Aranuth Speaks: Tuesday 4th Aug 2009 - To Assist with the Ascension of Souls

Changes have been occurring so quickly and so often lately that the key phrase for the times appears to be “expect the unexpected”. All around me I witness change taking place in almost every aspect of everyone’s lives….including mine.
Change has come to the channelling session days, times, and venues as well. Our very popular monthly Ravenshoe session now has a new home in a central position a stones throw from Ravenshoe’s main street: Cairns city has been added to the list for regular sessions: and Atherton is undergoing a “make-over” as well with a change in frequency, session days and times, and a possible change of venue to boot.
It’s all happening.
The guides advise me that the best way to negotiate the changes is to walk your pathway peacefully and not get hooked into or caught up in the dramas that surround you. It is quite a balancing act and requires a large measure of positivity, trust, and non-involvement however it is achievable.

The July 17th channelled message featuring the Crystal Light Brotherhood / Sisterhood and Crystal Light Technology has struck a responsive chord with everyone. Only once previously has a channelled message prompted such interest and generated such comment and positive feedback.

The message channelled at the regular Ravenshoe monthly meeting on Thursday 30th July was accidentally recorded over the top and is not available for transcription to text at present. I did have the foresight however to make an audio CD of it and have it here in my audio files and available to anyone who wishes to hear the message. In coming days I will transfer the message from disc-to-tape-to-text.

The message below was channelled at the Atherton session on the evening of Tuesday the 4th of August.

“Hmmnn, yes; this evening we have quite a little treat for you. If you may just allow a brief moment ……..the Mother, Maryam, is here to speak…….(a few moments of breath and energy adjustment)………

“Good evening dear souls. I bring you blessings from on high. I bring you blessings from higher realms than you currently inhabit. Realms where you have not even dared to dream about. However, such realms do exist and they exist in a much greater degree of power and of light, and of the power behind the light which is love. You have not ever traversed sufficiently the various elevations and graduations of vibratory frequencies to enable you to arrive in the realm where I abide.
Previously I did release through another, through an intermediary, information regarding the Fraternity, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Light; of the Crystal Light. The Crystal Light exists in all of it’s glory, in all of it’s unbounded power and magnificence, and I now find that it is appropriate that this knowledge of the evolution and development of not only you souls incarnate, and the planet Earth, but also many other levels of existence, many other levels that sustain what you would call life-forms. Some of those life-forms, you, in the limitedness of physicality in a dimension of solid matter are unable to identify or even understand this on a simplistic level. The Crystal Light as you have previously heard is in fact a hologram, an exact copy of the Divine White Light. The copy, the hologram, is so perfect so as to be almost indistinguishable from the Creator Source itself.
For eons many of the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood in what you would term the more advanced realms, as well as the Supreme Council of the Brotherhood of Light and many other fraternities that you have not yet become aware of, have been very seriously considering what we could bring to you to speed up your awakening, your advancement, and your upliftment to a vibratory state that would be of sufficient power, intensity, and light that it can lift you out of this realm where you have been confined for eons of time beyond your understanding.

It was considered most appropriate to bring to you the awareness of the existence of the Crystal Light Technology. We term it Crystal Light Technology because it has numerous applications and unprecedented graduations of power and application to all of the realms and not just your little physical earth planet. The Crystal Light at this point in your evolution, in your development, is the most powerful and most potent force that you can use to alter and change everything, everything that is a part of you and your advancement, your development, your upliftment; and most of all your understanding of how you can move from this vibratory level to one of a much higher frequency.
If you are not already aware I shall inform you now that this level, this level of expression, this current vibratory level will very shortly cease to exist.

Putting it in a very simplistic manner your vibratory level, your solid matter existence, will soon cease to exist: it will cease to be habitable; it will cease to sustain you as a life-form. There are many, many souls who have exercised their free-will choice and are taking up the option of passing over in various manner and returning home to the realm that they are most compatible with. There are also those souls who are already in the realms, in the “home” realms, awaiting the cessation of this existence: awaiting a similar planet to Mother Earth but of different vibration suitable for them to incarnate upon and continue their journey of learning by experience.

We have heard you many times talk about ascending, transitioning, from this planet of solid matter into a higher vibratory existence onto a host planet which you may say is a replica of Mother Earth and which has been almost universally termed the “Fifth Dimension”. The fifth dimension will exist: many souls presently incarnate, and those presently “home” in the realms awaiting another opportunity to incarnate, as well as some souls presently incarnate who will require a major uplift in energy, in refined energy, refined to such an extent that it will produce ease of transition into a much higher frequency not necessarily what you term the “Fifth Dimension”. So you see among all of the billions of souls presently incarnate there are souls who are already of a much higher vibration masquerading as third-dimensional beings here on your planet taking advantage of the ever-increasing power of the inflow of the Creator’s Energy that will provide them with sufficient “boost” to go not only to the fifth dimension but beyond.

Who dares to go beyond? Who dares ? Who has the courage? Who has the commitment and determination and especially the splendid vision of what lies beyond? Not everyone is aware of that. Not everyone is sufficiently advanced and learned enough to go beyond but those souls do exist and we will be watching every soul. Whether they take baby steps or giant leaps forward we will be there to bear witness to that; to validate their upliftment, and provide whatever assistance we possibly can providing that their expression of free-will choice is to ask us to provide that assistance.

With the greater majority of souls incapable of going past what you term the vibratory level of the “Fifth Dimension”, we find that in our quest to assist the greater number of souls we decided to release to you knowledge of the Crystal Light. We wish to not only make you aware of its existence and power but also to give some explanation as to how it actually works. Your being-ness, especially your energy being-ness, is extremely compatible with the Crystal Light because the Light Energy that you truly are is Crystalline in structure…it is the structure of your light. The very basis of the structure of your light is Crystalline. Your physical body is quite capable of becoming Crystalline.
To convert your body from one of density to light only requires that you continually expose it to the Crystalline Light. We suggest that you continually absorb the Light: absorb the Crystalline Light; and like your sponge soaks up water so too will the entirety of your five-body system absorb the Crystalline Light which will as a matter of course convert the density of solid matter into a Light structure that has its basis, has its foundation in, and is composed of Light. Crystal Light!

There is no big secret. The only reason that souls incarnate consider some of this information to be secret is because you love drama and secrecy: it is all part of the human “game” not forgetting that the human “game” as it presently exists, and as you know, will cease to exist very shortly. It will return in a much altered, much changed vibratory form after the completion of the “Change of the Ages”. The Change of the Ages is not about to take place in the space of a snap of the fingers or the last tick of a clock. The Change of the Ages has been taking place for eons of time. However it is only in recent times that souls incarnate, and souls discarnate on levels close to your dimension, have noticed the acceleration in the energies.
The Logos, the Masters, and the Supreme Creator Force are not prepared for you to dilly-dally on your evolutionary pathway any longer so the decision was taken to deliberately remove lower vibrating levels and replace them with higher vibratory realms which will have the effect of forcing the laggards to vacate the lower levels of existence and to move as they were meant to into a higher and finer state of beingness.
In coming times as you term it I Maryam and many of the Masters and the higher evolved beings of the Crystal Light Brotherhood / Sisterhood will be continually at your side: at the side of humanity; at the side of all souls incarnate urging them to not only take advantage of, but actively employ the use of the Crystal Light Technology.

As an early lesson shall we say, I would like to suggest to you that you allocate time, and not a short period of time, but as lengthy a period that you can manage, every day to quieten the mind, to go within, to become “Self”. Not the physical self, but to become the energy Self and to call in the Crystal Light: to allow the Crystal Light to penetrate and to permeate the totality of your five-body system with the clearly expressed goal of becoming; becoming a Crystalline Light Being. So your first little lesson of homework is for you to set aside that time, to go within, to call for the Light, and to ask fervently that the Crystalline Light convert the solid-matter cells of you body into Light Cells; Crystalline Light cells so that at the time of your calling, and the time that you will be called will be a time of your choosing, we will examine your light quotient, we will establish what your level of Crystalline Light content is, and we will escort you to a level commensurate with the level of light that you have achieved.
We are not bringing this to you on a platter. It is of your choosing, you are the one who will make the choice because you are the one who will apply yourself to your free-will chosen level. Whatever you choose is okay because it is you and not us who requires the shift from solid matter to Crystalline Light particles;
And so I will leave you with that little lesson. We of the Crystal Light Brotherhood and Sisterhood and many of our innumerable assistants will be watching and assisting without interfering. We will await your request. There are great numbers of Light Beings waiting now to hear your call and to mentor you along your pathway to the level that you have chosen. So I will leave you with blessings, blessings, blessings,
Thank you.

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Peace, Joy, Harmony, to the world;


Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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