Aranuth Speaks: May 28th 09 - To Assist with the Ascension of Souls

Hello everyone,

It’s almost the middle of the year whether we have noticed it or not. 2009 is half gone and is already shaping up as a “year to remember” mainly because of the global economic and financial meltdown which has shaken world economies right down to what was previously considered their solid foundations.
The year 2009 will also be remembered as the time of many souls opening up to their spiritual truth and actively seeking advancement, understanding, and enlightenment.
Aranuth and his brothers and sisters of the light continue to play their part in assisting those souls with positive and practical information. Just in case you haven’t noticed Aranuth has been slowly but surely stepping up, lifting me up, and almost imperceptibly lifting you souls up as well. We all move as one.

The following message was channelled at Ravenshoe on Thursday the 28th of May and will be the last message until I return from holidays at the end of June.


Aahhh, ha, ha……Good evening dear souls. Ahhh, it is so wonderful be back; to be breathing…..ahh it’s wonderful to be able to breathe in…..mmmnnn.
I have taken the liberty of bringing a few of my friends with me this evening. You have all brought your friends, and I have brought my friends. Most of them have been here for some time in your circle and as I was about to enter this energy cocoon (my energy field) they withdrew to the outer edges of your circle so as not to interfere in any way with the energy vibrations that are currently circling and cycling you group of dear souls.

I should begin by telling you who my friends are; introducing them to you I should say, in a group format. The friends that I have brought with me this evening are those whom you call the Essenes: they were all part of the Essene village; the Essene group, the Essene family because it’s a family that we were. We were an extended family of families. Yes, we did live in isolated areas, isolated places; we did this very deliberately because we wanted to divorce ourselves from the others around us. We did not want to have society, as it was at that time, influencing our group. We had our own way of life: we had our own belief systems; we were shall we say a metaphysical satellite group of the major population. Now this did not happen by any grand design. It actually commenced with several of our inter-connected families moving out into the desert, what you would call desert, however it was a rather semi-arid country; we moved out into a place where we thought that we could maintain and sustain ourselves independently without having to have undue reliance on those others in society.
Now we did not do this because we held any grudges against society as it was: we did not do this because we looked down on them or looked at them as “less than” us; that never came into it, what did come into it was we needed that isolation and we did not need any outside influences distracting us from what we were attempting to achieve.
Now what we were attempting to achieve was, like you here today, was very, very, simple; and what are you doing here today? You are looking for information that will guide you along the pathway: you are looking for something to assist you with your advancement, with your enlightenment, because similar to us in those days, you here in this day and age have this feeling within you that is bursting to get out; you are bursting out, reaching out, calling out, for advancement, enlightenment, release from all of those claws and hooks of the lower third dimensional vibration which holds you down and anchors you to this solid planet. We too were attempting to do exactly the same thing.

Now when we first went into the desert we were families related to families who were related to other families who brought families of their friends: we were all like-minded. We were all like-minded and we all had the same goals in mind; the same thing; the target we had in mind and burning desire to achieve. Now regardless of what you read whether it be scribed in your manuscripts or whether it be over your radios and TV’s; life as an Essene, and life going back in excess of two thousand years and more years ago was not…. hhmmnn…. not truly what has been described to you in many books, articles, and passed down by word-of-mouth.
We were not dissimilar to you. We are aware that there are many souls incarnate at this time who do research and reading, and wondering and pondering about our existence, and the point of that existence, and what we did achieve. In reply to that I would like to say, do not ever put us out there on some sort of pedestal; or should I say do not put us up there as the benchmark. We simply did what we were guided to do, what we desired to do.
We achieved certain things and we worked for those things. We worked towards it; we continually worked towards achieving our goals the same as you souls incarnate here today. You are working towards understanding; you wish to open up, expand, your horizons and see it all as it truly is. You wish to totally understand what it is all about. Well, we were the same.
And of course among us at that time we had our own seers, and prophets, and we had many gifted people who were in our community; and these gifted people were not …err…shall we say, they did not walk out and stand in front of an approaching storm and were suddenly struck by lightning causing a revelation by suddenly sprouting forth universal and spiritual laws and truths. No!
They all did exactly the same as you are doing or attempting to do; working steadily towards advancement and enlightenment. And all of my brothers and sisters here today from the Essenic group congratulate you on the work that you are doing: on your diligence and application to the lessons on your pathway; your application to your expansion, and your curiosity. The curiosity that often drives you the same as it drove the Essenes; the same as it drove us.
Now I am not going to enter into specifics of individuals but I would like to tell you that there are some here among you today who walked with us in our community at that time. And now they are back: oh yes, they are back; they have been back several times since then in fact. They are back again, and will more than likely come back again; that is entirely up to the souls themselves.
So in our group where we, shall we say, distilled all of our ideas, all of our views, we put forth our opinion, distilled all the information and ideas down to what you might call a workable plan. We had to have focus the same as you have to have focus and direction instead of individuals having their own individual focus
We took the grand consensus, not of opinion, but the grand consensus of focus. And so we distilled that, and we scribed that, and it was there for everyone in our family group, our extended family community to see and to read. And we had those who were scholarly, who read, and who by word of mouth in the form of story or anecdote, passed this on …this knowledge, this information…our plan shall we say, our plan of focus… we put all of that down in script as well.
During that time we discovered that by scribing, recording, all of the things that worked for us, we were leaving footprints; we were leaving footprints for others to follow. And it was a scribed footprint, it was a memory footprint.

There are many things that you would not have read or heard about us simply because what we considered to be not serving us, or not sufficiently serving our pathway and our mission, we discarded. So there is no record of that because all of the things that did not work were not necessary for us anymore so we jettisoned them. We only retained and recorded what worked for us.
And it’s like building a stairway: like building a stairway to heaven as you call it; and when building that stairway each step is a step in the acquiring of knowledge and understanding. And we built these steps on a very solid base, a very solid platform. We built the steps, we took the step, and these steps were what we left behind for others to follow; and here we are in your day and age where we find that some of you are following; you are placing your feet in our footsteps.
And that is very pleasing to all of those from the Essenic community simply because what we have done is compiled a record of what worked for us, we left it as a footprint for those that follow, and you who are following have the choice of following in those exact same steps too and climb out stairway to higher dimensions; and as I just spoke of, as you take a step up each step represents a higher level of understanding.

Yes, we had our seers: we had our prophets; we had amongst us oracles and seers precisely the same as you have amongst you in your community today. Whether it be local or national or planetary, you have your people, your souls, most of them are “old souls”, some of them are souls on the same mission as the Essenes, they are stamping a firm footprint as well.
These souls are those who took upon themselves a commitment to place themselves in alignment not just with the higher self, not just with what you call Angelic or Archangelic beings, not just with Ascended Masters, but here’s something that you don’t know…..they placed themselves in alignment with the universe. And within the universe, within the totality of this universe you not only have the God-feed, God-stream….and we have previously spoken of “streaming”….the God-stream, the God-feed, there are also other than your spiritual feed, there is also what you call a…aahhh…Galactic feed.
It is mostly, mainly, from the Galactic feed that your inventions come from. Your scientific discoveries, your science, your medical breakthroughs, your quantum physics and mathematics; many of those advances that you have or are at present bringing into your life are direct feeds from Great Beings, Great Beings of Light, spiritually impregnated beings, from the Galactic feed.
You see many of those in the Galactic stream deliberately chose to have an incarnation, or several, in the Galactic stream so as to expand their ability to acquire knowledge of science and scientific endeavours.
So what we have at present is; we have these prophets, these seers, we have these “aligned” souls, these “aligned” entities, and once you are in the alignment, In the feed, once you are in the stream, it is your choice, it is your free-will choice to select the stream that you will feed upon.

Now picture if you will the steps, the stairway, the stairway to heaven. Picture if you will a waterfall coming down those steps….that’s the stream. As you take those steps, as you climb higher, climb higher in vibration, and as you climb you are accumulating, you are familiarising yourself and accumulating knowledge of what each block, what each step contains which serves to lift you to the next step. And as you are going up these steps you have branches, and those branches are, as I have just explained; you can go to the spiritual side, you can go to the Galactic side, and there are a couple of other ….aahh ….in-betweens…. which we won’t go into or dwell upon at this point in time.

The Essenes, the Essenic community as a group were credited with many things, rightly or wrongly; they were credited with numerous things…. all with the best of intentions of course. With being a ….ahhmm…not a race apart but a metaphysical group, a commune of many families, they were credited with bringing into their reality…. and to your reality today…. through being aligned, on stream, on feed.
They were credited with recording for posterity much spiritual, kabbalistic, arcane, information. And it served them well; and it now serves you well. But what I am wanting to tell you today is that you can do it; you also can do it. You are capable; more than capable of doing it. The only difference between many of you souls here today and the Essenic community is when we walked in that community we were isolated and protected from outside influences which allowed to focus as you say twenty-four hours a day. Every tick of the clock we were aware, we were open, we were focused. We were open to receive. What we received, whether it was the whole loaf, a crumb, or a crust, we were grateful. We were thankful because we accumulated these crumbs and these crusts of knowledge and information, and accumulated the whole loaf. And so being a rather isolated group we were able to maintain our focus. We were able to maintain our open awareness and alignment to receive the feed.
Now we were much more fortunate than you; and you dear souls are grander than we were because you have chosen to align yourself with the feed while you are surrounded with a multitude of distractions. Distractions we knew not. Distractions you know of plenty. So there is so much around you to distract you, and how grand it is to observe souls incarnate looking for the alignment, looking for the feed, staying on the feed amongst all of these distractions.
Do you see how you are developing? You are developing grandly, greatly; you are taking great strides forward because you are holding the line; you are holding the feed regardless of what the distractions are. You are dealing with the distractions and yet you are still holding the feed. You are climbing that stairway. You are going up the stream.
You have a more difficult task than what we did.
May I say that everything is relative. Relative to your time frame. Relative to your level of expression; your vibratory level of expression. Relative to your level of advancement and enlightenment. Relative to your desire to advance, to focus…….and how wonderfully you do. You are shaping your focus to stay on feed as well as dealing with so many physical matter distractions.
Well done! Well done I say!
And of course there were others who came before you who walked a similar pathway and there will be others who will walk that pathway behind you. It pleases us to know that we left the footprint there for you to follow at this point in time so that with all the worldly distractions that you have; and with the effort that you put into trying to maintain that focus on that alignment that we left the footprints for you to assist you. So it is very pleasing to see that our efforts served us and served others well.

Of course there are things that have been written about the Essenic community. There have been many things that have been scribed and before they were scribed they were spoken. They were spoken many times and of course they altered in the telling so that many of the stories that you have read or referred to bear very little resemblance to the original. I would say to you that with everything that you read, everything that is related to those who went before you on the spiritual pathway; I would say to you “take it all in and ask your heart what it feels”. Because there will be some things that do not ring your bell; reject them. Reject them!
It does not matter whether it is true or false. If it does not serve you at this point in time:
if it doesn’t ring your bell; if you do not hear the bell of truth ringing leave it well enough alone. Just leave it alone and move on.
It is not for you to go back in time. Do not lock yourself back there. Look forward to the future. You only use the “past” as a guide: you look back at history and see where the great strides were taken and how they were taken; use that as a template for your own development keeping in mind the fact that the template at some stage, for you as an individual, will become obsolete and you will then be looking for a new template.
And then you will reach a stage where you do not need a template because you are daring: you are daring to go “out there”; you are daring to manifest it and then step into that manifestation. So, templates are temporary, that’s what they are: temporary; once you have the solid grounding, once you have walked in those footprints, once you have applied the template there will come a point when the gates will open wide and it is you who will become the pathfinder. You will be the one who sets the template. You will be the one who sets the bar. Yes, and I know that many of you have never thought of it that way simply because you have so much to deal with in this physical life, the distractions that I spoke of before .
But you do grandly. Go “out there”: go ahead with no fear; you have all heard that before….no fear! What is fear? Fear is the absence of Love! What are you? You are a being of Love and Light! Fear has no place here! Fear is one thing that you can be intolerant of! Courage, courage, step out: dare to be; dare to be yourself, dare to create, dare to use the Light and Love to become something beautiful…and then step into that beauty! And make that beauty your present and your future.

Do you know that we as an Essene community, individual members of that community, occupy prominent places in your ….ahhh…mmm…. spiritual and religious history. Some of these Essenes are revered. There are those who walked amongst us who did great deeds at that time: who took great strides forward: they were wonderful thinkers; they were open, they knew not negativity or fear, they strode forth boldly, and yet while they did that they exhibited extremely high levels of compassion, tolerance, and understanding.
Many of those seers and prophets now hold a place of high reverence in the life of those people who follow a spiritual or religious pathway. Let me tell you, we were no different to what you are. We faced much the same situations and challenges as you do today. Those of the Essene community do not require adoration: they do not welcome adoration; they do not welcome being put on a pedestal. They do welcome being the template; being the example. And I should tell you without naming any highly evolved Essene beings: without naming them even though they are now household names; they did precisely what you are learning to do right now. They mastered the art of getting into alignment: staying in alignment; staying firmly on track, building and taking those steps, and in that way over a period of time they strengthened and increased the clarity of their communication with not only their higher self but with Great Oversouls; Great and wise Oversouls.

Around your medium here there has been the energy of the Mother: the Mother Mary; mmmm…..that is for the future. We are not here to speak on behalf of the Mother: She has her own plans for this medium to give forth to you information and knowledge and guidance; and the Mother will offer this to you at the appropriate time.
Now the Mother was an Essene: many of the things; many of the sayings, many of the words of wisdom accredited to one of her sons, Jeshua, were actually the Mothers words repeated by Yeshua. The same as today the mothers speak of wisdom to their children; the same it was in those years, those days, that era, the same as it always has been and always will be; father and mother to son, to daughter, and so on. Much of the information and guidance: much of this …ahhh… anecdotal…..much of these recorded things that Yeshua spoke were in fact words spoken by the Mother to him. The Mother Mary was a highly evolved and gifted soul.
And of course there were many others who had very highly developed communication skills. They were very firmly in the feed. The more that they advanced, the more that they became enlightened,and the higher they went the greater the information they received; the greater the Oversouls that they were able to access, and greater was the quality of information that they were able to pass down. And it was this information that was being passed down: it was being streamed through these beings. This information was then taken out into the populace; the market place where the population gathered, and was spoken in a story form similar to a sermon.

This was the basis, the beginning, of many things: this is the true origin of many things that have been written into your holy books. And since the time that those words were first spoken they have been re-spoken, continually spoken, they have been repeated so many times and in the re-telling they have attracted alterations. This is why I say to you, you are sovereign individuals; don’t just blindly follow what is written in those books because much of what is written in those books is incorrect… based on original fact.

My brothers and sisters of the Essenes are now moving in and out around each and every one of you at present. They are examining your needs as opposed to your requirements; as opposed to your wants. They are mixing with you dear souls right here, right now. They are ascertaining for themselves what your needs are: what will best serve you; what guidance do you require, what direction do you need, with one thing in mind ….once they have reached out and touched you, they will have left a portion of their energy in your cocoon of energy; in your coat of many colours. They have pinned a ribbon onto you. Anonymously, invisibly, unknowingly, they will come to you; not just in your quiet times and your sleep state, but also in your waking state; they will come to you to prompt you; they will imprint telepathically on you information, assistance, guidance, that hopefully you will recognise and follow. That is entirely up to you.

The guides have completed their circuit, their investigation, and they are aware of each individuals needs. They will attempt to fulfil those needs as best they can. You may or may not be aware of them around you. They are hoping that you will recognise their energy around you. They do not ask for any form of thanks or recognition. They will receive fulfilment by knowing that you received their message; that you received their help; received their guidance and are going to do something about it; that you are going to do something constructive with it.

Ahh ha, ha, haa. Its time to go and feed the goats. Hmmm, ahh, ah ,ha. That’s what the Essenes will be doing.

It has been wonderful to be here in this slightly altered form: a slightly different format; a little difficult at first it was for me to enter this cocoon (myself). Once inside the familiarity returned…hmmnnn….
It is I Aranuth, man of many incarnations, many guises, and I shall return in this guise…. and others….ahhh..hmmm, ha, ha, ha. In future times.
I wish you all good evening. I wish you all God speed on your pathway to enlightenment.
God bless you and good evening.

These messages are to be shared with others but please do not alter or edit them without my permission.
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Peace and Harmony;

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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