Aranuth Speaks: July 7th, 2009 - To assist with the Ascension of Souls

It has been a few weeks since I last channelled a message from the guides owing to the fact that we have been away visiting friends and family. It was a great to catch up with all the news and especially the quality time spent with family. To make the trip even more enjoyable we experienced a smooth, trouble-free, and uneventful road journey; however it was great to return home again. There’s no place like home!

Quite a few things have altered or changed over the intervening period, spiritually speaking, what with additional new guides and seemingly ever-changing energies around me. Whilst I cannot pre-empt or give you a preview of the guides forthcoming announcements I can tell you that there are exciting new developments pertaining to the Goddess / Divine Mother energy.
We shall just let all that unfold in its own good time.

And now the latest channelled message:

“Yes, well, good evening everybody. It is wonderful to be back here in your house of light once more. I did have a degree of difficulty negotiating the energy barriers tonight. There are ripples on the waters you might say which made it difficult for me to enter smoothly, transit, penetrate, the various vibratory levels to arrive here. Part of the difficulty that I experienced this evening is that I have brought another with me who has never before penetrated the realms; you could say never before returned to a realm such as this. The one whom I have brought with me had to be encouraged and nursed you might say, and carefully protected as we came down through the various vibratory levels to ensure that nothing that was not compatible with the light would adhere to our energy forms. You have all heard me before, I have been here many times. I am now what you could call a ‘master’ at slipping smoothly through the various vibratory realms, from where I am to where you are, I can achieve that in the snap of the fingers.
The one who accompanies me is of the feminine vibration and is considered in the realms to be a highly advanced being. The entity is of the female essence; of the highest female essence. This one stands at the right hand of the Mother, of the Cosmic and Divine Mother, and is a powerful representative of the goddess energy.
You may recall on a previous visit I did inform you that there was one of the feminine essence who was preparing to speak through this medium and was preparing to share this medium. It has taken in your time frame a little time for her to actually prepare for the journey here this evening. Over a period of a few to several visits she will accompany me each time as part of the brotherhood, the sisterhood and I will be her escort until such times as she has familiarised herself with the energy vibration of this medium. Once she finds a compatible level and can slip into the stream then she will deliver messages, advice, and information that will prove to be of great importance. When I say the message, the messages that she will bring will, if you so allow it will have a massive beneficial effect upon you souls incarnate provided you so choose to follow her advice, to follow her guidance.
I will state, restate, once again, this one is of the highest goddess energy, the energy of the Mother. It is time for the feminine essence to assume their rightful place, vibratory speaking, to bring about harmonic balance within all souls incarnate regardless of whether they be of the male leaning or the female leaning. The leanings will have to be eliminated and I suggest that you give consideration to balancing now by eliminating any leanings and bias. That will give you a head start with the instructions contained in the messages that this one will bring. With her permission, I may tell you the one who accompanies me, the one who stands on the right hand side of this medium, prefers to be known by the name of Maryam. Maryam is a sister of the Divine Mother; they are both birthed in the same energy stream as close sisters, sisterhood, and brotherhood. Between them they have devised a plan of releasing knowledge and information piece by piece so as not to confuse souls. The information that they will release is very carefully thought out and well planned.
This evening Maryam is not quite able to step into the energy field of this medium and deliver a message with any clarity. It is no simple matter to attune oneself to the energy of another. It is definitely a delicate matter for what you consider and call “discarnate entities” such as I am, to move into the down flow of the energy stream; it is a vital part of, and it is no easy feat to obtain, complete balance and assimilate both energies so that they will harmoniously blend and flow in the stream. For those of you who will continue to hear my words, my messages, there is great opportunity for advancement for you souls.
As you are well aware, the level that you presently occupy is one of free-will choice. Free will choice is not confined entirely to the physical realm. Free will choice applies throughout all of the realms; all of the realms of the light …..There is a distinction there. All of the realms that are of the light
This evening, I had hoped that Maryam would be able to sufficiently blend with this energy (the medium) and deliver to you a message that is stunning in its beauty and is of great importance to you to assist you to go forward quickly. It is not for me to deliver her message; she will deliver the message and several others at a time and place where she will be able to easily assimilate both energies so that she may comfortably express herself. You will understand that there are entities such as I who can come in and speak forcefully if required. There are others who are of a much gentler nature who because of the very nature of their energy are rather unable to deliver with impetus or impact preferring the gentle way. Maryam sister of the Mother is a very gentle, compassionate, and understanding entity and will as I have said deliver her message, her information, her guidance, in person in a very gentle manner.
For myself, I am here not only as escort for Maryam, but to advise you of the need which is approaching what you could say a small degree of urgency regarding applying yourself diligently to letting go of many of the trifling, trivial, aspects of physical incarnation and allowing the true-ness of your inner being-ness to become dominant, to predominate. Many times you have been told that you are firstly and lastly a spiritual entity: you are an intelligent spiritual entity; you are most definitely not this physical body. Whereas, whilst you inhabit a physical embodiment, that embodiment requires servicing, it requires food, drink, bathing, clothing, and housing. You have to maintain your physical vehicle if you are expecting it to carry you through for the entirety of your incarnation. You are not expected to identify so closely with your embodiment that all of the lower or negative aspects of physicality should become your foremost consideration with your spiritual essence becoming hindmost. Your spiritual being-ness, your energy, your entity form, the intelligent entity that you are, takes precedence over every other thing in your life.
Far too often, souls incarnate are becoming mired, mired in this mess of all of the negativity, all of the hooks of negativity that claw you down and claw you back, chaining you, imprisoning you, to this physical existence which is all an illusion. It is a construct dear ones, this is not real. This is the play: this is the dream; this is what you have constructed for yourself so that you can come here to learn. You have to have a construct such as this so that you may enter into it and transit your lessons, your experiences; and what you gain from those lessons, from those experiences, and take out of that is wisdom, which interprets to soul enrichment. This is your schoolyard, this is where you come to learn, and it is only temporary. This is not your home. Your home is in the realms and you are not all of the same realm, your home is not always in the same realm as others. Your home is in various realms or portions of it.
I recall that I have spoken several times about sitting quietly, going within, examining every aspect of your life: and more importantly, minutely examining every aspect of you, your being-ness, the entity that you are. Closely examine what the physical you is doing in this incarnation. Ask yourself the question regarding what you are doing in this incarnation ‘is it entirely compatible with the being, the energy entity, and the stated aims and objectives that you wish to achieve”?
You could start by asking yourself questions such as. Am I honest: Am I truthful; Am I true to myself? Or am I playing the game? Am I kind: Am I tolerant; Am I understanding, do I have the courage to stand up and support my convictions. I do not say this so that you will carry out that investigation and find yourself lacking or wanting. You are not lacking or wanting.
Now if any soul feels that they lack, they want, well that indicates that they are standing in judgement of themselves. They are standing in judgement. What are they judging? Are they judging, right, wrong or somewhere in the middle? Are they qualified to judge? By what rules do they judge? What guidelines are applied here? Why do we have guidelines of judgement? Nonsense. Discard it immediately. All judgements and every judgement of self or by self of others is an indication that you are not moving forward in the manner that both you and your higher self would prefer and have conjointly designed.
I know people say that ‘we are only human’. Well, you are only energy entities; powerful, intelligent, entities in human form. You are not only human. It is just the embodiment that you inhabit to maximize your life-pathway experiences and your lessons. Now you will understand what we are talking about here is the false you, this physical embodiment; not the real you, the intelligent, powerful energy entity that you are. Consider what are you. And in considering that and coming to the conclusion that you are energy, that you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams, that you are intelligent because you contain rays of the super intelligence of the Divine Creator; and following on from that you by proxy, are divine.
Some people have problem with that divinity, divine, ‘oh, how can a insignificant body like this be divine? Let’s go back to what I just said. It is not the body that is first and foremost: it is the energy being; the energy intelligence, that is why you are divine.
Do you see that the Creator ha, ha, ha, dear ones, the Creator hath no form. The Creator is within all form: and if we were to apportion a degree of form to the creator, you would be apportioning energy; immeasurable energy because the Creator is energy. Within that energy, everything exists. All exists, all is one-ness and one-ness is all.
And so if you are begotten, begat, by the energy of the Creator: if you are the sons and daughters of the Creator, are you not also energy? And if you are energy, and if you are conceived and created in the Creators image, are you not also, powerful, intelligent and supremely divine… are you not that? Would you dispute that? There is no disputation there.
This evening I realised that I speak to you in a very…. ahh…hmm… straight forward manner. Those of you who know me well know that I am straight forward as you would term it, and I be that way simply because I love you, I wish to help and assist you, and I find that when I come to you in a very honest, open, straight forward manner you will benefit more than what you would if I lacked conviction. I know, I realise, that my words will be converted into words that will go out in various forms to various entities, to various continents, cities, and towns across your planet. I would ask all of you, those present in body, those present in spirit, and those who will read and absorb these words that I bring to you, I would be greatly honoured if you would carefully consider every word that I have spoken this evening. Especially in regard to whom and what you truly are.

Dear ones I am giving you a head start with the knowledge and information that I have just imparted. It will give you a boost, it will assist to drive you, to carry you forward, but you will not be able to do that until you fully comprehend the meaning and the importance of the meaning contained within my words this evening. These words are not directly attributable to I as an individual entity: These words are directly attributable to the Brotherhood of Light for which I am honoured to have been chosen to be a spokes person for that Brotherhood.
I have absolutely no intention of releasing any information that Lady Maryam desires to impart herself. When Lady Maryam does choose to speak she will give quite a stunning enlargement upon what you know as the Brotherhood of Light because you see Maryam is highly regarded in the higher realms and in the highest realms. Now this is your terminology, ‘the higher realms’ in the highest realms we too do not stand still we do not stagnate. We are guided, mentored, by highly evolved Great Beings of Light. We are constantly encouraged to continue to improve not only our lot, but to improve everything that we can possibly have influence over without crossing over the boundaries of your free-will choice. So we as a Brotherhood work: we work hard to bring messages to you; to bring you information, to bring you knowledge which we beg of you to use. We bring you guidance….. if you so choose to ask for guidance…. think about it. Think about it in your heart of your hearts; your energy self. If you require guidance you only have to ask. We are all one energy; one-ness is the all and all is one-ness. Ask, we shall hear. Guidance you shall receive: perhaps not in the form you perceive or imagine it to be; you will receive guidance provided you are open to it, open to receive it, and the degree of help and assistance that the guidance will give to you is very dependent upon the courage that you have to put the principles contained in that guidance into action here on your planet of physical expression. My brothers and sisters and I are not there to give verbal answers or written answers to your questions regarding the difficulties that you may encounter on your pathway. It is your experience: it is your lesson plan; what we do is listen and watch as your protector, as your mentor, as your guide, as you request and require help, assistance, and guidance.
Do not go deeper into your physical self. The answers do not lay in that direction. Step out of your physical self and become your energetic, your energy entity self. Watch, wait, and listen for the guidance that you will surely receive…. in one manner or another. Then have the courage to implement that guidance and the principles contained within that guidance into your life so that it becomes a life-pathway altering guidance; not guidance that was received and discarded.
Lady Maryam stands at the right of my medium. Lady Maryam has been very quietly radiating love energy to one and all. Lady Maryam has asked that I convey her message of love and compassion to you. Lady Maryam is well pleased to be here in this energy swirl this evening. She is well pleased to observe this evening’s proceedings. Lady Maryam would like you to know that already she is looking forward to returning and addressing you through the energy stream of this medium.
You are blessed! You are blessed!
Lady Maryam is emanating, radiating, multiple blessings, multiples of blessings to you.

I thank you for having both my Lady and myself here again this evening. I thank you for allowing me to come into your energy, into your house of light. I thank you for allowing me to speak with you. And I thank you for hearing my words.
And so to everyone, one and all everywhere, I now leave you with love and for you to ponder, contemplate, and consider the verbal exchange that has taken place this evening.
I am still ‘powered-up’ however M’Lady is now required to return to the realms.
As her escort and protector, I will accompany her home.
Thank You. God Bless and Good Evening.


*This message was channelled in Atherton on Tuesday evening the 7th of July.
For locally based people the next scheduled channelling session will be held at Cominos House, Greenslopes St. Cairns, on Friday the 17th of July commencing at 7 p.m.

**Please share these messages with anyone who wishes to receive them but please do not alter or edit them.
Anyone wishing to receive the message direct by e-mail please contact me at:

Peace, Joy, and Blessings,

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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