Aranuth Speaks: Wednesday 09-09-09

Andradaad 09-09-09 address.

This message is a little late getting out to everyone simply because I have had family members visiting for a week or so, the room was in use, and I found it difficult to find quiet time alone to access my computer for an extended period of time. Generally the transcribing takes around four hours and has to be attended to in continuous time or I lose the energy thread a little. When my friend Betty with her fast fingers transcribes it for me it takes her about one third of that time.
The good news is that my tech friend has given me the technology to now send the messages out in text, CD, and MP3 form. In a short period of time I will make arrangements for a site to host the MP3 form as well as the textual. There are a couple of excellent sites who presently host and post the messages so they might wish to host the MP3 as well.  I’ll keep you all informed on that.

Without being repetitive and harping on the same thing over and over again I have found many people are contacting me with amazing stories about the changes in their life. Not all of the changes have been a ‘walk in wonderland’ or spiritually “high” for them because change basically means to make different, lose its original nature, discard the old and adopt something new and different. And haven’t we all been doing just that !
All is in Divine Order.

The 09-09-09 special channelling session at Ravenshoe was a little surprising in that Aranuth stepped aside to allow another entity who introduced himself as Andradaad (pronounced Ondra-dard) to come in and deliver the address.
Aranuth has stepped aside and allowed other entities to speak through me at various times previously however he generally introduces them personally. This time Andradaad boomed in with considerable power and gave his address in a forthright and assertive manner. Except for his obvious individuality and personality he was similar to Andronicus in the way that he delivered his address.
I have noted that many of the entities who come through me have names commencing with the letter “A”; i.e. Aranuth, Andronicus, Asnar, Aranis, and so on…..connection?
Like you I too would love to have my guides explain and clarify the many opaque issues in my life.
Oh well; face the light and …..Onwards, ever onwards.

The Message.

“Hmmnn…well good evening. This is my first time here to address you all and I am honoured. My name is Andradaad. I am a member of what you may call the Galactic Council. I have been honoured by being chosen to present the information in what we shall call ‘address’. Why I have been chosen to deliver the address is because it is I and the others are whom you regard, accept, and refer to as ‘galactic entities’. We are from another vibratory realm of considerable distance from here: a very considerable distance; in fact it has not been a simple task for me to transport myself here today to address you.
It is a task that I perform with love and honour. The reason why we are here, and when I say ‘we’ I am talking about the galactic brothers appointed by the council who asked me to be the spokesman for them: the reason why we have been chosen is simply because this is a very auspicious day in the life of your planet and yourselves. It is not only an auspicious day, it is a day upon which the information that I wish to impart to you is very, very important; and very, very, applicable. We from the council, you may call us a sub-branch, an autonomous group, who in our normal being-ness actually receive the altered energy that emanates out from the heart of the Creator in a very potent and virile form.
Now the energy is so potent that to allow it to pass by and wash over your earth in its original form would not be beneficial to you; because of the power it would actually be detrimental to you. And so it is I and my brothers who have to step the energy down.

Now we are what you call scientists or alchemists because our charter is to alter the energy: we take raw, powerful energy and we have to re-shape it, dilute it, alter the frequency, and do various other things so that when it falls upon your universe, and your omni-verse, and particularly your planet, the energy comes to you in the most beneficial and gentlest form that we can possibly direct it keeping in mind the fact that we must not lessen the essence of it. The energy will always affect you and you use the word adversely, I do not, the energy simply affects you. No judgement. You are aware of the effect of this empowered energy upon your physical and upon your being-ness, the energy that you are.
(Flocks of native birds are frolicking in the trees an shrubs outside… music to the ears….its caught on tape)

Now you will observe that I avoided using the word ‘spiritual’. Because ‘spiritual’ is a word that you use often and often times that word is not relevant or applicable; it is convenient. Why I have come to address you on this day is to give you an explanation of what is happening to you and around you so that you may better understand what is happening around and within you and that you will cease looking upon it and calling it adverse.
It is not adverse or perverse, it is beneficial.

It is beyond your level of understanding for I and my brothers to give you a complete shall we say a complete and unabridged version. What I am here today to do, to achieve, is to explain to you in a simple and straight-forward manner so that when you leave this house of light on this day you will go forth feeling much brighter, much more content, and with a nice warm feeling of understanding. Now, let us go back to effects. The energy is affecting you, you sense it in your physicality; your embodiment becomes rather uneven, and it feels as though the smoothness of your energy has now become erratic. It is different: your physical is having a degree of ..ahhh …experiencing a degree of difficulty absorbing and accommodating the energy. Which is quite natural because your physical body has not altered to any great extent for thousands of years. And now we have this newer, heightened, more potent, more incisive, energy that is permeating your body and ‘shaking your tree”.

I believe my brothers who have been here before me have advised you of the crystalline structure of your total being-ness. Well it is time for you to become very much aware that you are crystalline. It is time that you became very much aware that the energy that you are in physicality, and in your own energy being-ness, is crystalline. Now what I would suggest to you is to sit focusing upon the affected parts of the physical caused by the alteration, the change, and the empowerment of the energy. Because you see you must all be aware that you are not this physical body. Your physical embodiment is very, very, temporary. It is only your home, your vehicle, while you are here on this planet for this incarnation. It is not you!
Who are you? You are an energy being-ness; colour, light, sound, vibration, it’s all encompassed into one, one-ness, intelligence, intelligent energy. The intelligent energy that when this physical embodiment has served its purpose and it drops away from you: the intelligent energy construct that you are goes on simply because it is indestructible.

What I am here to ask of you is that as you become more and more aware of the effects of this heightened energy it would be of greater benefit to you if you cast aside your body and consider the awareness of what the energy is doing to you and within your energy-self. Because that is the essence of the whole exercise. The energy effect upon the physical is of much lesser value than the energy effect upon your being-ness; it’s your being-ness that is advancing. It’s your being-ness that is becoming enlightened. It’s your energy being..ness! Your energy being…ness!
And it’s being pumped up and expanded. That’s what it’s all about; not this physicality. Its you: the real you; the you in here (points to heart area).
Now we understand that having a physical embodiment is important to you: it has to carry you through this incarnation. The physical embodiment is only the horse that you ride. Its not you.
So I ask of you; with any energy feelings, alterations, or sensations that you are experiencing, I would suggest that you focus upon the effect that it is having upon you, your true being-ness, and your true self. It is not by accident that the energy within and around you is crystalline because you are crystalline and the energy is crystalline. So if you are energy, and you are an energy being, both you and the energy are crystalline, what else can you be other than crystalline? What else can you be? You got it?
That’s what you are comprised of. And having said that I might take it a little further in saying that as the altered energy is registered within you, focus as I said before not on the physical, focus on the energy being that you are. Now focus upon the crystalline energy being that you are.

(Birds, mostly native parrots still frolicking noisily outside)

I was in attendance when my brothers spoke to you about the crystal cave; the crystal cathedral, the crystal brotherhood, the crystalline technology: they were priming you up, building you up, making you more aware; shall we say they were educating you in regard to crystal light. Because that is the level that you are on now. It is not my intention to talk about the finer aspects of the energy that is crystalline; that is for the future.
Now I also heard my brothers talk to you about your whales. Your whales, your dolphins, these mammals such as mentioned are crystalline the same as you. Their physical is crystalline, their energy is crystalline, it’s all crystalline. So if we needed to release the information, that knowledge, to you; how would we best do that? We would do that in a manner that is compatible with all involved. So the whale being the storehouse, the repository, of all of the past information, all of the history, all of the knowledge; and the whale being crystalline, is it also most convenient and most suitable to have that crystalline entity energy impart that knowledge and information to you in a crystal energy form which you will receive as a crystal energy receiver. That is why my brothers spoke to you previously in regard to the crystalline energy.

So now we have taken you further along your pathway and explained it to you in a rather simplistic manner; in a manner that I felt that you can comfortably absorb.
Let us now walk down the path a few steps further. Every other thing around you is crystalline: everything is affected by the crystalline energy; the vibration that you exude and radiate is crystalline. Your love, your compassion, your caring, your healing; its crystalline. How can it not be so?
Have you ever wondered why the expression of love, caring, compassion, tolerance, understanding, healing; have you ever wondered why it is so successful? It’s because we are going from crystalline to crystalline; we are all using the one energy, so one energy, one entity, the energy expands because we are all made of the same substance. We’re all responsive to the same substance: we are all radiating the same substance; we are the one substance! One-ness, All-ness; All is One and One is All. And All and One is crystalline for you on this level, on this planet, right here, right now. That is why it all works; it’s like the glue that holds it all together. We have heard you say that love is the glue that holds it all together; well of course it is because love is crystalline! What else could it be?...... Hmmnnn?
It can be nothing other than that. Crystalline.

The effects of this crystalline energy that is showering your planet and your very self, your very being-ness, will have the preponderance to move you to a position where you may take greatest advantage, where you may gain the most benefit. Hmmnn. Now I did say move you to a position. The position does not have to be but does include a geographical location. It also includes your mental, your physical, your emotional, and your spiritual; let me say again, it is all crystalline. Nothing is separate from you: nothing is outside of you; and it is all crystalline. I need to reinforce that into your psyche because you will need that reinforcement to give you understanding and to help you with your guidance, with your intuition. And fear not, I look around me on this day and guess how many others are here that you can’t see; a great number of souls. Because these are the beings, tier, upon tier, upon tier, of them who are going to guide you, help you, protect you, and care for you. Position; in position.

The energy is activating you. It is vitalising you: Shall we say prompting you to not only recognise but to become; become your real self, you true self, your energy being self. Become that. Shall we go up a floor? Become one-ness. Become All-ness. Become part of the One: part of the All; part of the Love, part of the Light. You are all One but you are yet to really feel the impact of that in here (points to heart area) because many of you still feel separate from everything. You are not!
So with this energy, reverting to position; what is your position? Your position is whatever you are wherever you are at that particular point on your pathway. Your position will alter, and may I say it can alter minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day. It is not something that might happen in a week or a month or a year it’s happening now.  Your position is altering incrementally all of the time, unceasingly, you are altering, moving, changing. So if we bring that back to a very basic, a very basically applicable level, physically you may feel that you now have this great overwhelming desire to live at another location, to go to another area where the energy calls you like a magnet and is compatible with your energy.
At that point on your pathway your position may alter in relation to those around you; your family, your friends, your partners. I’m talking about all of the other human beings, human organisms, in your life. Do not forget that as you are being moved so too are they. Be very much aware in your beingness that what stokes your fire may not stoke theirs. And it is quite a natural progression for them to drift away from you and for you to drift away from them. 
No judgement please. 
Your mental attitude is also going to be affected; we are all part of the One, the energy, so what is rocking you is rocking your mentality. You may find yourself thinking, pondering, considering, in a totally different manner than you have ever done before. You may even reach the stage where you think ‘Am I crazy’, ‘is something wrong with me’? There is nothing wrong with you because those other people over there, and over there, and over there, (points to various sections of the audience) are questioning themselves exactly the same as you and thinking they’re crazy or wondering whether they are finally being shaken out of their tree; they are not.  So to your mental, your emotional…. are you finding that you are getting emotional about things that pass you by like a puff of air? 
Everything is changing and altering and must do so; it must do so in order for you to progress. Whether you want to progress or not you are because the energy is shaking you. The vibration around you is permeating you, shaking you and lifting you, driving you, altering you, and actually to put it in blunt terminology you don’t have much choice.  If you are in the ocean, you swim. 
And so these are the things you are going to experience. Go with the flow, allow the energy to take you; you are well cared for, you are not flotsam or jetsam on the sea of life. You are a carefully guided ship and of course there will be spots where you will say ‘these are rough spots’ or ‘these are good spots’. Judgement!
What you considered a rough spot just may be the spot that helps you to grow on your pathway; what seems to be a good place to be might seem to be that you are lulled; you are in calm waters and not progressing anywhere. You have no way of understanding or knowing which is best for you the smooths spots or the rough spots as you call them. Judgement! If you don’t know, how can you judge!  You don’t know so don’t judge! 

It’s a beautiful day today and it is wonderful being here; I feel absolutely wonderful. I feel honoured as I said before to be here, to be the one that rings the bell for you. In the grand race of evolution this is the bell lap and the bell is ringing for you. You have nothing to fear from the energy; you have nothing to fear from anything. It is all here for you, to lift you, to carry you; you are well cared for well catered to. All of these people one tier upon another tier they’re radiating energy to you. They are watching over you, caring for you, guiding you carefully. 

What I would like to ask of you is please do not judge any situation, it is just a situation. Don’t judge any position, yours or someone else’s.  All is in Divine Order; you are all in the right place at the right time. You always will be because the energy will gravitate you towards that place; it will shuffle you into the position that is best for you. So whatever happens in your life, welcome it. It’s for you; it’s for your upliftment, your enrichment, your growth. Welcome it, be grateful for it, so be thankful for it. 

You all do so well. You are so very fortunate to be here to experience this at this time.  Simple; because by being here you are being given the opportunity to grow, to expand, to advance, taking giant steps at a time so don’t waste the opportunity, don’t waste the golden opportunity.
I believe my brother at a previous address to you did say that there is more to come. At that time he was discussing I believe, crystal energy. Well there was more to come because I brought it to you this day and there is still more to come; there is a lot more to come. With your permission; with your expressed acceptance and say so, entities such as I and many others who you are now familiar with await the call to be of service to you.  We wish to be of service to you, to assist you, to help you. If you want to do it your way, to do it alone, again it’s your choice, free will choice. If you wish to receive information and explanations, you only need to ask.  And I or my brothers will be back through a convenient medium ….and we have this one here… who shall return to assist you in any and every way possible. 

I thank you for attending this address. I wish you well as you go about your life.  Hopefully, the information that I have given to you this day will serve you well.
I Andradaad, will now return to a station; not from whence I came but to the vibratory level where I am stationed, where I carry out my duties and perform my work. 

Thank you dear ones, Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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