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Aranuth Speaks: Cairns, Friday 17th July ‘09 - To Assist with the Ascension of Souls.

Hello everyone,

The cooler weather is with us in Australia and while we ‘rug-up’ people on the other side of the world dig out their summer clothing. The constancy of change remains the same with international relations twisting and turning with every tick of the clock. Military aggression and armed offensives have stepped up a gear with terrorist bombings killing and maiming innocent people and peacemakers jetting from one side of the world to the other attempting to hose down the fires of frustration and aggression.
Now is the time for souls everywhere to remain peaceful and positive and project that attitude to all and sundry.

The most recent channelling session was held in Cairns (North Qld.) and was well attended. The venue itself was comfortable with a delightful energy containment which lifted everyone present. Driving to Cairns I remarked to my travelling companion that the intensity of the energy vibration around me indicated that is was going to be a ‘cracker’ of an evening.

Aranuth Speaks: July 7th, 2009 - To assist with the Ascension of Souls

It has been a few weeks since I last channelled a message from the guides owing to the fact that we have been away visiting friends and family. It was a great to catch up with all the news and especially the quality time spent with family. To make the trip even more enjoyable we experienced a smooth, trouble-free, and uneventful road journey; however it was great to return home again. There’s no place like home!Quite a few things have altered or changed over the intervening period, spiritually speaking, what with additional new guides and seemingly ever-changing energies around me. Whilst I cannot pre-empt or give you a preview of the guides forthcoming announcements I can tell you that there are exciting new developments pertaining to the Goddess / Divine Mother energy.
We shall just let all that unfold in its own good time.

And now the latest channelled message:

“Yes, well, good evening everybody. It is wonderful to be back here in your house of light once more. I did have a degree of …

Aranuth Speaks: June 25th, 2009 - To assist with the Ascension of Souls.

The planet as we know it has been throwing up some wide and varied happenings most of which are unexpected. Governments around the world no sooner commence working on a solution to one vexing situation be it domestic or international when another hornet's nest seemingly explodes in their face. Of course the aggression and aggravation fomented in areas such as North Korea, Iraq, Iran, (among others) and the festering sore that is the Middle East continues to test the resolve of even the strongest leaders and workers for peace.
All is in Divine Order even though we may not be able to see it as such.

The latest message from Aranuth is an interesting one as usual and provides some wonderful information on healing the five-body system and adding power and impetus to the things that we wish to manifest in our life.

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“Well good evening again, we come together once more in the beauty of your reality. I feel that the magnificence of your reality is not ….ahhh..ummm… completely appre…