Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe 25th September ‘09

Things have been moving along inexorably without fear or favour extended to anyone or anything. On many occasions I have been overwhelmed by feelings of being in several worlds simultaneously and yet being based in none.
Oh well, that’s what being a multi-dimensional boundary rider is all about. Riding through, over, and interpenetrating all vibrational levels without being confined to, locked into, or owing allegiance to any individual one.
Where do I belong?...I don’t.

Ravenshoe is a beaut place to hold a channelling session. The area is quaint, picturesque, and the energy vibration high. The people there are very much aware and quite spiritually advanced which boosts the energy at every session. It does not matter what venue we gather at the energy is always heightened.

So many people have been contacting me in regard to unforseen happenings popping up in their life. Their main question is “why is this happening to me”?... and….. “What’s this all about”?. Try as I might I cannot always come up with a clear and satisfactory explanation but most times it fits into the “clearing away the old and redundant to allow for the incoming new”.
The last thing that I expected was that it would happen to me!

Just twenty-eight hours after the Friday 25th channelling session I was involved in an unfortunate collision. Saturday evening, when returning home from my rostered Coastguard duty day, another sedan carrying a family to the local drive-in theatre suddenly turned across the highway directly into the path of my vehicle. Despite my heavy braking and evasive action the smash impact and damage was considerable. We were fortunate in that two off-duty nurses parked in the queue to enter the drive-in rushed to give first-aid until two ambulances, fire-rescue truck, and police arrived on the scene.
The family in the other vehicle received superficial injuries as well as shock etc: my passenger / crewmember suffered abrasions and chest pain from the seatbelt activation; I sustained fractured ribs, bruising to the sternum, stomach, and chest, as well as minor abrasions. Thankfully there were no deaths or serious injuries to the occupants of either vehicle. After spending three hours in the Mareeba Hospital ER my passenger and I were allowed to go home. The smash repairer who towed my vehicle away ventured the opinion that my vehicle was a complete write-off.
I ask myself; “why is this happening to me”? Like everyone else who has come to me with the same question the answer remains the same…”I don’t know”.

And now the message:

Ahhh, Good Evening once again to all of you souls known and unknown to me although there is no such thing as unknown it is just that I know some of you a little bit better than others.  Many of you visit the planets, the planes, the levels that I also inhabit and we meet and greet each others like old friends.  Today, those of you who have eyes to see, and I am sorry to say that there is not many here that can see, that you have surrounding you a multi-tiered layer of beautiful lights, beautiful souls, beautiful entities who are all here to help assist and send love and blessings to you.  If you could see in the centre of your group there is a large shaft, a pillar, a pillar of light which is a very, very, intense pink. 
The Pink is of the healing vibration because the mission here today is to heal you, not just of ailments which are related to the physical, the emotional, or the mental, but also to heal you into your future.  What you call your future; the vibratory state that you are now attempting to enter.  Now entering this vibratory state is not like just walking through a doorway, it is a step by step process more like that which you would walk through a fog or a mist knowing that sooner or later you will come to the outer perimeter where you will find the sun shining and every thing clear.  As I said, we have this magnificent shaft of pink energy in the centre of this group which you may draw from which you are already and knowingly drawing from, however if you wish to assist that process please draw it forward to you; I would suggest you draw it into your heart area because it is your heart area that is the love centre, it is the centre of your beingness. 
Now what I wish to talk to you about, I thought that what the address for today would be about is breath.  Breath, are we all breathing?  Are we all breathing correctly?  Are we all breathing beneficially? Well, there are graduations of that.  What I wish to talk to you about as usual is not so much of your physical self or your mental self or your emotional self, what I am talking to you here today about is how to breathe to advance your true self, your energy beingness. Because let us not be forgetting that the time will come when the body will drop away from you because it has outlived its usefulness. When it has fulfilled its service to you it will drop away from you. 
Also dropping away from you but at a slightly later point in time is your mental and your emotional so when you step out of physical you don’t step out of the lot – chop! – You step out of your physical, you drop that.  The mental and emotional will continue to swirl around you and continue to circulate within your orb of light until like a centrifuge it will gradually be thrown to the outer edges, out of your etheric body, and out into the ethers where it will be transmuted and transformed into light energy which will be re-used once again. 
The most beneficial way for you to assist your inner beingness, your energy self, to not only accept and adapt to the changes, but also to lift you up gently and propel you forward is the process of breath. A simplification would be ‘pattern of breath’, so for your ease of understanding ‘pattern breathing’.  Pattern, breathing!  When you breathe you breathe in the air around you that sustains the physical body. Now we are not talking about air in its basic form, we are not going to discuss what happens to air when it is breathed in through your nostrils, into your lungs and oxygenates your blood stream amongst other things. We are not talking about that simply because that pertains to the physical and as I have just said, there will come a point in everyone’s lifetime incarnation on this planet when the physical drops away so there is little value in concentrating on that aspect. 
Now when you are breathing in the air, the vital portion, the vital-ness, there is a component that you cannot see; unless of course you have the eyes to see.  That component is light.  Now, I have said many times that light is love, love is light, it is all one, one is all, all is oneness.  Light! So seeing as now we are going to breathe for the energy entity that is within this physicality we will now focus upon breathing light as opposed to air.  You may not be in the knowingness that most of the vital life force absorbed by your body is inducted in through what you call your crown chakra.  Slightly above the crown is another almost invisible chakra which we will call astral star chakra. Now when you breathe in the light you are breathing light energy in through the astral star and astral star looks like a small ring and what it actually does is it focuses the energy which comes into the ring and at the bottom of the ring is what you would call a funnel; so it goes down the funnel, it goes through your crown chakra when you breathe in the light; it comes in through the astral star, in through the crown, now it runs down the tunnel into a cavern, an energy cavern.  It runs from the pituitary through the pineal and hypothalamus. From there it actually explodes, it explodes and travels downwards passing through the throat chakra, having a rather minimal effect there, until it reaches your heart / thalamus area. From the heart thalamus it goes out, it radiates out, and it radiates out in all directions.  But the focus of the intensity of it is located here (points to chest / heart) in your heart area. So now I will just talk a little about that and then we will take it one step further.  Should you care to, when you find yourself with time to sit quietly and contemplate, it is most beneficial for you to breathe in the air through your nostrils and while you are in taking in the air, imagine a fine white light coming down, flooding down like the water over a waterfall, it comes through your astral star chakra, through your crown chakra, rushing through the cavern of pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus, down into the heart where it is like a large aerated pool or pond and then it radiates outwards from you.  So in this manner you are filling yourself with divine light. 

Now may I remind you that previously I have spoken several times to you about the crystalline component, the crystalline light. We talked about crystalline technology, crystalline healing, the crystal brotherhood, crystal cathedral, your whales and your mammals being crystalline….. and of course you are crystalline.  So then it follows that the divine white light that you are drawing in through the astral star, crown and taking it down through your body and saturating your body in is crystalline divine light. 
So there you have it, crystalline divine light and it is nurturing every aspect of your body simply because the crystalline light within you glows outwards, radiates outwards, and of course it must have an effect on your physical, your mental and your emotional. It must do that and so having taken in this light, this crystalline energy, having taken that down to the heart and then allowing it to radiate outwards, it will alter, it will cleanse, it will heal, every aspect of your beingness as it comes out of your physical, radiates out through the orb of light that surrounds each and every one of you until it reaches the outer effective, effective perimeter of your energy; and then it continues on out to affect all of those near to you, away from you, or very, very far away from you. The energy will go out into the ethers, go out into the universe; it will go out into the space which you call endless, deep, silence. That is what is out there – endless deep silence which has this inbuilt feeling not just of joy but of absolute ecstasy.

So bringing you back to where you are now in your physicality, my brothers and I are attempting to show you where the start line is and where the not ‘finished’ but the ‘finished as far as you can see it or perceive it at this point in time’ because it will be quite some time and will require considerable application for you to be able to go out past that point into the silence; and the silence is largely uninhabited in comparison to the number of souls incarnate on this planet right now.  So what I would like to do at this point is ask you to envision or imagine what I have been telling you in regards to imbibing the crystalline divine light, the processing of it, the cleansing, the healing, the development and advancement as it radiates out to the outer reaches of your energy cocoon, your effective end, and then it radiates on continuously, continuously, continuously outwards, upwards, and onwards. 
We would like you to also consider at this time is the energy highways and bi-ways within your body. With your technological instruments that look into a physical body it shows you all the highways, the bi-ways, and the canals which transport blood to various parts of the body. The average layman and the average medical person only sees blood and they are aware that there are other components within the blood that carry out various functions for prolonging life and health of the physical body. What they cannot see is that the very basis, the very building blocks of that blood stream is billions, absolute billions of tiny pin points of light which is the true energy. It is the energy within the blood.
Now your medical scientists and researchers can go within your body and they can look at the cells and they can look at the atoms and the sub-atoms, and they can even measure the electrons; and they look at minute portions and aspects of electrons which they know exist but they cannot replicate or photograph so they gave them the name quark.  Quark; minute proportion, minute portion of the electron.  Now the Quark is only the top layer of the cake: we go deeper; deeper under the quark, and now we come into some incredible, absolutely incredibly minute pin points of light which is the furnace, the engine room, of the whole body because if the pin points of light goes out the blood loses all of its potency and your physical falls into decay. 
So now you can see what is life.  What gives you life?  What prolongs your life?  What is the real meaning… ahahahha …. Of health and vitality.  Vitality; it’s the vital portion in the very basics of the dissected building blocks of the physical human organism which is pin points of …you guessed it…..crystalline light.  You are crystalline.  Now, I can see what is happening within you right now: I am reading you and I am pleased, very pleased that you are not just listening with your ears; you are absorbing the information that I have brought to you in a rather simple manner for your understanding. And I am pleased that we have achieved that level of understanding because it is most important that you understand everything about you, everything; right back down to the very basis of life itself.  Having put all that before you: having asked you to imagine, to envision it; you can now get a grasp on what drives you. 
How do we fuel the billions of pin points of life? How do we continually renew the power of those billions of pin points of light? We go back to the start: we breathe it in; ….. ahhhaa ….we breathe it in, breathe it in. Down through the astral star, the crown, down the cavern into the heart –boom! – radiate it out in an explosive manner so that it literally sets your beingness afire; you are afire with the brilliance and intensity of the divine crystalline light; a fire within, ablaze, a blaze of light.  As you intensify your blaze of light, you are seen from all of the realms as that blaze of light; and the greater the brilliance the greater the intensity of that light which indicates the level of evolution, advancement, enlightenment, en-lightenment, in-lightenment. So where does that bring us back to? You are beings of light, nothing else; all the rest is a masquerade, it’s a charade, a very necessary one so that you may negotiate your pathway, your lessons, and your experiences in this incarnation. 
You were breathed forth on the Creators out-breath as the minutest spark of light: you were birthed as light; and from the time of your birth you have been carefully guided, attended to, and nurtured. Your light has grown steadily, steadily, incrementally, so like a baby, a child, a human child slowly gathers to it the functions of its body and the knowledge of how the bodily functions work; arises to its feet and walks and talks; so too is your life carefully guided, nurtured, so that it becomes brighter, more intense, more brilliant, until after many, many incarnations; after many eons of what you call time, you have developed to the point where you are at right here, right now. Unfortunately you can only see your physical. If you could see past the vibratory curtain of solid matter you would see a body, a physical outline. It starts out being rather translucent; grows, expands, and intensifies until it becomes the brilliant light that you are now. 

May I reassure you, you are brilliant beings of light.  You are beings of brilliant light.  You are beings of brilliant crystalline light.  And so I would like you to ponder, to consider, the information that I have given you in this address here today  I feel that for this particular address that is sufficient for the present moment because any further information or expansion on that information will depend entirely upon your readiness to be able to absorb more information. 
So you now should focus upon the breath, the light, radiating the light; focusing upon the brilliant crystalline being of light that you are. And how you can expand: how you can grow that until you become one with the light; not separate from the light, not individual from the light, you become the light.  Whilst you are absorbing the light energy through your ‘patterned breathing’ and outward radiation you will encounter guides but don’t focus upon that, the object of this exercise is expansion of yourself as a light being.  Encounters with the guides is just something that happens along the pathway because they are all there to help you, to cheer for you, to urge you on to even greater efforts to attain greater heights.
I think that shall suffice for this evening.  I can see that you have already noted that the energy is quite different today – is it not? Of course it is: of course it is; this gigantic shaft of pink, love and healing light here in the centre is here for you to draw upon. It’s been washing over you all of the time you have been here.
Good evening dear souls, I love you one and all, I am with you often.


Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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