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Aranuth Speaks: Ravenshoe 28th August ‘09 - To Assist with the Ascension of Souls.

Hello everyone from all corners of the globe;
Like a downhill racer we are surely picking up speed and impetus as we progress towards the coming vibrational upliftment. All is in Divine Order although to some it may not appear so. The change of the ages is going to happen whether we assist with it or not; however, we can assist with the birthing of this new age, this new level of expression, if we choose to. The procedure for that is simply to choose, express, and radiate love, light, peace, and positivity. The alternative to that will not stop the metamorphosis of the earth into a higher and finer vibrating entity it will only sort the wheat from the chaff. From where I stand it would be very unwise to choose the chaff down-chute.

As always Aranuth comes with another helpful message designed to point the way to advancement and enlightenment. Aranuth and others can only make the information available to us; it’s up to each individual to choose for themselves whether to take advantage of…

Aranuth Speaks: Tuesday 18th Aug. 09 - To Assist with Ascent of Souls.

Time and change waits for no man; that could be the new and more relevant saying for today’s world. For a very long time now people have been telling me about the unexpected happenings and changes in their life that have ranged from surprising to stunning to downright scary. Some of the changes have given people cause to stop, wonder, and at times experience breath-catching feelings of insecurity, inability to cope or understand, and worst of all fear of what the next moment may bring. Restless interrupted sleep patterns: panic attacks both mild and intense; intermittent bouts of lethargy; random short-term memory loss, especially of commonly used words and phrases, it’s all in the mix. Many have had cause to wonder if they were experiencing the first signs of bi-polar, Alziemers or some other mental health problem.

My guides have been advising me not to hang onto anything; this is a time of releasing attachments. If it starts drifting away from you or you find that you are losing inte…

Aranuth Speaks…Ravenshoe 30th July 09 - To Assist with the Ascension of Souls.

It worked: With a little help from my wife and the instruction booklet I finally figured out how to use our tape / disc / stereo system. Technology has a habit of getting away from me what with changes and advances happening minute by minute. Maybe the brain is not keeping up to speed like it used to.
The recent August full moon energy was “something else”! It had the effect of really rattling people’s complete five-body system. Mixed-up, jumbled, and seemingly crazy and disjointed thoughts, mind constructs, and vivid dreams appear to be a releasing of our old memories, hurts, and unresolved issues often times in a symbolic-dream format. Several people contacted me for discussion or healing sessions and commented that their life was seemingly beyond their control and turned upside-down and shaken vigorously.
A few took the opportunity to depart this life in the most unexpected circumstances as well.

Below is the promised text of the Ravenshoe channelling session recorded on Thursday the …

Aranuth Speaks: Tuesday 4th Aug 2009 - To Assist with the Ascension of Souls

Changes have been occurring so quickly and so often lately that the key phrase for the times appears to be “expect the unexpected”. All around me I witness change taking place in almost every aspect of everyone’s lives….including mine.
Change has come to the channelling session days, times, and venues as well. Our very popular monthly Ravenshoe session now has a new home in a central position a stones throw from Ravenshoe’s main street: Cairns city has been added to the list for regular sessions: and Atherton is undergoing a “make-over” as well with a change in frequency, session days and times, and a possible change of venue to boot.
It’s all happening.
The guides advise me that the best way to negotiate the changes is to walk your pathway peacefully and not get hooked into or caught up in the dramas that surround you. It is quite a balancing act and requires a large measure of positivity, trust, and non-involvement however it is achievable.

The July 17th channelled message featuring the…