Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe 28th August ‘09 - To Assist with the Ascension of Souls.

Hello everyone from all corners of the globe;
Like a downhill racer we are surely picking up speed and impetus as we progress towards the coming vibrational upliftment. All is in Divine Order although to some it may not appear so. The change of the ages is going to happen whether we assist with it or not; however, we can assist with the birthing of this new age, this new level of expression, if we choose to. The procedure for that is simply to choose, express, and radiate love, light, peace, and positivity. The alternative to that will not stop the metamorphosis of the earth into a higher and finer vibrating entity it will only sort the wheat from the chaff. From where I stand it would be very unwise to choose the chaff down-chute.

As always Aranuth comes with another helpful message designed to point the way to advancement and enlightenment. Aranuth and others can only make the information available to us; it’s up to each individual to choose for themselves whether to take advantage of it or not…free-will choice.

The message is a short one in comparison to previous channellings; but then again the communicator is quite different to Aranuh; and not as experienced channelling through me. He will come again and hopefully will feel more comfortable and maybe more profusely expressive.

“Ah, ha, ha, haa; Ahhh, Good evening; Good evening once again.
It is always my pleasure to come and visit you ….ahh, ha, ha,….it’s not really possible for you to come and visit me is it? Ha, ha, ha.
Today I have brought a guest. The guest has some rather important information that he wishes to impart to you. I have spent some time with this medium over the last few days of your time introducing the guest that requires no introduction. Familiarising, not with just both energies, but carrying out small adjustments so that the guest may be accommodated by this medium here today and into the future.
The guest that I would like to introduce to you is called Sirianda; Siri-an-da.
Sirianda is the name that the entity has chosen simply because he is of the Sirian energy stream. Knowing or not, many of you also carry the energy of the Sirians; others carry energy from what you would call various galactic vibratory levels. And so now I will encourage Sirianda to step into this cocoon (my energy orb of light) and speak with you.

“I thank you”….a very different voice…”I thank you for admittance to your energy group; and I thank you for your welcome. My visit here, the purpose of my visit here on this evening is to joyfully give you some information that you will find helpful, interesting, it will stay with you locked in here, (taps head) and in here (touches heart) and you will recall if not my words then certainly the impact, the essence of the energy.
Today this discussion shall we say will take the form of history; the history of your planet.

History is not always past. History can also be present; history can also be future. Because past, present, and future is one…you understand that!
The history of your world I have noted scholars and other learned beings express an opinion that your world is in excess of fifty million years old. That is only the beginning of it. In actual fact the history of your planet goes back to possibly five times fifty but we do not put a timing as such on these things.
When the Creator breathed forth the thought, the breath, the energy, that caused the fusion of this planet it caused a great fusion of energies which when it cooled became a planet; it became solid matter. So that is the beginning of your planet.
As Mother Earth evolved; as Mother Earth was implanted with all of the various animals, mammals, reptiles, and insects, the trees and your water; as it evolved the decision was taken that there should be a method of recording the evolution of your planet…… in no way associated with a time frame. As your planet evolved there was currently evolving, concurrently evolving, your mammals that you know as whales and dolphins. Now the whale was chosen to be the repository of that history of the evolution of your planet. You could liken it to a mammalian Akash because every single thing, omitting no thing, every single happening was recorded and held in what you might call a “library” within the mammalian structure.
Presently many souls can harken back to what you call the Atlantis period. The history of your planet goes back far beyond that; so far back that souls incarnate would very rarely attain or gain the ability to access all of the history. Now there are souls upon your planet who can access portions of the Akash; they have the ability to visit the Akashic hall of records. The minds of the mammalians have a far more extensive library than what you know as the Akash.

Whether you are aware of it or not your earth and the happenings upon it are cyclic. Often times, and sometimes with great regularity, the earth will continue to revisit, recycle, previous happenings and that is because whilst the planet accepts without question what happens to it the human occupation, habitation, continues to make the same unwise choices and bring about the same negative events; time, after time, after time. It has been discussed in the galactic realms along with those great beings from the spiritual realms the prospect and the method of releasing to you the history of your planet. The accumulated knowledge of all that has ever taken place on this planet.
The whale, the dolphins, yourselves, and many other animate objects are infused with the Crystal Light, the Crystalline Light. Your mammals from beneath the waters are possibly the most advanced example of a living organism infused totally with the Crystalline Light energy.
Now being familiar with your technology and your computers; your scientists have developed what you call a micro-chip. A very small chip capable of storing enormous amounts of data. Consider if you will the Crystal Energy; how much data can be stored on the most minute dot of Crystalline Energy. By comparison your micro-chip is enormous and cumbersome.
Because the whales and their offspring are all of the Crystalline Light, all of recorded history, all of planetary history, is stored within the Crystalline embodiment of the whale. It is passed down through each generation; it is held there safely and securely in a manner that can never be eliminated. So all of this knowledge and information will never be lost, never! So when you look at your whales swimming in your oceans who among you would have believed that they carry so much knowledge, so much information, and so much history.
And now we come to this point in time where the Brotherhood of the Light, the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light, the Galactic Council, and the Great Spiritual Beings of Light have now deemed it beneficial for the whales to give up, to give out, all of that recorded and stored data, the history of your world. The reason why we deemed the time appropriate is because we feel that it is most beneficial for you to know this history, to study this history, to learn lessons from it. We wish you to stop on your pathway, turn, look back on the way that humanity has come and learn lessons from the unwise choices of the past and use that knowledge and information to make much wiser choices into what you call your future.

Your planet; all of you souls incarnate and discarnate, all of the animals, all of the things that your planet has been seeded with is now at the very crossroads of the evolution of your planet.
In a very short period of my time your planet is going to undergo a dramatic change in the strength of the vibration that holds your planet. As you enter into a critical phase of the changing energies you will need to be well-armed: well-armed with knowledge; well-armed with the knowledge of what has gone before you; what now confronts you; and what is possible into your future.

As you can imagine the whales will not just be able to transmit all of that which they store in their Crystalline Akashic records….hmmnnn…a whale of a record eh?
What has been decided upon with the blessing of the Creator is that as the energies that surrounds, permeates, and affects your planet; as they alter, as they strengthen, as they gain in power and intensity the Great Masters of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light will activate a slow and measured release mechanism within your mammalians so that as the energy that surrounds and affects you, your planet, and everything upon it; as you reach the capability, (to accept and absorb) the whales will begin to radiate their knowledge. They will begin to release the knowledge, the information, all that is stored and recorded within the Crystalline storehouse of the mammal will start to radiate in a measured flow: it will radiate out into and mix with the ever-increasing energy so in the coming few years of your time; as you absorb this newer, heightened energy, so too will you absorb all of the information that is being released and radiated to you by the whales. In this manner no one, no thing, no organisation can subvert this dispersal, this distribution of knowledge. No one person, one thing, or one group can prevent the distribution of this knowledge and information to you.

How will you receive it? Well as you receive the life-force within the vibratory changes that are coming; so too will that vibration carry that knowledge into you.
How will you access it? You will access it in what you would call a “knowing-ness”; you will have this “knowing”. It will not be coming to you in an intuitive form, it will be a “knowing-ness” within you and perhaps could be considered more as a “memory”; like a tribal memory handed down from one generation to another. And so in this manner all souls will have this “knowing-ness” and having that “knowing-ness” is being fore-armed. It will greatly empower you: it will greatly assist you in the decisions that you take individually and as a race: the human race; as an entire humanity.

There will be more on this at a later date. In the meantime I would ask you to pay very close and very special attention to what is happening in here (heart) Pay attention to your intuition, to your hunches, because the fuel of the hunches and intuition is the “knowing-ness”. Now the “knowing-ness” is going to be implanted in you for you to use: for you to lift yourselves up; for you to use sometimes imperceptibly, sometimes with a rush, into a vibratory level that consists of far greater beauty than anything you have seen or experienced before.
And so I thank you for making me welcome: for hearing my words; and again I urge to have quiet times, more quiet times, for going within, for acknowledging what you feel, and taking more positive action on what you are feeling. What drives you will carry you through; it will carry you home. You have nothing to fear but you must be aware and alert.
Thank you; thank you for accommodating me this evening.

Thank you.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell


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