix. I have had e-mails, phone calls, and personal approaches from a significant number of people who are frustrated by not knowing or understanding the experience or process.
 We are, or should be by now, consciously aware that it is all part of the necessary changes and that we just have to sit still, go within, breathe in the Crystalline Light energy, and simply allow it all to take place; allow the river of evolution to carry the lower energy detritus away leaving us clean, refreshed, and ready to take on the new.
Over a period of several months….or should I say years now?.......Aranuth and other highly developed beings of light from the unseen realms have been coming to advise us of the upcoming changes not just to this planet but to all of the planets in our galaxy; in the entirety of the all-ness. And yet we are still surprised and somewhat taken aback at the manifestation of the prophesied earth changes. The term “resistance is futile” is certainly most applicable to this time and age.

The address that Aranuth gave at Ravenshoe was different to the usual program insomuch as a Question and Answer segment was included for the first time. A few days prior to the Ravenshoe get-together Aranuth told me that he was prepared to answer questions from the group providing that the questions related to that days message subject and not to personal, frivolous, or ego exercising queries. The only person other than myself who knew in advance of what was to come was Wendy whom I took into my confidence so that she may assist in the role of facilitator and vet questions directed to Aranuth to ensure that they complied with his wishes*.
* see footnote.

I have attempted to transcribe the address in such a manner as to retain the verbal inflection, modulation, essence, and of course the auditory impact of the message.
Without further ado or verbal ramblings here is the text of the afternoons address for your perusal.


“Well good evening everybody. How pleasant it is to see you all back here once more. (Native birds in the trees outside chatter merrily in the background) Before
I enter into today’s address I would just like to inform you that the healing energy that you have created here today in your meditative state is quite spectacular. If you had the eyes to see you would notice that in the centre of your circle here you have a large pink shaft of light surrounded by a very thick blanket of sky blue, and on the outer edges possibly the palest of lemon; it is a tri-colour, and it is a most beautiful colour. This energy form is reaching out to the highest not only upwards but outwards and will positively affect everything that it comes in contact with or which it cloaks. Thank you.
(Prior to the commencement of the session the group focused on sending healing energy to specific people in need of healing)

The address for this evening I thought would be allegiance: allegiances; responsibility. Now then, everyone understands the meaning of the word ‘allegiance’. You souls incarnate: all souls incarnate; regardless of where they are situated or where they reside on this planet; all owe allegiance. Who do they owe allegiance to? Self! You owe allegiance to yourself. Your SELF. Now, this is your pathway; this is your incarnation. The reason why you are incarnate is because before you came here you brought with you preconceived plans which you wished to implement on your pathway. Well, we have spoken many times before about the experiences which encapsulate a lesson. There is no need for me to go back into that again. (The birds have now fallen silent….there is an eerie silence)
What we are going to do now is focus your attention on the issue that I believe that you have placed very little focus or thought on previously. It is your allegiance. Now you came here with a job to do: you came here with a plan to follow; and follow it you will.
You will! Because it was your free-will! It is your free-will choice! There is not much to be gained, if anything, by complaining about what is happening to you: what befalls you; or what your pathway is littered with when you take into consideration that you were the co-designer of every experience and every happening on that pathway. In concert with your higher self and other Great Oversouls you designed this pathway. You designed all of these experiences: you designed through your free-will choice precisely what you wished to negotiate in this incarnation.
Now I have been incarnate myself a great number of times. And having now the hindsight of previous incarnations and shall we say long periods of time spent discarnate on other vibratory levels where I applied myself to learning, learning, learning, before I came back for another incarnation and the result, the fruits, of my diligence of learning is the knowledge and information, the guidance, that I can pass on to you. The reason that I come to you is to assist you if you so choose to have me: if you so choose to listen to me; if you so choose to implement the guidance that I bring to you.

Now in the realms we constantly hear this cry; we hear it over and over again. “Why me”?..... “What’s happening to me”?..... “Woe is me”! ….Well, woe is you! This is your free-will choice; you chose it….. this is what you wanted. And of course on another level it’s not only what you wanted, it’s precisely what you needed because the Great Oversouls pointed out to you precisely what issues would be the most beneficial for your advancement on your pathway in this incarnation.

Now I know that humans incarnate are apt to fantasise about past incarnations: what they were; who they were, what they did. Well let me tell you once more; past incarnations are past!
Don’t go there! There is no need to. The only thing that you need do is walk this pathway. Deal with the experiences….deal with the lessons… with the happenings. Now that may sound harsh but for the benefit of those here today hearing these words, and those souls all across your planet who will read these words, I have to be…ahhh….uuhmmnn…’firmly expressive’ because I have noted that I and my Brothers have been here many times to bring you knowledge, information, and guidance….. which you totally disregard. You hear the words, you read the words: some of you take it in; some of you decide to do something about your pathway, and others just disregard it.
That is your choice! This is a world, a planet, of free-will choice. Whether you know it or not, on every level: let me say this again! On every level: on every increment of every level; you have free-will choice. There will be things that you will be requested to do, asked to do, and you will be encouraged to do them …..and it will be of your free-will choice whether you do or do not do them. But in the higher realms where you have Over souls and highly developed beings of light right there beside you impressing upon you the importance and the benefits of following their advice; you know within your own soul essence that you are hearing truth. In a physical embodiment ….stationed here on this planet ….you do not have the same level of acceptance and understanding as what you have in the realms. So I, and others similar to I, choose to come here to put the information before you in hopes that it will ring the bell in the most secret part of your essence…ring the bell of truth! And hopefully you will not only hear it, but you will heed it.
Allegiance: Whom do you owe allegiance to? I’ll be very specific about this. You owe allegiance to SELF only! As far as you are concerned you are a unique, individual essence….energy. You owe allegiance to yourself….because it is you who has to walk your pathway, learn your lessons, and attend to your own advancement. You are not walking someone else’s pathway and they are not walking yours! You do not have responsibility for or owe allegiance to another’s pathway! It’s got nothing to do with you!
How can you grow, how can you expand, how can you learn, if you are trying to walk someone else’s pathway? You cannot abandon or neglect, or disregard, your own pathway! I would implore you to focus upon it! Focus upon self: focus upon every little thing on your pathway; because every little thing has a lesson attached to it….and every lesson has a potential attached to it. And the potential is called growth….energy growth… soul growth….. and so that is where you should direct your allegiance…direct your responsibility to yourself.
Every minute of every day be aware: be sensitively aware of what is happening to you…around you…within you….be aware sensitively! Do everything that is affecting every aspect of you. Now if everyone, every soul incarnate decided to focus, place the centre of their attention upon walking their pathway to the very best of their ability you would find that not only would each soul gain in momentum but so too would the energy generated by your momentum carry the planet and everything else upon it forward with you…..It’s all connected……there is no such thing as separateness. You may be individuals but you are still connected…..all is one….one is all.

You are connected to the all; how are you connected to the all? Every thing that you do, every action has a little reaction.  The ripples large or small radiate outwards and affect everything in the all-ness, in the one-ness; so consider, if you walk your pathway peacefully, positively, generate a little care and compassion for everyone and everything else sharing the planet with you; if you do the very best that you can, you are radiating out energy ripples that are the very best that you can radiate and will have the most beneficial effect on everything and every one else around you.  So if you all focus on your pathway and walk it to the best of your ability this planet becomes an orb in a sea of growth loving energy, it’s growth expansion, its advancement, the energy is love; love is light, light is love, all is one.  All is connected.  All. Now of course we have families, loved ones, friends, there are other souls and other entities walking the track, walking the pathway, walking their individual pathway which sometimes parallels yours and sometimes criss-crosses yours; you are all going this way (Aranuth points forward) so yes you do have not so much a level of responsibility, but it is wonderful if you have a commitment to assist others wherever possible keeping in mind that you owe allegiance only to yourself. And by focusing your allegiance upon yourself you are focusing allegiance on the Creator.  I’ll say it again; all is one, one is all…. that is part of the all.  It is the power of the Creators intent that keeps you here, that holds you here, that supports this whole life-on-earth thing. 


Aranuth, regarding past lives; as a healer and other healers who do healings, do we carry over a soul or cell memory from an injury or perhaps an illness into this life and it has now manifested.

Aranuth: Yes, yes, they certainly do.  Very much so. Almost every soul incarnate carries residue, residual memories of a lot of shall we say happenings, experiences, and lessons that they have endured in previous lives and that have impinged upon their psyche, upon their energy being, in a similar manner to a wound and it has imprinted itself there so strongly that it clings to the energy form. After you pass over and go to the realms you go back in an energy form. Sorry to say that many of the energy forms that go back there go back wounded.  They come back hurt, they come back battle-scarred, they also come back with beautiful energy which indicates the love that they gave and received.  They also come back with the darker spots in their energy where they have been wounded and where they have been hurt. 

When you first leave this embodiment, this level of solid matter, and return to the realms it is not unusual…… as a matter of fact it is very common….. for you souls to be collected by in simplistic terms, a catcher.  We have angelic beings who are waiting to catch you as you pass over.  They will take you to what you may consider to be a half way house or a way-station because you are not yet ready to go to the level commensurate with your level of advancement.  It is like a caring situation and area that you are taken to. An area where you will be given time to remove all of the old hooks and heal all of the old wounds.  Everything that is not in accord, is not fitting in, and not in accordance with the Creators higher dream for you; everything that is not of the light and of the love will have to be gently bathed away from you. 
Now these angelic beings, the catchers who are there, can and do assist you greatly but as individual souls with free will choice you are the one who has to sooner or later let go of those hooks, of those wounds, of those pains, and a great many of those souls come to us like that.  When you go onwards to take up shall I say ‘residence’ on the realm that is best suited for your advancement and your learning, many, many of those past lives experiences are salvaged, re-used, and re-manufactured into your current pathway.  So the residue of some of your previous incarnations, if it profits you, they will be interwoven like a giant tapestry, a giant tapestry that is this present incarnation.  They will be interwoven so that you may deal with any remaining issues, any residual issues or effects; and it is not by chance that you have chosen to bring some of the pain and the hurt forward with you to heal it on the same vibratory dimension that you received it.  So the pain, the hurt, the wounds, that you registered here, that affected you here, that attacked you here, are back for you to deal with on the same level and release it. And it is your personal guides, other guides, and other angelic beings who support you on your current pathway that help you do that, to help you achieve what you set out to do, they have helped you achieve your planned program for this incarnation. 
Do you see the beauty of that? 
Of course if you are struggling in this incarnation and you are calling for help and assistance it is your guides who will bring other souls, other incarnate souls who have special abilities, they will bring them in to physically assist you on this physical pathway; and that is why you have your healers here to help you heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual residues from past lives. But that is the only time that you allow the past lives to impress upon this current pathway. So to show you where the dividing line is… if it is in this pathway and is a pathway lesson or experience for you to work through…. then so be it!
But for those who wish to delve into past lives, to have a look at them, to re-run them, to replay the past-life movies, it is a waste of time and it benefits you nothing. And that is why I chose the word allegiance today to show you that the allegiance that you owe is to yourself: and if you owe that allegiance to yourself and you diligently set out walking your pathway peacefully, positively, exuding love, light, caring, and compassion all of the other guides that are around, all of the other great beings of light, beings from higher realms who are here to help and assist you, are most pleased because they see that the work that they do, their efforts, are not being wasted. 

Thank You.

(The native birds outside are now chattering loudly again)

Wendy: Is there any one else with a question for Aranuth?…….

Question:  Would you tell me about my past lives?
Wendy:   No, that is not relevant to the topic: no personal stuff; just in general about the topic discussed.

A short period of silence….

Aranuth:  that is fine. I have given you much to think about haven’t I? Ahh, haa, hee, haa, I always give you much to think about don’t I?  I will be honoured if you will think about it. I would be greatly honoured if you would not only to think about it, not only dwell upon it, but when you feel comfortable with it, act upon it.  Ahh, ha, ha, ah, haaa.  (Aranuth is in one of his joyful and playful moods today)
It has been a very different evening hasn’t it? And it has been a very different energy hasn’t it? And I myself have been so very different haven’t I?  Aha, ha, ha, ha, haa.
(Aranuth is obviously still enjoying himself)
The reason for that is…. I am not a singular energy entity. I am composite! Ah,ha,ha,haa.
 I Aranuth am a composite of many energy entities! Ohh,ha,ha,ha…ahh yes, think upon that my dear children, think upon that!
I have as usual enjoyed being here with you this evening. I enjoy coming. I will come again and again.  I will bring you home. I will bring you home safely. And I will bring you home with the wind of love and light at your back. 
Good Evening and Thank you.

Recently I have been asked if Aranuth would consent to my being photographed while in altered channelling state. The answer is yes; providing that the camera flash does not intrude on my personal space and adversely affect my energy focus. So if you wish to bring a camera to the next session please do so.

Aranuth has studiously avoided answering questions (during group channelling sessions) in the past because of the likelihood of the subject matter being subverted and possibly minimised. Aranuth has always attempted to confine us to focusing upon the essence of our true self and evolutionary pathway. Anything alluding to the physical ego aspect….. which he considers very temporary and only applicable to our present physical incarnation with the capacity to divert us away from the real issue of soul development and enrichment…. he shuns.
Having said that I must admit that there have been and still are times when Aranuth does answer personal questions relating to an individuals pathway on a ‘one-on-one’ basis. Such answers and advice are generally volunteered by Aranuth during personal counselling / healing sessions…..not in a group situation.

Love and Blessings,

Source/Submitted by: Malcon Bell

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