Aranuth Speaks: Cairns Friday Oct 23rd ‘09

Hello everyone,

It has been a few weeks now since I last sent out a channelled message. By now everyone knows the reason for my being so quiet…..that car crash! My healing has been exceptional; from fractured sternum and ribs, bruised kidney, liver, and spleen, and a few other lumps and bumps, I have in a period of three weeks gone from “not so good” to “almost there”. The healing energy, messages of support, and actual physical support from friends has been very helpful. Thank you to all involved.

Moving on …….

The energy driving the accelerated evolutionary changes to Mother Earth and many other planets in the cosmos continues unabated. Whilst many souls embodied at this point in time continue to be amazed at the intensity, unexpectedness, and sheer impact that the changes are having upon the world Aranuth and other friends through the veil are bringing us information, knowledge, and a rather simple explanation and understanding of the entire issue to assist us to safely transit these changes. In the following address Aranuth gives some positive and practical advice on the most beneficial way to personally deal with the changes.


AH, ha, haaa;   And so it is, and so it certainly is. Here we are gathered here tonight once again.  This is a beautiful area of light; we have a lovely little light cocoon going here and tonight I thought what my address to you might be is…. possibly you could call it a simplistic, positive, and very effective manner of living. Now when I say living I mean you beings incarnate walking your pathway on this planet at this time: and at this time there are many changes taking place. Now the changes that are taking place presently are much more accelerated that have ever happened on your earth plane ever before. 
Now all of this is in accordance with a carefully designed pattern.
I have previously spoken about the ‘laggards’ and I am talking about all humans incarnate and all of those humans who have been incarnate for aeons of time many of whom who have been very laggardly in respect to their development. 

Now of course when you come here to this earth plane you are cloaked with what you would call a veil of amnesia. Now the veil of amnesia serves a definitive purpose, it is to stop you having full recall or remembrance of home. Now remember home is not here, this is the playground, this is the schoolyard, this is where you learn, where you experience.  When talking about home it is the realm, the vibratory level, the level that is consisting of colour, light, sound, vibration, all of those things are the components of the level that you call home.  Now your home does not remain static or stationery unless you are refusing to advance, grow, and to develop.  Not just as a human being because that is just ‘by the way’; what I am talking about is an energy being, the true energy being, the true essence of who you truly are. You continue to grow, to expand your colours, the colours of the cocoon that surrounds you that I call the ‘coat of many colours’ because everyone has an individual cloak, an individual cocoon, an individual blend and mix of colours so as that blend, that mix of colour, light, and vibration; as that alters so too does the connection with the higher level that you will go to. 
So you may consider it similar to your elevator because whereas before you became incarnate, before you became embodied for this incarnation, this earth walk, you were resident,…. temporary ….you were resident on a specific vibratory level. 
Now I look around here and very few of you are the same vibratory level. 
You have a vibratory level that has levels within levels within levels so each vibratory level has incremental levels but not clearly defined parameters.  The level that you call home, the level that you came from before you took up residence here in your bodies, is not the level that you will return to. You will return to a similar but different level. 
Shall we say, you graduate, you graduate and you go higher and higher and higher.  So now having some understanding of that also, for those of you who do not have the knowledge or the understanding of what the term, the term is ‘previous lives’, I can tell you that each and every entity, each and every soul present here this evening has had not just numerous but many, many, a great many previous lives, previous incarnations.  Some have had numbers that rate in the 100’s. Now that is nothing special. If your number of incarnations was in single digits it would indicate to me that you are a very, very, new soul. 
Those of you who have had hundreds of incarnations are on track to become very old souls.  Now I say old souls: I did not say advanced souls; because there are some souls, some entities, who appear to have a desire to keep repeating, repeating, and repeating the same lesson plan over and over again.  Well these are the laggards. There are also those that once they have arrived here, they become ensconced here; they dig themselves in, they corkscrew themselves into a nice little pit, a nice little comfort zone, and they don’t want to move.  Everything must alter, change, and grow or else it shall become stagnant.  Nothing is allowed to become stagnant because if we allow it to become stagnant it will die off.  But there are higher entities from other realms who are not visible to the greater majority of souls incarnate, who stand beside you to push you, to nudge you, to prompt you, to whisper in your ear Ahhahaa 
Oh, let me tell you, sometimes they feel they would like to “kick” you out of your comfort zone….  Ah, haa,haa……As I previously said, everything must continue, must grow, must go to the light, and become higher and finer. Nothing can stay down here on this third level of dimensional matter. 
Even your solid matter planet at this point in time is having its vibration level raised. As its vibration level is raised so too must your vibration be raised; so too must every thing animate and inanimate be raised on this planet; it must be raised.
 It must be moved, pushed, and assisted to grow, to lift. 
We will come back to that in a minute. 

Now the Creator: the Creator has created everything within your cosmos, your universe, your multi-verse, everything, it is infinite. The creator’s energy knows no bounds, no parameters, and continues to expand: not at a preconceived rate but at a rate that can comfortably accommodate everything else in concert with it.  No one thing advances in isolation leaving other things behind.  Everything marches to the same drum beat. 

The reason for my address this evening is to give you a simple plan of action. You do not have to have a great understanding of the universal, spiritual, and cosmic laws; you only need to be yourself.  Now, if you are going to be yourself you need to be the best that you can be.  Focus on yourself, develop yourself, take yourself to the highest level that you possibly can achieve and your guides and all of these guides and other highly developed beings from other realms will assist you, they will lift you up. 
Now we will come back to laggards because not only this planet but many others in your solar system have been very sluggish, very slow to develop, not developing, or not expanding and advancing at the rate that it was designed to. The Creator in it’s wisdom has shall we say, stepped up, ramped up, the power of the vibration presently permeating and surrounding this and other planets.
So tonight we will talk only of this planet, Mother Earth, for that is all that concerns you.  Those of you who have heard me speak before will know that I will always speak positively I encourage you to adopt a positive attitude in every thing that you do in your actions, your beliefs, your perceptions: I encourage you to demonstrate, entertain, and exude positivity every time because in all reality there is no negativity. All of the things that you call ‘negative’ are simply things that you have put a judgement on.
Everything that happens was designed to happen. It is just part of the evolution. But to those of you in a human embodiment, if it feels good, you say ‘this is good’. If it doesn’t feel good, you say this is negative.  It’s not; it just is. 
There are billions, billions of souls, currently incarnate on this planet. There are billions of souls who actually have in their embodiment, have very little idea of what is happening so I find that it may be beneficial to all of you if I came forth and gave you information and knowledge in a very simplistic, positive, and perhaps pragmatic manner. 

For some years now of your time your planet has been bombarded with accelerated energies: The accelerated energies, the potency of these energies, have and will affect everything, everything, nothing is exempt.  Because your planet and everything on it is being prompted to rise in vibration, everything that is compatible with the lower vibration will be the first to feel the pressure.  All of the lower energies are dropping away, they are being pushed away, forced away.  It is time to let all of the lower, dragging energies; all of those energies that drag you down, that hold you down, that weigh you down; you are shedding those energies to allow the newer, the finer, vibratory level to come to you, to surround you, to fill you, to permeate you.
So, what do you do to survive these changes? Simply, be yourself.  I will come back to that. 
There have been happenings across your planet, you have had fires and floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tectonic plate movements, you have had all of these things, they have brought what you consider to be tragic circumstances to those parts and places of your earth so affected.  But I would ask you to look at it as growth. I would ask you to look at it as a very normal evolutionary occurrence. 
Your planet is growing, altering, changing: It is shedding the heaviness, shedding the negativity, so of course you will have all of these changes.  So now all of these changes that you have been calling ‘tragedies’; why do you call them tragedies when they are simply part of the evolutionary pattern of mother earth?  Well you call them tragedies simply because you see that they take lives, they visit pain, hardship, and sadness; they visit torment, stress, they visit all of these things upon the people of the planet who do not understand; and furthermore they do not wish to accept that it is planned evolution. 

Consider: this physical beingness is very, very, temporary. Throughout your many lives you have had many, many hundreds of physical embodiments at some time or other. At the end of that earth walk you shed that body and yet here we are here tonight and no one is grieving for any one let alone all of those bodies that you have shed and sometimes in horrific circumstances; and so you will shed these bodies too when this time of incarnation is up, when your number is known and called, and it is time for you to go back to the realm that you are best suited to.  You will drop this body and from the moment…. I will qualify this later…. from the moment that you step out of it you have very little ties or relationship to it.  What’s more, you don’t care; the body has served you, it is just an old coat.  So, grieve not for those poor souls who have passed over in so-called tragic circumstances. It was all planned, it was all part of their pathway; it was very much a part of their learning experience, very much a part of their growth.  You see all of these experiences contain lessons: within those lessons there are colour essences and as you transit and experience, and successfully complete that lesson, you grow in light energy, colour, and sound. Your cocoon of light, your orb, your coat of many colours takes on a brighter hue which indicates to other souls in the realm what level you are at. 

In the coming days you will become aware through your media of various other earth changes, earth happenings, and there are some wonderful things to come: but there also are changes taking place even as I speak which will cause you to wonder why. It is not for you to wonder why, it is for you to know that all is in Divine Order; the Creator does not make mistakes.  Everything that takes place has a purity of intention attached to it but of course it is understandable that you souls embodied do not have the capability to see; and even if you were disembodied you would only see, feel, and recognise portions of the whole big picture. 
Now, what I have come to talk to you about tonight is simply this: if every individual soul incarnate lived their life in this incarnation; they lived this life to the best of their ability; demonstrating care, compassion, understanding, love, all of those qualities; if you exhibit, exude, generate, all of those qualities and look after yourself, and let every body else look after themselves: if you give help and assistance to others if they require it, you would find, if every entity would do that, this whole planet would rise so high and so fast that most of the earth changes that you consider tragic would fall away because the energy that fills and surrounds this planet would not have to have that what you would call a destructive impetus.
 Look after self first: care for self; develop self; and be the finest example of ‘self’ that you can.  In that manner you can positively contribute positive energy to the other beings around you and to the planet.  Now, as I have just spoken, if every entity incarnate this day focused on developing themselves there would not be any of the wars, the aggression, the starvation, and the horrors, the absolute horrors that have been perpetrated on your fellow man because greed, hate, and aggression could not survive because your vibration and the accumulated vibration of all souls incarnate would not allow that to happen. 
So from where I am  I see it like this; take responsibility for yourself, first contribute to your local community, let your local community contribute to your area or your state and let it grow out, out, and out, in that manner.  Now, having said that I would also like to remind you that there are numerous earth changes happening. They are out there right now: potentials, possibilities, probabilities, and if they come in like one of your tropical cyclones, where will they strike?  If you look after your own area first, yourself, your community; if you do your bit and let every other every other self, every other area, every other community, every other state and nation, look after themselves well then you are going to rise beautifully, it is going to be a glide. 

Now what we are talking about here, the word that you bandy around here, is ‘ascension’. Yes, that is applicable; I prefer to call it energy transition.  Energy transition, you are moving up the scale, you are transiting, you are going to different vibrational levels; you are entering much higher and finer energy bands.  So for you it starts with one, it starts with one, it starts with you, it starts with you showing all of your kindness, compassion; your caring and your love. It starts with you using that on yourself: stop judging yourself; stop kicking yourself, stop putting yourself down, stop going into depression. Why do you have to be depressed? Why do you have to be insecure?  You are energy. You are not this physical body; eventually you will step out of this body, cast it aside and become who and what you truly are.  Do not let all of these, what you call negative things such as depression, negativity, worry, stress, insecurities and all of those things; do not let that pull you down.  That’s anchoring you into solid matter, into this third dimension. It’s like hooks and claws that have gotten hold of you and are pulling you down. Throw them off! Throw them off You can do it! 
Positivity, positivity, now that’s a horse I like to ride. Positivity: think positive, act positive, be positive: do not allow any of those other lower energies to touch you because now is the time that you are shedding them. You have to shed them; you have to shed the anchors and hooks if you are going to transition, if you are going to rise.  Believe me positivity, yes, it will release the hooks. 

Let me reassure you, even though there are cataclysmic happenings all around your planet, you are safe, you are safe…..very safe.  There is absolutely no chance of you departing this planet one minute before, or one minute after your planned departure time. Your departure was planned even before you were embodied: your plan was laid out; you were the co-architect of that plan.  You were the co-architect: you were the co-creator in concert with your higher self and other highly developed beings.  Everything is going according to plan even though you do not know it.  But I wish you to know it. I wish you to know that. I wish you to be positive. I wish you to be reassured. Your number is known. There are nearly nine billion souls incarnate on your planet and no two are alike.  Each and every one is an individual… and each and every one is known. 
You are never alone: there is never a time that you are not cared for or watched over.  If you had the eyes to see the number of beings who are discarnate beings from various levels who accompany you like a loyal servant, waiting, wishing, hoping, for you to call them for assistance.  Not throwing your hands in the air and saying “good God why me”?  Why me? That’s negative energy; negative for you that is.  Don’t throw your hands in the air, just sit quiet, go within, ask, that’s all you need to do is ask, ask for guidance, ask for help, ask for assistance, then wait; and while you are waiting you may do well to remember that what comes may not be what you are wishing for but it will be certainly what is the best for you whether that is immediately evident or not. 

Do you know how much you are loved.? Possibly not. You are loved by many. Just because that ‘many’ are not standing face to face with you and saying the words “I love you” they are still radiating that love energy to you.  Who do you think it is that gives you support and encouragement in your most difficult times?  In your most difficult times when it does appear that every soul on this planet has forsaken you? There are many great beings of love and light who walk beside you, who cloak you in love, cloak you with their protection, whispering in your ear, they give you the strength to carry on; they are your true friends, they are your true loved ones.  I myself have been incarnate many hundreds of times so I have seen both sides of the coin. We have all had incarnations that have been difficult; we’ve also have had those that have been absolutely beautiful.  It is all part of our growth. It is all part of our development. It is called soul enrichment.
In the coming years there will be many more earth changes. Now the changes are coming about simply because of the lower energies that have been retarding and restricting the evolution of Mother Earth and may I tell you that there is no greater force than the Creator’s intent.  Do not concern yourself with the magnitude of the earth changes or the effects that they are having upon your fellow man, your animals, your mammals; do not be concerned. You can be compassionate because other souls are suffering, you can assist those souls within reason knowing that what is happening is all part of their planned pathway, and know that all really is in divine order. 

So that I may be of service to you, I would wish to remind you to listen to the sounds of your inner world.  Listen for the guidance: you may not hear it with your physical ears but it will come to you as an intuition, as a feeling, a hunch; it will affect each and every person differently.  But you will get it. But you will only get it if you are quiet and listening.  That’s where you must be. How do you get quiet? Breathe; it is the breath, it is the holy breath, it is the sacred breath, it is the crystalline light breath.
We are now aware that all of the cosmos has moved into the crystalline age. You are most fortunate because you are already crystalline: you are crystalline in energy; and you are crystalline in structure and body mass. You are crystalline: you are compatible; very compatible with the crystalline energy.  So at every opportunity switch off your radios, switch off your televisions, sit quiet, breathe, breathe the crystal light into your beingness, become the crystal light, make the transition, the ascension into a higher vibration and all of this the lower energy, the lower dimension cannot touch you. 

I thank you for being here this evening.  Every soul here this evening was meant to be here; you were meant to hear my words, my address. It has been and continues to be my pleasure to serve you because whether you know it or not you energy entities are knocking on the door of mastership and we on the higher realms, on the other side of that door, are waiting for you to open the door, to step into your mastership and join us. And so I would like to say to each of you here this evening I love you. I bring you love. There are many, many, great beings of light and others such as I who are with you: they are showering you with love but you cannot feel hear them; that is okay, you will feel their energy.
I am being called, my time is up. I am being called. I withdraw now, I wish you good evening, thank you and good evening.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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