Aranuth Speaks: June 25th, 2009 - To assist with the Ascension of Souls.

The planet as we know it has been throwing up some wide and varied happenings most of which are unexpected. Governments around the world no sooner commence working on a solution to one vexing situation be it domestic or international when another hornet's nest seemingly explodes in their face. Of course the aggression and aggravation fomented in areas such as North Korea, Iraq, Iran, (among others) and the festering sore that is the Middle East continues to test the resolve of even the strongest leaders and workers for peace.
All is in Divine Order even though we may not be able to see it as such.

The latest message from Aranuth is an interesting one as usual and provides some wonderful information on healing the five-body system and adding power and impetus to the things that we wish to manifest in our life.

Read on ...

“Well good evening again, we come together once more in the beauty of your reality. I feel that the magnificence of your reality is not ….ahhh..ummm… completely appreciated or fully understood by you souls incarnate. That is quite okay because you are looking at your own reality from a very different perspective to what we in the realms view it. Whereupon you are looking at the solidity of your reality because it is very much a solid physical dimension to all appearances when in fact it is not, it is very fluid, we in the realms see this solidity of the physicality more as a diaphanous curtain; and beyond that curtain we see the structure and the colour and the content of the energy that combines and solidifies to create all this. Wonderful. It is all there created specifically for you souls incarnate. We have to have a playground for you, we have to have a workshop, a work area for you, and we have to have somewhere that will cater to all of the experiences that you desire within all of your lessons.
Now then, when we have a look at your reality from your perspective and our perspective, we agree that we are …err….shall we say almost on opposite sides of the coin. There will be a time however when you will, as you develop, as you advance, as you become more inlightened, enlightened but also more intuitively perceptive, you will intuitively see your reality in quite a different format to what you are now seeing it; that is all part of your advancement. Now of course, having said that you will find that some of the newer souls will continue to adhere more closely to solid matter. Those souls who are awakened and advancing will see it flexing and fluctuating and it will not appear to have much consistency because you will look at it from one aspect where you will see solid matter and then in a wink of an eye see that this is all in motion, it is energy in motion and it is all fluid. It is only a perception that it is solid and stationary. It is not stationary, it is in continual, writhing, fluid movement.

Whilst we are talking about that, I thought it might be beneficial for you and also educational, instructional, for you to now to have a look at what constitutes a human being; what constitutes a physical body, the vehicle that you use.
As we have just spoken the solidity of the body is not what it appears to be and the only reason why your body is viewed as solid matter is because the vibration around you spins at a speed which we consider quite slow which allows energy to be magnetically drawn to each other, clump, and form this embodiment which you all have. You all understand your body and what it does, what it is here for. Now I would like you to look beneath and within the embodiment; I would like you to look in there and see for yourself. See that you are energy in motion, you are energy, that it is what it is all about. It is energy.
Now the only reason that your bodies and your realities are not disintegrating and flying apart is that the speed of the spin that causes your atoms shall we say, the atoms of the physicality to clump, to solidify, now when we have a look at the human body I would like you to look as I said at the energy aspect of it.
What comprises the human body? You have your flesh and your bone and your blood, you have all of your vital organs, you have everything that will support you and carry you through this incarnation. Your body is suitably designed and adapted to comfortably transit this pathway, this current incarnation, and even though you look at it as having some handicaps some of these handicaps, what you might call deformities, are there as part of your lesson plan. So now, let us go within the physicality, let us delve in there, we will have a look, and let us have a look and see what you are made of.
Well, you are all held together by electrons, atoms, sub atoms, quarks etc; scientists know the quarks exist but are unable to measure them at present, and beneath the quark is Light. It’s the Light, the Light is your substance, the Light is the substance of you; the Light is the substance of energy. What are you? You are energy solidified. What is the substance of energy solidified? Light. What is the substance of energy when you are incarnate? Light. What is the substance, what is the essence of your true being-ness regardless of whether you are incarnate, discarnate, or visiting or expressing on any one of a multitude of vibrational levels or increments of that level? Light.
A Light being! That is what you are. That is what you always have been; that is what you always will be.
Now at this point in your life, at this point in your development, it is most beneficial for you to ponder, consider, and focus upon Light. Because you see, if we go in the reverse order we start with Light and the Light comes up to the quark, and the quark comes up to the sub atom, the division of an atom, and the Light comes up to the atom, and up to the electron, up to the magnetics, up to the flesh and bone. Light is the essence. Now, what keeps your body functioning? We go back to the basement again. Light.
You have your breath, your blood, your fluids, your nutritional foods. What are they composed of? Light. It is the Light that you survive upon. If the Light was ever withdrawn; if the Light ever went out – that’s it – lights out! You do not exist anymore. You are not even an energy form; you are nothing. You cease to exist.
Now that will never happen, never, because it is not part of the creators plan. Because in the beginning there was only Light; Light is the basic foundation, everything is built, everything is constructed of Light. Light is permeated into every aspect of your being-ness and surroundings. Now then, let us talk about people who have glowing health. They glow because of the Light. It is the Light that is within their body. It is their Light quotient. It is the power of that Light that is being expressed within that is showing without. So Light is the basic building block. Light is the One, Light is the all. Light is everything.
Now within your body, as you function, even when you go about what you may consider to be your mediocre tasks, the thing that supports you, that drives you, that powers you and fills you is Light. That’s what it is - Light.
Now medical science has not yet reached the stage where they are ready to believe, to know, that if they are going to heal anything, you have to start with the Light. You have to use the Light. Now sure, down through the ages they have used their knives and their stitches and their bandages, their lotions and their potions, and the body has responded. It wasn’t the flesh or bone that has responded; and it didn’t respond as a direct result of your physicians work, it was a direct result of the activity of the Light within you. So good health, effective healing, can only be achieved and maintained by Light. Does it not also follow that if souls incarnate want to reach their maximum, the maximum achievable in this incarnation, they should expand their Light. They should increase the potency and the impetus, the power, and the impact of Light. Light is your essence.

Now we are dealing with at present just your physical body: now then, medical practitioners, researchers, and scientists will not openly admit that they’re looking for and starting to become acutely aware of the immeasurable, invisible, vital life force. At this point in time, they do not see it as Light. However, they do admit that there is a power out there that feeds your vital life force and they don’t know what that power is and many of them will refer it back to belief, religious belief, spiritual belief, the power of prayer, the power of meditation. That is part of it. It is not the source of it.
Now if we want to heal an embodiment the best place to go is to the source. We go right back to your blueprint; and underlying that blueprint and illuminating that blueprint is the Light. Now the Light not only feeds the cells…. did you know that each cell of your body is a universe complete? Complete in itself and self contained; each cell is a universe within your body. Each cell, tiny though it may be, carries a tremendous amount of knowledge and information, it is all recorded there. Scientists are just starting to find now that they only need a single cell to start investigating the totality, the entirety, of your physical embodiment. And they think they are doing wonderfully because they are getting a blueprint there and they are looking at this blueprint that says DNA and they are saying oh wow, now we have finally found the absolute basic substance of a human being. They haven’t. They have not and they will not until they finally allow, allow themselves, admit to themselves, that it is a power called “Light” and Light is the only power, is the one power, everything comes from the Light . The power of the creator is sourced in Light. The Light source empowers everything…..every…thing.

Now, shall we go back inside the body and we will have a look inside your bodily self and your DNA and all of the atoms, sub atoms, and the quarks; all of those they are powered by the Light. Now, when you look at a physical body in its working, functioning, physicality, it just looks okay. Now to look at your x ray visions of the body, they will, according to the power, the design, and the technology employed in the machine, will show them an image of bone, flesh, tissue, blood and you can take samples and you can further define that down to the elements that combine the blood and the tissues. They have not yet even considered trying to invent, to construct, any sort of machine whether it be mechanical, technological, electrical, or any other form, that can look in and quantify the amount of Light within the body or even divisionally, separationally, select one singular pin point of Light within that body.
If you had the ability to see a pin point of Light of which there are billions in a body, do you know what you are going to see? You are going to see a Light body. You are going to see pure Light. Now when you see the Light, you are going to see various colourations, various hues, various saturations and intensities of the Light.
One form is your aura… Wow!
For those who have the eyes to see an aura, whether it is complete and entire or whether it just be patches of colour within this etheric energy flow around you, they are still seeing your Light in a form of completeness not as an individual pin point.
Now if you had a magnifier and you looked at a person’s Light; and if you were to magnify a portion of that Light, to take a portion of that Light from anywhere in their orb, in the light cocoon that surrounds each and everybody, if you take a patch of that aura-light you have a holograph, a hologram, of the entirety of that being. So if the body is made of billions of pin points of Light, in any part of that overall Light if you were to extract even one singular pin point of Light and magnify that to the required level you would have a hologram, a holograph, of the entirety of that being.
So now we come back again to Light; so what does it do in your body to successfully maintain and promote a healthy glowing physical being-ness? You have to go right back to the essence of Light and you have to intensify that Light. That is the Light within you. Now I can already see some of you are starting to make the connection. I can see waves of electrons and they are jumping across in your mind, in your brain; I can see little snakes of electrons jumping across and making the connection But I will clarify the connection for you; I would enjoy clarifying the connection for you,
I have stated that Light is the basis of all: so your physicality has its essence in Light; so too does your mind, your mental, so too does that aspect have it’s source and is powered by Light. So too is your emotions powered by light. What you call your spiritual body, and that’s a word of many applications, your spiritual body is also sourced in and supported by Light because Light is all; Light is everything. Everything is powered by the Light
When you are discarnate as I have previously spoken, you are an energy being, you are energy sourced in the Light. Do you know, do you know that when you were first breathed forth from the Creator. Do you know what you were breathed forth as? You weren‘t a wriggly grub of energy; you weren’t a flow of energy; you were a spark, a minute spark of Light. There is your birth; there is your source. A tiny spark of Light. Now should you be able to witness the birth of a new soul you would see shall we say a diaphanous membrane curtain that ebbs and flows with the Creators breath. And when the Creator chooses to breathe forth an incredibly minute spark of Light that now floats through the atmosphere like a sylph, Great beings of Light and Love, compassion and tenderness are there to take that spark gently, take it to what you might call a Light spark nursery. When it is safely placed in that nursery with the other new-born Lights the combined Light given off resembles a conglomeration, a swarm of fireflies, and from there as each spark of life grows, intensifies, expands, and becomes empowered, it will then commence its journey.
Now I am not saying that it commences its journey on this realm of expression; it simply commences its journey. This dense physical realm of expression may or may not be included in the various levels and realms that it will go to in succession to accumulate soul growth.
We shall leave that for another evening.

We shall go back to your embodiment, back to all five embodiments; the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and higher self that you truly are. The higher self encompasses the totality of those bodies so they cease to become a division or separation, they become encompassed as one. What do they become encompassed
as? Light! So there is your energy. Energy is the Light that drives it. It is the Light that is responsible for it. Consider for yourself, how do you create? How do you manifest? How do you bring things into this earth walk, into this incarnation, into this now , this very now?... hmmm? …If you want to construct something whether it is physical, emotional, mental, if you want to construct anything doesn’t it make sense to use the prime building block – Light. So, here is a little clue for you. When you very honestly, very earnestly sit and contemplate, express energetically, express what you desire; express, clarify, clearly and sharply what your intent is, the only way that you can bring the object of that desire and intent into this reality is that you have to envision it, you have to picture it, precisely, no ragged edges, no maybe this or maybe that, picture precisely what it is that you want, picture it, declare your desire and your intent, then empower it with the Light; empower it with the Light to ensure that what you are attempting to create in this life whether it be minor or major, micro or macro, power it with the Light.
Same with your bodies, if you want to heal your bodies, direct Light to it, direct Light to the whole body or proportion of the body, simply direct Light…. focus on the Light.
Do you know what a healer does? Do you know what a true healer does? Well, a true healer does not a look at the body and say …hmm ….what is this? A true healer looks at the body and says that this physical embodiment is lacking in Light energy somewhere here and because it is lacking Light, it is dark; and because it is dark it is giving off a negative energy, it is diseased and not performing. Now a true healer will go straight to the source, straight to the Light. A true healer may or may not lay hands upon you and transfer magnetic energy. A true healer will draw the pure, the pure Light in through his crown chakra and he will direct pure Divine white Light to that body. The healer does not heal, the healer delivers; the healer is a conduit. The healer delivers unlimited amounts of pure, Divine white Light to that body with the expressed desire and intention that the body and part or portion thereof will be healed; will be returned to purity, will be returned to Light providing it is allowable and part of the pathway of the being who is there to be healed. So this is why your healings are never 100%..... Correction; when your healings are not100% effective is because to effect a healing at this point in time may interfere with the lesson plan, the experience that this soul is currently negotiating and working its way through. So to heal that person, that soul, that portion of the physical, would be detrimental to what that soul is trying to achieve in this lifetime. However, in every instance the only application is unlimited pure Divine white Light and let that soul take it from there. The same as when you call the Divine white Light into yourself.. go with it from there.

Ah, ha, ha, haa….It has been really wonderful being here with you again. Ummm… I must admit that I Aranuth, spokesman for the brotherhood, has welcomed a new brother ahh, ha, ha,ha, we have another new brother in our group and we have welcomed him and I know that you will welcome him. You see I have been speaking his words. His name is Wollaston. Names are unimportant; his energy is beautiful, and so we have welcomed Wollaston. Wollaston has stood behind me as I have stood behind my medium here and Wollaston advises me of what he wishes to say and I say the words. Simply because this medium and myself are “one streaming”, one power, one Light, one stream, oneness; oneness is all there is, oneness in Light. Oneness in Love and Light because oneness is light and it is all oneness.

Ahhh…..Good Evening…..Thank You”.


For those people residing within comfortable driving distance and wishing to hear Aranuth live (and lively) Aranuth and myself will be at Cominos House Greenslopes St. Cairns at 7 p.m. on Friday the 17th of July to channel a message. The evening will commence with a casual introductory talk where all questions will be accepted and answered. Everyone is welcome…bring a friend if you wish.

Anyone wanting to receive these channelled messages by direct e-mail may contact me at:

Love and Blessings,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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