Aranuth Speaks: Tuesday 18th Aug. 09 - To Assist with Ascent of Souls.

Time and change waits for no man; that could be the new and more relevant saying for today’s world. For a very long time now people have been telling me about the unexpected happenings and changes in their life that have ranged from surprising to stunning to downright scary. Some of the changes have given people cause to stop, wonder, and at times experience breath-catching feelings of insecurity, inability to cope or understand, and worst of all fear of what the next moment may bring. Restless interrupted sleep patterns: panic attacks both mild and intense; intermittent bouts of lethargy; random short-term memory loss, especially of commonly used words and phrases, it’s all in the mix. Many have had cause to wonder if they were experiencing the first signs of bi-polar, Alziemers or some other mental health problem.

My guides have been advising me not to hang onto anything; this is a time of releasing attachments. If it starts drifting away from you or you find that you are losing interest just let it go; it simply means it is of no further use to you at this point on your pathway.

So many people have said to me “oh, you’re so lucky having entities like Aranuth and others to look after you”. Well, I can assure you that “sensitives” like me are no different than you. We have the same life experiences and feel the changes and their effects the same as you do….even more intensely in a number of instances. We’re all in the same boat.
Not forgetting that everyone has their own guides around them, caring for them, and protecting them the same as “sensitives” do with the exception that in many cases many others are not fully aware of their guides close proximity and involvement. Be assured though, your guides are right there beside you helping you as much as they can over the rough patches and giving you full and free rein to spread your wings and fly over the smooth stretches.

Quite a number of souls are choosing this time to pass over, to depart this life; and they are doing it in somewhat unusual, tragic, or bizarre circumstances. And there is also something of a “rush hour” of souls coming in to be here for the “change of the ages”. Quite some balancing-out going on here!

The following message was channelled at the first morning session to be held in Atherton.

”Aahhh, ha, ha, ha, haaa,…(Aranuth claps his hands happily)….aaahh…..Good evening, good evening dear children. Here we are again in the house of light. This is different. This is so different. I have been here for some time. I was here before many of you arrived. And I have been watching, waiting, and observing. You may not be aware that today you are few in number here incarnate, and there are many in number here today who are discarnate. If you had the eyes to see you would notice that there are more than triple your number in energy form mixing and mingling with you here today.
Today I thought that what we would bring to you is a simple recipe for living, for walking your pathway. A very simple recipe. It is what is required in the turbulent times on your planet; and the turbulence comes in many forms and was created by many things not just those of the human.
You are more than aware, we have spoken many times, of the altered and ever-changing energy that fills and surrounds your planet and every other planet in your universe and in your multi-verses. One is All and All is One; when One changes All changes. You are not just experiencing these things as individuals: everything animate and inanimate is affected by these changes.
What I am here today to talk to you about is how you may walk your pathway in peace and with responsibility and demonstrating a large degree of acceptance and trust. Your planet changes moment by moment and will never be the same again. Once change has been effected it can never be altered back to what it was or from whence it came.
Being a man of the people, and I have often stated “I am a man of the people and I am here to bring you home safely”, and so I come to you at a time like this to give you advice, to give you fair counselling, on what you could consider to be the most beneficial way to walk your pathway. Not forgetting that this life-time that you are presently enduring is all a constructed illusion for your learning: it is a constructed illusion holding and encompassing experiences; and within those experiences lay sometimes hidden lessons. These are the lessons that you, yourself, devised and requested; you do not undergo any experience, any lesson on your pathway except that which you have chosen whether it be chosen as an intrinsic part of your own pathway or whether it is to be shared totally or partially with another. It is still of your choosing.

There are many souls on this planet at present who are confused. They have no idea what they are doing here; why they are here, where they are going, or how to get there if they did know. I am here to tell you that this is not just one it is one of many lifetimes that you have had, will have, or are having; not forgetting that the past, the present, and the future is now. However you have a look at these lives and you prefer to compartmentalise them as the past, the present, the future. You are all living parallel lives. You are all multi-aspected; that is you have several aspects, you are multi-aspected, and you are living multiple lives in multiple realities at the same time. The only thing that we can do is help you in this aspect, in this life, at this time, while walking this, what you consider to be your individual pathway. That is all that you have to concern yourself with at this point in time, in this incarnation; you only have to concern yourself with the now. I am here to tell you that possibly the most beneficial manner in which you can conduct your life is peacefully. Peacefully. If you look around you in peace: live your life in peace; be at peace, spend as much time daily - and I have spoken to you previously about this – going within and being peaceful. And along with being peaceful it is beneficial for you to be accepting of what is on your pathway: what comes to you; to be trusting that everything is in Divine Order, nothing is happening at random, it all part of the Divine Plan.
Now having said that; I would also like you to take those three items that I have just mentioned, put them together in your life, and walk your pathway taking responsibility for yourself, for your choices, and for your actions. We will not deal with judgement and guilt right now because in all reality there is no judgement and no guilt. However what I am here to encourage you to do is to walk your pathway in peace. Everyone that you meet on your pathway, exude peace to them: exude peace to the world; because that is the only way that you are going to have peace upon your planet. Because the only way that you will have peace on your planet is when the vast majority, the greater proportion of sous incarnate on this planet go peacefully about their pathway; and peace at present is one of the biggest issues facing humanity.
You are all very much aware that you have free-will choice: you get to choose; you make the choice, and even though you spend many minutes and hours of your days calling out to one above asking for help, asking for assistance, asking them to change the situation that you are confronted with; they cannot change what you have chosen, although they may help you along your pathway with that particular lesson.
Change happens. You ask for change in your life: if your pathway has been designed to accommodate such change without denying or adversely affecting the lessons that you have chosen on your pathway then change may be allowed. But we from the realms are not allowed to interfere: we are not allowed to change something that you have expressed free-will choice and have chosen to include as an experience and a lesson that you came here to do.
No one is responsible for you except yourself. There is no such thing as blame. Blame, judgement, and guilt can all be thrown in the same wastepaper basket. Rubbish!
You chose for yourself: if this life is not producing what you would prefer to have, you are the one who changes it. You are the one who has to ask for the change; to bring in the change; you are the one who will manifest the change.
So while we are talking about change it behoves me to mention that as a physical embodiment, as energy embodied in physicality, you are very much shrouded. You do have the ability to see the whole “big picture”, and may I say to you, you are not in possession of all of the facts; all of the knowledge, or all of the understanding which goes towards choice. Some of the things in your life that you may find difficult or abhorrent, you, as energy embodied, may call out for change because you do not wish to do this lesson; you may wish to have that situation taken away, and yet you in your energy form, the totality of what you are, chose that. You desired that. It was an experience and a lesson that you chose to undergo because you considered that essential or necessary for your soul growth; for your soul enrichment.
On another level; a higher level of the totality of who and what you are, you understand that. Whilst you are embodied; energy, in the physical body, shrouded, shielded from the reality, you can only see what your physicality allows you to see. And this of course gives rise to judgement. You judge the experience: you judge the habit; you judge the effect, and you judge the situation. You judge it as “good” or “bad” when suited to “me”. You put out all of these judgements and then apportion blame. “Oh it must be my mother’s fault”. “Or my father’s”. “Or that horrible boss that I have”. “Or it’s just my bad luck”. “It is that unfortunate illness”.
Why? Why are you apportioning blame? It is what you chose!
This is your life pathway. These are the experiences and the lessons that you personally, in company with your higher self and your guides chose. These experiences and lessons are designed to provide you with the maximum amount of soul growth; soul enrichment, expanding and enriching the energy being that you are.

And of course along comes Mr. Guilt. If you feel guilty; what do you feel guilty about? You judged: you judged yourself; and others. You blamed: you blamed yourself and others; and now you pull on the overcoat of guilt. Why are you feeling guilt? You are feeling guilt because you judged. That was “good”: that was “bad”; “I shouldn’t have done that”; I shouldn’t have allowed that”. “I should have known better”. “I shouldn’t have been involved in that”. So you have all of this judgement, blame, and guilt. Each and every one of those three issues is the proverbial millstone around your neck. It is what is dragging you down to the bottom: it is what is preventing you from rising and becoming who and what you truly are. Judgement – blame – guilt. 
Hmmnn…. This is what is preventing a great number of souls from being able to be who and what they truly are.

We have spoken previously about this charade: this physical embodiment; in this created illusion. It’s all a charade! And it’s all there for you because you asked for it!
You requested it.

So now we come back to responsibility: You, and you alone must take responsibility for all that happens in your life because you wrote the script. You wrote it into the script. Nobody does anything to you. The only thing other people do to you is what you have written into the script to be part of your learning pathway: and that other soul embodied whom you curse daily for bringing adverse and painful events, happenings, and situations into your life was actually performing a wonderful service to you. They are performing a service of love.
You required another entity to be embodied: to take certain steps and actions and utter words and cause a very hurtful, painful, and thorny situation to arise in your life, like a barrier or an obstacle on your pathway: and between the two of you, you got together and you worked this all out so this other soul provided you with a difficult soul lesson; you are the one who experiences it and overcomes it. And becomes much wiser, becomes much more effective; you become more enriched.
So…responsibility: yes, take responsibility for yourself.

Judge? How can you judge that other person for doing that to you when you know now that you did it! You consulted with that person and you worked it out between you. How can you blame that person when that person is performing that service for you?

We in the realms understand how very difficult it is for energy beings incarnate to walk pathways which are often times most difficult; pathways that are strewn with obstacles and hurdles: and we also understand that because you are incarnate you have this restriction, this heavy mist of embodiment; you have this closed cocoon which is your mind, which is your cosmic mind. You have cocooned and isolated the part of you that processes the mind, the cosmic mind-of-all, and that was necessary so that you could have that experience. Because if you could access your cosmic mind at all times there is no sense in writing a script for a pathway of experiences and lessons. Because as soon as you step onto the pathway you already know all of the answers. You know what it is all about; you would just automatically do it so it’s “game over”. That is why your cosmic mind has been isolated. It has been quarantined.

And now we come to this point in time where you are about to welcome in the “change of the ages”. Welcome in? Well, certainly you souls on another level are welcoming in the change. On a purely physical level you go into fear and insecurity, worrying, because of the change that is affecting your lives; the change that is bringing perceived tragedy. The change that is bringing so much alteration. Cutting away the old and bringing in the new.
The change is here.
On another level you welcome it: on this level it is difficult. So what I am asking you to do is balance; to get onto balance. Balance yourself, your being-ness, your energy. And now knowing and understanding what is happening to you on your own personal level: knowing and understanding the absolute uselessness of judgement, of fear, of blame, of guilt, and the absolute uselessness of negativity. Now is the time for you to start understanding where you came from, where you are going…. and you are going well: and how do you enhance your pathway. Well, you enhance your pathway by walking it in peace. Go through your life peacefully: accept, accept everything that is in your life because it is not just a random act that came out of the blue and knocked you off your feet. Trust that your pathway is well laid out, that it is well constructed: trust that your pathway is lined with not only many signposts and goal posts it is also lined with beings from other realities, from other levels, who are much more advanced than you: who stand there beside your pathway and they clap and cheer you as you walk that pathway; as you climb over those hurdles, as you remove those blockages. And you do it peacefully: and you do it with trust; you do it with acceptance, taking full responsibility for yourself.

One other thing I thought that I might discuss with you today is releasing attachments. Releasing attachments: now we are talking about releasing old attachments; new attachments, all attachments. Yes, you have multiple things in your life. They are all there for you: they are all there for your growth; for your experience, they are all there as part of your pathway. But it is not good to attach yourself firmly to these things because after a period of time it reverses itself and that attachment holds and controls you!

Things come into your life, they are there for a reason: use them wisely, responsibly, then let them drift away: if they do not stay in your life comfortably do not keep reaching out to bring them back. If something comes into your life and then wishes to move out of your life allow it: do not reach out and pull it back because that attachment will reach out and grab you and hold you hostage; and you will become a slave to the attachment. Now I’m talking about all attachments: I’m talking about physical, emotional, mental; and of course there are certain levels of spiritual attachments. Do not ever forget that the All is all a stream; that the All-ness is a constant stream. The stream is ever-flowing, ever-changing, ever-altering.
You cannot stop the stream: you become part of the stream; you go with the stream. If the stream brings something into your life then that is there for you: it is part of your experience; it is part of your lesson, and you extract the gold, the juice, the essence from that and you benefit from that. Then let it go! If it wants to pull away from you then let it go! If something is being taken from you act responsibly; and there are times when you will have to let it go because it is being taken from you for a reason; it no longer serves it’s purpose, it is no longer of any value to you.
So I would advise you to ponder attachments. What is it that you are attached to that does not serve you? It brings you pain: it brings you discomfort; it brings tears to your eyes and prevents you from going forward. Again, again, and again I will keep reminding you, it is for your benefit to allocate a time every day to divest yourself of everything associated with the physical world and go within. Go within. Peace: sit in peace; be peaceful. Go within, wait, you do not have to do anything. The only thing that you need do is be yourself. Sit quietly in peace and allow your knowledge and intuition, allow all of this to express within you or come to you.
Hmmnnn: my children I urge you to think upon that, to ponder that within your heart. Peace, acceptance, trust, positivity, responsibility; ponder all of those things and release all attachments hook, by hook, by hook.
Freedom? Do you know what freedom is?
Freedom is not being a slave to anyone or anything. It is being without attachment. Being attached to no thing and having no thing attached to you. That’s freedom. That is freedom!
And so I say to you dear ones we will always be there beside you, to help you, even though you do not have the ability to see the many advanced souls, the many advanced and knowledgeable beings who are with you almost constantly urging you on; not taking away your free-will choice but putting options before you to help you to make a very good choice.
And so with that dear ones I Aranuth and others will now take our leave and allow you to carry on with your daily life. I leave you with love and blessings. And I will bring you home.
Thank you and good evening dear ones.

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“The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white; nor do you need do anything except be yourself ”. Lao-Tse

Rainbows and Roses,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell


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