Aranuth Speaks: Cairns, Friday 17th July ‘09 - To Assist with the Ascension of Souls.

Hello everyone,

The cooler weather is with us in Australia and while we ‘rug-up’ people on the other side of the world dig out their summer clothing. The constancy of change remains the same with international relations twisting and turning with every tick of the clock. Military aggression and armed offensives have stepped up a gear with terrorist bombings killing and maiming innocent people and peacemakers jetting from one side of the world to the other attempting to hose down the fires of frustration and aggression.
Now is the time for souls everywhere to remain peaceful and positive and project that attitude to all and sundry.

The most recent channelling session was held in Cairns (North Qld.) and was well attended. The venue itself was comfortable with a delightful energy containment which lifted everyone present. Driving to Cairns I remarked to my travelling companion that the intensity of the energy vibration around me indicated that is was going to be a ‘cracker’ of an evening.
Aranuth was in fine form and came through very powerfully in his usual positive and pragmatic manner interspersed with humour and over-lighted with a deep and abiding love for all. It is quite possible that Cairns might now become an addition to my channelling itinerary.

Here is what Aranuth had to say:

“Ahh, ha, ha,ha,ha….Good evening. Good evening everyone. How wonderful it is to be here in this house of light. It is pure magic. I look around me here this evening and I see so many new lights, so many new souls. I may not have really met you before but I know your lights. I have seen you, I have been there, I have been beside you. I have talked with you when you were totally unaware which in some instances, ah, ah, ha, ha, you will find quite pleasing. This evening before you entities entered this house of light, my brothers Aranis, Andronicus, Asnar and myself have been here you could say, pumping up, ramping up the energy. Now we ramped up the energy for a very, very good reason. This reason is this; I wanted this house of light filled with the highest and finest energy that we could possibly generate. Not only possibly generate but what you as a physical being, you entities in physicality….you see what we have to take into consideration is how much vibration can your physical vessel handle without it becoming shall we say erratic in your own vibratory field, in your aura. We did not want you to get …. hmmm, out of your aura energy field; we need you to be comfortable so that you may hear and so that you may absorb what I am going to impart to you tonight. That is the reason that we spent so much time ramping up the vibration here and now we do have a very, very fine vibration. And let me tell you that most of you have never ever been in a vibration of this quality, of this shall we say power, that has the capability of permeating your physical. Now it is not just the physical; we are appealing to your mental, your emotional and your spiritual. Now as I have told previously, told previous entities in previous “channelings” as you call them, there are five bodies. You are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and over lighting the whole thing, the totality of what you are, is your higher self. Now you are your higher self however, most of you have not realised this just yet. Most of you…. and this is not a criticism or a judgement…. most of you on this earth plane now rely very much on the physicality. You rely very much on the mentality: you rely on your emotions; and sometimes it is the emotions that spoil the party. And then there is your spiritual side, you, the energy being that you are within your vibration, your light, your colour, the totality what you are, and there resides the higher self. Higher self is when you step out of that physicality, divorce yourself, and step out, push it away, become; become the beautiful, the beautiful energy being that you truly are. Never mind about your physical vehicle. It will still putter around; it will still entertain the mental or the mental will entertain the physical, and the emotional will play games with both. And your spiritual will look at these and say what sort of games are these people playing.
But your higher self knows that your physical is only the child; it is only that child that plays on this earth plane. The real essence of you is your higher self.

Now then, with your higher self, that is not the finish, that is not the “be all”, that is not the apex. The higher self is….. and you are 1/12th part of the higher self…. there are 11 other parts of you in physicality somewhere on this planet at this time. Your higher self takes in all 12, it encompasses all 12. Now above the higher self is the highest, higher self: and above the highest, higher self there is the mighty Monad; and above the Monad of course is the Supreme Creator. So you have stepping stones up to the Source, where you came from, where you were birthed from. Your challenge: your challenge is while you are in this physicality, your challenge is to not only weld and weave all of your bodies into one single functioning unit, it is to transcend that and to realise what you are in your physicality is only there as, it is only the vehicle you use to negotiate your life pathway: that’s why you have the physicality so that you can be here; so you have the experiences, so you can have the lessons.
You can negotiate all of these and you learn from them. What is this planet? It is your playground, it’s your workshop, it is also an illusion. We created it for you; you participated in the creating of it. You told us what you wanted and we created it with your help. And of course now that you are spirit embodied, you are essence, spiritual energy, essence, colour and light embodied, and now that you are that it is up to you to play the game. It’s up to you have your experience, to have your lessons, to learn from them, and what is it that you will reap? Soul enrichment. That is what you will reap – soul enrichment.

Now, I did hear my medium here saying earlier tonight that this is going to be a “cracker”: It is: it is going to be a cracker; and the reason that it is going to be a “cracker” is because I am going to bring to you this evening information and knowledge that you have never heard of before: that you have never sensed before; that you have never had access to before. And the reason why none of you entities down through the ages and up to this point, to this year of your time, the reason why you have never had any knowledge of, or access to the information I am going to give you tonight is because it has never, ever existed until just recently.

I did ask the feminine Logos, the spiritual cosmic Logos to be here with us tonight. She is here with us tonight however she has not yet developed the ability; she has not developed the compatibility and the alignment with this medium so that she can speak directly to you. This will happen in the future. It is quite a difficult and somewhat scientific task to take the vibratory energy of the medium here, move it to an unoccupied space, a vacuum, where the female essence can come in and occupy that same field, that same sterile space you may call it, and whilst in that sterile space they will mix, they will weave, they will blend, they will become one. And when they become one she will speak to you herself.
The one I talk about stands on the left hand side of the Mother. In fact, she is sister to the Mother. Her name is Lady Maryam, Maryam. Lady Maryam is the feminine essence; the epitome of the femine essence who stands at the head of the ray that I am going to tell you about very shortly. I am going to tell you in detail so that you fully understand.
For far too long entities on this level of expression of beingness have been unbalanced, some lightly imbalanced, some grossly imbalanced. Now what I am going to talk to you about is Oneness. Where we are going now has for eons; it has been the masculine energy that has been the dominant aspect of beings incarnate. Now regardless of whether you are male or female or androgynous you still have to balance. The masculine, the feminine, they must become one, they must become equal partners, they must become one-ness. One, One is the all, All is the One. In Oneness there is All and in All-ness there is One. At this point in time at the evolution not only of your planet but of the various other vibratory levels surrounding it, and the entities whether they be incarnate in physical embodiment or just off embodiment, it is time for all of them to balance, to come into harmony, to become one.

I would like to now tell you about possibly the most beautiful thing that I Aranuth have ever participated in. Entities! I would like to familiarise you with the Crystal Light Brotherhood. The Brotherhood / Sisterhood…. we’re married remember, we’re one… the Brotherhood, the Sisterhood are one within the Crystal Light. It has been some time in the making and the reason it has been quite some time in the making is that the planet and the entities upon it were not ready to accept the light.
Now all of you have already heard the term “The Light”: we hear the term Love and Light bandied around like a ball thrown around from one to another and many of you perceive the light to be White Light; white, white light which comprises every colour, every conceivable colour and aspect of it. It is contained within the totality of the white light. Well done, good, well, up until this point in time most entities, and I am not just talking about yourselves - I am talking about various levels; various levels have always deferred, referred, and appealed to the Divine White Light. Now, the Divine Light is one-ness and in one-ness there is All, there is All-ness. So Oneness encompasses All-ness. Now then, how can the Brotherhood assist you souls to advance, to become enlightened, and to move up the vibratory scale what you call ascension. How can we best help you? What can we do for you that will be of the greatest benefit to you.
There are Great Beings of Light far more advanced than I who have invited the Lady Maryam to stand at the head of an aspect of the Divine White Light: an aspect of the Divine White Light that contains all of the power and the intensity of the Divine White Light… the Crystal Light. The Crystal Light is what is going to lift you the most effectively and the most speedily. Before I take you…. oh yes, oh yes, I am taking you somewhere this evening: I am taking you into the Crystal Cathedral; and before I lead you into the Cathedral, I wish to explain certain things about the Crystal Light. The quickest way for you to advance, to transition, is to absorb totally into your total beingness, the entirety that is you, absorb the Crystal Light because within the light, there is the capability and the capacity to turn every minute particle, every cell, every atom, every quark, it will turn them into a Crystalline Light. Once you become crystalline, everything is there for you, you have made it, you have succeeded; and what will you become? Beautiful, absolutely beautiful beings comprised of billions of crystals reflecting and refracting the light. Now you have all heard talk about “light body”. Most of those souls incarnate… again not a criticism or a judgement…. most of the souls incarnate at this time, in this age, talk about “light body” but do not understand it. They have a…. hmm, a very simplistic view of what “light body” is. Well, I have just told you what Light body is. “Light Body’ is the form of you which is totally comprised of absolute billions of tiny crystals that refract, reflect, generate, exude the mass, volume, power, intensity of light. You are light. That’s what you are or are going to become. I want you to hold that vision: I want you to hold that image; I want you to not only hold it within your mind, I want you to hold that image firmly within your heart, your inner self, your beingness. Consider what you will truly look like.
Now at present you are spiritual energy in a physical body which becomes a physical entity and associated with that physical entity, that physical body, is various lights and colours. Years ago in more primitive times they went… ahh..hmm… hmmm …” look at the reds, look at the blues, and there too is a green…. oh look at the colour of your aura”. Yes that was in the horse and buggy days. The way we are now is past that.
You are not just the colours of your aura, you are now the being that is impregnated with those colours…. impregnated with them. I often refer to your auras, your colours, to who and what you really are, “by your lights you shall be known” that we look at every entity and we see their lights. You do not have to tell me a word because I know the whole story, snap! You now have what I call a “cloak of many colours”. Your cloak of many colours is the totality of every incarnation, of every lesson that you have ever had, every experience that you have had on this vibratory level or any other spiritual of cosmic, plenty of those levels, all of the energies of the experiences of all the lessons. All the soul enrichment you have garnered and drawn to yourself is part of you, your cloak of many colours.
Now we are going to take that coat of many colours and we are going to take you from that to this magnificent crystalline being that you are destined to be.
Dear souls, I love you dearly: we all love you dearly, all of the Brotherhood is here for you; if you could look around you here now and if you could see the number of Brothers who are here, the Brotherhood / Sisterhood - we’re married remember - if you could only see those Great Beings of Light as they circulate here tonight and as they reach out and touch you they put their hand through your energy field and they bless you. They strike the spark of life within you: they are attempting to impregnate you with tiny crystals of light which will then multiply, expand, and help you to become this beautiful crystalline being.
Now, where does the Crystal Light come from? As a running mate to that we have what you call Crystal Light Technology. Would you like me to teach you how to heal? Would you like me to teach you how to heal with the Crystal Light? The Crystal Light energy; the Crystal Light technology. I shall, into the future I shall.

Tonight, the Brotherhood / Sisterhood, of the Crystal Light and with Lady Maryam standing at the head of the light, we are now going to take you on a small journey into the Crystal Cathedral It is one of what you may call the holiest of the holies. Why I say the holiest of the holiest or part thereof is because the Crystal Light is fathered by, it is driven by, the Divine White Light which is the Creator. The Supreme Creator is energy: it is energy and intelligence wrapped in light; it is beauty, magnificently all powerful, all consuming. There is nothing past the Supreme. The Divine Crystal Light is a portion, it is a hologram, it is a hologram of the Divine White Light. The great Logos and Masters have with the permission of the Creator force taken a hologram of a portion of the Divine White Light: they have taken it to work with it and to distribute it to you souls incarnate, all souls incarnate, to assist them to become crystalline. Because if you don’t become crystalline you are not going to transition, to ascend Now let me quality that: If I may I will qualify that in this manner; your planet mother earth will ascend no ifs or buts, it will ascend, is ascending. Some of you will choose to ascend with mother earth. Let us not be forgetting that this is a planetary ascension… this is a planetary ascension! Mother earth will ascend into a higher and finer vibration. Those who so choose to be attached, remain attached, or to re-attach, to mother earth for more experiences, more lessons, or for what ever reason can go with her.

Now I realise that the terminology that gets bandied around is “new earth”. Hmm…. I suppose you could say renewed earth; mother earth has renewed herself, is renewing herself and will move into a higher vibration away from the heaviness down here. The heaviness is being compressed: it is being dissipated; and that is that. Mother earth is going to another level. Those of you who want to planetary ascend can go with her. You can choose to pass over and re-incarnate on her in this other reality, this other level of expression, this other level of vibration, if you choose to. Lady Maryam, my Brothers and I are here to offer you an opportunity to ascend in your entirety as a being, as an energetic light being. It is a cosmic spiritual ascension; we have the planetary over here and we have the cosmic, the spiritual, that which you would like to refer to as the spiritual up here. I am not taking you to the mezzanine; I am here to take you to the penthouse if you so choose because this is a world, this is a level, this is a vibration of free will choice.
Make no bones about it nothing happens at random, no one did anything to you, you did it to yourself, you chose that for yourself. Free will choice can change your life right now: you can change your perception, your attitude, your mind, you can change everything; you have the power it is just that you are not exercising it. My Brothers and I are here to offer you a pathway, learning aids, and so if you choose to take the pathway of the Crystal Light, this is way you can do it. You can do it by imagery because that is how you create: you perceive it, you conceive it and it comes in; provided that allowances have been made for that in your life pathway you can change that too because once you have changed your beingness to that of a Crystalline Being all is possible; all is one and one is all.
Now, I want to tell you about the Crystal Cathedral. I would like you to carefully consider this; the Crystal Cathedral is like a huge, absolutely huge, cavern and can you imagine this cavern is shaped similar to that of some of the grandest cathedrals on your planet; and as you walk through the archway into the Crystal Cathedral you will be overcome totally by the awesome display of crystals inside that cavern. Inside that cathedral there are crystals, all shapes, all sizes. There are stalagmites, stalactites, they protrude out from the walls, they jut our from everywhere, they are all at different angles and as you stand at the head of the aisle and you look down the Cathedral, the Crystal Cavern, at the end is the Crystal Light. It is a hologram of the Divine Light, the Crystal Light, that is continuously shining on all of these magnificent crystals within the cathedral and because of the angles of these crystals, each crystal, each part of the crystal, each angle of the crystal, will receive the light and it will reflect it and refract it to another crystal which in turn will reflect that to another crystal. So what do we end up with? Simple: the Divine Crystal Light strikes, permeates, and reflects off every aspect of those crystals and as each of the crystals reflects and refracts a portion of light it receives it, divides it, and it divides it into several aspects, and all of those aspects are refracted and reflected again and every time they strike another crystal they will be reflected again: and again; and again, until what you started with was the Divine Crystal Light and it is now billions of immeasurable numbers of aspects of the light. Immeasurable: the intensity is awesome; you walk into this Crystal Cathedral, and then you have a choice: you may stay in front of the Crystal Light with the crystals all around which are bombarding you with various and multiple aspects of light from every angle which will in turn affect your physical, your mental, your emotional, the totality of what you are into a body of absolute billions, absolute billions of crystal light pieces and aspects and you become a thing of great beauty, great beauty.
Now as a little exercise if you so choose to do it, I would like you in your quiet times to bring that vision, bring that image back. I would like you to transport yourself into the Crystal Light Cathedral. I would like to see you standing there filled, surrounded, permeated, and enveloped in the totality of the Crystal Light.
Dear souls, within the Crystal Cathedral the outer perimeter is always is inhabited by Masters and Great Beings of Light and if you choose to take yourself into the Cathedral, face the Crystal Light, all you have to do ask; ask for help and assistance, ask that the totality of who and what you are is transformed into a being of Crystal Light. All of the Masters and the Great Beings of Light who are already crystalline will come forward and surround you; they will cloak you, they will protect you, and they will help you.

This is the first time that the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light has come to this planet to souls incarnate and I Aranuth am honoured to be chosen by Lady Maryam to represent her this evening and on other future occasions where she will advise me of what she would wish me to impart to you regarding the use of the Crystal Light in your everyday life, in your healing, and most essentially in your ascension.
It has been a wonderful, wonderful, evening; I am most excited, my Brothers of the Light here are also very well pleased with this evenings work.

In the One-ness of All and All-ness of One, we the Brotherhood - Sisterhood of the Crystal Light wish you well. We love you: we will always love you; we will always be here for you if you wish.
I Aranuth have made a commitment to the Light: I will bring you home; I will always be there, I will love you, I will protect you, I will guide you if you so choose.
Dear ones, I love you, the Brotherhood loves you and I will bring you home, I will bring you home safely.
Good Evening and Thank You
Good Evening….
Thank You.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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