Aranuth Speaks…Ravenshoe 30th July 09 - To Assist with the Ascension of Souls.

It worked: With a little help from my wife and the instruction booklet I finally figured out how to use our tape / disc / stereo system. Technology has a habit of getting away from me what with changes and advances happening minute by minute. Maybe the brain is not keeping up to speed like it used to.
The recent August full moon energy was “something else”! It had the effect of really rattling people’s complete five-body system. Mixed-up, jumbled, and seemingly crazy and disjointed thoughts, mind constructs, and vivid dreams appear to be a releasing of our old memories, hurts, and unresolved issues often times in a symbolic-dream format. Several people contacted me for discussion or healing sessions and commented that their life was seemingly beyond their control and turned upside-down and shaken vigorously.
A few took the opportunity to depart this life in the most unexpected circumstances as well.

Below is the promised text of the Ravenshoe channelling session recorded on Thursday the 30th of July. As you are already aware we have found a new permanent home in the old butter factory office-front for our channelling sessions which is close to Ravenshoe’s main street and easily found by those people from out-of-town or unfamiliar with the area.

Here’s the text of the R’hoe channelled message:

“Ahhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaa…back in physicality again ah, ha, ha, ha. How lucky you are and do not know it; how lucky! And today, as usual, every time that I come to you I see all of your beautiful lights and I sit back and watch. I have been here for some time observing, listening, but mainly looking in wonder at numerous lights of various hues, which vary in intensity and which all combine to make one beautiful tapestry. Hmmnn.
Today as usual I attempt to bring you something new, something different, something very pertinent, and of course I always endeavour to ensure that what I impart to you is of great benefit to you on your pathway. On your pathway to advancement: on your pathway home; because that is where you are going. That is where you are ultimately going to end up. Home.
Now I find it quite humourous to tell you that you have no choice. Ah, ha, ha, ha,… have no choice because you are all going home. This (indicating the world around us) is the stop-over: this is where you have your little holiday; this is where you have your little time in physicality with your experiences and your lessons and all of the wonderful things that are here for you to play with and immerse yourself in but ultimately you are going home! Now I am very pleased to say that light-energies such as you who come along and listen to my utterings are well on the track; well on the way to going home shall we say; I’ll bet that you are going to beat a lot of others home because you are applying yourself to it. You want to go home: you know that you are going home; and you are pedalling in that direction. Well done! Well done!

Today I am going to digress from what I normally discuss with you which is generally, ahhh ….shall we say “energetic” manipulation or use of energy to propel yourself along your pathway as a propulsion system that keeps you …err…ahhh….straight and narrow. It keeps you heading home without any stop-offs or detours. However free-will choice applies: it is up to you; if you wish to have a little stopover, a little over-nighter, or you wish to detour, take the scenic route, the long way round, that is quite okay. However it is preferable for you to take the direct route home.
Because you have all had numerous lives. You have had numerous incarnations: some have had hundreds; some have had several hundreds, and in all of those incarnations …well…you should have seen by now just about everything that there is to see, that you want to see. You should have experienced most of the things that you wanted to experience. You must have had enough of the lessons that accompany and are a part of the experience, that is why you put your hand up to go home. You have realised that this is the illusion. This is the game. You don’t have to play the game any longer. You had to come here to experience this, to find out,…ah.ha,ha, ..that you don’t have to experience it at all! That’s what you did; you came here for the experience and found out that you don’t have to have that experience. But; wasn’t it fun? Wasn’t it grand? Ha, ha, ha haa…that’s why I like to come back into physicality! And I get inside of humans and it is wonderful! Of course I’m only a temporary resident of this physicality. However, home is where we should all be: home is where we should all go; and home is where it is all happening.

Dear lights, let me tell you this, we talk about being here in physicality having experiences; having all of these lessons, going through all of these things for our growth and advancement. Now that you are here you have found out that you don’t have to be here, that you can do the same and more in your own realm without actually leaving home so to speak. Now of course you are not all on the same level. You will not return to the same level. Your home, your individual home, is on a vibratory level and all of you could be on that same level and yet each one of you could be on an incremental step. (of that level) Because you see it is not all cut and dried. We don’t just say… Ohhh here’s third: there’s fourth; there’s fifth. There are graduations in each level and the graduations have no number. We do not number them for the simple reason that they are beyond that.
Now I would like you to understand this: when you are on a certain level, a certain vibratory level, you have this broad band of what in all simplicity you call “energy”, an energy band; now, the energy is not cut and dried, it varies. There are many variations, great variations, innumerable variations, so you can be on the same level with your neighbour, or you partner, or your wonderful friend; you can inhabit that level but you are on a different level within that level because the energy that you are attracts the energy that is compatible with you. Like attracts like …ah huh… so your unique energy combination attracts the precise compatible combination of energy from that band, that level. So when I say that you are all going home, you’re going to different homes. Home, if you will pardon that I may use the term loosely, because home is where your energy is and when you can come to the point where you totally understand; where you totally know what your energy combination is; what your own little individual energy recipe is, that’s home because you go into that energy which belongs to that energy level which belongs in that band.
And of course we talk about going up in that vibration and very, very, ahhh….crudely and simplistically..aahh…hmmm…’s understandable, many souls incarnate find it easy to just put a number on it such as …we are level four, five, six, or seven….. Whatever. It just simpler for them because they have not yet been told, or they do not yet have the knowingness, or the understanding that there are incremental energy combinations within the entire band of what you what you would term this particular vibratory level…. Hmmnn.

I have very good reason to talk to you today about these vibratory levels; about your own individual, about your own sovereign energy level, your energy composition and content.
It is of great benefit to you to understand your energy; you may recall that on various visits I have come and I have mentioned, spoken of, your individuality. And I do that because I am trying to take you out of the mind-set that you are all much the same. I’ve been trying to lift you out of that mind-set and while you are, yes you are, part of what is called the totality of humanity on this planet, you are very individual, you are sovereign, and you have no idea how unique you are. And unique is a very apt word to describe you. It does not matter how many hundreds, thousands, millions, or billions of incarnate physical embodiments are on this planet, I tell you no two are the same. No two are the same!
Of course you have similarities: you have many similarities; but the similarities only apply on this dimension of solid matter, this dimension of physicality; because in all reality when you depart this embodiment and step out into the energy being that you are that is when you discover your individuality and your uniqueness. Uniqueness!
So whilst you are here incarnate, embodied, that is quite okay for you all to acknowledge or compare your similarities. What I am endeavouring to do in this series of talks that we have is that I am attempting to have you understand that when you get out of this physical embodiment you are energy. I want you to understand that you are not just a physical embodiment; you are a unique energy composition in physical embodiment. The physical embodiment is well down the list of importance. Uniqueness of energy composition is up here (pointing above the head) it’s up here. So each time that I come I never fail to insert a little bit of knowledge or information. I always give you a little prompt to remind you to look upon yourself all of the time, not just some of the time when you are in meditation, or when you are in a group such as this; all of the time. Consider yourself; know yourself, your real self, to be energy.

Now, you are all more than aware that energy has a vibration: it has a frequency; it has a colour light temperature…..did you know that colours give off different temperatures?
They do. You have a different colour light temperature: you have a different colour light intensity; and I am pleased to inform you that your colour light temperature, and intensity, and vibration, and frequency can be compared to the waveform that you would observe on a cathode ray oscilloscope. Do you know what a cathode ray oscilloscope is? Your technical people call it CRO (crow): it is a screen similar to your ….ahmmnn…computer screen with graduated lines, and the wave-form fluctuates so you can observe the peaks and the troughs of the waveform… ah, ha, ha, haa,…..of the energy that you are. Now in a very simplistic manner, it is not really possible but I find it humourous to think “now if these people could only see their colour light temperature, frequency, intensity, and vibration shining out at them through the screen they would scratch their heads and say ….uh, huh, ooh, hoo, aah… this what I am?”
Ahh, ha, ha, ha, haa. That is not what you are but that is what we see. We see your energy in full living colour.
Now, not forgetting within the energy that you are it contains, like a bottomless vessel, it contains every single experience and lesson that you have ever learned; it contains all of your soul memories; it contains all of your ….hhmmmn….everything that was recorded in what you term the “Akash”, the “Akashic Records”. Akashic records actually exist within your energy form. Now you have “Akash”, Akashic readers; these are …hmmn…psychically gifted entities who “read” your Akash. Now for the simplistic knowingness and understanding of hu-mans incarnate they talk about “Akashic Records”, as in the record hall, hall of records, like a huge library. Well that’s just a simple manner of expressing something for simplifying their understanding. What the readers are actually doing is looking at your energy. They are looking at your energy:
the content of your energy; they are reading all of your soul enrichment, all of your experiences, all of your knowingness, the “all”. All is within one; one is within all.
You are energy and one is part of the all and all is part of the one.
Your energy is not separate from any other energy. One-ness; all-ness. So your energy exists not in isolation: not in a vacuum; or altered space; it exists within the totality of the all-ness. Energy: the one-ness energy; so everything exists simultaneously in the one-ness, in the all-ness.
You lead multiple lives. You lead parallel lives. All of these are in the one-ness and the all-ness and being in a human embodiment, the physical human embodiment, you find it difficult to understand the linearity of timeless-ness. Everything exists simultaneously. Yesterday is now; tomorrow is now. Your past life is now and your future life is now. All of your past lives are now and all of your future lives are now. Everything exists in the one-ness, the all-ness, simultaneously. There is only now!
That’s what timeless-ness is. And now, this very second, you exist in the now. For your own ease of understanding you find it more convenient to cut it into sections such as what is past, what is happening here and now, what is into the future. That’s okay;
carry on.
All of us beings of light from the higher realms encourage that because that is the only way that you can understand it at this point in your time. However, I am endeavouring to change your outlook: change your perception; change your knowing-ness, because I understand that even at the cessation of my talk you will go on with your life, the pertinent points, the pertinent aspects of what I speak of at that time, at that meeting, in that group, will start drifting back to you. It will start prompting you; you will have this memory…. Remember?.... Remember?.... Remember?
And then you will dwell upon it: consider it; and ah,ha,ha,haa, wring it out, turn it inside out, and make sure that you have all of the understanding of it which is good. Because you will do what you have to do to understand it on your level at this particular point on your pathway of evolution. That is fine.

I have told you many times how much I and my Brothers enjoy coming to you. We enjoy being part of your group. We feel welcome. And we look ahead to what you not only can be but what you will be. So when we come to you we look at all of you souls incarnate, your lights, and I perceive many of you as a bud, like a rose bud composed in it’s entirety of every colour of the spectrum of light. And I know that you are going to unfold like a flower unfolds and we feel joyful that we are here assisting you to unfold. Because in that unfoldment there is recognition and realisation of the powerful being that you are.
You have no idea of how powerful you really are.
Behind the curtain, behind the veil of physicality is your limitedness to look ahead, to part the curtain, and to see everything in its own truth. Especially who and what you are. But that is coming. That is all in good time…. remembering that there is no such thing as time. Hmmnn.

There is one issue that I would like to raise with you this evening. You are all very much aware of the various energies and the alterations of those energies that are having a somewhat dramatic effect upon your planet. It not just from an ecological, environmental point of view: it not just from your flora or your fauna; it not just your minerals or your air or your water. It is your governments, your militaries: it is your corporations, it is you people; it is the whole conglomeration of all of that. And there are various pressure points on your planet that attracting negative influences. For the preservation of your planet and the peaceful co-existence of everyone and everything upon your planet it is imperative that those of you who are aware of the power of their light, it would serve this planet most admirably should you care to allocate very small portions of your time with regularity throughout your day and your night to not only bring in the light: not only anchor it; not only augur it into Mother Earth, but also grow it, expand it and send it out. Send it to all of the planet and especially to those places that are now at boiling point.

Now I would never, ever come to you and speak of anything related to fear. There is nothing to fear. However, I would like to make you aware that where there is a light anchor you will automatically attract light. Where there is a negative anchor it will automatically attract those negative, aggressive, energies. There are in existence; there does exist, certain powerful entities, powerful energies that are not of the light. They are from, imbued with, and are representing a distortion of the light. Sometimes the distortion is such that it could be termed an abomination. Some of you will have heard or read of powerful entities from other universes - they are galactic in nature; your terminology is I believe “warlords”. You have warlords here in the flesh, in humanity, with their armies at present bringing hardship and deprivation through their lust for power; unbridled power.
They are assisted, they are accelerated by galactic energies that are feeling the squeeze and realise that very shortly there will be very little room for them to move if anything. Because as the light expands so too does the darkness recede until such time as the darkness has nowhere to recede to. It will have painted itself into a corner.
I do not wish to expand upon that. It is my wish for you to focus on the light: be the light; have the light surround you wherever you are. Send the light everywhere, to every corner…hhmmn…it does sound strange….you have a spherical planet and you talk of corners on a sphere? Hmmnn…your terminology …..every corner of the planet.

And so I congratulate you, all of you souls. I don’t just say this meaning souls who are here at present: I am also addressing those souls who are hearing my words; or reading my words. ‘All inclusive’ the term is I believe; all souls inclusive, I congratulate you on the amount of light that you absorb and expand. And I am here asking you for your own good and for the good and continued advancement, peaceful advancement of your planet to continue to send out the light. And send it out with joy: send it out with laughter. This does not have to be a level of depression or suppression: you were meant to enjoy yourselves, so enjoy yourselves! Enjoy yourselves in the knowingness that in the realms there is no judgement: judgement is a human construct; one that should be shattered and discarded. So we don’t need criticism or judgement; what this planet needs is allowance! It needs tolerance: understanding; compassion, it needs various qualities. Now I do not say that your planet is without that: I say that the way forward for your planet is to expand on that; to grow that and to ultimately become that totally.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, haa….bearing in mind that you are all ultimately going home.
And I Aranuth have stated many times…..”I will bring you home”….”I will bring you home safely”.
Thank you for having me in your wonderful light; it is magnificent; and every time that I come to visit you I find myself more and more reluctant to go home….ha, ha, ha, haa…ahh…never mind….I’ll come back into this physicality with the kind permission of my medium, and he welcomes me every time; simply because I am him, he is I, we are one; in the one-ness and the all-ness of the Creators love and light,
Good evening dear ones; God bless you…and we love you dearly,
Thank you.

For the North Queensland residents the channelling days, times, and venues has been altered to accommodate most session attendees. Most of you will have already been notified of some of the changes but not all so….
Ravenshoe will be on the last Friday of each month at the Butter Factory commencing at the usual time of 1-30 p.m.

Atherton has been rescheduled from the evening of the first and third Tuesdays of the month and will now be held mornings (once monthly) on the second Tuesday of each month at the Mystic Shop commencing at the new time of 9-30 a.m.

Cairns has been added to the list with sessions scheduled quarterly; the next Cairns session will be Friday October 23rd at Cominos House commencing at 7 p.m.

As you can see Aranuth and myself (can’t go one without the other!) will be travelling to and visiting more towns and areas within reason to bring his simple and down-to-earth messages to as many people as wish to hear his message. If you wish to have Aranuth visit your area, town, or city please contact me the address below.

These messages are to be shared with anyone who wishes to receive them but please do not alter or edit them without my permission.
To subscribe, un-subscribe, comment, or post a question please contact me at:

Peace and Joy to the world,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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